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We are pleased to present a scoop in the story of Professor Henry Gates and his encounter with jack booted police who forced their way into his home. Here is the true story!

Gates: Who are you? What do you want?
Crowley: We have a report that a man who was in possession of illegal weapons was seen entering this house.
G: This is my home. Yes, I have guns in this house, but they are mine and it is none of your business about my guns.
C: We have a report that someone was seen entering this resident and he had illegal weapons. We are going to search your home for those illegal weapons.
G: Like hell, you are. This is my home, I have my guns and no one is entering without my permission and you sure don’t have it.
C: I would advise you to stand aside and allow me to enter. I believe there are illegal guns in this house and we will find them.
G: Do you know who you are messing with, boy?
C: No, who am I messing with?
G: I am the head of the Massachusetts National Rifle Association and we don’t intend to have jack booted cops busting into homes taking away our guns.
C: I don’t have jack boots, but I am entering and, frankly, I don’t give a damn if you head the NRA of America.
G: A man has a right to his guns and no government agent is coming in. I advise you to back off because we NRA people don’t take lightly to folk like you abusing our rights.
C: Please get out of the way or else!
G: Or else what, boy? This is my home. These are my guns. No government is going to take them away. Tell me boy, have you read the 2nd Amendment? It says a man has a right to his guns to defend himself to jack booted cops like you.
C: I’m giving you one more warning. Stand aside or I will arrest you.
G: No one gets my guns. I want your name and your badge number. It will be sent to NRA headquarters. Boy, you is in for some real serious trouble.
C: You are under arrest and we are going to search for those guns.

Professor Gates was placed under arrest and taken to police headquarters. The NRA is organizing a national protest against police entering homes to take guns away from God-fearing American citizens. God Bless the NRA for standing up for the rights of Professor Henry Louis Gates!!

Malaysian Model Sentenced To Caning For Beer

The decision by an Islamic court to impose a fine and caning to a Malaysian model for the crime of having a beer has shocked many people in the nation. Malaysia is a multicultural nation although a majority of its inhabitants are Muslim and this has resulted in creating a Sharia court system alongside the civil courts. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno will receive six strokes because she consumed alcohol in eastern Pahang state last year. Amnesty International Malaysia executive director, Nora Murat made clear “the punishment of whipping is defined as torture and hence we should not in any way condone it. This is the wrong way to educate anyone about religion. When the sin is between her and God, there is always an option of being repentant. It’s up to God to decide on her faith, and not people.”

Islamic Mufti Harussani Zakaria responded the punishment was lenient and it “was meted out on her just to shame and educate her.” I gather there are Muslim clerics who actually believe a few strokes will end consumption of alcohol. We suggest they read a book about Prohibition in America to learn the idiocy of such a line of reasoning. If the goal is ending alcoholism, strokes of a cane do more to further this form of behavior than any other line of punishment. Perhaps, an education program might be a bit more successful.

P.S. How many Malaysian men have been caned due to drinking alcohol?

Legacy Of Tony Blair–Torture?

A businessman who was held and tortured in the United Arab Emirates in the aftermath of bombings in London believes he has uncovered evidence that British consular officials colluded with local law enforcement officials to allow him to be subject of torture. Alam Ghafoor, is among several British citizens who argue there was British complicity in their detention and torture. He was on a business trip to UAE just a few days after the London bombings in July, 2005 when he along with a business associate were dragged from a restaurant and threatened with torture, deprived of sleep and subjected to stress positions and told by local authorities unless they cooperated they would be fed to dogs.

Ghafoor has uncovered communication from British consular officials in the UAE which indicate they knew he was being questioned and did nothing to protect his rights. While under questioning he was subject to torture that resulted in a “confession” of being complicit in the London bombing. “I wrote a false confession and put crazy things in it like I have constant contact with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.”

British officials insist they had nothing to do with the imprisonment or torture. It was just another of those “misunderstandings” that continually appear in the history of Bush and Tony Blair.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UAE, Khaleej Times: “Police Arrested In Drug Raid”
I’m glad the drug lords have finally gotten around to raiding the police for drugs.

