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An Honest Media Hoax Reveals Daily Hoaxes In Media

The media daily reports stories not founded in the realm of factual data, but attractive and beguiling to attract the attention of readers and viewers. A group of French students decided to show Paris Match how they could match it in the prostitution of responsible journalism. They concocted a series of photographs which depicted a study on student poverty in the nation. Black and white photographs showed students prostituting themselves for money or searching dustbins for scraps of food. The photographs were entirely fake and sent into a contest by the magazine. The students won the $7,500 prize but will not be allowed to collect the money because there photos were based on falsehoods.

The students said their professors approved of the fake footage and noted, “there was nothing in the rules of the competition to say that rigged photos were banned.” They simply wanted to show up the media for what it is — printing hearsay or forcing people into embarrassing photos.


Each day we offer a selection of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Doctor Accused Of Sex With Patient”
This is termed hands-on healing.

Sweden, The Local: “Inmates Commit Crimes Using Prison Phones”
I believe prison phones are for the exclusive use of criminals so what is your complaint?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Let Artic Thaw Begin”
Oh well, there goes Long Island.

Israel, Haaretz: “Poland’s First Gay Rabbi”
Up to this point all we have had are sad Polish rabbis.

USA, NY Post: “Learn Foreign Language In 10 Days”
And, lose it in one.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Bones Found In Graveyard”
So, you were expecting live bodies?

USA, St. Louis Post Dispatch: “Torso Found At Rest Stop”
It is a Rest Stop!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Man Has Grey Hair”
So, you were expecting black at age 95?

China, China Daily: “China Opens Peacekeeping Center”
Here soldiers learn how to keep protestors peaceful by bashing in their heads.

Australia, The Age: “Indonesia To Stop Sending Maids To Malaysia”
I suspect there will be plenty of dirty toilets in Malaysia.

Paranoia Paralyzes Iranian Government Thinking

The current Iranian government is led by individuals whose thinking is best guided by the power of paranoia which explains for them any and all events in life. The Ahmadinejad government arrested Iranian employees at the British Embassy in Tehran on charges they had played a “significant role” in the demonstrations by millions of people against the fraudulent election for president. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei apparently has decided to end his role as a spiritual leader and become part of the thugs who presently run Iran. He denounced “interfering statements” by western officials and appealed to all involved in the dispute “not to stroke the emotions of the young.” Unfortunately, his statements demanding severe punishment of all who demonstrated has done more to “stroke the emotions of the young” than anything said by western officials or Barack Obama.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, who most probably won the presidential election, continues to defy the Ayatollah and his henchmen in the government. The attacks on Iranian employees at the British Embassy most probably stem from the decision of BBC to launch a Persian TV program which offers accurate news for the people of Iran as to what is going on inside their nation.

Canada Decries Czech Republic Violence Towards Romas

Canada has witnessed a significant growth in the number of Roma immigrants from the Czech Republic and in the course of attempting to uncover reasons for their flight from Europe, it has become clear Romas face persecution and violence in their native country. The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board sent investigators to Europe to explore the situation of Romas in the Czech Republic. They found at times Romas are not protected by authorities and local police are frequently indifferent to attacks by racists on Romas. They more than often treat Romas as the criminals rather than victims when neo-Fascist groups attack Roma communities.

At a shelter in Toronto, Zaneta Gananova lifted her shirt to show two swastikas that had been carved into her skin by skin head fascists. As they cut into her body, they laughed and said, “Hey Gypsy, today you will die.” She did not, but there are reports of Romas who have been killed. The usual reaction of local police is to promise to “investigate the problem.”

Nearly 1,100 Czech Republic Romas claimed refugee status so far this year. Is anyone in the Czech Republic interested why people flee from your country?

Hail To Female WASPS, Not Male Ones!

The term WASP ordinarily is used to denote White Anglo Saxon Males who so frequently dominate the power structure of America. But, during World War II, there was a different group of WASPS–Women Airforce Service Pilots” who flew planes and performed tasks to free males to go overseas and fight the air war. The women flew cargo planes, took planes from hangers to be sent overseas, and towed targets for men training to become fighter pilots. Of course, in those days, the very thought of women actually being allowed to serve in combat zones was strictly off limits. The group was disbanded in late 1944 when men began returning from overseas and the women sent back to tasks that real WASPS believed was most appropriate like cooking and raising children.

These women who served their country in time of war had to wait until 1977 when Congress finally got around to providing them the GI Bill of Rights given all those who served the nation. Of course, by that time the GI Bill was of scant use to a woman in her fifties, but those were the “good old days” when women knew their place.

Congress will award every woman who served in the WASP a gold medal. At least those who are still alive will finally get some recognition.

