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Iran Slams Britain For Supporting Terrorism!

The Iranian government which supports numerous terrorist groups throughout the Middle East such as Hizbullah is upset at the British government’s decision to remove its ban on Mujahedin e-Khain(MKO) which has been creating problems inside Iran for over thirty years. The MKO is founded in an Islamic-Marxist base and, although supporting the overthrow of the Shah in the 1970s, has not been a supporter of the present government of Iran. It has conducted raids and bombings, and was responsible for the assassinations of several prominent Iranian clerics in the early 1980s. The MOK received support from Saddam Hussein and was initially friendly with Americans but has subsequently become identified by America as a terrorist organization.

MOK is listed by the European Union and the United States as a terrorist group, but a British court ordered it be removed from the terror list. Ironically, Iran which encourages terrorist groups is now complaining that other nations will not join its efforts to deal with the MOK.

Turkish Government Awaits Constitution Court Decision

The Turkish government is experiencing turmoil and conflict as it awaits news from the Constitutional Court as to its decision of banning or not banning the ruling Justice and Development Party(AKP) as a legal political organization. The Court is reviewing a case brought by the Public Prosecutor who charges the AKP with seeking to undermine the Turkish constitution by working to end its secular base and institute a Muslim centered society which will govern on the basis of sharia law. In recent days, ultra nationalist leaders have urged Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, to stand down from politics if his party is banned in order to avoid further conflict in society. In parliamentary debate, Erdogan disregarded the request, and stated bluntly, “if a politician decides to stand down from politics, it will be due to the will of the people,” not because of a judicial decision.

Deniz Baykal, of the opposition Republican People’s Party, argued Turkey is fast approaching a decision if the Constitutional Court decides to ban the AKP. “Will Turkey remain a modern nation or become a weird Islamic state of the Middle East?”

However, there is a third option which Erdogan and many members of the AKP are urging– creation of a modern nation which respects the rights of its religious members while also respecting the rights of those who believe in secular principles. If this third path is taken, it offers a model for the entire Middle East.

Aussies Thwart Croc Attack!

A group of brave Australians prevented the world from experiencing another terrorist attack by spotting the terrorist and then ensuring it could not do any damage. A group of Aussies were are their favorite watering hole in the Outback doing what one does at a watering hole when one spotted the terrorist lounging around near the door. They immediately ran to the door, seized the terrorist who was disguised as a crocodile and brought him inside. In a spirit of comradeship, the Aussies invited the terrorist to join them for some libation at the bar, but there was no response from the terrorist who was disguised as a crocodile. Barmaid, Sarah Sparre, said “he was pretty complacent, easygoing, but we weren’t going to test him out.”

The world undoubtedly was saved from another 9/11 experience due to the bravery of these gallant Australians. The croc is now back at a croc farm and being carefully watched since he will undoubtedly abandon the disguise and return to his natural terrorist life form.

Congress May Oppose US-Russia Nuclear Agreement

Members of Congress may decide to vote against an agreement hammered out between former President Putin of Russia and George Bush regarding both nations agreeing to cooperate in the area of nuclear development. Congressional leaders are upset at the refusal of Russia to assume a more proactive stance towards Iran and believe a message must be sent to Russia. President Bush will undoubtedly reject any effort by Congress to halt the proposed program since he regards it as an important step in developing positive relations with Russia.

Given the Bush effort to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic which Russia regards as a hostile action, any positive reaching out to Russia is important. Congress has a right to feel upset at Russian refusal to be tougher on Iran, but preventing a positive program in nuclear development makes little sense.

When Is A Man A Man Or When Is He A She?

The couple walked into a Norfolk, Virginia courthouse for a marriage ceremony just like thousands had done before, exchanged their vows, and walked out as man and woman. But, lo and behold, several weeks later someone noticed that the man and the woman were really the man and the man so Justin McCain and Aontonio Blount have now been charged with a misdemeanor by Virginia authorities. The prosecutor has to prove they knowingly misled officials when they applied for a license but it is unclear if the bride identified him/herself as herself has a right to do so. Mr. McCain gave his/her name as “Justine” and the driver license submitted somehow escaped the scrutiny of officials because it identified her/him as him. Al Coward, the local marriage commissioner said, “they pawned themselves off as a man and a woman and they did a very good job.”

The entire matter might have escaped notice but McCain applied for a name change to Penelopsky Aaryonna Goldberry and the entire matter came to light. Virginia officials are trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

One might assume once Senator John McCain heard that a person with the name of McCain was passing him/herself off as a woman he would have been upset and urged that he/she change back to he so the Democrats would not charge Senator McCain with being a supporter of transgender marriages. The poor man has enough problems this week with his aide spouting off about terrorist attacks.

