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Gay Hating Imam Speaks To Swedish Young Muslims

Muslims become upset when a cartoonist draws pictures they regard as insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, but, for some reason, they never become upset when people of their religion insult other groups. The Swedish Young Muslims wanted a speaker for their annual conference and asked Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick from the United States to share his ideas with the group. As it turns out, the Sheikh has termed Jews, “dirty people” and advocated the execution of homosexuals, ideas which certainly are not popular with many non-Muslims. A head of Sweden’s gay-lesbian group was shocked that a Muslim group which supposedly stood for equal rights would invite such a man of hate to speak at their conference.

As of this date, the only comment from the Young Muslims is they were not entirely familiar with the ideas of the Sheikh. Huh? You invite people to speak and do not know what they will be saying?

Democrat Beer Party Launches Attacks On Republicans?

It is now clear that Democratic controlled Fox News is encouraging Muslim fanatics who support the recent health care bill to attack Jewish members of Congress such as Eric Cantor in an effort not only to wipe out opponents of the health care bill but to stifle voices which support the Israel government. Naturally, Cantor blames Democrats for recent violence in Washington and around the nation. He accused Democrats of “dangerously fanning the flames of violence” by pushing through laws such as covering the health needs of poor people. Next thing you know is that Democrats will actually be pushing for dangerous laws such as food for children or support for low cost college loans to students. There is no question such legislation is divisive and only encourages those with violent tendencies to resort to weapons of violence.

Actually, according to Richmond, Virginia police, someone shot a bullet into the air and it landed in the building where Cantor occasionally uses a room for an office. Of course, Cantor and his fellow Republicans are supporters of guns being allowed in the hands of anyone. Is it not surprising that when gun nuts are allowed to shoot in the air, some of their bullets actually land in the vicinity of Jewish Republicans?

P.S. We have it on good authority the bullet has been identified as being fired by a Muslim.

Obama In Kabul–To Shoot The Bull Or Take It By Horns?

President Obama made a surprise visit to Kabul and the jury is still open as to whether he is engaging in another bull session with President Karzai in which the Afghan leader makes vague promises which are shortly forgotten or whether Afghans are told what must be done–or else! General Jim Jones, a military adviser to the president told the media things were now different from the Bush era in which no pressure was ever exerted on Afghans. He assured one and all the president was going to make clear about new action such as a “merit based system of key government officials, battling corruption, taking the fight to the narco-traffickers which fuel the economic energy of the insurgents” and dramatic evidence the era of “talk and promises” was over.

We wish Obama luck on this approach, but we trust he understands that one more meeting about things which will never happen in the future is simply one more wasted opportunity for success.

Israel Prime Minister Scolded By Israel President!

It increasingly becomes evident that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to create a new war in the Middle East in order to justify his argument that Palestinians do not seek peace. Israel President Shimon Peres told the prime minister his policies were disastrous and making achievement of peace difficult as well as rupturing relations with the United States. He told Netanyahu the policy of constructing houses in Arab areas of Jerusalem was NOT the historic policy of Israel leaders, but the exact opposite. “Previous governments built in Jewish neighborhoods, but not in Arab ones. Even Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir did not build in the heart of Arab neighborhoods. That is why the entire world agreed (building in Jerusalem) was not a stumbling block to peace.”

What can one add to the accurate comments of the president of Israel. The only thing one could add is that if Benjamin Netanyahu was in America, he would be a leader of the Tea Party and match their ignorance of history.

Divorce Court Roulette?

There are many economic and political benefits resulting from creation of the European Union, but the unintended consequences also arise. Of one million marriages in EU nations last year about 140,000 were between individuals who lived in different countries. OK, getting married was not a problem, but what happens when they decide to split? It has become necessary for the European Union to introduce some guidelines as to in which of the two nations the petition for divorce will be filed. At present, couples rush to file their petition in their nation of origin on the expectation they will receive a favorable judgment. The race to judgment is creating chaos as couples use their nation as a weapon in the divorce.

