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Dear Senator McCain:

Although I did not vote for you in the past election, there has always been a profound respect for your work in Congress and the many times you pursued the high road rather than sink into the depths of partisanship. Many Americans shared my respect for your integrity as an American who placed the interests of nation above those of political party. It is apparent the past election loss has been both a political as well as personal loss. It is also understandable that pressure from a right wing candidate weighs on your mind. However, recent behavior on the part of Republicans in Congress and members of the Tea Party can not have escaped your attention. A few days ago as John Lewis entered Congress he was assaulted with cries of “nigger” and Congressman Barney Frank was called a “homosexual.” As you know, John Lewis marched with Martin Luther King and was severely beaten for those actions and Congressman Frank is widely respected for his service in the House of Representatives.

Your silence at the hate and sneers at hard working members of the Congress is surprising. You, more than anyone in Congress, understands that service to one’s nation is the highest attribute an individual can attain. We may disagree with opponents, but there must be civility and respect for those with whom we disagree. The Republican party of Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft and Dwight Eisenhower would be turning over in their graves at the low level to which their party has sunk.

It is imperative for men and women such as you to regain the moral high ground for the Republican party. Newt Gingrich warns Democrats they will suffer for passing a health care bill just as Lyndon Johnson and Democrats did for standing up for civil rights for black Americans! The Republican party needs a new voice who can articulate an opposing program that is consistent with Republican ideas. Can you be the one to express that point of view?

No Viagra For Sex Offenders–Republicans Defend USA!

It increasingly is clear that Republican members of Congress represent the patriotic party of the American people. Instead of wasting time writing boondoggling laws providing health care to Americans, the Republican party has zoned in on real issues such as –NO VIAGRA FOR SEX OFFENDERS! Once such laws are passed this nation will become economically and politically strong. We expect our Republican leaders to shortly follow up the Viagra law with other important bills such as:

Free Prozac pills for loyal Americans like Rush Limbaugh.
No tea served in hospitals receiving federal funds.
Hospitals receiving federal funding will be compelled to only serve American Fries to patients.
One amputation per life. No loyal American needs more than one limb gone.
All hospitals receiving federal funds will be compelled to supply free hot air to anyone who can prove membership in the Republican party.
Illegal immigrants will be compelled to pay a 10% tax on wages for use in creating a Witches Group to handle their medical ailments.
A special “obesity tax” will be levied on those who are members of the Democratic Party in order to pay for stomach operations for Rush, Glenn, Newt and other chubby Republicans.
All hospitals receiving federal funds will be compelled to create wards containing a Cross for those who are Republicans and a Ward containing Cross and Bones for Democrats. If these people need an operation they are directed to the nearest plank to walk.

To Strip Or Not To Strip, That Is Question Of Era!

The legislature of Iceland had nothing to do with its time, given that the nation just went into bankruptcy due to fiscal mismanagement of the economy. The people of Iceland owe billions of dollars to other nations, but that is not on the mind of its leaders. Instead, they wish to deal with weighty issues such as — are women allowed to engage in the ancient art of the striptease? The government made clear, “it is not acceptable that women or people in general area product to be sold.” I get lost when the reference is to either “women or people in general.” Who exactly are the “people in general?” What specifically is wrong with a woman or a man, taking off their clothes to the sound of music? After all, people strip off clothes on the beach and not one apparently is upset.

The issue is not whether or not one can strip off clothes, the issue is don’t legislatures have other things on their mind than who is or is not striping to the sound of music? Off with teh clothes, we say!

Wall Street, Healthcare, And Real Issues–Lesbian Prom!

The United States is confronting terrorism in the world, Wall Street has wiped out the fortunes of millions, and healthcare has torn apart the nation, but it is now clear none of these minor events compares with the importance of who can go to the senior prom. At the center of attention these days is not Sarah Palin, but a young woman named Constance McMillen, who had the audacity to request permission to take someone to the prom–and, that someone was another GIRL! A federal judge ruled that Constance has the right to take another girl to the prom and organizers have agreed that all girls are invited, even girl-girl couples.

The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition is organizing a state wide prom for any gay or lesbian couples who encounter difficulty in their own schools. Of course, the key issue is whether or not boy-girl couples are allowed in gay-lesbian proms. Naturally, groups like the American Family Association are ranting about “schoolyard bullies at the ACLU using an activist judge to force schools to normalize aberrant behavior.” What next, transvestite proms?

No Western Style Elections In China

The Chinese government is proud their country is not going the way of decadent old-fashioned western democracy in which people are given the appearance, but never the substance of real democracy. In order to protect the right of Chinese people to vote correctly. If the American process of electing was in practice then only wealthy oligarchs would be heading the government unlike China which ensures that only members of the Communist party gain entry into the legislature or executive branches of government. As Li Fei notes, “Western-style elections, however, are a game for the rich.”

