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Chinese Football Games Include Fixing Games

Chinese athletes performed at high levels of ability in the Olympics, but it now appears its football players were more proficient in the bribe game than in the kick game. The head of the Chinese Football Association has been fired for allegedly being involved in fixing games. At least twenty officials connected with the Football Federation have been fired and charged with bribery, threatening players an referees and other activities designed to ensure that China wins the game. It also appears players paid bribes to secure places at key events such as the Olympics.

The bad news is Chinese sport officials are corrupt, the good news is this is one example of bribery that can not be blamed on capitalism. It goes to show that evil exists in the hearts of people of every political conviction. Is it time in China to wave the white flag of surrender and put away the red flag of bribery?

Iraq Militants Blast Away

American forces in Iraq are in the process of winding down their operations in order to allow Iraq troops to assume control of security. Militants assume Iraq security personnel will not be as vigilant as Americans so they are resorting to more elaborate ways of placing explosives in cars as part of the suicide car bombing approach. Explosives are being placed in secret car compartments of other places that are not ordinarily searched. This past week, bombs struck Baghdad hotels frequently used by westerners. Ironically, as al-Qaeda employs creative ways of placing bombs in cars, the use of dogs to sniff them out will not be used by Iraqi troops because of Muslim tradition that avoids contact with dogs.

The tragedy of Iraq is an inability on the part of Shiite leaders to reach out to Sunnis and work for reconciliation. Instead, Sunni political leaders are forbidden to run for public office. Surprise, more and more Sunnis who opposed al-Qaeda are becoming more friendly to their former enemies. Old traditions are maintained in an era requiring new thinking.


Dear Mr. Gates:

I watched your recent appearance on the Jon Stewart show where you described the work of the Gates Foundation in the area of education. You commented the arrival of Charter Schools is the first time we have had real experimentation in the field of education. Wow! You are among the most intelligent people in America, but that comment reveals your complete ignorance concerning the field of education. Then again, when President Obama appoints his basketball buddy, Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education despite never having taught school, what should one expect concerning what leaders of America know or think about education.

Mr. Gates you obviously do not know anything about education innovation during the Progressive movement. I attended an experimental Progressive school in the slums of the Bronx during the thirties and forties. In our junior high school, students handled all discipline problems through a student court and teachers stayed out of the way. Each child, whether on an academic or vocational track, spent half a day learning a trade. I could have left school after the ninth grade and obtained a job in a print shop. In class, the main mode of instruction was group work.

I was a teacher during the sixties and taught social studies in high school. After the Russians sent a space ship into space-Sputnik– President Eisenhower demanded changes in science and math. Leading biologists, math experts, physics experts, etc.. were brought together to create new science and math courses. I witnessed second graders in slum schools in St. Louis doing advanced math. In 1966, there were 64 different experimental groups working to create social studies materials that allowed students to learn through an inquiry method. There were similar programs in English. My students at Paul Schreiber HS in Port Washington, New York, created the Student Action Movement(SAM) which worked with people in Harlem by participating in rent strikes, they invited former Socialist party candidate for president, Normal Thomas to speak at our school, and they conducted all night discussions on the war in Vietnam. My social studies department offered the first History of Science class ever taught in high school. Tell me, Mr. Gates, are ANY STUDENTS IN YOUR SO CALLED EXPERIMENTAL SCHOOLS DOING ANYTHING ANALOGOUS?

Let me put it this way, Mr. Gates. If a person who fell asleep in 1900 and awoke today, in entering your charter schools would not be surprised. The curriculum is basically the same. Can you explain to me why we have the same curriculum in 2010 that we had in 1900! Mr. Gates, I have the highest respect for you, but you are NOT DOING ANYTHING INNOVATIVE IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION. YOUR FOUNDATION SUPPORTS THE SAME OLD BORING OUT-OF -DATE CURRICULUM THAT WE HAVE HAD FOR YEARS.

How about bringing together the best minds in America and identifying what should be the 21st century curriculum and how best can it be learned? Do that and you will be innovative!


Thank God we have school districts like Menifee, California which stand guard in protection of our children against atheistic fee love types who seek to brain wash these youngsters with pornographic images. This courageous district has taken all copies of the Merriman-Webster dictionary off the shelves of the library in order to ensure that children do not come across such salacious items as, “oral sex.” A parent noted this item in the dictionary and the school responded by doing its duty of riding schools of any book which propogates wild sex. A spokesman for the school board promised to go through the dictionary and “we’ll be looking to find other things of a graphic nature.”

And, some Americans wonder why their nation which boasts idiots like the Tea Party ranting about tea taxes that lowered the price of tea to be a crime against humanity is the object of ridicule! First, they came for the dictionaries, then they came for the librarians, and finally they came for every idiot parent who reads dictionaries seeking dirty words.

Will Obama Display Backbone On Gay Rights?

