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Koreans In Japan Face Educational Issues

A hundred years ago Japanese troops took control of Korea and that country was ruled as a colony with many of its inhabitants coming to Japan in order to work. The legacy of colonialism lives on with thousands of Koreans in Japan who regard themselves as second class citizens and even have their own schools. The Japanese government is planning a tuition-subsidy program but wants to bar schools which cater to children of Koreans who have strong ties with North Korea from being eligible for the subsidies. There are twelve high schools operated in close cooperation with a pro-North Korean organization known as the General Association of Korean residents in Japan. Japan is still furious at North Korea which abducted their citizens many years ago and has refused to reveal what happened to them.

The Japanese government fears the curriculum of these schools propogates communist ideas and thus children are not receiving an objective education. There is the possibility of new regulations which would require any such schools to have a curriculum that is “nearly consistent with the educational guidelines of Japan.”

For an outsider, it is unclear why any sensible people would regard North Korea as a model for anything other than oppression of its people.

Realities Of War In Afghanistan

Directors of Hollywood action films would not last long if asked to develop military strategies for fighting the war in Afghanistan. Unlike in Hollywood, weapons require ammunition and there is ongoing need for doctors and food and drink. An American military unit received word of a Taliban suicide bomber, alert was sounded, and after several hours it became clear that this was another false report. US, British and Afghan troops must proceed with caution through every inch of every building and there is no quick fix when lives are at stake. The Taliban might leave lines that go no place simply to annoy and frighten soldiers. Or, the line could result in a deadly explosion. As one soldier noted, “there’s not a job in the world that is so exciting one moment, so boring the next.”

This is reality for those fighting in Afghanistan although to some Republican congressmen, the soldiers are having a wonderful time and wouldn’t mind spending another few years of their lives in that far off land.

Is Gender Equity OK For Males?

For many years the issue of gender equity has been used by nations in order to allow women and members of minority groups to gain access to higher education. Several Swedish universities decided they wanted to ensure there were both men and women in their programs in order to prevent an occupation from becoming too gender one-sided. Years ago, I created a special education program which focused on black males becoming elementary school teachers in order to allow black and white children to have contact with black males during the early years of schooling. A Swedish court awarded a group of women who applied for the psychology program at Lund University financial damages for being denied entrance due to boys being accepted in order to prevent the occupation becoming “too female.”

There is scant doubt in the US that elementary children do not encounter males as part of their experiences with teachers. Are there times when the need arises to discriminate in favor of males?

Election Looms In Burman-Bring Out Batons

This spring will witness an unusual experience for people in Myanmar, they will be treated to the spectacle of something termed “an election.” In this “election,” the goal is to place your mark on a ballot with full knowledge the only marks that will be counted are those which indicate support for government candidates. The Burmese State Peace and Development Council, which is comprised of men who seek to develop the vote count for candidates supported by the ruling military junta, have given indications they will not look kindly on monks who get the weird idea they should vote for someone who supports their views. Most probably, monks will be told to stay clear of any activity connected to an election. After all, Monks in Burma can’t vote anyway.

There is scant doubt the final total will be 99% for government candidates, but the military junta is worried the fact a single person voted against them represents a vital threat to their continued power in office. We can expect beatings of monks and jail terms.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Pakistsan, Pakistan Daily Times: “Clinton Says US Has No Interest In Occupying Afghanistan”
We just want to spend a decade or so gazing at the scenery.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Cradle To Grave”
No health care for millions in America.

China, China Daily: “Catch The Cat Killer”
Detective Bulldog Drummond is hot on the trail.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Why Men Refuse Condoms”
They want children?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Girls Survives Being Hit By Train”
Yeah, but how is the train doing?

Canada, Toronto Star: ‘Language Police Investigate No French At Olympics”
Big deal, how come no Hebrew at the Olympics?

Finland, Sanomat: “Zeus Summoned To Break Ice”
I assume he sent some thunder bolts in that direction.

UK,Guardian: “Tiger Woods To Apologize”
To whom for what?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Mauled By Dog While Saving Cat”
I assume the barks won over the meows.

Sweden, The Local: “Wolf Free Environment Voted”
I’ll howl my agreement to this one.

South Africa, Argus: “Right Numbers, Wrong Draw”
The story of my life.