In one sense the Chinese approach is correct, remove money as THE factor in who gets elected. Unfortunately, in China, power and membership in the tight clique of those who wield power is a pre-requisite for getting elected to any important office. Of course, it would be interesting to have access to the financial resources of Communist party leaders and that of their children. What would we learn concerning the power of money?

Plant At Night, Blow Up In Day

At night, furtive figures scurry around planting home made bombs in roads they believe American soldiers will be using the next day. It is the city of Marjah in southern Afghanistan which had been ‘”cleared” of Taliban fighters in past weeks, but for some strange reasons they continue walking the streets of the city with impunity. According to General Michael Oates, the IEDs in themselves are not as deadly as what ordinarily has been used, but time spent clearing these bombs is time away working at establishing an effective government. Many in the American forces believe they are being expected to do more and more with less and less since there are just so many soldiers on the ground and they simply lack the numbers to clear out the Taliban.

The Taliban is retreating to hit and run tactics in which a single insurgent can tie down a dozen American soldiers. In the end, the Taliban is dead, and a few Marines are wounded. The war goes on and on.

I Am Nujood, Age 10,Divorced!

Muslims throughout the world, like people of all religions, contain those who cling to old outdated ideas and those who seek to become engaged in 21st century life. In some Muslim nations the exploitation of children is integral to the fabric of life and this was dramatized last year by the case of Nujood who as a ten year old in Yemen was married to a elderly man who was able to buy her with a cash payment to the family. Nujood was able to get her story heard in Yemen and soon it became an international incident. A French journalist sat down with Nujood and has captured her story in a new book that already has been released in French and now in English. The book will soon be translated into Arabic.

In her story, the girl recounts the “wedding night” and being taken by her family to the man she had to marry. That night she was raped, although officially it was simply another wedding night of sex for the bride. Nujood escaped and went to a court which led to her tale securing publicity and eventually ending the marriage.

According to UNICEF figures about one in four girls under the age of 15 find romance, love and marriage in the arms of an old man–one, who has the money for love, that is.

“We Got It Right,” Says Condi Rice

There is an old adage about try, try again until you get it right. Little did we realize that was the motto of the Bush administration in 2003 when it launched the invasion of Iraq in search of the ever elusive WMD. Former Secretary of State under Bush, Condoleezza Rice told an audience at the University of Hong Kong that in the end we got it right. “We didn’t understand how broken Iraq was as a society and we tried to rebuild Iraq from Baghdad out. And we really should have rebuilt Iraq outside Baghdad in.” Ms. Rice said more attention should have been made to work with tribal leaders, but we “finally got it right” in 2006. She also reaffirmed the Bush belief that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the Middle East and the world.

I am confident parents and wives of the 4,000 who died while Condi and George were trying to figure out how to get “it right” are now comforted from this statement. Of course, if Condi and George and Dick and Don had actually listened to Middle Eastern experts they could have gotten it right in 2003 and saved not only time and money, but thousands of lives. Ms. Rice is a former college professor and supposedly a scholar. This statement stinks of politics, not of scholarship.


We offer comments on the human condition by a 25 year old brain trapped in a 79 year old body.


There are many dogs in my apartment complex and often it is difficult figuring out who is walking who.

There ought to be a law requiring geese to clean up behind them.

I drink from a bottle, Bronx style. A germ is a germ, not a disease.

Portrzeboski was on her tee shirt. Irish she is not on St. Patty’s day.

There is no virtue in losing. It just means someone is better than you, unfortunately.

If a person listens while their head is in their palm it means they are paying attention.

I enjoy rising from my table in a crowded coffee shop just as a family seeks a booth to sit in. I feel so virtuous.

If ignorance was a virtue, Glenn Beck would be a saint.

If there truly is a “just God,” then surely in Heaven, the New York Knicks win the Universal Basketball Association championship at least once every ten years.

It is years since I heard the expression, “douche bag.”

Some open the door slowly as though they anticipate Freddie Kruger awaits inside, and others fling it open and dare the world.

I never discuss my car. I drive the damn thing, not love it.

I am a middle child. I accept what is.

All tiny blond haired boys look cute.

A man and a woman speaking softly are, by definition, engaged in a serious conversation.

A Single Egyptian Woman In Cairo

Single women throughout the world live in apartments, travel alone and enjoy nights out with friends of both sexes. Layla is a 31 year old graduate of college who obtained a job in Cairo and after several months of commuting decided to end four hours of daily traveling in exchange for a comfortable apartment near her work place. At that point, she encountered a prejudice that only single female Egyptian women encounter in the quest for living space. She contacted the manager of an apartment building in which several foreigners lived, but was told by the owner of the building that he “doesn’t like Egyptians.” At the next place the owner did not like girls(single ones, that is). As Asama Fareg, director of a shelter for women puts it: “in the Egyptian society, a woman has no choice. She can’t live by herself, she has to live with her parents or with her husband.”

Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile 21st century life in some parts of the planet with other parts, particularly when discussing issues of gender. Oh well, we have another 90 years to go before the century concludes.