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Does US Have Contingency Plans For North Korea?

Reports that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong il may have suffered a stroke and currently is under care in a hospital have aroused concern among many nations in Asia as to what would happen if he died. US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is discussing with American military leaders about what might be done if Kim Jong il dies. The United States and South Korean Combined Forces of Command currently have a conceptual contingency plan–code named CONPLAN 5029. The plan supposedly deals with scenarios such as an outflow of thousands of refugees from North Korea or the outbreak of civil war as competing factions in the North Korean army struggle over power.

Gates is concerned about the need to update the plan and is seeking to meet with South Korean officials to discuss future possible actions. There are rumors a new design known as OPLAN 5029 is being prepared. North Korea recently reached an agreement concerning nuclear development with the United States and there is fear if Kim Jong il dies, the next leader might not wish to follow through with the agreement.

John McCain Gaffes Along The Campaign Trail

As a 78 year-old man, there is sympathy in my heart for the struggles of John McCain along the campaign trail where time after time he utters incomprehensible comments due to either fatigue or the effects of age. Recently, in a speech in western Pennsylvania, he told the audience, that Obama’s “supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about western Pennsylvania lately. And you know, I couldn’t agree with them more.” The audience was silent but McCain went on to further display old age: “I couldn’t disagree with you. i couldn’t agree with you more” and went on to say they were patriotic people. Last Sunday on Meet The Press, he forgot the name of one of the former secretaries of state who support his candidacy.

Of course, no one is gaffe free, and Joe Biden is the man who can’t avoid putting his foot in his mouth just about once a day. John McCain is showing his age as frustration and fears of defeat become all too evident in the strident manner in which he speaks to people. I am 78 and know my mind sometimes says things I did not wish to express. Overall, John McCain’s mind is OK, but physical fatigue plays tricks with an older body and mind. Of course, standing in the wings is the babbling idiot Sarah Palin which only goes to prove that younger minds can be more fatigued by ignorance than an older mind.

Putin Style Democracy-I Decide Who Demonstrates!

There was hope when President Medvedev assumed office that he might extend the boundaries of democracy in his nation, but as the days go by, it becomes evident the concept of a central government which decides who can demonstrate in public is the prevailing approach to democracy in Russia. A request by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and the Slavic Union, both undoubtedly nationalist groups, to demonstrate was denied by the Moscow government. City Hall spokesperson, Leonid Krutakov, said on November 4, “there will be a lot of rallies” and it is simply impossible to fit in one more.

The two groups attract nationalist supporters who hate immigrants and attacks Jews as part of their venue for spouting hate. The essence of democracy is the right of those for whom I oppose to speak openly. Last year, the two groups on Moscow March attracted hundreds including many young people. Moscow survived their marching as did the Russian nation.

The Tragedy That Is The Congo

George Bush insisted there was a need to invade Iraq in order to further the forces of democracy, but not once has the American president looked at Africa where a great human tragedy has been unfolding in the Democratic Democratic Republic of the Congo. An
estimated four million people have died in the brutal jungles of that unfortunate land and the killing and raping and destruction go on and on. UN peacekeeping troops are pleading for help to deal with the latest outbreak of violence where forces from neighboring Rwanda have been fighting under the direction of a renegade general named Laurent Nkunda. The UN force of 17,000 troops is attempting to assist the poorly armed troops of the Congo government.

Nkunda claims he is fighting troops connected to the Hutu forces which fled Rwanda after their failed attempt to slaughter Tutsi people in that country. He now claims his goal is to “liberate” the Congo. The innocent people of the Congo are unprotected and furious and disheartened at fighting that goes on and on.

By the way, President Bush, have you once thought about the people of the Congo in your desire to spread democracy?

Tsvangirai Demands Equal Treatment From Mugabe

Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, let loose a furious demand to President Mugabe to finally adhere to the power-sharing agreement he had reached with the MDC in September. As of this point, the man who supposedly is to share power in the government of Zimbabwe is now allowed to possess a passport that could be used to leave the country. The Southern African Community Development is expected in the nation’s capital in the coming days in order to try their best to assist the MDC to obtain the power it was promised due to the mediation efforts of former president Mbeki of South Africa.

In a sense, the issuance of a passport to Tsvangirai is a symbol of trust and cooperation on the part of Mugabe and the other thugs who currently run Zimbabwe. If they can’t even allow the man who is supposed to share governing access to a passport, what can the ordinary people of Zimbabwe expect from these oppressive criminals?

Another Honor Killing In Pakistan!

