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Religious Hatred Kills Dozens In Pakistan

It is about four hundred years since Christians engaged in slaughter of one another in the name of truth and God. Muslims today apparently have never learned anything from past religious conflict and prefer to kill one another in the name of truth and God and hatred of the evil West. For some reason, it is striking a blow against the West by killing dozens of innocent fellow Muslims. A suicide bomber in Karachi, Pakistan, blew himself up along with at least 30 innocent fellow Muslims and left dozens wounded in the latest example of madness that goes under the guise of believing in God so much that it is permissible to kill the innocent. Crowds went on a rampage after the attack, torching cars and throwing stones at ambulances that had arrived to care for their stricken family members.

It was Ashura, a holy day of prayer for Shiites who constitute about 20% of the Pakistan population, but this was of no difference to a man who undoubtedly believes he is a devout Muslim. Perhaps, it is time for Muslims to go on a rampage against terrorists who kill the innocent and cease blaming the West or others for what is being done by fellow Pakistanis.

It’s Not Gay To Be Gay In Malawi

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza met one day and fell in love, but they live in the nation of Malawi which frowns on humans of the same gender falling in love, let alone deciding to get married. As Mr. Monjeza put it, “we met in church where we both pray and we have been together for the last five months.. I believe I have never been interested in a woman.” Unfortunately, for Mr. Monjeza, there soon will be a woman in his life and not one who is particularly interested in romance. Attorney General Jane Ansah made it clear after noting “I have just read about it (the marriage) in the press and the law in Malawi does not allow such practice and therefore the law will have to take its course.”

Two men fell in love and married and now the law will take its course. The law in Malawi carries up to a fourteen year jail sentence for homosexual practices. We doubt if the new woman in the life of Mr. Monjeza has any other interest in his life other than sending him to jail.

Iranian Thugs Continue Assault On The Innocent

The totalitarian state only knows one way to deal with those who oppose its ideas– the batons of brutality. Iranian security forces arrested more than a dozen dissidents after demonstrations that left at least eight dead on the streets of Iranian cities. Thousands of protestors had poured into the streets of Tehran and other major urban areas on the Shiite sacred day of Ashura in order to express their dislike of the current government of President Ahmedinejad. Police fired tear gas and when that proved ineffective at getting people to leave the streets, they resorted to use of guns. Among the killed was the nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, but there are also reports the young man’s body was taken from the hospital.
Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi condemned what he termed “despicable violence” and accused the government of “dipping its hand in people’s blood and unleashing a savage group on the people.” Hardline cleric, Ahmad Khatami said it was time for the judiciary to “act firmly and there is no room for tolerance.”

The list of men and women imprisoned who have served the nation of Iran for years continues to grow as the government has lost all sense of reality. They have initiated a storm of protest and it will not be curbed by guns or batons. Where is all this violence heading?

Karzai Blames Coalition Forces For Killing Students

President Hamid Karzai made a brief statement to the effect that Coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan had killed several students during a fight with Taliban forces. The provincial police chief of Kunar province General Khalilulla Zaiyi told the Associated Press that about ten militants had been killed and he was checking on reports that civilians had also been killed. The fight originated when Coalition troops tried to secure Afghan security force outposts. They were attacked by about 60 militants. As so often in such reports there are conflicting stories and invariably the outcome results in death of innocent civilians.

President Karzai is quick to announce the death of civilians killed in battles, but one never hears a word from the Afghan leader about his cronies in government who deal in drugs and corruption which is the source of what really bedevils his nation. If he spent as much time getting rid of corruption and creating an Afghan army, civilians would not be killed by outside forces because they would be defended by Afghan troops.

Security Promises Of Xmas

Eight long years ago, then President George Bush and the dynamic duo of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld promised the American people they would capture Osama bin Laden, “Dead or Alive.” Of course, within a few weeks after making the bold claim, they abandoned the search for the elusive Osama and turned their attention to Iraq in order to search for non-existent WMD. Fast forward to December, 2009 and President Barack Obama is promising to capture anyone connected with the failed attempt to blow up an airline in Detroit. He promised “to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us, whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia.”

Yes, we want to capture or kill terrorists, particularly those who take explosives on a plane. Of course, the question raised by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano is somewhat awkard, “how did he get an explosive substance on to the plane?” Reality is one focuses on small details rather than focusing on general speeches that sound tough, but can never be accomplished. There will always be sick terrorists and some will escape because, such is life. Deal with the immediate by developing an effective process of searching people boarding a plane. Enough with the threats.

Joisy Shore Sure Ain’t Pleasing Italians!

