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Is Israel Government Anti-Jewish?

Historically, Jewish people were in the forefront of movements that endeavored to further basic human freedoms and to foster peace in the world. A new American Jewish group, J Street, has come into being over the past few years with a goal of “pro-Israel-pro-Peace.” The Israel Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, denounced the group as being anti-Israel and declined its invitation to attend a meeting and engage in dialogue. Hannah Rosenthal, administrator of the Obama administration Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, expressed her disappointment at the refusal of Oren to engage in open dialogue. In turning down an opportunity to discuss alternative roads to peace, Ambassador Oren behaved in a manner not befitting a Jew.

Rosenthal, who is the child of a Holocaust survivor, believes “young people want to be part of the discussion, they feel they have fresh ideas and they feel that we have to end the stalemate(in the Middle East).” Ms. Rosenthal understands there is anti-semitism in the world as witness 170 UN resolutions about Israel with but a scant few dealing with Darfur or the Congo or Iran or any number of places in the world where people are getting killed and raped.

The Jewish people need open discussion and it is imperative that Israel representatives enter the dialogue rather than denounce anyone who opposes policies of the Netanyahu government as being anti-semitic.

Limbaugh Wrong–Obama Is NOT Another Hitler!

Right wing newscasts continue spouting claims that President Barack Obama is another Hitler who seeks to bring Nazism to this country. We offer evidence to refute this theory.

Hitler was short– Obama is tall.

Hitler had a mistress — Obama has a wife (at least as far as we know)

Hitler had a moustache — Obama is clean shaven

Hitler hated black people — Obama is black

Hitler hated Jews — Some of Obama’s best friends are Jews

Hitler had no children — Obama has two

Hitler hated the mentally retarded — Obama puts them in his Cabinet

Hitler hated immigrants — Obama is the child of an immigrant

Hitler hated communists — Obama is a commie

Hitler never wore jeans — Obama wears them

Hitler’s mistress was short — Obama’s wife is tall

Obama did not like basketball — Obama plays it every week

Hitler loved war — Obama is a reluctant warrior

Hitler was a soldier — Obama never served in any armed force

Hitler drove Jews out of Germany — Obama has a Hannukah part for them

We trust this list proves once and for all that Barack Obama is not a Nazi or lover of Adolf Hitler

Confession– there is some evidence which does not fit on this list. Hitler bowed to Kings, Obama bows to Emperors.

Free Speech Society Free With Its Muslim Insults!

The president of the Free Speech Society in Denmark recently rather freely expressed his views on Muslims. Lars Hedegaard in an interview with the Snappen website let it all hang out as far as Muslims were concerned. “When a Muslim rapes a woman, it is his right to do it. Whenever it is prudent for a Muslim to hide his true intentions by trying to make a false oath on his own or in Islam’s service then it is OK to do it.” The Free Press Society’s board supports Hedegaard’s comments although not necessarily agreeing with them 100%. Oh, that makes it OK, but exactly which of his comments do they fine offensive? Board member Jett Peianer Dali said his organization “actually needs a president who can bulldoze his way through things a bit.”

One can only wonder if the Free Press Society would welcome a president who attacks gays and lesbians as well as urging restrictions on free speech. His comments have nothing to do with free speech, they are vitriolic and hateful without any foundation in reality or fact.

Did Silvio Get Attacked?

We would like you to imagine a meeting that never took place, but, then again, even the most improbable meetings can actually take place. In this meeting, the prime minister of Italy is attempting to figure out a way of restoring his public image after several months of non-stop stories and pictures of him in association with young ladies.

N Boss, we have to do something to get your image back on the front pages of your own newspapers in which there is no accompanying photo of a busty woman.
S I agree, we have to do something. Any suggestions?
B Well, boss, I have been thinking about this problem. If we could only have you come across as a guy who needs sympathy.
N How about we arrange that you dive into pool and save a little girl? That should get sympathy.
B No, we don’t want any stories with the Boss and little girls. Just imagine, some newspaper in Spain will try proving he had seduced the little girl, thrown her into the pool and then decided he had gone too far.
F Look, I’m just a visitor from a Newark, New Jersey newspaper, but you guys got it wrong. You want the Boss to be an object of sympathy because someone attacked a defenseless old man.
S I like your idea. Give us more.
F I can arrange with some friends back in Jersey that we get some screwball to attack you by surprise. No one likes people getting hit by surprise. You will become the object of great sympathy.
S I like it. Let’s get this rolling.

Youtube films now show the prime minster immediately after the alleged attack by a supposed “deranged” man covering part of his lower face with a black plastic bag and keeping it there. No blood is shown. Later, when he emerges from the car a few minutes later with a bloody face a deep wound beneath his eye appears which is not seen in the original photo.

You figure it out.

Is Pope Benedict XVI In Tune With Catholics?

There is a quiet movement spreading across many areas of the Catholic world in which intelligent people are posing questions about the leadership of their church. Several years ago, Buenos Aires approved same sex unions and there currently is a case headed for the nation’s Supreme Court in which a judge ruled national laws banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Mexico City has now joined the fight to move the Catholic Church into the 21st century. The Mexico City legislature by a vote of 39 to 20 legalized gay marriage in the city. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard hailed the victory as members of the audience chanted, “yes,” and “we do.” The Democratic Revolutionary party of Ebrard is being challenged by President Felipe Calderon who opposes such legislation and will fight to have it overturned in the Mexico Supreme Court.

