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Israel Threatens Action On Iran

News that Iran is progressing in its development of atomic energy has sent a shock wave of fear throughout the Israel military establishment. Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that Israel could not by idly while Iran developed nuclear weapons. “Israel’s policy is clear: We are not ruling out any option regarding the Iranian nuclear program.” He sent a thinly clad warning to President Obama that “we recommend that others don’t rule out any option either.” Barak insisted that “time is running out” and there is need to act before time ran out and Iran had an atomic weapon.

Israeli leaders insist that something must “be done” to halt or to end the Iranian nuclear development program. Let’s assume that Israel did bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. The result, most probably, would be launching of dozens, if not hundreds of suicide bombers in Israel which would then end any hope for peace between Palestinians and Israel. Of course, Iran would continue developing nuclear energy and would hide their work and wait for time. Making threats about bombing Iran satisfies the emotional needs of Israelis, but does it also solve any problems?

Iran has indicated to Turkey it is ready to negotiate. Let the talks begin and put aside talk of war, war.

Norwegian Politicians Spreads Hate!

If you live in Norway, head for the fjords because them Muslims is headed your way to spread their headscarves and funny eating habits all over the nation of Norway. Progress Party leader Siv Jensen warned that Norway is in danger of being overwhelmed by “those people” and we all know who “those people” are, don’t we? In the 1930s, “those people” were the Jews and today they are the Muslims according to the idiot lady who leads a Norwegian political party. She warns Norwegians that Muslims want to impose their ideas on the nation as part of what she termed “a subtle Islamification” of her beloved country. I bet those Middle Eastern people don’t even like to ski on the slopes of the mountains!

This courageous defender of racism promised if her party gained power it would rule under the banner of Norway for Norwegians and there would not be any special privileges for any religion. I believe she would be pleased if all Arabs hit the road to Baghdad and never came back. So, tell me, Ms. Jensen, were the present Norwegian people always in the country or did they come from elsewhere?

What’s Happening To Egyptian Reform?

Several years ago there was an active political reform movement in Egypt which endeavored to make changes in the authoritarian rule of President Mubarak. The Kefaya Movement for Change began forming alliances with various groups including judges in order to create a society based on the concept of free elections and adherence to constitutional law. Amir El-Chobaky of the Al Ahram Center notes: “People were emboldened by the Kegaya movement. If they could criticize the President, the biggest boss of all, then factory workers and journalists and others could also criticize their (smaller) bosses.” However, that spirit weakened and was replaced by individuals protesting and, being without collective power, they invariably lost to those in power.

The ineffectiveness of a reform movement enabled the Mubarak government to continue its corruption and ineffectiveness allowing the Egyptian economy to fail in the need of providing jobs to all members of society. This raises the question as to what must occur before Egyptians become furious at their government and undertake either violence or some other means to institute change? If a violent change occurs, how would that impact peace in the Middle East?

US Troops In Iraq–So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You!

Barack Obama pledged during the past election he would withdraw all American troops within 16 months after assuming office. The pledge will be carried out, but not with the rapidity as planned. The removal of 150,000 troops, their equipment, and cleaning up bases to ensure they are environmentally safe will take longer than 16 months. A compromise plan will witness the removal of the vast majority of American forces by August, 2010. The reality is that a force of about 20,000 to 30,000 will remain for at least another year to ensure safety in Iraq and to serve as a protecting force as soldiers depart from Iraq.

The good news is the improvement in the capabilities of Iraq soldiers. The bad news is there are at least 200 U.S. military installations in Iraq and each must be made environmentally safe in order to protect the health of Iraqis. It makes no sense to squabble over whether it is sixteen or eighteen or twenty two months, the soldiers are returning home. Period.

Holocaust Denier Still Denying

Bishop Richard Williamson has been asked to leave Argentine after continuing to make remarks concerning his disbelief that anything such as the Holocaust ever happened. He insists, based on his “research” that historical evidence was “hugely against six million having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler.” The Catholic Church has made clear it is washing its hands of the bishop and he is on his own. Williamson was met by documentary maker Michele Renouf, who believes it is a “disgrace” there is no reasoned debate about the Holocaust.

I hate to inform the good bishop but several thousand books have been written about the Holocaust, there are hundreds of historical works which analyze in great detail every aspect of the Holocaust and there are still thousands who were in the death camps where most of their companions were gassed in the non-existent gas chambers.

