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Is Russian Mouse Becoming A Lion?

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has spent his first year in office working very diligently not to annoy Prime Minister Putin, the real ruler of Russia, Suddenly, Medvedev has begun to make intelligent remarks which indicate he wants to confront serious issues within his nation. In a startling admission a few days ago, he complained his nation was run by corrupt officials and many businessmen did nothing other than live off the sale of raw materials. He told a group of Russian experts, “corrupt officials run Russia. They have the true power in Russia.” He warned that corruption “has a systematic nature, deep historic roots. We should squeeze it out. The battle isn’t easy but it has to be fought.”

Some observers see evidence of a young Mikhail Gorbachev who is really responsible for the end of the Cold War and transforming Russia into a semi-democracy. Medvedev understands Russia can not continue relying on raw materials for its wealth, but must become a modern technological society. If he pursues this path of leadership, it is bound to annoy Vladmir Putin, his prime minister.

The Politics Of Boycotting Nations

The politics of boycotting invariably emerges as a selective approach to dealing with supposed tyrannical regimes. At the recent Toronto International Film Festival, a group of “stars” send a strong message against showing Israel films and denounced Israel as a country which violates human rights. One film, “Ajami” was jointly made by a Palestinians and an Israel Jew in order to depict the brutality and horror of the current conflict between Palestinians and Jews. A film, “Lebanon” was hardly a pro-Israel film and openly engaged in issues dealing with the brutal and misguided Israel invasion of that country. Leonard Cohen recently was giving concerts in Israel and wanted to donate money for the reconciliation movement but activists, many from the UK forced cancellation of at least one concert.

Activists who want boycott of Israel apparently see no need for a boycott of Sudan whose policies have resulted in the death of 300,000 in Darfur as well as thousands of rapes. They see no need to boycott Cuba which imprisons thousands of gays and lesbians and denies the basic rights of freedom of speech and press. They do not see any need to boycott dictatorial regimes like China(its abuse of human rights pales besides anything done in Israel), Burma, Russia, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.. the list can go on and on.

Only Israel attracts their attention. I wonder why>


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Birth Defect People Don’t Talk About”
Being born to Tea Party Republicans nuts and thinking as they do.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Sex,–Free Healthy, Good”
Spread it around is my slogan, spread it around.

USA, Army Times: “Equipment Exodus Begins In Iraq”
Hopefully, followed by human exodus.

UK, The Independent: “Polanski Arrested Over Underage Sex Charge”
Are people ever arrested for OverAge sex charges?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Gun Pointed At Puppy”
Growl or get it.

Sweden, The Local: “Casino Gunmen Sentence Confirmed”
I guess he drew a pair of deuces.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Police Bust Arms Ring”
Now, they will pursue legs and torsos.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “There’s More To Life Than Work”

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Hitting Children Good, Says Churchman”
Spoken like a true disciple of Christ.

Hungary, Budapest Sun: “Great Tits Acquire Taste For Bats”
I’ll pass on this one.


Following are comments that are thought but never spoken.

JOE WILSON: What if I had said, “MF, You Lied!” It would have been worth another $5 million.

GENERAL MCCHRYSTAL: I want more soldiers in Afghanistan, but to tell you the truth I have no idea how many “more” will do anything.

SILVIO BERLUSCONI: I have plenty of white women, but that tall tan one in the White House, she intrigues me.

MCKENZIE PHILLIPS: I got an hour on Oprah for incest with dad, I wonder what I get for incest with mom.

JOE BIDEN: I may be full of hot air, but my political guts say troops in Afghanistan will not sell in Peoria.

JOBLESS PERSON: I’m glad Mr. Bernanke says the recession is over. It may be for Wall Street but it sure ain’t for Main Street.

SARAH PALIN: I gave a speech someplace in what they call Asia. I guess that is the southern part of Russia.

SENATOR GRASSLEY: I want a compromise on health care that incorporates all of my ideas.

JOHN MCCAIN: On reflection, maybe it was wise to lose and not have to deal with recessions, healthcare, Afghanistan,…

KIM JONG IL If I agree to nuclear disarmament, do I get a trip to Disneyland?

