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Sri Lanka Government Ends What It Never Did!

During the past two weeks, the Sri Lanka armed forces have continuously denied employing artillery or heavy weapons in pounding away at trapped members of the Tamil Tigers. Today, it announced it was ending the use of artillery and air strikes which is remarkable given that they have never used such weapons in recent days. “Our security forces have been instructed to end the use of heavy caliber guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons which could cause civilian casualties.” The United Nations claims that over 6,000 civilians have died since January due to the non-existent bombardment. A doctor working in the “no-fire zone” claims the area is still being bombed. Thangamutha Sathiyamoorthy says there have been nine air strikes in his vicinity during the day.

The Sri Lanka government yesterday rejected an offer by the Tamil Tigers for a cease fire arguing the offer was a “joke,” After decades of fighting and killing it is difficult for anyone to accept the Tamil Tiger claim they seek a cease fire for “humanitarian” reasons. They are whipped, they are defeated, and want a face saving way to surrender. Unfortunately, the struggle has lasted too long and they will not receive any consideration by the government.

Danish Colleges Discriminate Against Women

Th Danish government has created an incentive program that rewards universities which push students through their degree program rapidly. However, women who take maternity leave now find themselves being punished for caring for their child since they will not be able to get an undergraduate degree in four years or a masters degree in two. Universities which succeed in speeding up the process of graduation are rewarded with extra money. The government never considered the situation of women who take off to have a child when they decided on the program. According to Jens Oddershede, “it is direct discrimination against women. Women take much longer paternity leave then men, so basically it’s an incitement for the universities to recruit more men and create new programs that appeal to men.”

Lost in this dispute is an obvious question: What is the rationale for speeding up the process of learning? Is this based on some theory that quicker is better? Aren’t their reasons why some students should take more time to complete a college degree? Whenever, money is an incentive, one doubts if academic quality is improved.


Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the World Press.

UAR, Khaleej Press: “Sudan Bashir Vows To Try Darfur War Criminals”
He has volunteered to be the first defendant.

Japan, Japan Today: “Giant Spiders March Through Yokahama”
They were searching for Godzilla.

Trinidad, Guardian: “Three Cops Arrested”
This is news?

Hungary, Budapest Sun: “Elephants Help Homeless”
They offer free showers twice a day.

Sweden, The Local: “Sweden Tops European Rape League”
Isn’t this one league you would prefer to wind up in last place?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Four Key Witnesses For David”
Solomon, Bathsheba, Jeremiah, Giant

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Unemployed Urged To Stay Fit”
That should not be a problem given they lack food.

USA, NY Daily News: “Mayor Elected One Month After Death”
After recent years, I would prefer a dead mayor to a live Bush.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “City Transport To Cut Smartboard Fares”
They will be replaced by Dumbboard Fares.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Crime Boss Goes On Trial”
He can’t be a crime boss if he is on trial.

Pakistan Says Everything OK On Nuclear Front

The Pakistan government has already given the Taliban control of the Swat Valley which only increased the appetite of these fanatics to extend their control even further into the neighboring district with no end in sight to further advances. President Zardari assured the world there was no chance the Taliban would gain control of his nation’s nuclear weapons and promised the army had everything under control. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear the United States could not envision the Taliban in control of nuclear weapons which suggests there might be plans for some type of armed intervention unless Zardari and the Pakistan army show some fight.

The Taliban is within a hundred miles of the capital but Zardari insists there is nothing to fear. He made a deal with the Taliban allowing them to control the Swat Valley in exchange for peace and the only peace that has resulted is the Taliban taking more and more pieces of Pakistan. The unanswered question is where does the Pakistan army stand in this mess?

Gun Kooks Foster Nutty Regulations

In law, anyone “adjudicated as a mental defective” such as people found in danger to themselves or others or who lack the mental capacity to manage their affairs must be added to the federal database used to do instant background checks for gun purchases. A new bill, S 669, would prohibit the Veterans Administration for submitting names to the National Instant Criminal Background check database unless judicial authority finds the individuals to be a danger to themselves or others. The VA has been turning over the names of veterans who have had someone else appointed to handle their financial affairs. Some veteran groups fear a veteran might lose his right to have a gun due to being identified as having post traumatic stress.

The insanity of this bill illustrates why those who believe in guns can not be trusted with the lives of other humans. An individual with PTS is in danger to self. Certainly, until the individual has received treatment it is best to remain on the side of caution rather than encourage the person to have weapons in his possession. VA doctors are treating these cases and certainly the judgment of doctors, at least in the immediate moment, should be valued.

