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Sovereign Immunity Does Not Exist In USA

The sad case of sexual abuse of children by priests can never have anything other than a conclusion which does not please anyone. The United States Supreme Court refused to hear a request from the Vatican that it be granted “sovereign immunity” from prosecution in a case involving a man known as “John Doe.” Mr. Doe alleges that he was abused in Portland, Oregon by a priest named Father Andrew Ronan and nothing was done to prevent these actions. At the heart of the Doe case is a charge that Father Ronan had abused children in Ireland, then in Chicago, and then in Portland because instead of being taken away from contact with children, the church allowed him to pursue his activities in order to avoid embarrassment. The Court refused to recognize the concept of sovereign immunity and allowed a trial to proceed.

There is no doubt Pope Benedict opposes priests who have engaged in sexual abuse and is attempting to prevent future occurrences. At this point, the best policy to be pursued is allowing cases to come to trial, place priests on the witness stand, and allow them to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Spies Come In From Under The Covers

The Russians are very clever people. They sent a dozen prostitutes to the United States with instructions to infiltrate the American government establishment and get some secret information. These under cover agents ostensibly were to spend time under the covers with American males and extract from them all sorts of “secrets.” From what we gather, they did seduce a “financier” and a “scientist” who supposedly had connections with atomic bomb developments. I am confused. The United States government has been working with Russia on strategies to get rid of atomic bombs, but the Russians are sending agents to uncover secrets about the bombs that will be destroyed! Wow, prostitutes got a financier into bed with them. Frankly, that is not very impressive, given that a governor of New York was consorting with prostitutes.

I guess the good news is a prostitute made out with a financier. I guess the bad news is she made out with a financier. These financiers have not been doing very well in the market. Exactly, what information did the prostitute get from her “financier?” Strikes me this is much ado about nothing except some prostitutes had bad sex.

McCain To Filibuster Gay Ban

Senator John McCain has promised to engage in a filibuster if a bill comes before the Senate that will end the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy against gays in the armed forces. Senator Carl Levin, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, expects a favorable vote if the measure which repeals existing regulations dealing with gays and lesbians reaches the floor of the Senate. Levin argues if someone opposes repealing the existing regulation, they should place their proposal before the Senate and allow a majority to make the decision. However, McCain promised when asked that there is no doubt he will pursue the filibuster option.

John McCain served gallantly in the armed forces and, most probably, served in the company of some men who were homosexuals, although they never spoken openly about their sexual feelings. He knows gays and lesbians have died in the service of their nation. He owes to their memory that preventing a vote is not the honorable manner in which to behave.

Immigrants Back German Cup Team

Football by an other name has the capacity to arouse fierce feelings of pride and anger. Ibrahim Bassal, an immigrant to Germany from Lebanon owns a small store in an area which has a high percent of immigrants. The immigrants became fanatic fans of German football and demonstrated their passion by purchasing a giant German flag to hand over the street as people gathered around their television sets in order to watch World Cup matches. They exploded with joy when Germany defeated England, but much to their surprise their enthusiasm was not shared by a group of left wing Germans who hated football as much as they hated what their nation represents as a result of World War II. A woman entered his shop and viciously attacked Ibrahim for displaying flags. She shouted that she was ashamed to be German because of World War II atrocities.

As among the founders of a Holocaust museum in America I stand with Ibrahim. The people of Germany have no connection with Nazi atrocities before they were born. A human can only be responsible for his/her actions, not those of parents or grandparents. If the Lebanese immigrants to Germany take pride in their football team it clearly shows that those who select to live in a nation are just as patriotic as those whose ancestors came a thousand years prior. Wave the damn German flag when your team wins.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK,The Independent: “Man Denies Night Stalker Attacks”
It was during the day, you idiots, not the night!

Tanzania, Arusha Times: “Responsible Tourism”
Buy, buy, buy.

Pakistan, Daily Times: “Gates Sees Improvement In Afghanistan”
He also promised Santa would visit every little boy and girl this Christmas.

Sweden, The Local: “Berry Crisis”
A sweet thought.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Bedbug Sniffing Dogs Here”
Do they sniff out crooked congressmen?

China, China Daily: “Love Affair Behind Cop Rampage”
I guess some people like criminals.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “Manifesto For Future”
There will not be one.

South Africa, Argus: “Boys Lose Penises”
This is a short story with a long tale.

Sweden, The Local: “Condemn Pig Cannibalism”
Well, this is one crime no one will blame on Israel.

Russia, Moscow Times: “In Need Of Six Year Plan”
These days getting through today feels like six years.


Sixty years ago this week a war began when troops from North Korea swept over their border with South Korea to begin the Korean War. I am one of those who served in the American armed forces during this war which, for most of my fellow countrymen, has been condemned to the events of no importance file. Most of those who served were born in the Depression, spent our initial ten years of life in poverty, our adolescence as children in World War II and then came the Cold War. We missed the Roaring Twenties and its wealth and we missed being part of the “Greatness Generation which won WWII. We are a generation which has always been ignored and we don’t even have a name. The slogan of Korean War soldiers was: “that’s the way the ball bounces, sometimes she comes up, sometimes she goes down.”

What did we do? We were the first generation of American soldiers who fought alongside Negroes since the Revolutionary War when George Washington refused to have segregated units. We ended the color barrier and gave birth to men like Colin Powell who would one day become head of the armed forces. We gave birth to children who were teenagers in the Sixties and participated in anti-war protests as we realized the Vietnam War was going no place other than leading to the death of American soldiers. We knew all too well the American people did not wish to fully commit to war just as the current generation of Americans allows 1.5 million young men and women protect 300,000,000.

