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Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Do You Have Any Bombs To Check?”
No sir, just a few knives and guns.

Ireland, The Independent: “Missing Exam Pages”
Do test examiners get an F for incompetence?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Drug Lord Disguised As Woman”
Should he then be termed a Drug Queen?

South Africa, Argus: “I Thought It Was A Baby, Not A Cobra”

Sweden, The Local: “Driver Hits Elk”
We are pleased to report the car is doing well in its recovery.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Navy Retires Icebreakers”
And, you don’t believe in global warming!!

USA, NY Daily News: “Sell Baby At Walmart For $25″
Can I return the purchase without the sale slip?

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Toilet Wars Begin”
We do not cover smelly stories.

Sweden, The Local: “Two Struck By Lightening In Sweden”
Big deal, over two hundred million have been struck by financial lightening in America

UK, The Guardian: “Mr. Gay UK Arrested On Rape Charges”
Was the rape victim a lesbian or a gay person?

Avigdor Lieberman Attacks Netanyahu

Avigdor Lieberman, the most incompetent foreign minister in the world, blew up at his superior, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for holding secret meetings with the Turkish government in order to repair relations between Israel and its former ally. A factor in creating bad relations between the two nations was the ridiculous behavior of Lieberman’s assistant who last year invited the Turkish ambassador to a meeting, deliberately placed a low chair in the room, invited in Israeli TV and said in Hebrew how he was insulting the ambassador by seating him below his desk. Lieberman did not realize Turkey would only send an ambassador to his nation who was fluent in Hebrew. Now, the mouth that roars nonsense blasted his superior for undermining his authority. A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry released a statement about the secret meetings: “this is an insult to the norms of accepted behavior and a heavy blow to the confidence between the foreign minister and the prime minister.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in an attempt to repair relations. There is scant doubt Turkish political leaders have no respect for Lieberman. Hopefully, this explosion will result in departure of Lieberman from the Cabinet and a new alliance which includes Kadima which is committed to peace with Palestinians.

New Zealand Says, Thanks, But No

President Obama insists his administration will not give up the battle to gain democracy in Afghanistan even though such a victory might result in the end of his party’s political party in Congress. Even as the president speaks of surges and victory, if he turned his back there might be realization that European nations are beginning to process of leaving dear old Afghanistan. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key politely declined a request from Australia for more troops from his nation to fight in Afghanistan. There are presently a few hundred New Zealand troops in that country and they work in Usuzgan province alongside Dutch troops. But, the Dutch are packing up this summer and bidding a fond farewell to the mountains and deaths of Afghanistan. Key expressed concern that his troops felt uneasy accompanying Afghans they train once the recruits leave the compound and actually get outside where the Taliban lurk.

There is growing evidence most European nations are ready to cut out of Afghanistan and leave the mess in the hands of the United States. The message is clear–the Afghan government is corrupt and incompetent so training soldiers who lack faith in their own government is an exercise in futility. It is time for everyone to make clear to President Karzai– appoint a Cabinet of honest technocrats or we leave!!

Beware Wrath of God World Cup Fans!!

I confess to being one who is oblivious to the entire World Cup hysteria which will undoubtedly put me in good standing before God who apparently is quite upset at the entire thing known as the World Cup. Siraaj Mohamed told a court in South Africa that, after discussing the matter with God, he has been informed the Man in the sky is angry at the entire World Cup frenzy. According to Mohamed, (not the Prophet, it should be made clear) “the way people worship the World Cup is the same as the way people worshipped the golden calf in the time of Moses.” God informed him that people in, south Africa, and particularly those in the vicinity of facilities being used to play the World Cup, should be cognizant that God is ready to destroy the entire city and everything within its boundaries in order to make clear His displeasure at this fawning worship of false gods.

Heck, God, I am bored by the World Cup, so I assume there will be no lightening bolts headed in my direction. Of course, I am concerned due to my loyalty to the New York Knickerbocker basketball team that God might let me experience an earthquake or something like that. I just can not imagine HIm being a Knick fan.

By the way, God, do they have the World Cup on other planets in the universe?

Kashmir Never Goes Away

Decades have passed and Kashmir still remains a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. Or, one can argue the conflict is between India and the people of Kahsmir. Unfortunately, it is more than a question of two major powers since divisions within the state of Kashmir have caused Hindus and Muslims to continually have conflict. During the past few weeks, Indian occupation forces have engaged in conflict with demonstrators which resulted in the death of several teen agers. Earlier this month, a seventeen year old died when hit by a tear gas shell. Over the weekend, more teenagers died as people marched in the streets shouting “we want freedom.”

The Kashmir dispute requires compromise and trust. It is time for Indian troops to leave, but they cannot go until assured the Hindus in Kashmir and their religious places of worship are protected. Is there a role for UN forces in this dispute?

Can One Support A Boycott Of Israel Goods?

