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Rush To Judgment In Iraq Was Planned

During March, 2003, the President of the United States and his British allies insisted there had to be an immediate invasion of Iraq in order to rid that nation of its WMD. The frenzied atmosphere brooked no attempt to delay what was posed as a vital immediate need. However, recently revealed information indicate that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had decided year previously that it was impossible to halt George Bush in the invasion of Iraq. There was never any immediate need for war. Sir Christopher Meyer, who was the UK ambassador to the US, told a committee the Blair government never gave UN inspectors time to complete their investigation which would have revealed there were no WMD. The message at 10 Downing Street was the 9/11 attack meant provide complete support to whatever crazy idea George Bush wanted to pursue in dealing with “terrorism.”

Meyer revealed there was no one in the British government who was interested in working with UN inspectors or exploring any alternative policy other than supporting Bush’s ideas about invasion. Tony Blair failed to uphold his responsibilities as prime minister to pursue the path for peace and allowed his soldiers to die in a war that need not have been fought.

Israel Says Yes And No To Settlement Freeze

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is running rings around President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on issues pertaining to peace in the Middle East. Netanyahu’s strategy is simple- make outrageous demands and proclaim refusal to make any alterations in Israel policy in the West Bank, and then grudgingly give in on a point as though it indicates a desire for peace. The Israel prime minister announced an eight month freeze on West Bank settlement construction while refusing to budge an inch on housing in East Jerusalem. However, even as Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the IDF to issue a temporary freeze, at the same time he authorized construction of 28 new public buildings in settlements on the West Bank. There are reports Barak will ask the Israel Supreme Court for authorization to raze illegal settlements. One wonders if the court is asked for authorization on illegal housing in Israel?

French Foreign Minister Barnard Kouchner and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the freeze order was a step in the right direction, but neither asked exactly what is the direction that Netanyayu is heading. We suspect he will not abandon settlements in the West Bank, he will not abandon further construction and he certainly will not halt construction in East Jerusalem. So, where does that leave the Palestinian Authority? With a bag of dust!

More Troops Down Vacuum Of Afghanistan

President Obama is giving the American people a Thanksgiving Day break before allowing the bad news concerning Afghanistan to hit the media. More troops will be sent to a war that has been going on for eight years on the assumption that more is better. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs assured one and all l”we’re not going to be there another eight or nine years.” He is right, American troops will not be leaving in eight or nine years. How about leaving in ten or twenty? Obama is convinced one he explains his rationale for remaining in Afghanistan and dispatching thirty thousand more troops the American people will welcome the news with joy.

What happened to candidate Barack Obama who promised to wind down the fighting in Afghanistan? He has become enraptured by the power of the presidency and thinks he can salvage victory from defeat. Dream on.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

UK, Guardian: “Six Beers A Day To Be Healthy”
I don’t know about the health, but it sure guarantees a nice big belly.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Dead Candidate Gets 35 Votes”
No decent Chicago politician would stand for such meager voting results.

UK, The Independent: “Man Who KIlled In Sleep Goes Free”
What would he get if he was awake– a reward?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Predator Sex Cabbie”
He makes out with any style car.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Party Seeks Candidate Sure To Lose?”
Sarah Palin?

China, China Daily: “Pork Safe To Eat Despite Infection”
Now, you know why Jews are so smart.

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Europe Chooses Nobodies”
At this point, a nobody is better than any Republican candidate.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Where Are Female Judges?”
In chambers with judges?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Poverty Prevents Civil Servants From Having Children”
I thought wealthy people had fewer children than poor people.


Following are comments thought by these people, but they will never publicly express them.

GLEN BECK: Hitler had his Brown Shirts, but all I have are my Tea Party shirts. Oh well, in the end, the goals are the same, power, power, power.

GEORGE GLOONEY: I am a co-star with goats, I’ like my agent to explain this one.

DAVID LETTERMAN: A week without a sex scandal involving me. Hmm…

UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN: Wow, I now have health insurance, but I don’t have the money for it, let alone for the drugs.

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: I promised the people of New Jersey lower taxes. How can I twist things so Corzine gets blamed for higher taxes. Me, I don’t have a clue how to balance the budget without higher taxes.

MIKE BLOOMBERG: A hundred million to become mayor. I guess that means it will require at least a billion to become governor.

RUDY GIULIANI: People want me to make a run for governor of New York. Do they understand how much such a run would cost me in cancelled speeches in which I pontificate about nothing?

SENATOR REID: Ok, we got the bill to the Senate. Now, exactly what was I supposed to do when it got here?

SARAH PALIN: Book tours, great photo shots of me, so why the heck should I run for public office.

