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Uncle Tom Sowell Goes Wild On Obama

Noted constitutional expert, Sarah Palin, is concerned at what is happening over the past two years to the rights of Americans. She recently twittered her followers to read a new article by Uncle Tom Sowell who blasted the Obama administration for following the ideas of Nazi, Germany and eroding our rights as Americans. “In our time, American democracy is being dismantled piece by piece before our very eyes by the current administration.” He is particularly upset at “extraction of vast sums of money from a private enterprise” that the president will use as he damn well sees. Uncle Tom Sowell sees remarkable similarity between the ideas of Barack Obama and those of Nazi, Germany.

I originally thought on reading the weekly nonsense by Uncle Tom that appears in my throwaway newspaper, that he was referring to the administration of George Bush. The arrest of thousands of people who happened to be of Muslim background, the wire tapping of our phones, claiming the right to have librarians inform the government what is read by people, the arrest and detention of hundreds of people in jails without specification of charges or the right to a fair trial, the torture of prisoners — a violation, not only of the Constitution, but of the Geneva Accords that America promises to obey. I would think Uncle Tom would be concerned that an American president lied about WMD and sent over four thousand Americans to their deaths, but I guess Uncle Tom is a self hating black man who sucks up to those in authority and will vilify President Obama in order to get a better salary for the garbage he prints.

As for Sarah, I assume she knows as much as Nazi, Germany as she does about economics, or the Constitution.

World Cup Woes

Confession, this is the first year I ever paid any attention to the World Cup and I am 80 years old. Frankly, my love for American baseball, football, and basketball, never led me to ever have any interest in what the rest of the world terms, “football” and I term it, “soccer.” I tried watching World Cup matches and saw men running back and forth on a field, keeping their hands to themselves, and using other parts of the body in order to propel a ball. Sometimes, this man known as a “referee” would intervene and there would be a kick. Back and forth they went and very occasionally a term would have one of its players kick the ball past the goalie. But, most of the scores were 1-0 or 2-1. I assume this excites people to the extent they fight and shout and may even kill one another if their team loses.

American lost by 2-1. I honestly tried watching with interest. Frankly, it is all a big bore. Can’t you guys change some rules so that more goals are scored? After all, how the hell can I shout happiness because someone did not score?

New Zealand “Nice Guy” Defends Hitler

He was termed by a colleague, “an all-round nice guy who would not have meant it.” the “it” referring to a rant made by New Zealand TV star, David Fane. Frankly, I have never heard about this man and have absolutely no idea who he is, what he does, or anything about his views on life and people. But, when so-called “intelligent” people who are in the limelight make remarks such as: “Jews were expendable,” or “Hitler had a right” or HIV sufferers deserve to be roasted” it definitely sends a message to the world concerning their ideas about the human condition. Mr. Fane now admits, “they were dumb words spoke by a dumb man,” but the dumb remarks we make during the course of a week are ordinarily concerned with other issues than defending Nazi leaders and the murder of six million Jews.

I am always fascinated at age 80 how people today refer to Adolf Hitler and, particularly those who seek to defend the murder of over 30,000,000 human beings. Of all the leaders in history why does this man select Hitler as one requiring him to be a defender? What is in the Hitler evil that so attracts one to defend this behavior? That is the question and if Mr. Fane is truly sorry, perhaps he could explain the workings of his mind which lead to these comments.

Pass For No Jail, Be In Italian Government

It has been claimed that no person who had a million dollars was ever executed for murder. The old adage that businessmen have one law for themselves and another for the rest of humanity. Italy is an example of a nation in which if you possess billions, then go right ahead and steal, ignore the law and proceed with life on your own terms. Silvion Berlusoni is not only the richest man in Italy, he is also its prime minister. He recently appointed one of his stooges, Aldo Brancher to the post of Minister for Federalism and within days Mr. Brancher invoked the “legitimate impediment” law which will allow the prime minister to refuse attending court to deal with charges of banking fraud and laundering of money. According to the law, Berlusconi can assert he is too busy running the government of Italy to bother with such minor issues as to whether he did or did not break a law. As one Italian politician noted: “there are two ways to escape justice in Italy; either become a fugitive or win a seat in the Berlusconi government.”

The sad aspect of this story is behavior of the people of Italy who sanction such men running their government.

If There’s Oil, We Care

The Falkland islands lie thousands of miles away from the United Kingdom and it is doubtful if during the past twenty years anyone in England has spent a second of their daily lives feeling proud these islands are part of what once was known as the British Empire. But, recent geological reports indicate the Falkland islands just might possibly posses large amounts of oil off its shores. For decades, Argentine has insisted the islands belong to them and even engaged in a disastrous war over that issue in the 1980s. Prime Minister David Cameron has the misfortune during the G-20 meeting to come in contact with Argentine President Cristina de Kirchner, gave a nod and later issued a statement making clear, the issue of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands is not open for discussions or even a conversation.

Cameron was in a feisty mood and even had a statement issued telling the government of Iran “we expect the government of Iran to respect the rule of law and freedom of expression as outlined in the international parties to which Iran is a party.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Argentine and the UK could jointly develop oil deposits and witness success between two nations working together?