Historians have been “debating” virtually every aspect of the Holocaust and have examined thousands of documents from Nazi Germany. There were at least nine million Jews in Europe in 1939 and by 1945 the number was closer to 3,000,000. Perhaps, the six million went to Argentine.

Congo, The Forgotten War By Leftists

It requires very little to arouse anger in Europe’s intellectual left, just mention the word, Israel. However, if you mention the word, “Congo” there will be a moment of silence and a confused look because why be concerned about the death of 5,000,000 people when Israel is around to be the whipping boy for left wingers. Rwanda troops have been working with the army of the Congo to deal with various groups that pillage, kill and rape at will. Rwandan forces are leaving which means groups like the Hutu rebels will step up their campaign of violence and brutality, especially to women. Once the Rwandans leave, the populace is at the mercy of every thug and gangster who wants to exploit the riches of their country and on the way brutalize the population.

Once upon a time, those who stood at the forefront in the battle against fascism were concerned about ALL who suffered and did not engage in selective anger.

A Christian Story About Love-Hate?

I sometimes feel as though I am a visitor from the planet of Xul who has found himself wandering around this bizarre planet with head shaking (of course, we Xulians have two heads, but that is not part of this tory). On another blog entry I noted the headscarf war raging in Turkey where secular fanatics are demanding that no woman be allowed to wear a headscarf if in a university class. In the city of Baltimore, a boy and his father went off to church, I assume they were engaged in some form of Christian prayer. For some reason, dad and the boy got into an argument because the boy would not take off his hat and this sent dad into a fury. He rushed to his car, got a knife, returned and stabbed his son in the buttock, realized what he had done and ran away.

In the Jewish and Muslim religions men wear hats but in this Christian church men don’t wear hats. My question is whether God wants a hat on or bare head? Has anyone taken a trip to the big church in the sky and checked out what exactly the old Man up there wants in terms of heads covered or left uncovered? I always thought Jesus Christ preached peace and love and it is difficult for me to believe Jesus would get upset if you wore or did not wear a hat in his presence.

Could someone please inform this Xulian where did you crazy Earth people begin the battle over covering or not covering your heads?

Shocking News–Russians Have Sex And Use Drugs!

In Putin Russia, the object of the government is to know exactly what is going on inside the ranks of opposition members because if Father Vladmir doesn’t know everything, people might wind up doing things that upset the public order. One of his spies, Ilya Yashin, infiltrated the ranks of opposition groups and shared with journalists the results of his spy activities. Mr. Yashin showed reporters examples of what he termed drinking, hooliganism and seduction of minors by those who profess to believe in democracy. Unlike Father Putin supporters, these hooligans drink alcohol, and have sex with girls. But, how can these so-called supporters of democracy explain away a video of a 14 year old girl using drugs or drinking alcohol? We all know there is not a single example in Putin Russia of one of his youthful supporters who has sex before the age of 21 and under no condition will any of them drink any alcohol!!

Spies in a democracy is what Putin believes is the right way to conduct politics. At least it allows him to recall his days in the KGB when public order was the best solution to all things. Of course, in his view, public order means agreeing with Father Putin. And, stay away from sex and drinking!

Denmark Fails Its Own Citizenship Test

A new citizenship test being given to immigrants to Denmark has raised many issues due to mistakes on the test which resulted in some immigrants failing when they were right or failing because the question was wrong. The regulation requires a correct answer on 32 of the 50 questions but many students are complaining they were given incorrect test questions. It is always fascinating when test makers apparently don’t research the questions to ensure there is only one possible answer. Danish test makers made several mistakes concerning Danish history.

If Danish test makers have erroneous questions because of mistakes about Danish history does this suggest that immigrants should make the Danish citizenship test and it should be given to Danes, not immigrants?

China Closes Tibet To Foreigners For A Month

The Chinese government continues to bungle the issue of Tibet by imposing a ban on travel to the region by foreigners. Next month marks the anniversary of the Tibetan rebellion against China which was crushed. An employee of the government run-travel agency in Lhasa said they were asked to stop organizing tour groups for Tibet during the coming months. An employee of a major hotel said “foreigners cannot go there in March because we has stopped giving out permits.”

China is a powerful nation and there is no possibility of Tibetans or anyone else attempting violent ways of damaging the existing government. The decision to ban travel only makes people aware the China made some mistakes concerning the Tibetan people. Actually, if the Chinese government simply ignored the anniversary, most people– aside from Tibetans– would have forgotten what happened a year ago. As always, the Chinese government shoots itself in the foot.