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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Guinea Pig Killer Gets Suspended Sentence”
He will spend his time working in a kosher butcher shop.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “School Principal Sex Sentence Too Lenient”
You don’t think staying in a corner wearing a dunce cap is not severe enough?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Robin Hood Banker Awaits Jail”
He robs from the Bankers and gives to the Tellers.

UK, Guardian: ‘Prince Praises Bridge Collapse Policeman”
He did an outstanding job of ensuring the bridge collapsed.

UK, The Independent: “Iraq War Was Illegal”
Does that mean all those who died will now be allowed to come back to life?

Sweden, The Local: “Death By Elk”
Will he be sent to a National Park to do his time?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Santa Clause Promises To Write”
His letters will be postmarked at the North Pole.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “You Expect Me To Eat That?”
OK, so you don’t want a Big Mac, would a Wendy burger do instead?

Mugabe Blames Everything On “Them,” Not “Us”

It goes without question that every two bit petty dictator must invariably blame outside forces for his own mistakes and ineptitude. President Robert Mugabe inherited leadership of the rich nation of Zimbabwe which was once considered the bread basket of Africa and by the time he has finished with this once prosperous nation it has fallen to among the poorest in the entire world. Of course, according to the “great leader” having an inflation rate of two million percent or transforming a healthy economy into one in which 80% of the work force lacks jobs has nothing to do with his actions– just say the magic word, “colonialism.” Once again he ranted on about the hidden dark forces of imperialism as the cause of his nation’s economic collapse. Mugabe blamed “hostile intervention” which “has had a negative impact on our farmers, who, according to our neo-colonialist enemies, must fail so as to damn the land reform we have undertaken.”

His so called, “land reform” consisted of taking productive land and transferring it into the hands of cronies and incompetents who wanted the land, and had no desire to farm. The president ignores colonialists had nothing to do with his stealing a presidential election or killing and brutalizing thousands of innocents people in Zimbabwe. Mr. Mugabe, look not to the stars but to yourself as the cause of the Zimbabwe disaster.

Indonesian Minister-God Doesn’t Like Immoral People!

Tifatul Sembining, Communication and Information Minister in the government of Indonesia has come up with an explanation about why there are hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that result in the death of thousands– IMMORALITY! He cites recent disasters which have impacted his nation as caused by the decline in morality among people. “television broadcasts that destroy morals are plentiful in this country and therefore disasters will continue to occur.” He was very upset at DVDs which can readily be purchased on any street corner that depict women scantily dressed and all sorts of evil such as pornography and gay couples.

Of course, there are those who actually believe disasters occur due to destructive forces of nature, but we can readily understand that such people believe that God is neutral when it comes to men kissing or women walking around in jeans. What else can the Old Man up in the sky do besides send a few earthquakes or rainstorms in the direction of evil people. Granted, some fundamentalist Muslims get killed in the disaster but that goes with the need to wipe out all those who will not pray or behave themselves. We have to kill a few to save the majority, that’s nature speaking.

Did Tony Blair Let To People Of UK?

The controversy continues regarding who originated the war in Iraq, when was the decision made for such action and what was the rationale behind the decision. Peter Goldsmith, then attorney general in the United Kingdom insists he told Prime Minister Tony Blair his decision to join with the United States and overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein was illegal. When asked by CNN if this was what happened, Blair responded: “No, it’s not” and indicated he would provide any inquiry group his version of the decision to go to war. Goldsmith said he told the prime minister the United Kingdom could not go to war just because its government disliked the regime of Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, for Tony Blair more and more officials in his government are providing similar accounts about the decision for war.

The bottom line is there was no need for immediate action in March, 2003. UN inspectors had asked for several weeks in order to complete their investigation concerning WMD. President Bush and his lackey, Tony Blair, insisted there had to be an immediate invasion in order to get rid of WMD that posed a security threat. The evidence is overwhelming that there were no WMD and no need for any invasion in March, 2003.

Arab Non-Violence Finally Arrives!

Just before leaving office, former President Bill Clinton attempted to broker a peace agreement which witnessed Israel agree to give Palestinians a separate nation, about 94% of the West Bank and its capital in east Jerusalem, but Yasser Arafet preferred to play the demagogue game of demanding everything. His reaction was to launch the intifada which disintegrated into violence and incoherence. For the first time in over three decades, Israel has an Arab leader who wants to attain peace through peaceful means. Instead of violence, he is calling for a unilateral of statehood, an appeal to the United Nations for recognition of his new government and demanding Israel citizenship for Palestinians. One may not agree with his demands but nothing in them suggests any call for violence toward Israel. Unlike the Clinton administration, President Obama is allowing this opportunity to slip away due to his passivity and refusal to support ideas he was championing a few months ago.

Many Israelis are angry because Abbas will not return to the negotiating table. But, why should he? On one hand, Prime Minister Netanyahu argues against “preconditions,” but on the other hand he insists discussion about east Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian nation or return of refugees can not be discussed. Huh? Mr. Netanyahu are you for or against preconditions?

ISSUE OF THE DAY–Minarets In Switzerland!