Oman, Oman Tribune: “Intelligence Chief Sacked”
They are now seeking an unintelligent chief.

UK, The Independent: “Is Running France Too Much For Sarkozy?”
I suspect the French people hope he would keep on running for exercise and leave them alone.

South Africa, Argus: “South Africa Gears For Week Of Strike”
That is one country I am striking off my list of places to go.

Sweden, The Local: “Swedish Doctors Refuse To Circumcise Boys”
No sweat, convert to Judaism and get a Mohel.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Copenhagen Closed”
To what? For how long?

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “FBI Sting Anti-Semitism”
Yes indeed, the Italian names are simply a cover up, we all know those black bearded guys are really Jews.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Father Torched Home Because No Lunch Served”
Gee, what does he do for no dinner?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Bike Industry Goes Electric”
There goes another ten percent of people getting obese.

Hungary, Budapest Sun: “Ms. Plastic Face Hungary Contest”
Is the winner the one who looks more like an Hungarian or less like one?

Patience Instead Of Violence Urged On Israel

The rush to judgment on the part of the Netanyahu government reminds those who have studied American-Soviet relations of Americans who wanted to drop atomic bombs on the enemy because unless the US acted immediately, evil would triumph. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a recent TV interview, urged the Israel government to halt its head-long determination for a finality with Iran. She termed Israel’s Iran policy “futile” and that it would only result in disaster for both nations. “We have negotiated with many governments who we did not believe represented the will of their people. Look at all the negotiations that went on with the Soviet Union. That’s what you get to do in diplomacy. You don’t get to choose the people. It required fifty years of negotiation with the Soviet Union before democracy and peace came to that nation.

Recent events in Iran indicate a significant portion of its population seek peace and democracy. The future of Iran is still unknown, but one thing is for certain, an Israel air attack on Iran would unite the nation behind the current rulers and kill any hope for democracy in that nation for twenty years. Sometimes, the race actually goes to the turtle rather than the hare.

Is USA Negotiating With Sunni Iraq Resistance Groups?

The Iraq government is furious because of reports concerning American negotiation with dissident Iraq Sunni groups. The Maliki government regards such talks as a violation of Iraq sovereignty and a display of tolerance for terrorists. The State Department admits there has been discussions with Sunni groups, but argues the Iraq government was informed they were occurring. Americans have previously negotiated with Sunni leaders in discussions that eventually led to creation of the Awakening Councils that played a key role in reducing violence in Iraq. The reality is the Mailiki government still hesitates to enter into power sharing arrangements with Sunni leaders, a refusal that may be playing a role in the current escalation of violence in Iraq.

Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, said it “was shocking” and “amazing” that US and Turkish officials met “the supporters of the former regime, groups that adopt violence and terrorism as a way to change the situation, and the networks that believe in killing, bombing and targeting innocents.” On the other hand, Turkey has repeatedly attempted to play a mediating role in dealing with Iraq violence. Unfortunately, the violence will not cease until Sunni leaders are given power and recognition in Iraq.


The Republican party out of power enables its leaders to clearly demonstrate the only concern of Republicans is maintaining power. The current political debate in which Republicans have failed to announce a single logical idea dealing with the need for health care in America enables the nation to finally understand it has been years since Republicans expressed a concern for their nation and its issues. For example:

1. Republicans insist Barack Obama’s health care proposal is an example of “socialism.” Actually, there are only two clear examples of socialized medicine in the world — the British National Health Insurance plan and the American Veterans Administration health care plan for veterans. VA doctors are hired by the Federal government and they provide health care based on government decisions and guidelines. Most veterans believe they receive good care and drug costs of the VA are much lower for its clients than drug costs for those in other health plans. Is the Republican Party opposed to continuance of the VA health program?

2. The Republican Party has failed to issue a single idea on how to provide health care for the forty five million without health insurance other than George Bush’s famous remark they can go to the Emergency Ward. America awaits a Republican plan about dealing with those lacking health insurance. Will it ever come?