This blog has consistently opposed those who seek a boycott of Israel goods while ignoring more blatant violations of human rights such as in China or the Congo or in Iran and a dozen other nations in which thousands are killed. However, the United Kingdom Methodist Church has identified a more specific way of instituting a boycott. It seeks to boycott any goods produced by Israeli settlements which are located on land taken from Palestinians. It hopes such action will deal with the settlements and their impact on the peace process. “it reflects the challenge that settlements pre;sent to a lasting peace in the region.” A valid point and we support this goal.

However, we expect the UK Methodist Church to also support boycotts against Chinese products coming from Tibet, an area which has been taken over by Chinese business enterprises at the expense of local Tibet people. We also expect the church to identify other areas fit for boycott such as factories in which children are abused and forced to work in terrible conditions. If the concept of directed boycott makes sense, it should be used in all examples of violation of human rights.

Exclusive! Are Sarah Palin And George Bush Secret Russian Spies??

Based on authoritative sources within my mind, I am now able to identify several key Russian operatives who have been secretly worming their way into policy making circles of the United States in order to destroy our nation. Russian spies seek to weaken the economic and military capacity of the United States. They seek to create disharmony and conflict within the country. They seek to foster instability and turn Americans against one another. Figure it out. Who has been working to accomplish those goals more than any other institution or person in this nation?

The answer is clear– George Bush and Sarah Palin!!

George Bush inherited a budget showing a surplus and a national debt of about $5 trillion. When he left the budget had a deficit of over $800 billion and out national debt was $10 trillion.
George Bush pushed the US into two wars that have cost over a trillion dollars and created disharmony in the nation.
George Bush ignored the Constitution and set this nation along the road to losing its liberties.
George Bush appointed men to the Supreme Court who are lackeys for Big Business.

Sarah Palin and her Communist Front Tea Party set American against American.
Sarah Palin’s economic ideas make absolutely no sense in the 21st century.
Sarah Palin has dumbed down politics in America to the lowest level.
Sarah Plain has persuaded millions of Americans that electing morons is the goal of our democracy.

Laura Bush is a wonderful lady, but could someone explain how she knows Russian words?
Tea Party ideas, if implemented, would lead to an economic collapse of this nation.

Face reality– if you were head of the Russian KGB who would you like as leaders of America?

Pride Days In Budapest Abound

There are people in Budapest who spend their nights worrying about gays marching in the streets. After all, first gays marched in the open, then came the lesbians, then came a march by left handed people and finally, one leg activists hopped down the street in an attempt to persuade people to abandon a leg and join with them in a hopping match. Csaba Koletar, fears gay pride marches will influence the Hungarian population into abandoning male-female interactions and God knows what they means for the survival of the nation. “We would like to protest against the open practice and popularization of homosexuality in Hungary.” His organization of concerned believers in two sex marriage intend to openly march in protest against the gays and lesbians and any other kind of weird sexual union.

I think he has a point. Isn’t it about time those of us with causes had our own march? I expect marches from the following groups to show those damn gays, they are not the only gay group in town:

Lefties United Against The Right

Chess Playing Fanatics

Cheerleaders Anonymous

Booklovers Forever

Jews For Peace –With Anyone

Sarah Palin Is The Daughter Of Christ Believers

Three Manhole Cover Stickball Hitters

Why Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Stalls

Sounds of frustration Obama representative George Mitchell can be heard a thousand miles away from the Middle East and it is doubtful if either the president or his envoy will have any other experience than being frustrated. The real issue is why does Israel Benjamin Netanyahu hedge and stall and refuse to offer any thing other than platitudes about his concern for peace? We believe Bibi is stalling until after results come in from November Congressional races which he expects will result in victories for Republican conservatives. If Netanyahu can wait it out and a new crop of ideological Republicans take over Congress they can exert pressure on the president to hold off on getting tough with Israelis. He expects once this occurs to then proceed with settlement construction and condemn President Obama to the dustbin of history.

Mitchell has received more specific feedback from President Abbas who seeks a genuine peace settlement. There will be no progress until November results come in. If Democrats hold their own, Netanyahu will become more receptive to honest negotiations. Until then, frustration is the name of the game.

Tornado Paparazzi Cover The Storms

Modern communication and information now allow any person to have the opportunity of being in the right place when a tornado touches down to create death and destruction. A new breed of tornado paparazzi have emerged who beat police or ambulances to the scene of an oncoming tornado and then zoom down the highway seeking to capture pictures of the tornado’s progress. Unfortunately, as they clog the highways with vehicles and cameras it has become difficult for ambulances or police cars to rapidly proceed to the scene of destruction. According to Harold Brooks, a meteorologist, “because data is available to anybody, you can essentially have live radar data in your vehicle” and thus join in the mad scramble with police and other groups seeking to assist people who have been impacted by a tornado.

There are reports some of these individuals are tour guides who are paid to thrust thrill-seekers into harm’s way while others are after photos that can be sold for $75 to up to $100. Tiffany Crumrine who spends time chasing tornadoes says it is “the thrill of the chase… That’s the excitement.” Of course, it is not exciting to someone needing medical assistance if ambulances are delayed getting to the scene of an accident.

We await a new TV Reality program on “Running With The Tornado.”