McCain Aide Asked To Resign

The American political world is still discussing recent remarks by Charlie Black, a foreign policy adviser to John McCain, in which he told Fortune magazine his candidate would benefit from a terrorist attack on America. Mr. Black now says he regrets the words of honesty and terms them “inappropriate” because he recognizes “that John McCain has devoted his entire adult life to protecting his country” against any form of attack by outside forces. Senator McCain is shocked at the comments. However, Mr. Black is absolutely correct in his comments. The entire Republican effort over the past two presidential elections has been to portray America as threatened by outside forces due to the betrayal of this nation by weak liberal Democrats. John McCain deep down in his heart knows a terrorist attack benefits his party.

George Bush went around America in 2004 waving the bloody flag of fear. He demonized Democrats and even described a senator who had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam as a disloyal American. The political world should honor Mr. Black for finally admitting the real story behind Republican efforts to win elections. Mr. Black is the first Republican to speak the truth about how his party wins–smear, swiftboat, and claiming the mantle of patriotism.

Armed Police In Toronto Schools

The police of Toronto will be stationed in schools wearing their uniforms and armed for battle according to the police chief of the city. Bill Blair emphasized, ‘I believe in police officers in uniform. I want the people of Toronto to see their police. I want them to have a relationship with the entire police force that is based on trust and respect. And, my police officers are armed.” His comments appear to contradict the views of the School Board which thought police would be dressed in civilian attire and would offer a “casual and low-key” presence in the schools.

I have taught for 51 years and during that time taught children in the slums of Harlem to a rural California small town to a working class suburb in St. Louis. In every situation that entailed violent behavior on the part of a few students, the faculty was able to handle the situation because of their relationships with students. Despite all the talk about violence in schools the overwhelming majority of children in schools are safe. Actually, bullying is a greater terror than physical violence.

A wise teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn once calmly noted to me, “When our children enter the front door they are safe, when they depart, they are in danger.”

The Toronto school board should insist police not be in uniform and certainly not be carrying weapons. If the object is establishing positive relationships with students it will arise through informal interactions and not by the heavy handed presence of armed police.

No Non-Christians May Apply

One of the most under-reported aspects of the Bush invasion of Iraq has been the devastating impact of the war on the lives of Iraqi Christians. The Christian presence in Iraq goes back over a thousand years, but due to changes brought about by the American-led invasion, at least half of the 800,000 Christians who were in Iraq in 2003 have fled for their safety. They are threatened by fanatic Muslim fundamentalists who do not wish non-believers in their midst. Sweden is among the few nations which have responded to the Iraq refugee problem which includes at least two million now trapped in Syria and Jordan and fearing to return.

The German Christian Democratic Union is pushing for a new plan which would allow 10,000 Iraqis to come to Germany as permanent residents. The catch is the offer would only be applicable for Christians. The proposal calls for allowing 10,000 people suffering religious persecution to enter Germany which, in effect, means they would be Christians.

It is an interesting proposal although a bit tainted by only allowing Christians to enter, but, in these days, half a loaf is better than none. Perhaps, Germany could learn from the example of Sweden which has opened its doors to thousands of Iraqis, Christian or Muslim or non-believer.

Pakistan Disputes Center Around Musharraf Judges

President Musharraf arranged for the return of Benzair Bhutto as well as that of Nawaz Sharif with the understanding both would be allowed to participate in the political arena despite the fact both had been convicted of prior crimes against the state. Sharif is leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N and placed his name in nomination to run for a seat in parliament but the court which was appointed by President Musharaff turned down the request on grounds he had a prior conviction. This has aroused the fury of both the PML-N and the governing Pakistan People’s Party which regard the court decision as invalid.

Pakistan can ill afford a constitutional crisis at this moment in its existence. Hopefully, calm voices will find a way for Nawaz to engage in politics without the need for street demonstrations and threats. It is time for Musharraf to display leadership by urging the courts to change their decision.

Dear Osama Offers Advice To Women…

Women in northern Malaysia are being offered advice on how to dress and how to behave in public by learned religious authorities who are concerned for their welfare. The Pan-Malaysian Islamist Party, which recently scored a large success in an election, has undertaken the responsibility of letting women know what is expected of them when they go to work or get a bite to eat in a restaurant. Women have been given pamphlets which suggest they avoid using lipstick and make certain they are not wearing those flashy high heels which, for some reason, attract rapists in Malaysia. The Islamist party has already segregated beaches to keep men and women apart and even requires separate check out lines in supermarkets. Of course, any couples found sitting together on a park bench face the prospect of a fine and a lecture. Critics of the party refer to it as, “Taliban-Light.”

It is such behavior by Islamist parties which cause people in the world to shake their head in bewilderment. Who decided wearing high heels was a provocative action? Why does wearing lipstick entice men to attack women? Such edicts only make non-believers even more firm in their non-belief.