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Each year we award the accolade of being a grand Schmuck to those who performed as idiots during 2009.

The Republican Party in Congress deserves a double Schmuck for its inability to offer a single constructive idea and being frozen in a “no” response to any suggestion for compromise.

Tiger Woods gets his Schmuck for believing a man can maintain 14 mistresses at one time without anyone learning who he sleeps with at night other than his wife.

Sarah Palin gets the Female Schmuck for being Sarah Palin.

Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad get a joint Schmuck for brutality towards their own people. It is one thing to brutalize enemies, but beating and killing those within your country who love Iran is beyond the pale.

New York Daily News editorial of December 30,2009 gets a Schmuck for berating President Obama for not speaking out earlier about the airline bomber. He waited an ENTIRE TWO DAYS before uttering inane rhetoric about getting those responsible.

Rush Limbaugh gets a Schmuck for having an eight guinea pig power brain.

Lou Dobbs gets his Schmuck for expressing constant partisan views while claiming to be an “independent” minded person.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair gets a Schmuck for still lying about the decision for war in Iraq.

President Nicholas Sarkozy gets a Schmuck for bombastic comments designed to stir anger against Muslims even though they are French citizens.

The Democratic Party gets a Schmuck for displaying the backbone of a chocolate eclair while developing a health care plan which will undoubtedly benefit health insurance companies.

George Clooney gets an honorary Schmuck for appearing in a film about goats.

Barack Obama gets a Schmuck for vacationing in Hawaii when he should have been at the airport in the Netherlands checking for bombers.

President Karzai of Afghanistan gets a double Schmuck for endangering the lives of Afghans and American soldiers while protecting drug lords and corrupt officials.

Robert Mugabe gets the exalted Schmuck of the year award for his incompetent brutal leadership of Zimbabwe. Who else could get an inflation rate of 2,000,000%?

Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa for urging people to wash themselves rather than taking drugs to combat HIV.

The entire Chinese Communist government desires a triple Schmuck for refusing to allow people freedom.

Trouble At Mid-East Corral?

There was high expectation the United States would take a pro-active role in Middle Eastern peace negotiations when President Obama began the year by asserting an objective manner in dealing with issues rather than pursuing the Bush “Israel can do no wrong” approach. But, something happened along the way and Obama slowly, but surely, assumed the position of defending Israel disregard for international law and adopted the attitude by never being critical of Israel actions it would result in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu becoming receptive to new approaches to dealing with Palestinian needs. If that was his expectation, it never happened.

Amir Moussa, head of the Arab League, told Reuters there was need for the United Nations to assume a role as mediator of Middle Eastern issues. “There should be a change in the direction of the peace process by having a mediator who understands the needs of the two parties and not one party.” Gee, I wonder who he means by having a “mediator” who supports the ideas of one party?

It is time for the US to step aside unless the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can assume the role of being objective mediators who seek to resolve issues, not just to placate Israel desires.

“Honor” Killing In Germany

There is something perverse about use of the word, “honor” to describe a father or brother or cousin who decides to kill a fellow family member because of some alleged horrible crime such as dating someone not of the group or getting married or having an abortion. A 50 year old father was shocked to learn his twenty year old daughter had an abortion and decided he must protect the “honor” of his family against such a shameful action. Together with the twin brother of Guissun Semin, they lured her to a forest area, and then proceeded to strangle the young woman. But, their “honor” still was not satisfied and after she was dead they took a club and beat her face and body to show God or whoever that the family “honor” had been preserved.

The father received a sentence of life in jail, his son got nine years and a Russian accomplice received seven years. The murder occurred in Germany which punishes such actions, but if they had carried out the murder in Jordan or Saudi Arabia, they probably would be celebrating he New Year.

We Moharebs Join Our Iranian Brothers And Sisters!

I confess, I am a mohareb(enemy of God) because if those who claim to represent God in the current situation in Iran have any support from the Almighty, it would be mighty hard to continue believing in the Supreme Being. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who supposedly is a religious leader of his nation, warned those who oppose the Iranian government they are now considered “enemies of God” and they deserve to be executed. Naturally, they would be executed by friends of God who believe expressing love of other humans is a punishable offense. Many members of the opposition including defeated presidential candidate, Mehdi Karroubi were warned to stay off the streets and the government made clear it could not guarantee the safety of any opponent who left his house.

Mohamadreza, head of the thug group known as the Basiji termed those on the streets to be “traitors” and we all know what happens to someone who is a traitor. He made clear that “designers of the unrest will soon pay the cost of their insolence.” To top off the stupidity of Iranian leaders, its foreign minister, Mottaki told the British government if it does not halt its organization of protests in his nation it “will receive a punch on the mouth.”

The Iranian government has lost control of the situation and become desperate fearing riots will escalate into violence against the government. They are all too familiar with the incidents that led to the overthrow of the Shah. Unfortunately, those who believe in the people of Iran realize there is not much we can do other than write of our support.

Human Rights Takes Xmas Vacation In Russia

Perhaps, our headline is not exactly correct in claiming human rights took a vacation during the Christmas holidays. A more accurate headline would state human rights has been on a long term vacation in Russia. The death of Sergei Magnitsky has aroused a fury in the country since it is clear he was allowed to die without any consideration for providing medical attention. Prison authorities claimed he had died of heart failure although there is no record Magnitsky ever complained of having a bad heart. The Moscow Public Oversight Center blasted the death as an example of deliberate inattention to the medical needs of a person. This group is not an official government body but is mandated by law to oversee human rights in Russia.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office refuses to launch an investigation even though President Medvedev fired numerous prison officials and called for an investigation. We can only assume the Public Prosecutor is awaiting an OK from Prime Minister Putin to do anything.

