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Hysteria Triumphs Up North On Canadian Border

Over the past two hundred years the people of Canada and the United States have lived in peace and been allies in several wars that were fought overseas. Each year millions of people peacefully cross one border or the other to shop, visit friends or go on vacation. There has not been the slightest evidence of any form of terrorism in the border region but the forces of hysteria are alive in Washington D.C. There is a 3,000 mile border which can fairly easily be crossed by anyone with the determination and a few dollars to spend, but Washington D.C. bureaucrats believe making people produce passports somehow will end the non-existent threat. Of course, about 70% of Americans do not have passports which means thousands, if not millions of people, who might ordinarily hop across the border will cease doing so.

When will the madness of “terrorism” pass and common sense return? There is absolutely no reason to require passports on the American-Canadian border. What ever happened to the Obama promise the days of Bush madness will end? I guess we now have Obama madness.


Following are comments these people will never utter in public:

Lebron James: I’m the man. I was supposed to get my ring this year. How can the Man wind up in the can?

Lou Dobbs: I am an independent who knows liberals are always wrong.

Sonia Sotmayor: Go head you damn destructive Republicans, fire away at me, a woman and an Hispanic!

Justice Scalia: Another woman on the bench, and an Hispanic, no less!

Silvio Berlusconi: She’s just my daddy’s girl and I don’t mean her daddy.

California Supreme Court Justice: I know gay marriage should be legal, but in this state we allow everyone to act as though they understand the law.

John McCain: How did I get stuck with these nuts?

Pat Buchanan: I wish we could have justices on the Supreme Court with the intellectual capability of Clarence Thomas.

Dick Cheney: At least the twig has finally found his place in life, picking up poop.

Zimbabwe Madness Is Catching

For years after the people of Zimbabwe ended colonial rule, they enjoyed a prosperous society in which over 90% of children attended school and its universities were among the best in Africa. Unfortunately, President Robert Mugabe decided to end the last vestiges of colonialism by seizing the land of white farmers, over 5,000 of whom had remained in Zimbabwe and were seeking to create new relations with Africans. Each of the farms employed over a hundred local Africans and enabled the nation to feed itself and earn income from exports. But, Mugabe wanted the land in order to reward his henchmen and cronies, few of whom had any interest in farming, but a great deal of interest in enriching themselves. This week, Ian Campbell-Morrison, whose land was taken away and given to an official, was evicted from his home and he was fined “for illegally occupying state land” even though he lives in a cottage and his wife tends to a garden.

Morgan Tsvangirai promised to end the lawlessness which has destroyed the nation’s farm production and led to a 94% unemployment rate. Suddenly, he has begun to talk like Mugabe by referring to these farm seizures as having “been blown out of proportion.”

Zimbabwe had every right to develop an orderly legal process of purchasing land of white farmers in a gradual manner to ensure the land was properly farmed by local people. But, to take land in order to reward thugs is hardly the way to gain international recognition.

Doesn’t Tsvangirai grasp that other nations will not invest their money in a country which seizes the land of people and gives it to government officials? Who in their right mind would invest a single penny in a Zimbabwe which is ruled by the gun, not the law? Wake up Tsvangirai and act like the leader your nation needs!

Is China The Loser In North Korean Madness?

The recent outburst of aggressive behavior on the part of North Korea has created confusion in most parts of the world, but China is the nation that is most impacted by North Korean threats of nuclear or military confrontation. China has assumed a role as the policeman of eastern Asia, and has endeavored to work in a cooperative manner with the insular leaders of North Korea whose knowledge of the outside world is close to zero. China does not wish a nuclear race to emerge in Asia because at the center of Chinese foreign policy is a commitment to maintaining the status quo– in which China is at the center of power. China has been the leader of the six nations which have been attempting to work with North Korea and depending upon China to exert its influence.

Mot probably no one knows what is going on inside the mind of Kim Jong Il. Is there a power struggle? Is North Korea actually intending to initiate military aggression? Are its leaders filled with paranoid fantasies about being invaded? China, more than any nation, can not allow military action to occur on its border. At this point, hopefully China must assume leadership.

Obama To Ostrich Headed Israel-Halt Settlements!

The people of Israel undoubtedly are tired from decades of struggle to gain peace with the Arab world, and this fatigue no doubt influenced the decision in voting earlier this year to support right wing elements led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Unfortunately, for Israel which prefers to bury its head in the earth like an ostrich, the majority of American Jews, of English Jews, and supporters of Israel throughout the world want peace and that means compromise and ending efforts that impede the road to conflict resolution. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly told Israel on Wednesday to halt settlement growth as well as building new houses in existing Jewish enclaves. Israel argues children have an inalienable right to have a house built next to their parent’s home. An interesting theory, but not one agreed to by most people in the world.

Israel government spokesman, Mark Regev, said construction will continue within existing settlements. There is no question the new administration wants peace in the Middle East and this requires ending unqualified support for Israel. The government and people of Israel must recognize the importance of compromise and ending the constant expansion of the West Bank which was illegally seized from Palestinians. The Gaza invasion blunder almost cost Israel its friendship with Turkey. The housing expansion on the West Bank might cost Israel its friendship with the United States.