Westboro Baptist-Church Of Hate

The Westboro Baptist Church argues that it is a church of God and love, but its actions ranging from disrupting funerals of those who have fallen in combat to insulting people of other religions displays a contempt for the essential beliefs of the Christian Church. The supposedly “Christian” members of the Westboro Baptist Church recently demonstrated outside of a synagogue on Long Island by displaying signs reading: “God Hates Jews,” “God Is Your Enemy” and “God Hates Israel.”

The police tried their best to ignore these ignorant individuals who have somehow twisted the basic tenets of the Christian religion into a mission of hate and anger. Jewish members of the synagogue held up their signs, but to give recognition to these people whose hearts are filled with anger toward the world only gives them sanction to demonstrate again and again.

Ever Get Feeling Go, Stop, Return?

There is an ever rising sentiment in America to re-evaluate policy regarding the war in Afghanistan and the majority now seeks an end to sending more and more soldiers. Over 50% of Americans including 60% of Democrats oppose President Obama’s plan to dispatch still another 20,000 or 40,000 or whatever to the sinkhole that is known as Afghanistan. General Stanley McChrystal recently composed a 66 page opus which argues the need for more troops, but President Obama is having second thoughts, particularly since the 17,000 he sent earlier in the year have not changed a darn thing.

Senator John Kerry, put it clearly, “Our plan, our path, our progress seems to be growing less and less clear.” Amen.

Retire At 65 Or Else Says Judge

A high court judge in the United Kingdom turned down attempts to prevent forced retirement at age 65. Justice Blake ruled that it was “legitimate and proportionate” for the government to establish age 65 as the point of retirement. His decision allows companies and public sector employers to set a mandatory age at which staff must give up their jobs, even if they are able and willing to continue working.

Andrew Webster, a 68 year old teacher was forced to retire even though he wished to continue teaching an additional 2 years. I am age 79 and teach at three colleges and believe my experience and knowledge offers prospective teachers insights the current faculty lacks in the area of teacher education. Get rid of me and one eliminates from the world a vast storage of knowledge.

Can Economic Sanctions Ever Work?

As the United Nations considers instituting economic sanctions against Iran for its nuclear development program, the United States has decided to end sanctions against the government of Myanmar because they failed to have any impact on that nation. Ironically, Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, backs the American decision to end sanctions and attempt to engage in discussions with the thugs who run Myanmar. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered to continue sanctions for the moment, but “we will be willing to discuss the easing of sanctions in response to significant actions on the part of Burma’s generals that address the core human rights and democracy issues that are inhibiting Burma’s progress.”

In a nutshell, this means, American sanctions are not working because China and India have extensive economic relations with Burma and don’t give a damn about human rights. Sanctions can not work until all major players agree on such a policy. Such is the state of the modern world.


South African leader, Archbishop Desmond Tutu once referred to Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe as the caricature of the African dictator and each passing day the verity of those words is proven by the rambling discourse of the Zimbabwean tyrant. He recently told a CNN interviewer that seizing land from white owners which cost the jobs of 300,000 black Zimbabweans was “the best thing that could ever have happened to an African country.” He argued Zimbabwe belongs to the Zimbabwean people”

Of course, the question is which Zimbabwean people own the nation of Zimbabwe. Under the kleptomaniac rule of Mugabe, land taken from whites has been given to friends of Mugabe, used to buy off military leaders and to enrich the Mugabe family. It was not sanctions that caused the economy to collapse but the incompetent fool hardy policies which transferred productive land into the hands of unproductive people whose dream was quick money, not the economic development of their nation.

Turkish Children Urged Not To Hate

Thank God Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh do not work in the Turkish media because they would be furious the Education Minister of that nation gave a lecture to the children urging them not to participate in any hatred toward those who they believe are different from their own group. He sent a circular to all schools urging educators to begin the year with lectures and activities that emphasize the importance of respect for all people. Education Minister Nimet Cubukcu, in her lecture to the children, told them “tolerance means to be able to listen to those who not defend the same idea as you, without getting angry.” Prime Minister Erdogan praised the new initiative.

There are no reports of Turkish parents pulling their children out of these efforts to stimulate respect for all people. There are no reports of angry Tea Party activists shouting hatred toward “the government” for interfering in the right of parents to preach hatred. Just imagine if President Obama compelled all schools to have students devote the opening week of school discussing gender equity issues or the need to cease discriminating against people. Wow, this sure is SOCIALISM IN ACTION IN A MUSLIM NATION!