Further Gasps Of Reform Protests In Iran

Thousands gathered in the streets of Iranian cities to remember the storming of the American Embassy thirty years ago. Even as cries of “death to America” were heard, reform supporters chanted their own slogans of “down with the dictator, Ahmadinejad.” Protestors knew they would be beaten by the Revolutionary Guard or have tear gas thrown in their direction, but they walked down the streets filled with anger at the clerics who control their nation and deny individuals the right to express their views. in response, militia groups and the Guard stormed into the crowd swinging batons and using force to quell voices of peace and love of country.

In the end, dozens more people were headed to jail, reform leaders were being beaten and some carried off to prison, but the struggle continues and continues.

Keystone Cops Run American Security

Anyone who has ever served in the military of any nation in the world quickly comes to understand that when people are placed in charge of securing the safety of a country, incompetence and stupidity will soon appear. The recent example of Nigerian Farouk Abdulmutallab simply demonstrates the presence of incompetent bumbling suicide bombers as well as those who are successful. Dutch authorities announced they had offered to install full body scanners on flights to the United States, but American officials insisted either scanners were for all flights or they would not be installed. Someone, some place was gazing at some regulations when they made that statement.

The media is now aroused because President Obama did not issue a statement two days ago that he was upset at the attempt. Nor did he issue two days ago a boast of catching any terrorists who tried to blow up our planes. After all, George Bush made his boast very quickly and look what happened after he made the statement of catching Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive?”

I await denunciations by Rush and Bill and Glenn about how come Barack Obama was not checking passengers himself!

Americans Die In Afghanistan

The item simply said that a suicide bomber entered an American base in Afghanistan, and without warning, the man pulled something and there was an explosion in which an estimated 8 Americans died. He obviously wore a suicide vest and looked like any ordinary Afghan civilian who was walking in the dust of his native land. Is it possible to prevent such incidents–the answer is clear– there is no way to halt such attacks. American and European soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting to…..? Ah, isn’t that the question. What exactly are we fighting for? President Obama, like his predecessor George Bush, insists we are in Afghanistan to prevent terrorism. Of course, by being in Afghanistan it sparks terrorism. Sending soldiers thousands of miles away to prevent terrorists is, by definition, a failed policy.

The issue of Afghanistan is always the same– the people of Afghanistan need honest, effective leadership that can instill a desire to end those who cause death and destruction in their country. Unless the people of Afghanistan assume this role, terrorism will continue.

This does not mean the United States has no responsibilities in Afghanistan. But, our responsibilities can only be carried out if their is an honest government led by competent managers whose goal is creating a nation in which economic opportunities are present and people can move about in peace.

Teaching Ethics To Soldiers- How To Do It?

Leaders of the American armed forces are rethinking military strategy, but they increasingly have become aware the most critical aspect of developing new approaches to fighting wars is to have those in command who are bound by ethical imperatives. The Army is in the process of developing new handbooks and videos for members of the armed forces that supposedly will assist them in behaving while in combat as those representing the highest ethical standards of our society. Col Sean Hannah, director of West Point’s center of military ethics, told colleagues last year the Army lacks policy and training processes which educate officers and enlisted men in what constitutes being an ethical soldier. “Soldiers do the right thing, but we are in a protracted, persistent conflict and we know what happens when bad things happen.”

A problem is the necessity in current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for soldiers to be simultaneously humanitarian workers, police officers and soldiers bent on killing the enemy. They must carry out these functions while confronting an elusive enemy who hides within the civilian population. The Abu Ghraib prison atrocities are always in the back of minds of those seeking to instill ethical standards. Maj. Doug Pryer, who wrote about the incidents, notes, “it was a strategic defeat. It was a recruiting boon for the terrorists and undermined moral credibility throughout the war.”

Perhaps, the first step in fostering ethical behavior is to place on trial former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and former president Bush who were the ones in charge of the armed forces. As former President Harry Truman loved saying, “the buck stops here.” And, he meant in the Oval Office.

Death In China Of A Disturbed Human

He was a man who had difficulty in dealing with life issues and most probably never dreamed his life would some day become a center of world wide controversy. Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued a strong condemnation of the execution of Akmail Shaikh, a fifty three year old emotionally disturbed man who was killed for possession of drugs while entering China. In an emotional meeting at the Foreign Office with Chinese Ambassador Fu Ying, the British government expressed its horror at what transpired in China. “It’s a depressing day for anyone with a modicum of compassion or commitment to justice” said a UK spokesman. Brown even called China’s premier Wen Jiabao but to no avail since the Chinese response is always the same, “unreasonable criticism” will impair relations with China.

The Chinese insist there was no medical history of Mr. Shaikh having mental problems and court procedures were fair. In fact, the Chinese boast, “out of humanitarian consideration, visas were granted to two cousins of Mr. Shaikh” so they could see him just before being led to his death. According to his relatives Chinese legal officials said Mr. Saikh should have produced his own evidence of being mentally unstable.

The Chinese invariably resort to blaming the world anytime they violate human rights and cite the argument that Western nations for decades interfered with their internal affairs and this will not happen again. There is something sad in this story only the sad part if the behavior of well educated Chinese who can sanction death for carrying drugs into a country.