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We offer the rambling remarks of a man who is physically 79, but mentally 29 as he ponders on the human condition.


A woman sitting at a table with five men has to decide when leaving which one gets the first hug.

I become upset when someone in a coffee shop takes the sport section and leaves the rest of the paper. For me, the sport section is the first I read.

When two young men hit the door, which opens it?

Barack Obama baffles me since he was surprised at the Massachusetts anger. He simply has no grasp as to what Americans think or feel. Amazing. Or, does it stem from graduating from Harvard?

Few people wear their coats while seated in a diner.

My motto is always, life is too short for long anger.

An intelligent idea entered the mind of Sarah Palin and died of loneliness.

I often wonder what cro-magnons talked about in the morning, assuming they talked in the morning.

Old farts like me stand when a woman leaves the table, young people just wave.

The American Congress is filled with people who will fight to the death to defend their version of “truth.” Unfortunately, truth is a stranger who has never knocked on their door.

Humans have an infinite capacity to deny their reality. I guess that is the origin of inventing God.

A few days after snow has fallen, modern civilization can be seen in the dirty remnants in the white snow.

Someone asked me to sum up modern American civilization in one word. Easy– Negativism.

I am jealous of white haired men with neat white moustaches


“Blessed are the poor,” said Jesus Christ, but to Republican Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, the poor are shiftless lazy bums. He made the following statement for which he will not offer any retraction:
‘My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed,” he told an audience in the town of Fountain Inn. “You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially the ones that don’t think too much further than that.” According to Bauer he was not insulting anyone, merely identifying the “culture of dependence” on government. He went on to say that parents whose children get assistance such as free or reduced -price school lunches should be required to pass drug tests and attend parent-teacher conferences.

“I do not care about being politically correct, I care about being honest.” He went on to say in an email there is “a big difference between being truly needy and truly lazy.”

Does this schmuck realize over five million hard working Americans lost their jobs during the past year, not because of being lazy, but due to manipulation of Wall Street people? About ten percent of Americans now need food stamps. Are these the lazy people to whom Mr. Bauer refers?

The Republican Party has been taken over by individuals who are the antithesis of what this nation represents and what Christianity represents. What exactly would Jesus Christ say to the grandmother of Mr. Bauer or to him?

Is Avatar Dangerous To Your Health?

As a life long lover of science fiction and firm believer that aliens are friendly life forms, unlike we Earthians, I welcomed the new Avatar film. However, many people in China find the film dangerous to their health. There are reports of viewers complaining about eye ache, dizziness and even vomiting. A Chinese newspaper reported a middle aged woman wound up in the hospital complaining she was barely able to stand straight after seeing the film. I do not know if this reaction is good or bad news to director James Cameron, but it certainly was not his goal in making the film. Doctors at the Chinese-Japanese Friendship Hospital insist watching a 3 D film is not dangerous to your health. But, says Dr. Wang Wei, “people need to constantly adjust their eye structure” and treat what they view as a real 3D effect.

I often wonder what life forms out there in the universe make of our TV images which are going out into space. I am convinced after watching Earth news reports and TV shows they have decided to steer clear of this strange planet with its exotic and weird life forms. As of this date, I have not received any reports from inhabitants of Avatar as to their reaction to the film.

Sig Heil Europeans, We Nazis Are Not Dead!

In one sense, contemporary haters of Muslims are not that far different from Europeans hundreds of years ago who feared the oncoming Muslims bent on conquering Christianity. Patrik Brinkman of Sweden, just gave $7.1 million to a German nationalist group which wants Muslims out of their country. Pro NRW believes there are too many of “them” in “our country” and there is need for some sort of Final Solution. Brinkman seeks to create a new right wing political party that stands for the rights of Christian Europeans. His ultimate goal is organizing a group of European nationalists.

The bad news is the presence of people like Brinkman. The good news is right wing groups in Germany or Sweden never get past about 4% or 5% of the population in voting. They may rant and rave about Muslims just as eighty years ago they shouted about the “Jewish presence” which threatened their existence as a pure race, but their words belong to the past, not to the future of Europe.

Abortion But Not Nipples At Super Bowl?

One can only wonder why CBS is allowing an anti-abortion ad to be shown during the Super Bowl given its concern a few years ago when Janet Jackson showed a nipple on TV. Perhaps, CBS executives decided the audience for showing scenes of aborted babies is much more uplifting than showing an uplifted breast. I have no problem with any ad being shown during the Super Bowl since most football fans are so engrossed in the game we pay scant attention to ads unless they are humorous. Focus on the Family is allowing Tim Tebow, an outstanding college quarterback to speak for those who are against abortion. Mr. Tebow insists he loves football because it has enabled him to spread “God’s work.”

For years I have been wondering where the expression “throwing a Hail Mary” comes from and now I know. Christian quarterbacks have been throwing Hail Marys in an effort to spread the word of God.