Abbas Rejects Concept Of A Jewish State

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas strongly rejected the notion there was anything such as an Israeli Jewish state. “A Jewish state, what is that supposed to mean? You can call yourselves as you like, but I don’t accept it and I say so publicly.” Abbas insisted the topic was extensively discussed at the Annapolis conference in 2007 and rejected by Palestinian representatives. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded Palestinians accept the concept as part of an eventual peace deal. The Israel Foreign Ministry reacted to comments by Abbas by saying, “recognition of Israel as the sovereign state of the Jewish people is an essential and necessary step in the historic process of reconciliation between Israel and Palestinians.”

There are two issues inherent in using the expression, “a Jewish state.” One, certainly pertains to Arabs who live in Israel and constitute at least fifteen percent of the population. Where does such a statement leave them as citizens and as humans? Second, there is need to resolve issues relating to Palestinian refugees. The Netanyahu demand is merely a cover to create problems in resolving conflicts with Palestinians. Israel can call itself what it desires but it can not force its own citizens, let alone others, to abide by that concept.

Jews in the United States of America represent less than 2% of the population. We are pleased that Americans do not refer to the USA as a Christian nation.


Comments on the human condition by an old codger.

I have as much trust that President Zardari of Pakistan can prevent weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of the Taliban as I do in George Bush’s Mission Accomplished

Most of humankind is trying to deal with 21st century life while Saudi Arabia is trying to deal with the issue of moving from the 1500s into the 1600s.

The world is at the mercy of a swine. Do you ever wonder if one day the flu we fear is the last flu we humans will ever experience? Oh well, at least the cockroaches will not have to worry about swine flu.

I hear Paris Hilton is working as a garbage woman. She wants to experience junk. After all, her experience in life has been going from one junket to another.

Americans fascination with 2nd Amendment rights fits right into the plans of Mexican drug dealers for the right kind of assault weapons.

Egyptian archeologists opened tombs that had been hidden for thousands of years. It is now officially confirmed, they contained weapons of mass destruction, spears, bows and arrows, stones, etc..

The Yankees spent a half billion on three players and lost three straight to the Red Sox. This qualifies them for a two billion dollar stimulus package and Obama will decide who manages the Yankees from now on.

American atheists are demanding their God given right to have their children educated about atheism.

I have always wondered why gung ho shouters for war like Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh never wound up in the armed forces. Could it be the sight of blood frightens them when it is their own, not someone else’s blood?

In the 1940s, Jews served as the European scapegoat, in 2009, it is the Romas.

US Reporter Dying In Iran!

The condition of jailed American born Roxana Saberi continues to decline as her hunger strike for freedom weakens this brave opponent of the Iranian government. Her only crime is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ms. Saberi has been reporting from Iran for over seven years and is known to key figures in the government, but she most probably is now trapped in a struggle within the Iranian government between forces seeking reconciliation with the United States and those opposing any such move. Her father says Roxana “is very weak and frail.. she is in a bad condition. She can hardly stand up. I’m worried about her health. I’m worried about her life.” She was arrested in January and in a hurried secret trial sentenced to eight years in prison.

Iran insists its judiciary has the right to do as it wishes without interference from the outside world. The United States regards the incident as a deliberate provocation that will only poison relations between the two nations. President Ahmadinejad can either be manipulating the entire process for some form of political gain or he can be under pressure from conservative clerics to stand up to the United States. In either case, this incident only dampens the possibility of restoration of relations. Iran will have to decide if jailing a woman is worth the cost of ending hopes for reconciliation.

Can I Pray In My Home With Friends?

Residents in Toronto are up in arms because a Sikh family invites dozens of people to their home for religious services. Two neighbors are furious because they look out their window and see cars parked on the street and people walking into a house where they will create incredible noise and disturbance by sitting quietly and praying. According to Angelo Gravina, “this subdivision is not zoned for religious services.” Right, if you want to pray to God head for the nearest church but God forbid you invite friends to join in prayer!

Naturally, government bodies are getting involved in this new dispute and writing reports and considering whether or not people can gather for prayers. We have zoning laws and restrictions and bureaucrats sitting in judgment where a human can pray. I wonder if people sat on their lawns and prayed if they would be breaking a law concerning public gatherings.
The owner of the home says quietly they do not party, they do not drink, they do not make noise, they simply sit quietly and pray.

Such is life in the 21st century.

Copenhagen Violates Female Rights!

The city of Copenhagen refused to take action to end blatant discrimination against females. Copenhagen will not install gender-equal crosswalk signals on grounds that this significant blow for equality is not worth the effort. The city government refuses to install crosswalk signals showing a dress-clad female figure. “It’s not that we’re against the idea per se, but we’d rather try to do m ore concrete things to promote equality between the sexes.” Yeh, they want to do things like getting women into higher level executive positions or extending paternity leave, but how could those minor examples of equality compare to having a female figure being displayed every day in the cause of safety?

This just goes to show how man continue to focus on the wrong things when it comes to female equality. We need female figures on those traffic signals. It will inspire young girls not only to walk safely, but to feel pride that women are directing traffic, not men!!