Pakistan Accelerates War On Taliban

During the past several years, American leaders have urged the Pakistan government to seriously engage the Taliban within its borders. A series of Taliban blunders such as invading provinces they promised not to attack and suicide bombings have resulted in the Pakistan army’s new aggressive actions against their enemy. The Pakistan government has placed a bounty on the head of Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Taliban in northwest tribal regions. There are also air strikes which have led to claims that dozens of “militants” have been killed. There is evidence the Pakistan army is employing military strategies borrowed from Americans such as bombing villages in which alleged Taliban leaders are residing.

There is no doubt a significant segment of the Pakistan population has grown weary with Taliban excesses such as suicide bombing. But, military action in itself will not destroy the Taliban or other militants. Pakistan needs a powerful economic development program together with one which creates an effective education system that provides for poor children an opportunity to obtain technological skills leading to good paying jobs. Air strikes help, but schools and jobs are much more effective in defeating the Taliban.

Bounties may gain media attention, but as a Taliban commander told a reporter: “We are like a suicide squad. Mujahideen(holy warriors) do not care about head money. Our mission goes on.” Reading and writing and arithmetic will always out bid bounties.


Rudy Giuliani, “America’s Mayor” has not ceased since 9/11 spouting his rhetoric of BS in order to rake in money. At a recent Motivational speech, the former New York mayor, told an audience “if you want to be a leader and you want to communicate with people, you have to love people.” The politician who insulted and degraded opponents and made clear to those of black skin or Hispanic names that he really didn’t give a damn about what they thought, has suddenly become St. Rudy, the messenger of Jesus Christ. Rudy ordinarily picks up about a $100,000 a speech for his words of wisdom such as “you ned to know lessons in leadership to deal with crises in life, personal crises, or the kind of crisis we are going through now with our economy.” As usual, the man of many words has plenty of words to offer although few containing anything specific.

Actually, St. Rudy does have words of advice to those who endeavor to deal with a crisis:

1. Pay me $100,000 for whatever I say regardless of what I say.
2. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain how you can run for president in primaries and never win a delegate.
3. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain quite clearly how to sell your soul to the Devil in order to receive $100,000 per speech.
4. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain how to turn down advice from experts on how to prepare for a crisis by not placing a command center in a high rise building.
5. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain how to take credit for what others do in order to screw them and get your $1000,000 per speech.
6. Pay me $100,000 per speech and I will support gun lovers, anti-abortionists(I am for abortion if it gets me votes) or any nut in the country who can help me get $100,000 per speech.


John McCain Palinates On Gay Rights!

Once upon a time there was a bright young man who was filled with moral outrage at the use of torture since he had been subjected to an incredibly difficult time while in a Vietnam prison. Once upon a time John McCain stood against the crowd and was willing to endure unpopularity if he believed in his ideas. In response to requests that Congress end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which punishes brave young Americans, the Arizona senator urged the military to conduct a survey as to what soldiers thought about ending discrimination against gays. I assume, Senator McCain believes the government should have conducted a survey of southern white beliefs on segregation during the fight over civil rights.

There is no need for surveys, there is no need for further debate. The rights of our fighting men and women are being abused because some members of the military are gays and lesbians. They may be gay or lesbian, but more importantly, they are members of the military and are risking their lives in defense of this nation. The least this nation can do in return is to fight for their rights to individual freedom of choice in sexual matters.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Jeff Goldblum Not Dead”
He appeared at a press conference to confirm he is not dead. Sleepy, yet, but not dead.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Wife Turns Out To Be Man”
Oh, so that’s why we never could have children!

China, China Daily: “Students Graduate From College”
It would be news if the headline read: “Students Do Not Graduate From College”

South Africa, Argus: “Karate Cops For W. Cape”
Chop, chop, kill, kill.

UK, The Independent: “Mystery Grows About Jackson Death”
Are we certain he is dead?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Church Calls For Debtors To Repay Or Face Hell”
I have a hunch the Devil will be overwhelmed by applicants.

UAR, Arab Times: “Why Do Politicians Cheat?”
I am more interested in why they don’t pass intelligent legislation.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Fans Jailed Over Prayers”
Next time figure out which team gets the prayers.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Women Trained To Sell Lingerie”
I have a hunch in some Muslim nations they have to be trained in how to wear lingerie.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Somalia

Americans continually cite the impact of 9/11 on their nation and the need to address concerns about terrorism. But, few pundits who are so willing to shout and declaim about the need to defeat international terrorism deal with the impact of American actions on nations of the world. Two years ago, President Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamist government in the name of ending terrorism. Fast forward three years and the Ethiopians are gone, the Americans pretend they had nothing to do with violence in Somalia, and the people of that unfortunate nation are trapped in a vicious civil war between Islamist factions.

During the past several weeks hundreds have been killed in Mogadishu and over a hundred thousand forced to flee for their lives as Islamist factions kill one another and any civilian who gets in their way. Of course, George Bush is chopping wood in Texas and Dick Cheney is picking up thousands for his speeches, but the fruit of their intrigue has turned rotten.