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Pink Army Defeats Anti-Gay General

The non-stop right wing Republican attack upon any and all ideas proposed by President Obama even led to the uttering of blatant lies by retired General John Sheehan who told a Senate committee the slaughter of thousands of Muslim in the former Yugoslavia was the fault of gay Dutch soldiers. How Sheehan knew specific members of the Dutch military were gay is certainly a question one should be asking. Of course, he did not have a clue, but Republican senators wanted to hear something evil about gays and lesbians in the military. General Sheehan sent an email to the Dutch armed forces admitting the massacre of Muslims “was in o way the fault of individual(gay or straight) soldiers.” He wrote retired Dutch General Henk van den Breemen, “I am sorry that my recent public recollection of those discussions of 15 years ago inaccurately reflected your thinking on some specific special social issues in the military.”

A group calling itself the Pink Army announced that it will drop a proposed law suit against Sheehan since he has publicly apologized for his idiotic remarks. The real question is why no Republican senator challenged a recollection that made no logical sense!

Is There A Jackbooted IRS Agent In Your Future?

We have received reports from those in the know about IRS plans that even as these words are being written, an army estimated at about 16,000 agents are in training in order to enforce the SOCIALIST Barack Obama healthcare plan. As American now understand, the new SOCIALIST healthcare plan will compel those over the age of 55 to appear before special DEATH PANELS in order to explain whey they should be allowed to live. This is part of the Obama plan to reduce unemployment. After all, why should a committed SOCIALIST halt at removing the unemployed forever?

This special force of 16,000 men and women clad in black jackets and wearing black boots, will shortly descend upon anyone who is a member of the Tea Party and whisk them away to special camps that are being constructed in the Rocky Mountains where they will work in gold mines in order to assist WALL STREET BANKERS whose names happen to be Goldman or Garfinkel or Summers. We leave it to our knowledgeable readers to unravel this ZIONIST PLOT led by Rabbis to take control of the world.

To those who seek to defend this nation against Jackbooted Police, please make sure to watch Glenn Beck and FOX news in order to get at the truth.

Muslim Scholars Stand Against Terrorism

A conference held at Artuklu University in Turkey concluded with a statement by Muslim scholars entitled: “Standing United Against Terror.” More than fifteen prominent Muslim scholars from a wide range of nations, participated in the meetings and they unanimously agreed that “nothing can justify terrorism and indiscriminate murder in the name of Islam.” Participants made a special effort to examine the 14th century “Mardin Fatwa” which is often cited as justifying terrorism. The scholars agreed a 14th century opinion can not be taken to be cited as an official Muslim opinion. The “New March Declaration” which was issued at the conclusion of the conference emphasized, “actions of terrorist groups are not jihad, but arbitrary murder” and made clear the Koran “unequivocally forbids indiscriminate killing and murder.”

The conference made clear that “terrorists are destroying their own faith and disparaging the honor of Islam.” What else can be said other than why didn’t the American government after 2001 work with such scholars?

Aung San Suu Kyi Opposes Participation In Election

A group of military thugs run the nation of Burma–or Myanmar, which is their term–and they have decided to hold an election this spring to show the world they do have the ability to hold elections. The last election twenty years ago resulted in defeat of military goons by the National League For Democracy which led to a ban on the party and house arrest for its leader, Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi. The NDL confronted the issue of whether or not to participate in a fixed election or to refuse any participation. Aung Kyi spoke out against being part of the charade since it was an “unjust” election which would only result in victory for army leaders.

Could one argue for actually participating in an election you knew was fixed? If for no other reason, it would allow the appearance of expressing views, holding meetings and allowing the world to witness an election in which victors obtained 99% of the vote. Whatever number is used by the goons as evidence of a victory will elicit laughter from the world. By being part of a charade, the NDL demonstrates it IS a charade.

How Different Is Netanyahu From Other Israel Leaders?

On the eve of Passover in which the youngest boy asks his elders, “why is this night different from all other nights?” many Israelis are asking, “why is our current prime minister different from all other prime ministers?” Benjamin Netanyahu, by his stubborn refusal to engage in honest negotiations with Palestinian leaders has created a crisis with the American government that is unprecedented in the history of Israel. There are reports the US delegation at the Security Council, instead of using a veto to protect Israel, will abstain if a proposal is put forth condemning Israel action in building houses in Arab sections of Jerusalem. Israel officials have asked the White House if the US will use its veto, but have been unable to receive a response. There are also reports the European Union will support such a resolution in the UN.

Isaac Herzog, leader of the Labor Party which is part of the Netanyahu government indicated his party might decide to leave the government. “Labor will reach its moment of truth after Passover when it will have to decide whether or not to stay in the coalition.” A new poll reveals that 53% of Israelis are not satisfied with the Netanyahu leadership and 48% felt Israel’s international standing was very poor.

President Obama must hold firm if he cares about the nation of Israel.

Christian Militia Ready For War Against America!