By the way, it is now clear to me that Jesus was a quarterback, how else could he spread the word of Mary?

Do Churches Have Legal Right To Be UnChristian?

The British government is proposing an Equality bill whose provisions are somewhat unclear pertaining to the rights of gays and transsexuals when it comes to issues of church organizations. Government officials insist it does not disturb the status quo which allows church groups to discriminate when it comes to issues of gays and transsexuals on grounds it violates their right to practice religion. The Archbishop of Canterbury argues “if religious freedom means anything it must mean that those(gay rights) are matters for the churches and other religious organizations to determine for themselves.”

The Archbishop does have a point. If freedom means anything it means the right to be a bigot. The real question for Christian groups is being discriminatory against gays and transsexuals in accordance with the religion that was founded by Jesus Christ. I thought he came for all people. I don’t recall reading any caveats that he did not come for gays and transsexuals.

But, then again, I am Jew and Jesus was born, raised and died a Jew.

France: We Have To Deny Freedom In Order To Save It!

The French government is pursuing its war against the burqa and veil. A cross party committee will soon be proposing laws to curb the right of Muslim women to wear either of these garments. According to proposed legislation, it will be illegal for anyone to cover her face if she wishes to enter a public facility like a hospital or school or bus. Anyone refusing to uncover the face will be fined and denied the right to enter. In other words, if a Muslim woman enters the emergency room of a hospital, she can be denied service. A Muslim woman who wears either of these garments can be denied the right to ride on a bus or go to school. As President Sarkozy puts it, neither the burqa or niqab is “welcome” in France.

Let me get this straight. France, in the name of sexual equality is denying women the right to wear a niqab or burqa! Huh! One French MP put it honestly when he told Le Figaro, “we have to make life impossible for them in order to curb the phenomenon.

Actually, most surveys indicate fewer than a thousand women of the five million Muslims in France wear either of these face coverings. As one American officer put it during the Vietnam war when he was burning a village, “we have to destroy the village in order to save it.”

Why Barack Obama Has No Afghanistan Policy!

Barack Obama ran for the presidency on a platform expressing the view it was necessary to disengage from the war in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama has a foreign policy centered on the need to remain in Afghanistan in order to prevent that nation from sinking into anarchy. Ironically, anyone who lived in the Vietnam War era heard the same rhetoric used in order to justify why American forces had to remain in Vietnam. If they left, was the argument, communism would spread throughout Asia. Fifty years later there is not a shred of evidence anything like that ever happened. The sad aspect of the Obama policy is that it can not even match that of the Taliban in terms of intelligent approaches to win over the people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has issued a “Code of Conduct” which is centered in “protecting the people” of Afghanistan. Taliban leaders are cutting off close ties with al-Qaeda in order to distance themselves from foreign connections. They also cleverly work to have good relations with Iran and Pakistan in order to avoid opening possibilities for those nations becoming bases against their forces. The Taliban goal is clear–create a Sunni Muslim government that will support Sharia laws as the base of government. In order to accomplish that goal, the Taliban are reaching out to conservative tribal leaders.

So, how does the Obama policy of sending more and more foreign troops into Afghanistan offer a possibility the government of President Karzai will emerge as a more popular leader than Taliban leaders?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, The Local: “Hinder Wife Imports”
Hinder having babies.

South Africa, Argus: “Education Will Go On”
Not for Republicans. They have not gotten past the word, “no.”

Norway, Norway Post: “Cricism Soars As Wolf Hunt Ends”
Not from wolves.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Robber Falls Asleep At Crime Scene”
Gee, why couldn’t the Wall Street robbers fall asleep.

UK, The Independent: “Tories Plan To Encourage Marriage”
Any Tory MP is available for a woman seeking marriage.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Weight Watchers Sue Jenny Craig”
This will be one mighty weighty case.

USA, Army Times: “Dog Surge Joins Troop Surge”
Bow wow!

UK, Guardian: “Iraq War Illegal”
Now, they tell us.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Toilets Without Walls”
People who shit together live in peace together.

Just Say No Is Israel Platform For Peace!

President Mahmoud Abbas who heads the Palestinian Authority told Obama’s representative it will be easy to resuming peace with negotiations with Israel if its leaders will place a freeze on housing development in the West Bank. Their behavior is “unacceptable, and destroys all efforts” of US former senator George Mitchell “to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.” The response of Prime Minister Benjamin is invariably, “no.” At a tree planting ceremony in the West Bank, he told the audience, “we are planting here, we will stay here,” and this area will be an “inseparable part of the state of Israel for eternity.”

Most realist diplomats acknowledge Israel will be allowed to keep small portions of the West Bank which contain a large majority of its Jewish settlers. Negotiation begins with never saying “never.” It is time for Israel to extend the hand of peace and surrender its negative attitude.