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War Of Words Or War Of Guns With Iran?

The legacy of George Bush will extend into the coming decade and nowhere is this more evident than the situation between Western powers and Iran. In 2001 and 2002 there was an opportunity for America to establish close ties with the reform Iran government of President Khatami but Bush blew the opportunity by blasting Iran as part of the “axis of Evil.” Today, a crazy man heads Iran and Ahmadinejad is threatening missile strikes if anyone intrudes on the sovereignty of his nation. On Friday, Iran flaunted its power by firing advanced long-range missiles capable of hitting Israel.

Ahmadinejad is out to prove he is tough. He is a bully. Some European nations argue an embargo of refined oil will hurt the Iranian population. This is not a reason to hold back, the Iranian population without any embargo is being hurt and its liberties ripped apart by a man who wants power. Short term suffering is well worth the opportunity to compel Iranian leaders to come to the bargaining table. This is not the time to lack courage to focus on long term interests of the Iranian people.

Zimbabwe Courts Stand Tall For Freedom

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe continually claims that “Western Powers” are behind attempts to interfere with his ability to rule the nation. He did agree to a compromise national coalition government several months ago, but his government has constantly denied Prime Minister Tsvangirai of the right to govern. The men appointed by Mugabe to the Zimbabwe Supreme Court ruled that his government of thugs and brutes could not prosecute Jestine Makoko for “terrorism” because they first kidnapped the human rights activist and then brutally tortured her. Even Mugabe’s men understand that confession’s extracted under torture are not valid in any normal court of law.

Mugabe continues to hamper efforts to reform the government and restore the semblance of economic health to a nation that prior to his rule was the leading agricultural center of Africa. It is time for nations like South Africa to denounce this two bit thug and refuse him any aid until democracy is restored to the country.

Freedom OF Speech Triumphs In Sweden

Lennart Eriksson was a member of the Migration Board and on his personal blog he was evidently a strong supporter of Israel as well as a great admirer of the American WWII hero, General George Patton. These views upset members of the Migration Board and they transferred Mr. Eriksson from his position and made clear they disagreed with views expressed on his blog. Sweden’s Parliamentary Ombudsman rapped the Migration Board for violating freedom of speech. “The constitutional protection of freedom of speech means that, amongst other things, the public may not take action against an individual who has exercised their freedom of speech. There are no exceptions in this case.”

Well said. A person can rant on his blog and express diverse views. The most unusual aspect of this case is that Mr. Eriksson expressed support for Israel and General Patton. He apparently did not know that General Patton was a notorious anti-semite, despite the fact one of the divisions in his army, had the highest percentage of Jewish soldiers of any unit in the American armed forces.

Take Thee To The Woods, Villain!

A small group of homeless sex offenders have been directed by a probation officer to establish a camp in a densely wooded area behind a suburban Atlanta office park. The nine sex offenders live in tents surrounding a makeshift fire pit in the trees behind a towering “no trespassing” sign. The men have repeatedly encountered complaints from neighbors whenever they attempt to get a place to live. William Hawkins, who was cited for violating the law which requires sex offenders to register as one in Georgia, said the experience was like being on “Survivor.”

Ahmed Holt, manager of the state’s sex offender administration calls the camp a “last resort” for homeless offenders who can’t find a place to get a room. Homeless shelters are not an option because they usually contain children.

Sorry, this is not a responsible way to handle a complex issue. Certainly, a building could be identified for those who are unable to find any place to live. Living in the park is hardly the best way to handle sex offenders.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pirate Party Approved”
The walking the plank prank will be featured.

Sweden, The Local: “Well Paid Mothers Breast Feed More”
They have more in the bank to dispense.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Missing Cop Sighted On Highway”
The question is what was he seeking on the highway.

UK,The Independent: “Tycoon Faces Jail Over Missing $700 Million”
You mean he only stole $700 million! He deserves a bonus.

USA, New York Times: “Pope Says Societies Must Have God”
But, what is there is more than one God?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Spanking Hurts”

Nigeria, Daily Trust: ‘Nigerians Spend Millions On Imported Flowers”
Smell the roses in Nigeria is my plea.

Indonesia, Tempo: “Visitors Crowd Zoo”
Why go to the zoo to see animals, just hop over to Congress.

