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What Happened In Sri Lanka Election?

Any election held in a nation which is governed by a strong man who has been in power for years runs the risk of simply being some sort of illegal affirmation that he should remain in power. President Mahinda Rajapaksa had presided over a large segment of the nation’s civil war and was regarded as an architect of the final victory last year. However, he was challenged for the presidency by General Fonseka who actually was in charge of the military campaign and was also regarded as a key figure in the victory. Most polls suggested it would be a close race, but when the totals came in the president won easily. At his first media conference, the president was shocked by aggressive questioning not only about the election but the large number of people who are fleeing Sri Lanka for the safety of Australia.

“Am I in the dock” he responded. Of course, many in the media wondered why General Fonseka has been holed up in a hotel and has challenged the vote totals. Yes, Mr. President, you are in the dock until the election results are confirmed by independent sources.

Afghanistan-2025-Discussions On Leaving Nation?

A conference dealing with the future of Afghanistan is taking place in London and there apparently is a difference of opinion as to the timetable for dealing with the nation. Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed his hope that by 2011 there would be an Afghan army of about 300,000 and ready to assume responsibility for maintaining safety and peace. President Karzai of Afghanistan is not on the same page. He told the conference, “with regard to training and equipping the Afghan security forces, five to ten years would be sufficient.” But, he just did not end there going on to say, “with regard to sustaining them the time period extends to ten to fifteen years.” Huh! If Mr. Karzai is correct, American and British troops will be spending Xmas eve in 2025 in the mountains of Afghanistan!

It is time for American and NATO leaders to speak honestly with Karzai who lives in a dream world in which the mess goes on and on and his cronies make money on and on.

Gay Rights-Times Are A’Changing In UK!

Historically, the British Conservative party has been hostile to gay and lesbian rights and has strongly opposed teaching about those issues in schools. However, David Cameron, the current Tory leader, believes both he and his party were wrong, and apologized for opposing teaching about gays and lesbians in schools. He wants that topic to be “embedded in the curriculum” and for all children to be studying about human relationships. “We do need good sex and relationships education ” in schools in order that children will understand the need to “treat people the same whether they are straight or gay, black or white, or a man or a woman.”

It is fascinating how the British “conservative’ movement is adapting to the modern world while the American “conservative” movement is moving back to the nineteenth century. I wonder why?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Time To Tell Goodbye?

Senator John McCain on the Larry King show insisted President Obama was embarking on a dangerous course by seeking to end the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy and emphasized the policy was “working well” and supported by the military. Some reports estimate that up to 60,000 members of the armed forces including thousands in fighting zones could be classified as either gay or lesbian. Hundreds of gays and lesbians have either been killed or wounded in combat, and at least 20,000 have been discharged because they told when they should be silent.

Frankly, I do not know if John McCain has talked to officers, but there is considerable evidence they are divided with X percent urging an end to the policy and Y percent seeking to maintain it. President Obama is absolutely correct in asking the military and Congress to examine the issue. Just remember, Senator McCain, some of the men and women who served with you in Vietnam WERE gay or lesbian.

As Senator Kirsten Gillibrand put it: “The military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy is an unfair, outdated measure that violates the civil rights of some of our bravest, most heroic men and women.”

Senator McCain, if not now, then when?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus: “I Mistook Rapist For Husband”
How did you know it was not your husband?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Suspect In Bee Decline”
Buzz, buzz, buzz

China, China Daily: “Locomotive Runs Into River”
I told you turn left, not right!

Japan, Japan Times: ‘Monkey Escapes Zoo”
Watch out for Dick Cheney, he bites.

Finland, Sanomat: “Better The Devil We Know Heading Government”
The devil you know, George Bush, is chopping wood.

Canada, Toronto Star: “John Throw Leaves Humane Society”
He is headed to a gorilla camp in Kenya.

UK, Guardian: “Ban On Eating Dogs”
The Bow Wow Society has come out for this ban.

UK, The Independent: “Terror Police Find Jihadist Books”
The Bible, the Koran, Common Sense?

Australia, Canberra Press: “Alien Life Could Already Be On Earth
They are called Republicans.

Sweden, The Local: “Saab Now Spyker”
A Car by any other name is still a Saab.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Toilet Reading Leads To Haemorrhoids”

Justice–Turkish Style!

Last October a group of Kurds gathered to protest actions of the Turkish government against their people. They marched, some threw stones, but as far as we know no policeman of member of security details died as result of these actions. A young Kurdish girl named Bervian somehow became part of the protest group. In her words, “I did not hurl stones at police officers. I did not have any relation with the group. I noticed a crowd and walked towards it. I was going to visit my aunt.” This description certainly fits that of a wild eyed fanatic terrorist out to cause bodily harm to members of Turkish security forces.