Hindu Hate Sparked By Indian Politicians

The presence of political manipulators in India has long been suspected as behind attacks on Muslims in that nation. An Indian government investigation into the 1992 rampage by Hindu mobs which resulted in the death of over 2,000 people reveals mobs were urged on by leading Hindu nationalist politicians. The report accused politicians for stoking religious hate for electoral gain and blamed security forces for standing by while hundreds of innocent people were killed by the mobs. “They(security forces) could have at least attempted to stem the tide of communalism and the rape of democracy. But they chose to remain deaf, dumb and blind throughout,” noted the report. The outburst of Hindu fury led to the physical destruction of a Muslim mosque and the death of thousands.

Naturally, Hindu nationalist politicians condemned the report and once again argued Muslims had constructed their mosque over what was a Hindu temple. I am always fascinated how men of God invoke God’s name to murder the innocent. Who cares which was the first to build a temple in a particular place, does that, under any conditions, justify killing and raping? Who are these “Hindu religious figures?” They may be of the Hindu religion, but they certainly are not very religious.


The trials and tribulations of the Obama family continue to create sharp divisions in this nation regarding how those who lead should behave. In Japan, the First Pansy, Barack Obama, had the audacity to bow to the emperor of Japan. As I recall, we God-fearing Americans licked them damn Japs and now we have some black dude going around bowing from the waist to them. I thought the Obamas had done everything possible to destroy this nation’s reputation until I heard about the First Lady ordering her boots from them Frenchies! How come she didn’t buy the boots from some Southern cracker boot seller and keep our money in this land instead of sending it to them French folk, who are pansies! What’s the matter, Michelle, can’t you wear some Wal-Mart boots or, at least, find some boot place in Chicago to outfit the first feet of this nation?

Let’s face it, we God Fearing folk are being taunted and made fun of by some liberal black folk who want to tell the world that we Americans can’t even make boots! Next thing you know, they will be making Levi pants in Paris that sell for a thousand a shot.

I say if we elect someone to the presidency we expect him to wear American clothes, American shoes, get a $5 haircut in an American barber shop, and eat at McDonald’s at least four times a week.

By the way, Michelle, the next time when you are handing out food at the food pantry, how about wearing some $20 sneakers instead of the $585 sneakers you wore. Or, go shoeless and give the money you spent on the shoes to poor folk.

Who Believes UK And US Intelligence Knew About Torture?

Raise your hand from this page if you actually believe American and British Intelligence agents were aware that torture was being used on citizens of their nation by the Pakistan Intelligence? A report by Human Rights Watch blasts UK Intelligence for ignoring blatant signs of torture on the part of their Pakistan colleagues and thus allowed individuals who were citizens of their nation to be subject to torture. Four individuals who talked with British agents were able to display fingers which lacked fingernails. Are we to assume UK Intelligence believes fingers lacking fingernails are simply the latest fashion among people who are in prison and being asked questions? A Pakistani agent said both American and British agents knew all about the torture and could readily discern “clear and visible signs of torture.” Naturally, the British Foreign Office denies any such actions and assures the world the UK stands against torture.

I guess we are to assume according to the Foreign Office, having your fingernails torn out is not torture, but simply a choice made by the individual. Human Rights Watch demands an inquiry into the entire torture business and it is time both the United States and Great Britain accede to such an inquiry.

Naturally, those who conduct the inquiry will have their fingernails removed in order to understand the effects of such action.

The Great Man Named Silvio Berlsconi!

There are many great leaders in the world who lead powerful nations, but when it comes to displaying masculine skills of love and passion, none can compare to the prime minister of Italy. When he wants to hold to a firm stand, his natural attributes stand out and up. Patrizia D’Addarrio, an Italian prostitute recounts the many hours she spent with Berlusconi in which his passion, his kisses, his love of the body and his infinite capacity to keep on coming resulted in total exhaustion for a woman who knows something about love making. “We kissed an infinite number of times, with him above all kissing my intimate parts,” a performance which she believes “could get into the Guinness Book of Records.” She noted being years younger than the aged prime minister, but “there were moments when I feared I would not stand up to his assaults. Does he take something?”

Of course, he does. Silvio is a man of passion and a man of action. When he sets his body to achieve a high point of passion, there is no other leader in the world who can match that performance. Some political leaders boast of being able to negotiate for hours at a time, but which of them can keep it up for hours at a time! God bless you Silvio, yo are a hero to all of we men over the age of sixty.

Obama Vows To Finish Job

President Barack Obama has given his vow to the American people that he “intends to finish the job.” Unfortunately, the decision as to whether a job in Afghanistan can be “finished” or left “incomplete” does not rest with the president of the United States but with other forces within that nation. Sending another 30,000 or 40,000 troops will not lead to success anymore than dispatching 100,000 additional soldiers. In the end, the process of “finishing the job,” whatever that means, rests in the hands of the government of Afghanistan and its people. During the 1940s many critics charged the Truman administration with “losing China to communism,” but, of course, China was never ours to lose or win. Statements about “finishing the job” make a good bit for the late night news, but are utterly useless in reality.

The ultimate end for Afghanistan is for its people and government to decide what they wish. Afghanistan is not ours and we certainly can’t finish any jobs in that country.