I’m In Iraq And My Kid Is With The EX!

“Jane,” a soldier now serving in Afghanistan, is divorced and legally has joint custody of her son although the ex-husband has never bothered in three years to ever see the boy. However, the Pentagon in May issued a directive requiring those who are being deployed overseas “to attempt to gain consent” from the former spouse if the child is being left with a third party such as parents. However, lawyers believe there is no legal ground to prevent an “ex” from gaining custody of the children once the parent has been deployed overseas. They argue only a court sanctioned agreement has any legal basis. Thousands of possible cases could arise once a soldier who has custody of a child is sent overseas.

As “Jane” comments, “It scares the life out of me.” Well, Jane, it scares the life out of me and millions of Americans that 1.5 million young men and women have been given responsibility to protect 300,000,000. We place these fine young men and women in harm’s way in more than one instance. We need new legislation to protect those with children who are sent overseas.

Black Clad Men And Women In Toronto

My daughter is named after the famous feminist anarchist Emma Goldman, I was once patted on the head by the great radical Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and I never crossed a picket line in my life, but actions of black clad men and women in Toronto leave me in a state of wonder and confusion. OK, they are anti-capitalist, they are anti-police, they are anti-big business. I got that part. They enjoy throwing rocks through the windows of banks or government offices or stores owned by large companies, I got that part. They believe the world is run by male chauvinist guys(were Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel males?) and they want something different. That’s where they lose me. Exactly, what DO they want?

The world of 1848 that Marx described is long since gone. The world of 1914 is long since gone. Heck, capitalism of 1949 no longer exists anymore than world economics of that era is possible. These are people lacking ideas other than, “I’m against.” Their cliches lack any connection to the world of 2010.

Palestinian Refugees Abandoned By Lebanon

Among the unspoken aspects of the Palestinian refugee problem is failure on the part of Arab nations to afford these people equal rights, let alone welcome them as members of their societies. Thousands of Palestinian refugees gathered outside UN headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon to protest failure of Lebanon to afford them equal rights, equal opportunities to obtain jobs and rights of property ownership. Beirut police do not allow anyone to protest about everything which led Palestinians to seek help from the UN. Among issues that upset Palestinians is their inability to own property even though hundreds of thousands were born in Lebanon and have lived in the country throughout their lives. Moat live in dire conditions in refugee camps and are denied basic civil rights.

It would strengthen demands of Palestinian leaders if other Arab countries showed the slightest interest in respecting the rights of Palestinian refugees. How can one demand of Israel what no Arab nation will grant– the right to own property in their nation?


We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.

I frequently have moments of indecision attempting to decide which type of burger I want to purchase.

There is nothing more amusing than the wrong order delivered to the table.

I become infuriated when the cup with change is empty and I have to hand over a nickel for the penny.

At age 79, no one asks for my proof of age.

I await the next special: “Meals for 25 Cents”

Patience today is not a virtue, it is a necessity.

I purchased 12 oranges for 99 cents. I walked into a supermarket and they sold three for a dollar. Are those special oranges?

If there is a meeting, who comes first, the man or the woman?

It is almost impossible in fast food places to shut one’s eyes and take a deep breath.

In my youth the manner of dress denoted income. Today, it is the reverse.

There are moments in my life at 79 when I wish I had a million dollars so I could decide what to do.

It is ironic that those yelling for return to basic American values shout down opponents at meetings. Is this the “basic American value?”

I still hate being served. In the Depression, we never went any place where someone served us.

For many American workers, shitting is the only place where one gets a moment of rest and solitude.

At age 79m fatigue hits me more in the morning.

If a young man wears a large cross I assume he is in a motorcycle group.

Old expression, “no atheists in a foxhole.” New expression, “no praying in public places”

I spent a Sunday afternoon with a group of elderly female leftists. Life in the past was the motto.

One is allowed to lean on a table when two are sitting, but not when there is a crowd.

I often wonder what it takes to get a “Disabled Parking” sticker. Does mental disability count?

America would be in better shape if we all cooked our own meals.

Cartoon Wars Resume In Indonesia

There is a section of the Muslim community in this world which devotes its days to prayer and contemplation about who is drawing cartoons that depict the Prophet Mohammad. It is quite clear the Prophet Mohammad spend a great deal of his time worrying about the crime of drawing cartoons. There are even incidents during battles against Christian forces in which the Muslim army halted, inspected cartoons drawn by their enemy, and then aroused by a fury of anger, swept through the enemy and burned every darn cartoon they could find. The Danish intelligence agency, PET send operatives to Indonesia in order to question terrorist leader Abdullah Sonata concerning his plans to blow up the Danish embassy in Jakarta in retaliation for the printing of cartoons several years ago.

In life, one should have causes to fight for and die for, so what better cause than the drawing of cartoons. OK, so millions of Muslims lack food or live in countries governed by corrupt leaders, so what! The only way to give their lives meaning is to kill each and every last cartoonist who dared to print a cartoon which depicted the Prophet Mohammad.