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Life In China Labor Camp Not A Chopsticks Time!

Xiong Wei was attracted to the ideas of the Falun Gong spiritual movement whose adherent are found all over the world, but in its Chinese birth place to belong is to soon discover punishment or even jail. The Falun Gong dates only from 1992 when it was founded on principles of “truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.” Her initial crime was to order software which allowed access to the Falun Gong website, an oversight that was soon corrected by police who grabbed her and she soon wound up in prison. After one night in jail, Ms. Wei was sent to the notorious women’s labor camp in Daxing. Her task was packing between 6,000 to 8,000 chop sticks every day. There were penalties for misbehavior.

Fortunately, her case was taken up by prominent Europeans and after two years, Ms. Wei was released and she shortly released herself from life in China. She noted “the guards knew that they couldn’t leave any visible marks of torture on m y body, because it might have gotten international attention.” Unfortunately, for the thousands of others in Chinese labor camps no international groups campaign for their release.

I doubt if I will reach for chop sticks on my next trip to a Chinese restaurant.

Americans Display Stupidity On Gates Incident

Ah, the great American debate on racism continues with latest poll results indicating 41 percent of the nation disapprove of the president’s handling of the situation while 29 percent approve. Yes, this is an important milestone in race relations in this country. Sgt. Crowley has encountered hundreds of situations in which people raised their voices to him, and no arrest was made, but for some reason he decided a 58 year-old man weighing about 150 pounds who teaches at Harvard represented a “threat” requiring back up support! Give me a break. Sgt. Crowley over-reacted, made a mistake, and refuses to acknowledge his error. Perhaps, from now on Sgt. Crowley will arrest every 150 pound elderly man who raises his voice, but I doubt if that will ever happen.

America, get your head on straight. There are about 700,000 people in jail for drug offenses, and a high percentage of those individuals are of African American and Hispanic backgrounds. This is the face of REAL RACISM, but for some reason it does not register on the typical American’s anger level. Black and Hispanic individuals are halted at a much higher percentage than whites, that is racism. Live like an African American for a week and see if you don’t come away with a new recognition that racism exists in this nation.

Does what I write suggest there has not been dramatic progress on race issues? Of course, there has been a virtual revolution, but the voyage has begun, not concluded.

P.S. I suspect many who are upset at the word “stupid” do not become upset at the rantings of hate expressed every night by Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. I wonder why.


They came by the thousands into the streets of Tehran, many wearing black with the Mousavi campaign signature’s green wristbands and red roses could be seen in the hands of those who were tired of having their nation transformed into a giant jail. They had come to mourn the death of Neda Soltan who was brutally shot during protests in the aftermath of the stolen Iranian presidential election. Hundreds of police wielding batons struck repeatedly at those who had come to express their grief for a young woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mir Hossein Mousavi who “lost” to President Ahmadinejad was forced to leave the cemetery but his wife gained entrance. She walked into the cemetery along with many clerics and former members of Parliament. Neda’s mother spoke for everyone by saying: “Her death has been so painful that words can never describe my true feelings. But knowing that the world cried for her has comforted me.”

Ahmadinejad is “president of Iran” but even conservative Iranian clerics are furious at his incompetence and brutality which has unleashed a wave of fury against leaders of the country. The Ides of June may well be warnings that Ahmadinejad’s tenure in office will be short.

Are Swedish Men Dull And Boring?

An American woman recounted her first date in Sweden in which she discovered the easiest way to become bored in that country is to go on a date with a Swedish male. She blamed the Swedish welfare system, for some reason, as the main cause of male behavior on dates. Her initial complaint stemmed from lack of conversation on the part of Swedish males. “I asked a question. He answered. I asked another. He answered again. Not once did a question come my way.” But, this was merely the prelude to her eventual total lack of faith in dating Swedish males. “I offered to pay as I always do; a w ell-rehearsed token gesture of kindness which I expected to be dully rebuffed.” Unfortunately, the man accepted her kind offer. “How had things gone so horribly wrong?”