President Barack Obama spent his first year in office surrounded by Harvard types who told him the safe way is the coward way of life. He refused to do anything about jobs and he refused to address issues about the rights of gays in the military. For some reason, he is surprised that those who supported him regard his presidency as Bush lite. There are rumors in today’s State of the Union address chocolate eclair backbone Obama may finally come out and stand tall for gay rights in the military. A man whose group refused to take second class citizenship lying down refused for an entire year to speak out on behalf of our gay countrymen who risk their lives in combat!

The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is a disgrace to thousands of our fighting men and women who daily risk their lives while congressmen who have never fought pontificate about morality. Any congressmen who refuses to change this law should head to the nearest recruiting station and volunteer for front line combat. If not, change this insulting law.

Iraq War Illegal PM Tony Blair Advised In 2003

The Chilcot inquiry which is investigating what happened in the British government in 2003 hat resulted in their young men and women sent into combat continually receives information that many advisers told Prime Minister Tony Blair his decision for war was illegal. Sir Michael Wood, chief legal adviser to the Foreign Office told his superiors, “I considered the use of of force in March, 2003 was contrary to international law.” Elizabeth Wilmshurst, his deputy, said the decision to proceed with war without a second resolution from the United Nations was a “crime of aggression.” Attorney General Lord Goldsmith told the prime minister in January, 2003 there was need for a second UN resolution, but for some mysterious reason changed his mind in March, 2003, just days before the invasion of Iraq

The Chilcot inquiry is getting at the root of what happened and it becomes increasingly clear that Prime Minister Tony Blair misled the people of his nation and colluded with President Bush on a venture that was illegal. It is about time the American people learned the truth about the Bush decision for war. It is about time, President Obama cease claiming such information would be divisive. Parents and spouses have a right to know why their loved one was killed or wounded.

Blessed Are The Test Designers?

At one point in my life I worked on designing questions that were posed on a national exam, and decided my conscience could not continue engaging in acts that violate human rights. Over 3,000 A level students in the United Kingdom have signed up for an unprecedented Facebook campaign of protest against an AQA biology exam. Students claim the exam failed to test what they learned as part of their curriculum cited in their school syllabus. Some claim only three of the eight questions had anything to do with what was taught during the year in their biology class. The exam board promised to “take account of their concerns when marking their exams.”

Excuse me, the exam board should not be “taking into account” student concerns. If the test failed to evaluate learning that occurred in classrooms, the exam should be discarded. It is important that teachers be responsible for designing exams for their students since they know what was or was not taught. Restore power to teachers and recognize their professional abilities instead of having individuals who never were in their classroom design what should be tested. Anything less, lacks a sense of intellectual behavior.

Price Of Military Victory-Jail?

General Sarath Fonseka, led the victorious army of Sri Lanka during its long and brutal fight against Tamil Tiger insurgents. He was hailed by the government for his leadership and showered with acclaim and honor. But, the general then made a serious tactical mistake, he decided since there was now peace, he would run for the presidency of the nation. Ironically many of the defeated Tamils regarded the general as more of a friend than President Mahinda Rajapaksa whose failure to respect human rights in last stages of the war made him into an evil person.

Fears the government would intervene in the election became evident when soldiers stood at regular positions on roads around Colombo’s Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel where General Fonseka and his supporters congregated. The election is tight and if the government loses it might resort to arresting the victorious general and sending him far away. The vote result will be announced some time today.

I’m Not Anti-Jewish, I Just Like Tormenting Them


Alexander Mayborn plays something called bandy which is an antecedent to ice hockey and he apparently enjoys the game, but not as much as insulting Jews. He posted on his blog a desire for the English Premier League club in Liverpool to “push forward harder than the Germans did on the Night of the Knives(Kristallnacht) in 1938.” For some reason those sensitive Jews filed a complaint regarding his hate crime speech and since they are thin skinned Jews for some reason they did not realize he was joking. Of course, he also cheered a player for taking “three fantastic points against the Jews.” Of well, anyone who loves sports understands he was not insulting any Jews, just reporting the facts someone scored goals against these people.

In fairness to Mr. Mayborn he wants the world to know, “I think Nazis and racists are the worst thing in the world.” I don’t think it is nice for Mr. Mayborn to insult himself in that manner.

Iran Opposition Leader Says Ahmadinejad President

Mehdi Karroubi, a major opposition leader to the regime of Ahmadinejad acknowledged that while the June election contained evidence of dubious voting patterns, “I would say that I recognize the president” as being the leader of the nation. Karroubi has been outspoken in condemning the government for beating protestors and assaulting those taken prisoners including the rape of some women. Although, Karroubi is offering conciliatory comments, a spokesman for him told the media, “It is necessary for you to know that Mr. Karroubi is standing firm and tall and has evidence for all his comments” concerning the brutality of the Ahmadinejad government.

There is some evidence that hardliners are seeking some form of reconciliation with opponents and Karroubi might be offering them a chance to reach out for discussions. Most probably if Ahmadinejad had any sense he would free prisoners and abandon plans for trials. Any trials which led to severe punishment would set back attempts at reconciliation.