The world is confronting a vast economic crisis, there are droughts in Africa and India, terrorists are killing innocent people, but the people of Switzerland have identified the really important issue the world must solve– should a Muslim mosque contain minarets? A referendum on this critical issue was submitted to the people of Switzerland and they voted by a 57.5% majority to allow the construction of new minarets. The government was shocked by the vote which they believe violates the nation’s constitution that protects freedom of religion. There are also fears it will impact tourism and trade with Muslim nations.

On the other hand, the vote indicates there are people in Switzerland who spend their nights and days worrying about minarets. They see minarets in their sleep, they believe terrorists hide behind or in minarets and banning their construction will allow the people of Switzerland to sleep in peace.

Oh well, I will spend my time worrying about the economic crisis and unemployment. I’m weird that way.

Army Officers Blame Security Guards For Violence!

The Bush administration will long be remembered for its introduction of the concept that private firms should play key roles in modern warfare. The hiring of private security companies like Blackwater resulted in death and destruction in Iraq and now US forces in Afghanistan are discovering private security firms are dangerous and can create more problems than solutions. According to Lt. Col. Jeff French whose unit is in Afghanistan, “they’ll start firing at anything that’s moving, and they will injure or kill innocent Afghans, and they’ll destroy property.” These ill-disciplined private security guards who escort supply convoys, shoot their way through an area because they are not trained to be combat soldiers. Most of the convoys traveling through French’s area are protected by Afghan security guards armed with AK-series assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades. As Captain Casey Thoreen describes them, “these guys are like gun-toting mercenaries with probably not a lot of training– They just light on the trigger finger.”

The problem from day one of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq is not having sufficient American troops on the scene. Instead of military trained soldiers fighting our wars, we have gone back in history to mercenaries doing our fighting. Is there something wrong with this approach to using military force?

Rights Of Citizens–Rights Of Government?

Barry George was acquitted at a retrial for the killing of BBC television presenter Jill Dando, but finds himself the subject of government actions designed to keep watch on his activities. George has initiated legal action against the Metropolitan police claiming his human rights were violated by making him the subject of a multi-agency public protection arrangement(Mappa). The arrangements involve the police, probation service, prison service and local authorities on grounds there is need to protect the public from sexual and violent offenders who are still considered a risk after serving their sentences. If his legal action succeeds, hundreds of other offenders who are supervised under Mappa could seek similar legal protection. George served seven years of his sentence after being found guilty at the first trial.

George’s challenge is unprecedented. He is at the lowest level of being forced to keep authorities of his movements and only tells local authority where he lives and also tells police. This writer does not have the faintest idea as to the guilt or innocence of Mr. George. He is said to suffer from a personality disorder and to be obsessed with celebrities and he has admitted stalking the famous and beautiful of our society. Then again, do George Bush and Dick Cheney suffer from personality disorders? Are they obsessed with power and the pursuit of it? Should their movements be monitored to ensure the safety of the public?

Then again, we suspect Rush Limbaugh fits numerous descriptions of personality disorder.

Santa Claus Promises To Write

OK, so Santa Claus has promised to write, but there are many unanswered questions pertaining to that promise. As far as I can tell, Santa has been very generous this year with bankers, financial wizards and those who fleece people out of their homes and make money doing it. Santa, how come Wall Street bankers will take home this Christmas over $100 billion in bonus payments, but one out of eight Americans will be living on food stamps. I know you enjoy having little boy and girls sit on your lap and ask for things like toys or trains or dolls, but how come you allow hedge fund guys to take home the bank? Back to the writing. Exactly who will you be writing to this year– certainly not to little boys and girls whose dad and mom lack jobs as far as health insurance goes, they will not get a break with or without passage of a national health insurance plan. Santa, will you this year be delivering health care monthly payments?

In the old days, Santa, you were a nice guy to have around. But, these days, watching you on street corners trying to persuade people to give a few shekels one wonders where the money goes that is collected.

Say, Santa, if I came to the North Pole, would you have open any of the elf jobs?

Democrats Failed To Capture Osama bin Laden!

As any right thinking conservative knows, it is the fault of Barack Obama and his Muslim Democrats for failure to capture Osama bin Laden in December, 2001. Of course, Rush Limbaugh will note some minor issues such as the presence of Republican George Bush as president, but this can be explained away on grounds George wanted to catch Osama -Dead or Alive– but liberal Democrats who protect Muslim terrorists prevented this action. A new Senate report naturally blames George Bush for failure to pursue Osama bin Laden in December, 2001 when he was trapped by US forces. Of course, as any right thinking Republican knows, it was critically important to shift attention to Iraq and plan for the 2003 invasion in order to save America from an attack Saddam Hussein’s WMD.

The Democratic led Senate report “removes any lingering doubts and makes clear that Osama bin Laden was within our grasp.” Liberals have a way of blaming the “good guys” and never blaming Muslim terrorists. After all, who told Osama bin Laden to leave the caves at Tora Bora? It was Barack Obama, the man without a birth certificate.

Isn’t it about time we had an investigation to find out where exactly was Barack Obama in December, 2001!