Our war has disappeared from American consciousness. But, its lessons apply to the world of 2010. We were the soldiers who fought for “limited wars” and recognized the US could not use all of its weapons in order to conduct a modern war. The lesson of the Korean War was resolution lay in a negotiated peace, NOT VICTORY. This is the lesson for the Obama administration. The war in Afghanistan must be resolved at a bargaining table, and, frankly, America does not even have to be a party to that negotiation.

President Obama– learn the lesson of the Korean War

Say, Jesus,About That Crucifixion….

There are billions of people who believe Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross by the Romans and killed and there are millions of people who believe Jewish priests colluded in this death. According to the Gospels, this man of peace was forced to carry a cross, taken to a spot, and then nailed to the cross and left to die. Gunnar Samuellsson of Gothenburg University, did an extensive research of ancient literature in order to uncover evidence the Romans employed this form of punishment, but was unable to find any other descriptions of such an event except for the one offered in the Gospels. Based on his research, descriptions of such forms of death are simply not found in antique literature.

What does his research mean to those who are Christians as well to those who are not Christians. The issue has never been how Jesus Christ died, the issue has always been teachings of this man of peace. The issue has never been who was responsible for his death, the issue has always been can those who believe in his ideas fulfill his dreams of peace and goodwill among men. All too frequently, those in the Christian religion have posed the wrong questions about Jesus Christ. If one truly believes He died for their sins, then it is imperative to behave according to his beliefs in peace and human justice and not worry about taxes. How can anyone who believes in the ideas of Jesus Christ get upset because the poor are being fed with government money?


There are some nasty people in the world who claim the government of Afghanistan has some corruption lying around its reputation, but according to the President of the country, this is a deliberate lie spread by friends of the Taliban in order to discredit his government. To make certain not such lies are allowed to circulate, Afghan prosecutors and investigators have been ordered to remove names from case files and disregard evidence when it points in the direction of good, decent people like those who are friends of the president or any number of his brothers and family members. According to one US official sent to conduct corruption investigations, “above a certain level, people are being well protected.” A spokesman for President Karzai angrily denied such allegations: “there is no case, no instance in which the palace or anyone from the palace has interfered with a case.” The Afghan Attorney-General, Mohammed Ishaaq Aloko has repeatedly impeded prosecutions of suspects. When questioned by US officials he comes across as apologetic and can only mumble: “I’m doing this because this is what the President tells me I have to do.”

A recent case illustrates problems with corruption in Afghanistan. The former Minister of Islamic Affairs, Siddiqu Chakari was facing charges of extorting millions of dollars from companies seeking contracts to take pilgrims on the Haj to Mecca. He was banned from leaving the country. But, when he got to the airport he produced a letter from Attorney General Aloko saying he had the right to leave, and leave he did, along with millions of dollars.


This blog has been highly critical of the current Israel policy toward Palestinians, but when a leader such as Bashar al-Assad tells the world while in Venezuela that Israel is a “genocidal state,” it raises questions as to whether the son has any knowledge regarding actions of his father back in the 1980s. Naturally, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who increasingly is destroying democracy in his own nation, cheered at the remarks of Assad and made certain the world knows what he thinks about the “genocidal Israeli state.” The death of a single human is horrible, particularly when caused by actions of those seeking to impose their will upon a people. The death of a thousand is infinitely more horrible and those responsible should be punished. But, for President al-Assad to complain about Israel without looking in the mirror of time, that is not merely irresponsible, but a violation of civil rights of Syrians.

On February 2, 1982, the then President al-Assad(Bashar’s father) unleashed the full force of his armed forces on the SYRIAN town of Hama because it was the center of dissent to his dictatorial regime. Airplanes bombed the city while tanks and thousands of soldiers entered to kill the opponents of President Assad. The conservative estimate is that at least 30,000 men, women and children were brutally murdered by their own troops while some estimates go as high as 40,000. After this massacre of MUSLIMS by MUSLIMS, there were no street protests in Arab or Muslim nations, no outcry against the brutality. Silence reigned.

Israel killed over a thousand people in Gaza, at least half were innocent civilians. Those responsible should be punished. But, to compare what Israel has done with the mass murder of over 30,000 raises questions. Thousands of Muslims protested the appearance of cartoons, but not a single one went into the streets to protest the murder of 30,000 of their fellow Muslims.

Guns, Guns, My Kingdom For A Gun

The United States Supreme Court in its now expected 5-4 vote, upheld the right of individuals to carry their throughout the land regardless of any state or local attempt to impose some guidelines on who can own a gun. As Justice Alioto argues, it’s the 2nd Amendment and no one can argue with that document. I believe the Court is now ready to protect the rights of ALL Americans to carry their guns anywhere. I believe each student attending school has the right to carry a weapon, and if their teacher is one of those damn liberals who insults God fearing Americans who believe in Creationism, then the student has at least the right to fire a warning shot across the chest of the teacher. Then again, if we can carry guns, why not knives and hand grenades? Why can’t a God Fearing American enter a bank, wave his grenade in the direction of a bank teller and if that kind soul wishes to drop a few dollars in his direction, mark it down to the 2nd Amendment.

We have yet to take the next step in fortifying our second Amendment rights. The next time I go to the doctor I intend to bring a revolver and if not satisfied, claim the right of self defense and kill the bastard for not curing my cancer. Of course, if some damn liberal minister or rabbi or priest continues with their sermons I have every right to show them my weapon in the church and request they change the sermon. It is my 2nd Amendment right!