UK, The Independent: “Free Polanski”
Free Polanski and read Stopsky



“Free enterprise means the Yankees have a constitutional right to purchase a pennant.’

“Hell, if my mother lies, I tell her. A lie is a lie, no matter who said it. Take it from me who has never lied.”

“So, I buy $6000 handbags when 12 million are unemployed. It’s important for a First Lady to look chic.”

“If you have a few billion dollars, women tits are yours for the grabbing.”

“Tony Blair got me into this mess, Afghanistan, Iraq, recession. So why blame me, I’m just the British fall guy of the year.” Whimper, whimper.

“So, we have a $40 million scoreboard. Son, this is Texas! Everything is bigger in Texas! Even the jerks!”

“I talked in some country out in Asia and there were some brown skinned men in the audience listening to me. I know it wasn’t OZ or Alaska, but for the life of me, I have no idea where I was.”

“It’s not a smear to call Obama a Nazi Socialist Communist who was born in Africa to a gorilla couple. It’s the ratings. Heck, if I got better ratings calling him a democratic humanitarian, I’d call him that.”

“I wonder if my mum, the Queen, will ever die. Oh well, Prince Charles, forever.”

“Why didn’t I call myself Hannah California. It’s much more chic than Montana.”

War Objector Allowed To Resign

The United States Army has decided to allow a commissioned officer to resign from the service after he refused to accept an assignment to fight in Iraq. Lt. Ehren Watada will be granted a discharge “under other than honorable conditions.” He preferred an honorable discharge but will accept the one given him. Lt. Watada refused the Iraq assignment on grounds that fighting in that area would make him party to war crimes. His initial court-martial ended in a mistrial.

The war in Iraq has given rise to numerous war crime actions on the part of the United States as well as al-Qaeda. It is best to end this situation and allow those who feel deeply about the war crimes issue to leave the service.

Is There An Angel In Your Christmas?

British Atheists already have launched a rather successful poster campaign which informs the public that ‘Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying” and have pushed the Christmas button one more time. A new book entitled “The Atheists Guide To Christmas” has quickly risen to the top of book selling charts. It offers a Christmas version which does not include mangers or crosses or little boys being born to virgins.

Ariane Sherine, who help begin the poster campaign on buses noted the new guide contains input from many sources, including comedians. She argues, “Virtually all the comedians I know are atheists.”

I hope the Old Man up in the sky also has a sense of humor. If not, Ms. Sherine and her companions in atheism will be experiencing thunder flashes at their homes.

The Horror Of Somalia

During the past two decades the people of Somalia have endured nothing but war, hatred, fear, and hunger as they attempt to survive amidst the chaos of their land. Thousands of Somalians have fled to South Africa in order to secure the semblance of an ordinary life for themselves and their children, but the dogs of hate simply followed their route to supposed safety. The plight of the Blikkiesdorp Somalians who are trying to make it through the day in the internment camp increasingly gets worse. Local haters have been attacking the refugees. According to a woman, “We can’t go outside because it’s very dangerous.”

For some reason South African hate mongers believe a family living in a one room shack that lacks a toilet is dangerous and they lurk about at night shouting, “Somalians go away.” Fortunately, for South Africans people around the world did not “go away” but supported the ANÇ and its drive to end apartheid.

Roaming Eyes Of PM Berlusconi On Michelle!

Prime Minister Silvio Belusconi is in deep trouble over reports he had prostitutes to his home and has been allegedly having affairs with young girls. His wife has grown weary of his roving eyes, and now President Obama can join those who really get bored by the Italian’s approach to diplomacy. The Italian prime minster told a Milan rally, that he was bringing greetings from the United States from, “what’s his name?Some tanned guy. Ah, Barack Obama.” He also took a jab at the First Lady with “you won’t believe it, but two of them sent to the beach because the wife is also tanned.”

The European media reported during the recent G-20 summit, Michelle Obama greeted many leaders with a kiss, but when Berlusconi showed up, he got a handshake. The media also noted the Italian Casanova spent his time gazing at the body of Mrs. Obama.

Take away this man’s money and what do you have– an old man who drools with envy at beauty that he can never have.