Marie Hagberg, a prominent Swedish guru on sex and behavior explained that a major problem for women is “you expect a guy to make the first move, but in Sweden he won’t unless he is really drunk.” To sum up, says Ms. Hagberg, “Swedes are known for being kind of dull and boring.”

I have limited to no knowledge of Swedish males or females on how they date or don’t date, but what the heck is wrong allowing a woman to pay her fair share of a bill? As to the questions, we really don’t know which questions were posed. Of course, there is always the possibility, the woman in question was boring.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Swan Song”
Sarah Palin’s last speech?

Norway, Norway Post: “One Case Of Swine Flu”
Let’s work on this and get our numbers up.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Man Hit By Train In Critical Condition”
OK, but how is the train doing?

Sweden, The Local: “Norwegian Employers Prefer Swedes”

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Toxic Storm”
Republican efforts to sabotage health reform.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Trash Pickup Starts Tuesday”
It ends Wednesday.

UK, Guardian: “Stasi File On Michael Jackson”
On Michael Jordan I could understand, but Jackson!

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Saudi Casanova”
It sure ain’t Sasha Cohen!

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Ignore This Message And You Will Die”
Any message about global warming sent to a human.

South Africa, Argus: “Are Doctors Doing Enough”
Depends on whether you are the insurance company or the patient.

UK. The Independent: “Pregnancy Alert”
I have a hunch one pregnancy alert caught the Palin family by surprise.

Israel Doesn’t Yet Know When To Apologize

A day after admitting there was need to investigate possible violations of proper military procedures by the Israel Defense Force in the Gaza Operation Cast Lead, the foreign ministry had to argue the invasion was proportionate to the challenge. “Israel’s resort to force in the Gaza Operation was both necessary and a proportionate response to Hamas’ attacks.” Israel definitely has an argument in support of the need to use force in response to ongoing Hamas rocket attacks, that is NOT the main criticism of the Gaza invasion. To argue killing 1,200(of whom about 900 were civilians) while losing fewer than ten people on your side suggests this is not a “proportionate” affair. Destroying vast areas of homes and businesses can hardly be justified on grounds there had to be a “response.”

Israel trots out once again the 12,000 rocket argument. No rational person would disagree with the argument there was need to response to this provocation. There were several options that were never explored such as a massive bombing focus on tunnels or occupying areas in which there were tunnels. An army which kills hundreds of innocent civilians at a loss of fewer than ten has made a serious human rights mistake.

Israel is doing the right thing in conducting an investigation into human rights violations by its soldiers, no Arab nation would engage in such an investigation. But, it is time for Israel to admit its error in killing innocent civilians and gain the respect of the world.


In the midst of the Vietnam War, an American senator proposed his country simply declare it had won the war and was now sending its troops back home. Colonel Timothy R. Reese, a top military adviser urged his superiors in a secret memo to “declare victory and go home” months ahead of the current deadline. Reese argued “the massive partnering efforts of U.S. combat forces with ISF(Iraqi security forces) isn’t yielding benefits commensurate with the effort and is now generating its own opposition.” He supports the end of all American effort by August, 2010.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and President Obama are concerned American military success may not be able to be retained by Iraq military forces since what has been achieved is fragile and could readily be undone. A recent report from the RAND corporation warns Iraqi forces will not maintain efforts at peaceful solutions to problems and will revert to use of force, thus ensuring renewal of violence.

The Reese memo begins with recitation of an old proverb: “guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.. we are guests in iraq, and after six years in Iraq, we now smell bad for the Iraqi host.” Goodbye Baghdad, hello Broadway!


We are at CNN Headquarters where the gallant Lou Dobbs continues his fight to expose the impostor who sits in the Oval Office pretending to be the leader of the free world. Yes, Lou Dobbs has been threatened with loss of life by agents of the CIA, he has been warned by agents of the International Jewish Rabbi Alliance (IJRA), but this intrepid fighter for truth, freedom and the American way of life battles on. Finally, due to the work of a brave member of the Boston Police Department, Lou has finally been able to unravel the inability of the Barack Obama administration to produce a valid birth certificate that proves this man from Kenya is really an American.