The one certainty of American life over the past 125 years is portrayal of those of Italian heritage as gangsters and semi-literate morons. I have several cartoons from the 1890s which depict Italian immigrants as thieves and bomb throwers. America has portrayed Italian Americans in similar terms as witness the Godfather films or the Soprano TV series. The latest depiction of Italian Americans as anything but American is a TV series known as “Jersey Shore.” Naturally, this story of Italian Americans on the shores of New Jersey has them engaged in heavy drinking, sexual promiscuity and women who sit around discussing their breast implants.

Frankly, showing Italian Americans as gel-haired, ignorant, lacking in manners or diction reveal their own ignorance of Italy. We can be certain there will be no scenes in which the two Italian American members of the Supreme Court make an appearance. We can be certain their will be no mention of prominent Italian American industry leaders or artists or writers. As anyone who has ever met someone of Italian American heritage, it i s obvious they speak using expressions such as, “dem guys” and “I went down to toity toid street.”

Hey Mafia, want to send a message to the TV producers they will not ignore?

What WIll Not Appear In The China Press

The world press is reporting sentencing of Chinese dissidents who fight for human rights to prison terms. The China press has not reported these trials or sentences to their own people anymore than they allow free access to the Internet. There was hope that China’s leadership would recognize that modern times require modern means of communication and openness to what is happening inside one’s own nation, but the world. Following are headlines that appeared in today’s China Daily:

China Attains Tort Law to Protect Civil Rights

Five Killed in Iran Protests

Long Awaited Civil Rights Law Gets Nod

Nigerian Charged In Xmas Airline Attack

One will note there is nothing about the trial and conviction of a civil rights leader IN CHINA!

Netanyahu Bids For Peace Deal With USA

There are reports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to finalize an agreement with the United States government on how peace talks with the Palestinian Authority might resume. President Abbas wants negotiations to deal with restoring 1967 borders, but the Israel government wants those borders to be modified in light of what has transpired over the past half century. Netanyahu may accept the reality that it will take a year or more in order to reach any peace agreement. However, while the US wants a peace agreement to be concluded by the end of 24 months, Netanyahu will only commit to talking for two years.

The good news is Netanyahu agrees the end result of any peace discussions must result in the establishment of a Palestinian state. The prime minister supposedly is only willing to discuss the refugee issue within a multilateral framework. However, if Netanyahu continues to agree on a settlement freeze and then announces further housing construction, no talks will result in anything other than a stalemate.

Headlines From The World Press

Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Four Supporters Shot In Post Soccer Match”
Anyone for cricket?

Japan, Japan Times: “Financial Aid For Suicides”
This is one grant that will be dead on arrival at my home.

Singapore, Straits Times: “No Fake Degrees”
What do you call degrees issued at American universities?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Teachers Vie For Guiness Record”
How many days of boredom can you teach?

UAE, Khaleej Times: “US General Defends Tough Pregnancy Rule”
One pregnancy only gets you a week back home for deployment with family.

Swaziland, Times of Swaziland: “Tax Men Take Day Off”
How about a year?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Ft. Hood Shooter Banned From Praying In Arabic”
Doesn’t he know God only understands English?

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “Pope’s Dream”
Priests keep their hand on the Bible?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Xmas Brings Stormy Weather”
Just wait till the day after Xmas when the sales begin!

UK, Guardian: “Scientists Take Stand Against Snowflakes”
Next you know, they will claim there is global warming!

Were Our Ancestors Drunkards?

The other day I walked into a supermarket only to be greeted by aisle after aisle of alcoholic beverages which indicates there is something about getting people intoxicated that is very human. Patrick McGovern, an expert on tracing the history of alcohol believes our ancestors turned to agriculture in order to obtain ingredients for alcohol. Most probably, some character picked up fermented fruit, put it in his mouth, and immediately became a candidate for Alcoholic Anonymous. McGovern’s study of a Neolithic village in China reveals every place of living in the village had pots into which some alcoholic beverage had been placed– and drunk up. “Available evidence,” says McGovern, “sugests that our ancestors in Asia, Mexico and Africa cultivated wheat, rice, corn and barley primarily for the purpose of producing alcoholic beverages.”

I wonder if they had people like our defenders of purity around in those neolithic villages. Were there guardians of morality who made certain no one got intoxicated, and, if they did and blundered into someone’s path they most probably got locked up in the local villages jail.

Well, to keep things straight, my ancestors were Neanderthals and we had standards of morality which forbid allowing intoxicating beverages into our homes. That is why you Cro-Magnons finally beat us– how can you defeat a bunch of inebriated humans?