The amazing aspect of the vote is it occurring in a Catholic city and passed by devout Catholics. They are sending a message to the Pope that it is time for the church to accept life in the 20th century and cease adhering to ideas which best belong in the dust bin of history.

What Did PM Tony Blair Know In March, 2003?

The question that will not go away from the life of Tony Blair is what did he know about WMD and what advice was given to him regarding his decision to enter the war against Iraq. Former foreign secretary Jack Straw is being asked by the Chilcot inquiry to explain his personal letter to the prime minister on the eve of invasion which urged reconsideration of the decision for war. The letter reportedly urged Blair to adopt a stance that British troops would be available once the invasion was completed to work in the area of cleaning up the mess of an aftermath of war. The exact contents of his letter are still a mystery and Blair defenders have argued Straw simply laid out options, but did no oppose the road to war.

In public, Straw has always maintained the invasion was legal and the result has proved beneficial to Iraq. He has also claimed most experts believed there were WMD. However, it is believed Straw agreed with former US Secretary of State Colin Powell there would be problems after a regime change. Of course, whenever someone claims “most experts” agreed there were WMD, nothing is said about UN “experts” who repeatedly said there were no WMD.

We await the final disclosure of the letter.

Are Pakistan Taliban Staying Or Going?

The topsy turvy world of understanding what is going on within Taliban leadership in Pakistan became even more confused when a top leader gave an interview to a western reporter. Wallur Rehman gave the first Taliban interview in months to a member of the western press and claimed thousands of Pakistan Taliban have been headed for fighting in Afghanistan. “Since (President Barack) Obama is also sending additional forces to Afghanistan, we send thousands of our men to fight NATO and American forces.” He argue this is simply a matter of aiding fellow Taliban in Afghanistan. American military officials denied there was any such operation in progress. “We haven’t noticed any significant movement of insurgents in the border areas.”

Some experts argue this type of interview is simply a means to spread confusion within American leadership by hypothesizing that sending more troops to Afghanistan is self defeating since it only results in more Pakistan Taliban crossing the border. Is it rhetoric? Is it reality? Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Pakistan Taliban?

Egyptian Clerics Back Niqab Curbs

Three of Egypt’s most prominent religious leaders announced their support for the government ban on the niqab– full face veil– in dormitories and when taking examinations. In October, Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, head of Al-Azhar, issued a religious edict barring wearing the niqab in Azhar run all-girl schools. The Ministry subsequently barred wearing the niqab when sitting for an examination. Yesterday, a government run newspaper made clear the edict was not anti-religious, but simply making clear wearing a niqab had no roots in sharia law.

The Egyptian government has long been leery of allowing religious leaders to get too much power and in banning the niqab is sends a message that government ideas take precedence over religious ones. The Muslim Brotherhood which is the main enemy of the government charged there was an attempt to deprive females of their rights. As one Muslim Brotherhood cleric noted, “any girl is free to wear the niqab as long as she understands that when asked to reveal her face, she should do so accordingly.”

This is one war over power and it has nothing to do with religion anymore than wearing a niqab does.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Organ Donations Lag”
Hey, let’s get to work killing some more people.

UK, The Independent: “Could This Be The House Where Jesus Lived”
Does it have a halo over the top?

South Africa, Argus: “Gang Leader Murdered”
Not much of a gang leader if you ask me.

Sweden, The Local: “Erin Nordegren Spends Christmas In Sweden”
Alone, I assume.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Premature Obit Shocks Colonel”
What are you waiting, get to death real quick.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Dutch Police Shoot Four Reindeer”
I guess Santa will have to walk this Xmas.

Finland, Sanomat: “Confessions Of Former Christian Zealot”
It was the right wing zealot ministers that finally got to me. They can’t represent Christianity, can they?

China, China Daily: “Villagers Punished For Eating Tiger”
You idiots, the tigers eat people, not the other way around.

USA, NY Daily News: “Fight Over Toilet Seat”
This is one story that stinks to high heaven.

Tiger Not Out Of Woods Yet–Or Ever?

I confess to being somewhat retarded when it comes to the world of celebrities and their sexual escapades. The media reports Tiger wants to reconcile with his wife, Erin, and she apparently is waiting for signs her hubby has grasped the implications of having fourteen mistresses at the same time. But, a new report from Palm Beach, Florida, says Tiger is on his yacht along with one of the fourteen– Rachel Uchitel and they are making hay on a ship, which is no easy thing to accomplish. A source told Touch magazine, “they have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke… She is madly in love with him and she believes that he loves her as well.” As I admit, when it comes to sex, I enjoy it, but am strictly a one woman at a time man.

Some people have names that accurately depict who they are. Tiger is one heck of a tiger when it comes to the ladies, young, old, and in-between. The rest of we horny men stand aside in awe at this young tiger with an unceasing ability to extend a part of his body in continual action. A Woods I never will be.