The consequences of hate being spewed from the lips of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh generate an atmosphere of hate and anger that encourages those with turmoil in their heart to seek out causes of what they believe is behind problems in America. Nine suspects tied to a Christian militia that was preparing for the AntiChrist were charged with conspiring to kill police officers, and then make other assaults including firebomb attacks on a funeral. The Michigan based group called Huatree, planned the attacks as a catalyst to a larger uprising against the American government. After all, it is headed by an African who is a secret Muslim and undoubtedly tied to terrorist groups around the world.

The leader of this group of nuts is David Brian Stone who his wife claims got their sons involved with his madness. “It started out as a Christian thing. You go to church, you pray. You take care of your family. I think David started to take it a little too far.”

The group, in perfect NRA fashion, has been practicing with fire arms in the woods in order to get ready for its challenge to the United States armed forces. They claim the Bible notes the arrival of an Anti-Christ and who better fits the bill than a man of African American background? Ironically, these men are the anti-Christ.

Iraq Election-Good Or Bad News For Peace?

Many American leaders in both parties have hailed the election in Iraq as evidence democracy is succeeding in that land, and the war in Iraq has produced a beneficial outcome. There is no doubt being able to hold an election in Iraq demonstrates there have been changes but the more important question is the durability of what was achieved by having an election. Already, there are signs of a possible resurgence of violence between Sunni and Shiites in Iraq. Over the weekend, a prominent Suunni leader was celebrating the victory of the secular coalition led by Ayad Allawi when he was killed by a sniper. Yesterday, Sheikh Muhammad al-Mahalawi, another Sunni leader had his house blown up and several of his relatives died in the blast.

A successful birth of democracy requires both victor and defeated to come together and work for peace. However, in Iraq, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose party was in power and organized the election process, is complaining of vote fraud because his secular opponent gained 91 seats to his 89. Had al-Maliki promised cooperation and support for the man who defeated him, it would have sent a message that democracy also means, your party loses elections. The failure of Maliki to behave in a democratic fashion suggests that democracy will have difficulty surviving in Iraq.

Bombing In Moscow, Fruits Of Hate?

It was just another ordinary morning in Moscow and people were hurrying to catch their subway train in order to get to work or visit friends. Two females enter the subway, smiled, and quietly placed their fingers underneath their blouses, pulled, and suddenly the entire crowded subway cars felt a sudden blast which sent dozens of people into shock as the blast tore through their bodies. Within a few moments, 37 were dead, and over 60 wounded as members of a Chechen terrorist group sent a message to the Russian people. Last month, in the troubled area of Chechen where insurgents for twenty years have been fighting for their independence from Russia, their leader, Doku Umarov, had sent a warning. “Blood will no longer be limited to our (Caucasus) cities and towns. The war is coming to their cities and towns.”

The endless cycle of hate and brutality invariably produces true believers willing to sacrifice their lives for one goal or another. Prime Minister Putin could have worked with moderate leaders in Chechen, but, like George Bush, chose the path of violence. In the end, violence is always met with violence. In the end, innocent people die.

Japanese Have Annual Dolphin Murders!

The people of Japan have been peaceful since the end of World War II, and attempted to avoid being involved in killing, except, of course, when it comes to certain inhabitants of the oceans who are fair game to be slaughtered. Despite world wide attempts restricting the killing of certain creatures of the sea, the Japanese people believe limits violate their rights. Hayden Panettiere, star of “Heroes” and her boxing boyfriend, Vladmir Klitscko, visited the fishing village of Taiji which annually rounds up about 2,000 dolphins and kills them on their beaches. The TV star made clear her goal was to assist the village people discover ways they could obtain money without this mass slaughter of the dolphins. The Japanese government authorizes killing about 19,000 dolphins each year.

Village leaders refused to talk with the foreigners and it was a glum time for visitors who tried interfering in dolphin killing. The major response to Hayden’s visit was from right wing nationalists who question why Americans “kill cows” and how come President Obama has not apologized for the atomic bombs in Hiroshima in 1945.

Unfortunately, dolphins do not enjoy a long memory as to some Japanese people, but the dolphins do know when they are being killed.

Congo-Uganda: Where Death Is Not Proud

During the past decade, American presidents such as George Bush have proclaimed it is the foreign policy of the United States to spread benefits of democracy to nations which are ruled by dictators. But, for some strange reason, the people of the Congo just do not fit into that definition. Granted, there were no WMD in the Congo, and, granted it has many natural resources, but the lack of oil undoubtedly removes it from the scope of democracy. At least five million have died in the past decade, and today the Lord’s Resistance Army is again on the massacre trail. New reports indicate that hundreds have been killed and even more hundreds marched off to become members of the rebel group which has crossed over from the Congo and once again begun their assault on the government of Uganda.

American assistance to the Uganda army has led to attacks on the LRA, but since what is supplied is not sufficient to do the job, rebels are once again killing. A recent raid on their forces resulted in attacks on villages, killings, and marching off those who survive to be forced into the LRA.

What would have happened if 120,000 American soldiers had been sent to Uganda or the Congo?