Bervian was sentenced to seven years, 9 months in jail by a judge-or at least, some character pretending he is a judge. The judge insisted he was being lenient because he could have sent her to jail for 13 years. As the verdict was read to the court, the only sensible comment came from the girl’s mother “Did she murder?”

Now, Turks know why they will never get into the European Union as long as this is their version of justice.

Iran Accuses Martians Of Being CIA Agents!

The Iranian government is convinced of the presence of a vast international Zionist plot in alliance with capitalists whose aim is to overthrow a Muslim government and replace it with a Martian one. Yesterday, for the first time, German diplomats were accused of being behind the “plot” to overthrow the Iran government, and security officers immediately took steps to arrest two German diplomats for their role in supporting anti-government demonstrators. President Ahmadinejad is no fool. He is on guard, not only against the international Jewish banker, Communist, alliance here on Earth, but also on the Rabbi led plot to form an alliance with Martians in order to replace the one true religion–Islamic- with Judaism. As any intelligent person knows, Judaism was created on evening one the planet of Mars when some Martians decided it was time to take the first step on the long planned invasion of Earth, create an Earthian religion.

Think about it. Jews created Marxism. Jews created capitalism. Jews created Christ with all his hogwash about peace and love. Heck, Jews created Hollywood, and television and just about every institution which destroys our values of ignorance and respect for men as the source of all knowledge.

President Ahmadinjad, you are correct. Those damn Germans are out to destroy you. Then, again, any intelligent individual who believes in freedom of speech or the press or religion, is against you. What you do not know is those ideas came from Mars and were brought here by their secret agents.

Anti-Semitism Rises In Sweden

Threats and harassment against Jews in southern areas of Sweden have risen dramatically over the past few years. Fredrik Sieradzki, a member of the Malmo Jewish Federation, notes “many feel tat the community and local politicians have shown a lack of understanding of how the city’s Jewish residents have been marginalized.” The number of hate crimes has doubled in the past year. In addition, Jewish synagogues and cemeteries have been defaced with anti-Semitic grafitti. One Jewish resident told a local newspaper he was taking his family to Israel to find a secure place. Many Jewish residents blame local politicians who refuse to take a strong stand when anti-semitism occurs.

There is also a feeling among some Swedish Jews that a small segment of Muslim immigrants arrive with hatred toward Jews and manifest those feelings in the safety of Sweden. Of course, Jews also encounter rapid Neo-Nazi groups which spout old time Hitler ideas for the modern world. The ironic aspect of this manifestation of anti-semitism is the connection with neo-Nazi groups, the same individuals who hate Muslims. Perhaps, it is time for Jewish and Muslim leaders to create joint organizations to fight neo-Nazis.

French Hypocrisy Or French Freedom?

The world is experiencing a severe economic crisis, there are terrorists blowing themselves up along with innocent people, and the government of France is focused on women veils as the critical issue confronting humankind. President Nicolas Sarkozy affirmed his belief that all people in France had freedom to worship and he would fight to defend that right. He insisted his administration would fight to prevent Muslims from being stigmatized. However, when it comes to the issue of Muslim women being able to wear the burqa or niqab, “I will not allow anyone to lead my country down this regressive path.”

He attacked the very nature of women wearing the veil and charged, “behind the veil hid scandalous practices that are contrary to our history” and made clear he is determined to”wage a controlled political battle against fundamentalism.” The French legislature passed laws making it illegal for women wearing the veil to enter public institutions although some MPs wanted the ban to include public appearances.

I am glad President Sarkozy is concerned about “scandalous practices” and I assume he will now ban allowing Catholic priests to enter churches given the fact some priests have engaged in scandalous practices. The reality is fewer than 2,000 Muslim women wear either the burqa or niqab, a lot fewer than men and women wearing face covering helmets while driving motorcycles. Grow up France, if you really are worried about religious scandals, head for the nearest church!

UK Officials Aided Torture!

The current Labor Party of Great Britain traces its historical roots back over a hundred years during which time Socialist leaders fought for human rights. But, the current British government apparently prefers associating with oppressors of humans rather than with those who fought for human rights. A year long inquiry by UN investigators discovered that British security and intelligence officers were frequently present during the interrogation of British citizens who had been kidnapped and taken to foreign nations. The UN Human Rights Council claims British officials provided questions for torturers to pose to victims. For example, in one case, Azhar Khan, a British citizen was posed questions by his interrogators who knew everything about his life in the UK including details concerning his private life.

The Foreign Office of Great Britain denied any such events had ever occurred and accused UN investigators of acting “irresponsibly” and accepted unsubstantiated charges. MP David Davis charged his nation’s Foreign Office was “irresponsible” and dishonest.

Reality is if a person was tortured, they really can not provide detailed information concerning the lives of his torturers. Heck, he is lucky to be alive and demanding he offer “evidence” of what happened to him is ridiculous.