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Are Kenya Policemen A Law Unto Themselves?

A UN official who has been visiting Kenya told reporters he has uncovered evidence that Kenya police operate with impunity and regard their decisions as final in dealing with those they deem to be criminals. “I (found) the existence of a systematic, widespread and clearly planned strategy to execute individuals carried out on a regular bais by Kenya police.” UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston urged President Kibaki to fire the Police Commissioner and to initiate an impartial investigation into these killings. A government spokesperson rushed to the defense of the police and claimed Alston’s report was made “in bad faith, almost impinging on matters of sovereignty.” Naturally, the Police Commissioner insisted all was well in the world and no one was getting executed.

There is scant doubt wagons are being drawn into the circle as everyone in the government rushes to the defense of the status quo.

Israel Trying To Influence US Policy Towards Iran

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned the United States to have a short time interval in its negotiations with Iran and not wait until Iran has developed its nuclear program. “There is a serious Iranian effort to make swift achievements, and time is running out.” He urged Obama to tighten sanctions and force Iran to the bargaining table. Barack also emphasized that his nation is not taking “any options off the table” and hinted there was a possibility of an Israel air attack. “We mean what we say” was his refrain.

The last people to offer suggestions concerning policy towards Iran are members of the Israel government which has repeatedly blundered due to its policy of “toughness” and “threats” and “warnings.” What exactly are the fruits of the current government of which Barak is a member? Has the process toward peace moved forward or is Israel worse off today than it was in 2001 when their beloved George Bush became president?

President Obama should proceed quietly, cautiously and with due regard for the integrity of the Iranian people. Shouting threats will only doom any chance for peaceful negotiations.

$1.66 Thief Or A $50 Billion Thief-Who Goes To Jail?

A year ago, news about a cashier who may have stolen $1.66 would have elicited a yawn at best, and most probably would have never appeared anywhere in print. But, we are now in a recession and for the first time in decades, the “little woman” has become the hero and the businessman has become the villain. Barbara E has become a folk hero and members of parliament have denounced the firing of the 51 year old woman who apparently took about $1.66 worth of bottle deposit slips. The vice president of Germany’s parliament, Wolfgang Thierse, said the firing was “barbaric” and he, in turn, was attacked by the legal profession for insulting the judiciary system. Barabara, who goes by the name of Emmely has been seized upon by the media who are writing countless stories as to why a woman who took $1.66 is in the news while men and women who stole millions go unpunished. The woman was turned in by a fellow worker and so far there is no concrete evidence she ever took anything.

The fact anyone is interested simply reflects the standing of members of the financial world in the eyes of their fellow countrymen. People rush to shake her hand because they see in this woman their own anger at losing thousands in their savings or being fired when their employer gives up. We need the “common woman” at this point in time because we are both in pain and in anger at the unseen forces who have ruined our lives.

Pakistan Military Accused Of India Attack!

Police in India have provided the names of specific members of the Pakistan army who cooperated in planning the deadly attack on Mumbai. Pakistan Colonel R. Sadatullah of the Special Communications Organization (SCO) was named as part of the group that helped plan the attack on one of India’s major cities. Investigators say his email account was used to set up the “voice over internet” system which the attackers used. Police have taped conversations between the attackers and their handlers in which the name “Major General Sahab” repeatedly crops up. A spokesperson for the Pakistan military claims there “are many Colonel Sadatullahs in the Pakistan army.” Now, that is a brilliant defense!

There is no question the Pakistan army helped plan the attack on Mumbai, the real issue is whether the Pakistan government has the power or desire to do anything about it. Perhaps, the first step is to arrest the thousands of Colonel Sadatullahs in the Pakistan army and begin questioning them.

Night Owls Hoot Away In Denmark

An interesting experiment on the streets of Narrebro involves a group of adults dressed in distinctive yellow jackets wandering the streets and offering their presence to assist any young person who feels the need to reach out for help. There are at least 7,000 Night Owls in 223 local associations and they are on the streets to offer advice or to serve as a deterrent when a few young people are getting ready to engage in violence. Teams composed of women from various ethnic backgrounds have proven to be of great value in many situations and apparently young boys and girls trust them to serve as guides. However, a recent outbreak of violence is now compelling Night Owls to abandon the streets because they have never viewed their role to be an active force such as the police when violence occurs.

The problem with depending on volunteers is that at some point, it requires police when things get rough. It might be more beneficial to develop police teams known as Night Owls because in many cases it is lack of communication between law enforcement and youth in ethnic groups which is at the base of trouble.

All Hail King Bobby Of Mugabeland!

There are people in the world who still refuse to recognize that King Bobby of Zimbabwe was the one who threw out the evil white devils and brought peace and prosperity to the land. Naturally, those who are on the side of the white devils utter some words like freedom or democracy, but we all know that only white devils use such words and anyone who uses freedom or democracy is allied with the white devils. Oh, I guess there are some who have this ridiculous idea that the people of Zimbabwe are against King Bobby, but we all know their water was poisoned with white capsules which lead people to believe that white is good and black is bad. These people do not understand when a black skinned thug beats and kills people he is merely doing the beating and killing to protect them against the evil black leaders who are in alliance with COLONIALISTS!