A Pakistan man says hie 17 year-old daughter was mauled by dogs and shot to death in front of him over a land dispute which was disguised as an “honor Killing.” Female senators staged a walkout from the Pakistan Parliament to protest the nonstop “honor killings: which are carried out by men who unilaterally decide if a woman has conducted herself according to their standards. Lawmaker, Semi Siddiqui, said, “How long will woman be buried alive and made to face hungry dogs? Women are not given their rights.” She made the comment after learning from a newspaper story about the death of Tasleem Solangi who was killed in March, but the event kept secret. Human rights groups in Pakistan believe hundreds of women are killed every year on ground of “honor violations.”

Last August, a Pakistani legislator aroused the fury of many fundamentalist Muslims because he recounted the deaths of five women who were buried alive for daring to decide which man they would marry.

The tragedy of Pakistan is linked to the tragedy daily inflicted upon its women who are forced to adhere to medieval ways of thinking and behaving by men who want power to control women. A 17 year old girl is killed months ago, and the police are finally getting around to investigate the crime.

Indonesia Legislature Bans Racial Discrimination

Indonesia has long regarded itself not only as the largest Muslim nation in the world but as a society which respects ethnic and religious diversity. There have been several incidents during the past few years in which ethnic groups were subject to attack by Muslim fanatics, but, the majority of Indonesians believe in tolerance. The Indonesian House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that terms ethnic and racial discrimination as serious crimes. It was hoped the bill would end discrimination against minority groups. Chairman of the special committee which worked on the bill, Murdaya Poo, commented: “A man cannot choose to be born as part of a certain race or ethnic group, and therefore discrimination must cease to exist.

Hopefully, Indonesia can be a model for other Muslim nations which still have legal discrimination against members of non-Muslims. The legislature is debating whether imprisonment for racial prejudice should be the minimum sentence to anyone convicted of violating the law.

US Missile Strike In Pakistan Angers Pakistan

The missile strike that was carried out by US forces on Monday against a suspected al-Qaida leader once again points out problems connected with the American policy toward insurgents. A senior leader of the group was allegedly killed along with 20 other people, and it is unclear if they were simply Pakistanis who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were they members of al-Qaida. American military leaders are frustrated at what they believe is hesitancy to confront terrorism which has led to these continual attacks inside Pakistan. Frankly, many Pakistanis are weary with the fighting and just want some peace so there is not enthusiasm for fighting anyone.

Few Pakistani military officers believe sending missiles to kill a leader here or one there is going to halt fighting in the northwest region. For every al-Qaida leader who is killed, another takes his place. “Cutting off the head” of militant groups does not necessarily lead to their collapse. It is more important providing economic and political development than killing leaders.

Issue Of Great Import-Size Of Mosques!!

As I wander around America, it becomes clear in the midst of poverty and financial ruin, every community must have a church of bank within three blocks of one another. Now, along come Muslims who dare to build mosques that are “too big” or “too tall.” I thought the object of a church or mosque was to get as high as possible in order to be nearer to God. These days in Germany, a hot topic to cause controversy is the height or size of a mosque that Muslims wish to construct. It is unclear to any sane individual why some Germans believe building a large, tall mosque somehow infringes on their rights and threatens their religion. Some German politicians term the proposed large mosque to be built in Cologne an attempt to challenge Christianity.

OK, it might be a valid complaint that a call to prayer over a loudspeaker than can reach for a long distance infringes on the right of privacy of Christians. But, how does building a mosque for Muslims which will be staffed by Muslims and only cater to Muslims infringe on anyone’s rights or property?

Perhaps, opponents can solicit funding for a church that is twice the size of the mosque which undoubtedly would result in a bigger mosque and so on. Who cares. As I recall, it is not the size of height of churches or mosques that are important, but what goes on inside them.

Somali Islamists Stone Woman To Death In Public

Somali Islamists who were driven from power two years ago, made clear to the people of Somalia they had not budged from their medieval views by stoning to death a woman who was charged with adultery. The 23 year-old woman, wearing a green veil and black mask, was placed in a hole up to her neck as hundreds watched in a square in the southern port of Kismayu which Islamist forces had captured last summer. Stones were hurled at her head until she died. Some of her relatives at one point surged forward and guards fired at them and in the process killed a child.

A local resident said the Islamists claimed she had willingly submitted herself to their judgement, but witnesses said she was screaming when she arrived at the execution site. Her sister was furious saying, “the stoning was totally irreligious and illogical. Islam does not execute a woman for adultery unless four witnesses and the man with whom she committed sex are brought forward publicly.”

There are no reports of any man being brought forward or executed. Medieval minds carried out their brutality and broke their own religious laws.