Justice On Planet Earth

The following story took place in Turkey, but it could have happened in virtually any nation on this planet. We humans are strange life forms. An individual steals money from millions and causes thousands to become ill and several to die of grief, but the individual will undoubtedly be sent to jail for a few years in a nice pleasant prison which provides amenities for those with money. A 13 year old boy in Turkey committed the heinous crime of stealing a packet of cigarettes. There is scant doubt such crimes threaten the foundation of societies. The boy somehow sent a letter to Riza Eertemur, an MP in the Turkish parliament.

As Ms. Eretemur notes, O.G., is serving a seven year sentence while many who commit murder or engage in terrorism receive lighter sentences. When was the last time an “honor murderer” received a seven year prison sentence in an Arab country?”

Any room left on Avatar?

Michelle Obama And Fight Against Obesity-Huh!

Every First Lady eventually becomes identified with some effort in order to prove to the world she is more than a lady who smiles at public events. Michelle Obama is attacking the issue of obesity in children, a noble goal, but unfortunately, as she fights to get kids enjoying “active healthy lives” her spouse has appointed a man as Secretary of Education whose goals are to keep kids away from play and fun. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s focus on “accountability” has forced elementary schools in America to concentrate on one thing–test scores! This translates into less time at play and more time devoted to memorizing information that will be forgotten once the test is over.

Michelle Obama is right on target in claiming “nearly one out of three children in this country is overweight or obese.” She is right to be concerned that half of African American and Hispanic children face the disease of diabetes due to being overweight. As one raised in the Depression, it is clear we had more time devoted to play and physical activities–and we still did OK in academics. Hey, Michelle, trot down the corridor and tell hubby to knock off the emphasis on memorizing trivia which is A factor in obesity of children.


The conservative Political Action Conference met to examine candidates who would be abvle to restore the virtues of our Founding Fathers of limited government. Unfortunately, American conservatives know as much about the Founding Fathers as they do about fiscal responsibility. George Washington, whom they regard as a hero, supported creation of the Federal Bank of the United States which allowed Alexander Hamilton to have the Federal government pay off state debts. Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase and supported construction by the Federal government of the first great highway. Andrew Jackson,s not only threatened Southern states which talked about voiding national laws, but supported sending money to states in order to have highways and canals built. The transcontinental railroad was built due to federal money paid by the Lincoln government. Oh, federal legislation allowed for protective tariffs which raised prices for the average American, but allowed businessmen to make money.

Theodore Roosevelt busted corporations and urged federal regulation of them, he urged the national government to create a model school system in Washington D.C. and, he was among the first to call for a graduated income tax. Wilson pushed through the Federal Reserve System and we could mention other conservatives who wanted protective tariffs.

Ron Paul is the one selected by the conference as their hero. He wants balanced budgets and low taxes and non-intervention in foreign affairs. I guess that means conservatives do not wish to take action against terrorists. Oh, conservatives are the ones complaining about Obama being weak on terrorism.

Mugabism In Action-I Win, You Lose!

An election was held three days ago in Zimbabwe and, for some strange reason, the Election Commission refuses to tell the people of Zimbabwe exactly what happened. Or, to be more accurate, they will not inform Zimbaweans that an overwhelming majority rejected the continued presence of Robert Mugabe. However, in Mugabeland, whenever the people say they want someone other than the beloved leader, the people must be treated as children and the great leader must step in to ensure peace and prosperity. After all, how many nations in the world have a 100,000% inflation rate?

Riot police are out in force on the streets of Harare in order to ensure no one gets the idea of demonstrating to express their opinion about election results. The sound of silence is deafening from Mugabe’s office as he huddles with assistants in order to figure out how to come out the winner in an election in which he only got about 35% of the vote. Mugabism undoubtedly has its own system of mathematics which will transform a vote of 35% into winning margin.

We hope our sarcasm

Conservatives Fight Against US Military!

Watch any conservative TV show or read the conservative press and their constant complaints is that President Obama has deserted our military forces and refuses to listen to advice from those who lead the armed forces. A new conservative coalition promised to fight repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on grounds as Elaine Donnelly put it: “our men and women in uniform should not have to pay the bill for political promises the president has made to the left.” The Alliance Defense Fund is particularly concerned that members of the clergy would have to violate their faith by interacting with homosexuals and, heaven’s sake, they might even have to teach others that homosexuals are decent people!

Conservatives are right about one thing, it is time the American people learned who are these left wing Socialist Commies! Here are some of those names:

Colin Powell
Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Robert Gates who served in the administration of the left wing’s primary agent, George Bush.

I am bewildered on one point. Why are these God fearing Americans more concerned about the feelings of chaplains who don’t serve on the firing lines than gays and lesbians who every day risk their lives in the service of the nation?