3. The key topic among Republican talk show hosts this week deals with– is Barack Obama a real American born citizen and the behavior of a Harvard professor and a policeman. Aside from being the silly season, these are non-issues when our nation needs leadership.

4. This generation of Americans is not familiar with the greatness of the Republican party and its advocacy of ideas to deal with important issues. For example:
a. Theodore Roosevelt is the one who began national conservation.
b. Theodore Roosevelt and Republicans like Senator Bob LaFollette urged legislation to allow the Federal government to regulate large business. Among the ideas coming from Republicans were child labor laws, regulation of working conditions, the right of Americans to join unions, regulation of hours women worked, tenement housing laws, etc.. Yes, my friends, this is what REPUBLICANS USED TO FIGHT FOR IN AMERICA! Today, they are concerned about birth certificates.
c. In 1940, after Wendell Wilkie lost the presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt, he became an envoy for the president, traveled the world working for America and wound up writing a book entitled, “One World.”
d. It was Dwight Eisenhower in his last speech who warned America about the “military industrial” alliance which threatened this nation. By the way, Eisenhower was the only president in the past fifty years who CUT the military budget.

If you really are a Republican, head for the nearest door.

Apres Moi, Le Deluge Boasts Benjamin Netanyahu!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an appointment with Death and destruction and damned if he will hold back from pursuing that path to complete isolation of Israel in the world. The United States has made clear Israel has no right to build housing and commercial enterprises in the area around Jerusalem known as “E-1″for to do so would cut the West Bank in half and make impossible the ability of a future Palestinian government to have a united nation. In his recent election campaign, Netanyahu told Israelis, “I want to see one continuous string of build-up Jewish neighborhoods.” His argument is failing to have Jews build in this area would result in Palestinian construction. It appears Netanyahu is ready to challenge the United States, the European Union and the world, all in the name of Jews should “have the right to live and buy anywhere in Jerusalem.”

If we follow the logic of Benjamin Netanyahu that people can not be told where they can live, does this mean Palestinians can live in Jewish areas of Jerusalem? How about Saudi oil billionaires deciding to buy up large parts of Jewish areas in Jerusalem and then placing Palestinians in those areas?

President Obama is TRYING TO HELP ISAREAL! If current Israel policies of building without regard to Palestinian rights, there will be no peace and Israel will be condemned to fifty more years of war and violence. Israel must cease building houses and focus on building peace!


Each day we offer a selection of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Saudi Beauty Queen Behind Veil”
Does this mean we judge the beauty of the veil or the girl?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Homosexuality Sells”
What? To Whom?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Toddler Shot By 4 Year Old Brother”
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Canada, Toronto Star: “City Wants More Ambulances Out There”
This means we need more people getting sick or in accidents.

UK, Guardian: “I’ll Be Nation’s Hate Figure”
Just write the name of any Republican member of Congress.

Sweden, The Local: “Sweden Urges EU Action On Climate Change”
Do they want it speeded up or slowed down?

South Africa, Argus: “When Do We Go To Moon Again?”
When Republicans once again gain control of Congress and the presidency.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Discount Prostitution Trend”
Is there a discount for a smaller penis?

Honduras Follies Create Laughter Not Violence

Manuel Zelaya was president of Honduras when he decided to play the Hugo Chavez card in order to retain power. He insists the only concern in his life is to better the life of those who are poor. The only consistent aspect of politics in Latin America is the insistence on the part of those who seek power their only aim is to help poor and oppressed people. As Zelaya’s term of office drew to a conclusion, he concluded (as has Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro) that without his brilliant leadership the cause of ending poverty was impoverished due to lack of leadership besides himself. So, he attempted to retain power by changing the Constitution of Honduras which resulted in him being deposed from office by conservatives and the armed forces.

Zelaya attempted to cross back into Honduras and was prevented by the army. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who opposed the coup, termed his attempt, “reckless” and not helpful in the struggle to end the coup. Zelaya insists if he could return home there would be peace, happiness and prosperity. Ah, Lord, protect us from those who seek our happiness on the back of their seizure of power.