The European Union will issue guidelines to assist local domestic courts determine the process of divorce. Ten of the 27 EU nations have agreed to abide by the guidelines and, hopefully, eventually all will concur. This should end divorce roulette.

Pope Benedict Will Not Listen To “Petty Gossip”

Pope Benedict XVI is a man who has spent his life in service to the Catholic Church and to God, but somewhere along the road to salvation he has somehow wandered off the road of respecting the rights of Catholics. In an Easter sermon given in St. Peter’s square he asked God’s help to lead one “towards the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion.” He also asked God to help “the young and those who work to educate and protect them” against harm. One hopes the Pope will read these remarks and reflect on his responsibility as head of the Catholic Church to protect those who are in Catholic schools against being harmed by priests and nuns.

The remarks reflect a lack of understanding as to the gravity of the situation confronting the church he heads. To term as “petty gossip” documented cases of child abuse by priests is simply shocking. To ask “God” for help when it is YOUR responsibility is shocking. God did not sanction the abuse of children, SOME priests and nuns did.


Separate Foxholes For Gay Marines!

General James Conway is commander of ALL Marines, but he apparently does not regard the men under his authority as being equal members of the Corps. He suggested in a recent interview of his disapproval toward recent decisions by Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, concerning the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays. “I would not ask our Marines to live with someone who is homosexual if we can possibly avoid it. And to me that means we have to build separate BEQs(bachelor enlisted quarters)and have single rooms.” His idiotic remarks came soon after General Benjamin Mixon urged soldiers under his command to write protests to members of Congress about changes in gay laws.

I assume if Marines can not live in the same barracks with gays and lesbians that it stands to reason when in combat those deviants should dig separate fox holes. After all, being together in a foxhole results in being physically together.

I also assume General Conway would not allow Marines to take the blood of gay and lesbian deviants. Better to die a straight Marine than to have the blood of a gay one!!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Passenger Tells Kid to Shut Up On Plane”
Could he please go to Congress and deliver the same message?

Sweden, The Local: “Should Elk Be On Coin Instead Of King?”
Put it this way, the elk gives more to people in terms of food than any king.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Stabbed After U Turn”
You should always drive straight ahead.

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: “TV Footage Of President Mubarak Talking”
Yeah, but was he walking?

Russia, St. Petersburg Times: “Cops Bust Gang Of Priests”
This is what is termed a, “hail Mary” arrest.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: ‘Long Term Illness Should Not Prevent Work”
Where else would you like to be on your last day on Earth than at work?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Senator Associated With Graft Steps Down”
And, the others, I assume, step up?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Mother’s Body Under Hotel Bed For Six Days”
I assume the bed was made. It’s that under the bed stuff that is hard to do.

Afghan Mess Continues

The never ceasing story of abuse and corruption goes on and on in Afghanistan making it virtually impossible not only to understand what is occurring on the battlefields of that nation, but who is in charge and what are their agendas. A 2,500 page document was presented to Canadian members of Parliament which contains a non-stop reporting of incidents in Afghanistan in which prisoners were abused, and attempts to uncover accurate information regarding the war effort in that nation were thwarted. For example, in January, 2008, a female MP on guard at Kandahar airport was grabbed by two assailants and told, “MPs best keep out of investigating.” In other words, those on the front line did not wish any investigations or supervision of their activities.

A new report from Canada concludes, “there is a disturbing tendency to keep information within and resist MP advice and oversight.” They did not wish any non-partisan military office to investigate their actions. Why, is the question?

Shut Up Or Leave Service!

Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made clear to General Benjamin Mixon that his comments concerning gay soldiers were unprofessional and indicated lack of comprehension as to how an officer should conduct himself while in the military service. Mixon, who head Army forces for the Pacific command, urged those who serve under him to protest lifting the ban on gays serving and even told them to get family members to fight to end any changes in the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law. As Admiral Mullen put it to Mixon, if you don’t approve changes in the law, then “vote with your feet” and get the hell out of the armed forces!

Those who serve in leadership positions within the American military should understand they are subject to civilian authority and they can not challenge the president of the United States.