King Bobby was generous to allow this Morgan Tsvangirai to come to his beloved land of Mugabeland and did not beat the hell out of him although he should have been beaten for using words like democracy and freedom. There are times when King Bobby has to beat up people to prevent them from doing bad things. The only reason King Bobby is keeping these Movement for Democratic Change people in jail and given them a few lessons in pain is because he cares about them and wants to protect them against their own evil thoughts.

All Hail King Bobby of Mugabeland and may the good lord grant him the power to wipe out anyone who does not believe in the worlds of King Bobby.

Holocaust Deniers Joined By Lady Michele Renouf

Australian born Lady Renouf was on hand to greet the controversial Bishop Richard Williamson when he arrived in England. She told the media that neither she nor the bishop were Holocaust deniers but simply people who wanted to get at the truth. She was merely trying to dig into history in order to find out what really happened to those 6,000,000 Jews who were in Europe in 1939 and had vanished by 1945. She blasted the media for its unfair treatment of the oppressed member of the Catholic clergy. “The very idea that he has to recant his views is not Christianity; it is what I call Holocaustianity.”

It is wonderful such brilliant historians such as Lady Renouf and Bishop Williamson are digging into the Holocaust since apparently no one shares their deep commitment to the truth. I assume the two fearless seekers after truth will begin by reading the 20,000 plus books written about the Holocaust and then embark on a campaign to talk with people who were not in death camps but thought they were.

I just want to know whatever happened to the 6,000,000. Did they go to Argentine with deal Uncle Adolf Hitler and seek sanctuary? Or, were they really abducted by UFOs?

British Cooperated With Bush Rendition Program

British forces In Iraq handed over two terror suspects to the American officials who then flew the men to Afghanistan where they were interrogated. The British Defense Secretary admitted this happened in 2004. The disclosure contradicts claims by the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown government that their nation was never involved in any such activities. John Hutton, Defense Secretary said “the US Government has explained to us that they were moved to Afghanistan because of a lack of relevant linguists necessary to interrogate them effectively in Iraq. The men were classified as “unlawful enemy combatants.” Hutton now says, ‘it is clear to me that the transfer to Afghanistan of these two individuals should have been questioned at the time.”

It is fascinating a reason is offered concerning the lack of qualified linguists in Iraq. If this was true, it speaks volumes about the lack of planning on the part of the Bush administration for their invasion of Iraq. One would assume they realized in planning the invasion there would be need for linguists in Arabic. But, then again, we are discussing George Bush, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

Hat And Head Covering Wars Rage In Turkey!

This reporter has just visited the battle front at Bagozici University where combatants eye one another with hats and head coverings in hand prepared to launch a derby or shawl into the direction of opponents. The university faculty has made clear it will not allow women to enter their sacred classes wearing any hair covering like the chador and even those who try to circumvent rules and regulations by wearing hats are considered to be criminals out to disrupt law and order in the university. School administrators struck a blow for freedom by denying women the right to attend classes wearing a headscarf since it is well known that such head coverings essentially cover up religious strategies to end freedom of speech in universities.

Turkey’s Constitutional Court has ruled that wearing the headscarf violates the nation’s constitution. This writer is not Turkish and is Jewish but quite aware of the historic background surrounding the ban on religious symbols in Turkish education institutions. However, we live in the 21st century at a time of vast economic dislocation and ongoing battles to create a peaceful Middle East. Perhaps, it is time to put aside the famous headscarf issue and just let one’s hair let out. It is doubtful if free speech will end in Turkish universities if some of the speakers are wearing a headscarf. In fact, allowing them to wear the headscarf reinforces the right of all Turkish people to adhere to their own religious and cultural beliefs. Who knows, maybe the Armenians can finally get the rest of the nation to acknowledge what happened to their ancestors and maybe Kurds can finally get freedom of speech.

Once More Hamas And Fatah Try Friendship

Once again, Hamas and Fatah are attempting to forge a relationship which allows them to engage with Israel as a united front, but the prospect for such an alliance is still doubtful. President Abbas needs to have Palestinians united in order to deal with an increasingly right wing Israel government which does not have confidence Abbas can implement peace within his own ranks. Talks began yesterday in Cairo as Egypt once again is trying to be a mediator between the clashing Palestinians.

Hamas has a dilemma since donor nations such as the United States who are pledging to help rebuild Gaza, will not give any money to Hamas and will insist that any money be distributed by international agencies. If Hamas wishes to play a role in the reconstruction of Gaza it will have to alter some of its ideology regarding the existence of Israel.

Reality for Hamas is that Benjamin Netanyahu is not Ehud Olmert and will not be willing to give into Hamas demands. It is time for Hamas to confront the situation and make adjustments in order to meet Palestinian needs.