Due to our close relationship with Lou Dobbs, the MAN OF FREEDOM, we are able to reveal for the first time the true story of the birth certificate fiasco which, most probably, will result in the removal from office of this African creature who was born and raised in the wilds of Africa, not the serene beautiful island of Hawaii. THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS BARACK OBAMA, THE MAN!! Listen to the words of Justin Barrett who used them to describe the uncle of Barack Obama, Henry Louis Gates: He is nothing more or less than a “banana-eating jungle monkey.!” Barack Obama is a MONKEY! That is why there is no birth certificate!!

Of course, the liberal media will continue its efforts to foist on the American people a banana eating jungle monkey and claim those like Lou Dobbs who tell the truth are “racists.” Justin Barrett expressed the words of a modern American hero: “I am not a racist, but I am prejudice towards those who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they claim in freedom!” God Bless you Justin Barrett, you are the real American Hero!

Lou realizes there now is a Constitutional problem that must be resolved. Since “Barack Obama” is a monkey and not a human, can Congress impeach a monkey? If the human Barack Obama never existed can we Constitutionally rid ourselves of that which does not exist?

We urge a special session of Congress to rid the nation of the false team of Obama-Biden and allow the Sarah Palin-John McCain to assume office. A Sarah Palin presidency will restore America to its rightful place in the world, make insurgents drop their weapons, and ensure every American has a well paying job. My only concern is when truth, beauty, and prosperity return to America, what will Lou Dobbs talk about each evening– fishing in Alaska??

Taliban Code Conduct Dismissed By US

Taliban leaders have issued a new code of conduct entitled: “Taliban 2009 Rules and Regulations Booklet” which supposedly outlines how their soldiers must conduct themselves. It apparently is partly an attempt to emphasize the authority of Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, as the supreme head and the one who makes decisions. The code informs Taliban militants to respect the rules of war, to lessen the use of suicide bombers and to respect civilians and avoid injuring them in the course of battle. The code says “any official, soldier, contractor or worker of the slave government” who is captured “cannot be attacked or harmed.” American military authorities condemned the booklet as mere propaganda.

There is no doubt the code is enemy propaganda, but so what. At least they are publicly stating that prisoners will not be killed. Certainly, we prefer they state it is against their policy to kill prisoners than to boast they will kill them. Heck, why not distribute the booklet all over Afghanistan.



Obama should read a biography about Harry Truman. It’s time to cease playing Cool Hand Barack and show some of the fire and passion of Harry.

I am furious at my inability to listen in on conversations due to age and hearing loss.

Computers were supposed to end mountains of paper. But, everyone I see with a computer has plenty of paper around.

Every so often I get confused in the toilet, is it self flush or do I handle the task?

I refuse to use any machine to open or close a car door. My hand and key is enough to handle such tasks.

Summer in St. Louis should be a prerequisite for entering Hades.

I was wondering, do we have a copy of Andrew Jackson’s birth certificate? If not, do we erase his presidency from books?

My first executive order as president would be decreeing all work in America is preceded by fifteen minutes of exercise.

I hope St. Peter makes clear to Bernie Madoff when he gets there that Heaven does not allow any Ponzi schemes.

I sometimes wonder whether America would be better or worse off if we had a lottery to decide who is president?

I think any Congressman running for election to that prestigious body should be required to submit a signed document from his mistress asserting to his sexual prowess.

If I was George Bush, I would give a high five to Laura each day to celebrate the fact we are not in Washington D.C.

It is difficult for me to summon empathy for NBA players who believe they are “under valued” because their club only offered $9 million a year.

I have never understood why al-Qaeda uses suicide bombers. Why not stall cars in the Holland Tunnel and George Washington bridge every day if you want to wreck America?