Wake up Israel, the world is turning away from a democratic society which has allowed demagogues to gain power and to use hysteria and ethnocentrism to guide policy decisions.

Is Bell Tolling For Taliban?

The Taliban was a creation during the 1990s of the Pakistan secret service, the ISI which was interested in extending the influence of their nation into Afghanistan. Little did they realize the Frankenstein they had invented would one day come back to haunt them in their native land. It has taken years for the Pakistan military to finally realize the monster they created is now interested in devouring its creator. As Pakistan armed forces fight their way into the Swat Valley in order to eliminate Taliban insurgents, the Taliban is reacting with a series of bombing attacks on Pakistan cities. The Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility for the bombings in Lahore which killed 30 and wounded over 200 people. The militants threw grenades into the offices of the police and a top intelligence agency as well as exploding a van .

The ironic aspect of this assault is sad. The Taliban are now directly attacking the security agency which gave it birth. New Taliban groups are springing up all over Pakistan and it is finally dawning on the people of Pakistan that the United States is not their enemy, but their own people are their enemy.


Each day we offer headlines that appeared in world newspapers along with our comments.

Turkey, Duna: “Europe Needs Turkey”
I guess they are hungary for food.

UK, The Independent: “Tory MP Stepping Down Over Wife Gag’s Health”
I am really all gaga about this story.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Man Arrested For Late Night Shooting”
In the future he hopefully will do his shooting during the day.

Bhutan, Bhutan Observer: “Message To Civil Servants”
How about trying to be honest?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Mouse Study Finds Hair Loss Gene”
Thank God, now they can avoid having bald mice!

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Corpse Found In Freezer After 20 Years”
Honey, I thought you said take the food out and put you in the freezer!

Pakistan, Daily Times: “Beggar Kills Salesman”
I think this story begs the question of who is guilty.

Finland, Sanomat: “Finns Masters Of Silence”
What exactly does one say alone in the frozen tundra?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Kuwaitis In Japan Safe”
Godzilla headed north.

Australia, West Australian: “Alaska Hosts Hairy Competition”
Governor Palin is OK with this as long as no one is gay during the festivities.

US Forces In Iraq– 2020 Or Beyond??

Once upon a time, long ago, about in November, 2008, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States made clear his intention to withdraw all troops from Iraq by 2011. At a recent press conference held by Army Chief of Staff, General George Casey, he indicated that while plans were still based on withdrawing troops by 2011, there was also what he termed a “reality scenario” which could alter any plans due to global shifts and currents. According to him, the reality scenario most likely would mean, “we’re going to have 10 Army and Marine units deployed for a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The Army’s expectation called for the situation to get worse before it got better.

The good news from the general is that deployments will be reduced from 15 months to 12 months for the troops. If this is the best good news, American forces will most probably have a lot more bad news than good. Of course, his reality scenario is predicated on the assumption the American populace will accept a decade of fighting in the Middle East. Who knows what lurks in the hearts of Americans over the coming years?


Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, The Independent: “Man Arrested Over Body In Flat”
Only one body allowed in a flat.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Horror Intersection To Lose Traffic Lights”
Did the horror occur before or after they got rid of the traffic lights?

Sweden, The Local: “Kiss Man Jailed And Released From Jail”
We can kiss this story goodbye.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sixty Years Of Burgers”
The thought gives me a tummy ache.

Norway, Norway Post: “Winter Returns To Mountains”
Did it ever leave, if so, where did it go?

Finland, Sanomat: “Chernobyl Was Supposed To Be A Dream Job”
Boy, that was one job opportunity that just exploded.

Czech Republic: Copenhagen Post: “A Conspiracy Of Dunces”
Republicans opposing the nomination of Justice Sotomayor”

Putin On Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is a man for all seasons. He paints pictures, he sings songs, he displays the latest judo moves, and he is also a man with extraordinary luck. During his watch, opponents wind up in jail on tax evasion charges, people who don’t like his manner of ruling get shot while trying to enter their home, and some even fall dead due to an injection of poison. None of these are caused by the prime minister, they just happen because he is one lucky dude. Now, to demonstrate his wide raging skills, Putin has entered the field of writing and a magazine, Russian Pioneer, is publishing his composition, “Why It’s Hard To Fire People.”

Naturally, his opponents insist the prime minister is some sort of sinister person who manhandles anyone disagreeing with his view of the world, but the real Putin is a sensitive and caring person who is gentle in firing the incompetents who surround him in government. Putin insists he calls the person into his office, looks him straight in the eye and says I have evidence you are incompetent, prove me wrong. I doubt if someone gazing into the eyes of this very lucky man whose opponents wind up dead or in jail cares to present a contrary argument. Most likely, they admit their incompetence and sigh at the fact they can actually leave the office still alive.

Does anyone doubt the missive of Putin will win a writing prize?