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Battlefront Report On Immigration Invasion

I am with units of the Immigration Invasion Force(IIF) which has been slowly, but surely pushing its way across the broad expanse of the United States in order to assume control of the economy, and, next step, the governments of such states as Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. I was informed by General Diego Juarez the next goal of his forces is seizure of the important road crossing located in Fremont, Nebraska. Now, some will argue, who the hell cares about Fremont, Nebraska, but to the IIF once in control of Fremont and its meatpacking industry, local inhabitants will be so terrified as to surrender control over their local government. Sorry, we just received a report from Fremont where Hillary Clandon reports election results which ban the hiring of illegal immigrants or allowing them to rent property. According to General Juarez, “we are left with no other option than a frontal assault on Fremont, capture their City Hall, and destroy all records dealing with illegal immigrants. That is the only way to save our fellow immigrants.”

During the past few months I have been able to attend briefing sessions and military discussions with leaders of the IIF. They hope to capture Fremont, then move across into Kansas and onto Colorado where they will join up with the 3rd Division of the IIF which is active in the Rocky Mountains. I have been informed the invasion will not cease until it has reached California where General Juarez intends to hold a referendum which would abolish the state government and allow a takeover of government by anyone who has at least five billion dollars. General Juarez made clear he is financially supported by a coalition of Middle Eastern oil tycoons who seek to take over America, impose the Muslim religion and then institute Sharia law.

First they came for the illegal immigrants, then they came for the legal immigrants, then they came for –YOU!

Khaled Said–Emergency Law Martyr

He was not an important Egyptian political leader or excellent student or prominent businessmen, just an ordinary man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Egyptian security police grabbed him, punched and kicked his body before finally shoving his head against a marble shelf in a cafeteria. The official police report said Khaled Said died of asphyxiation by swallowing narcotics. Unfortunately, for the Egyptian government the blooded battered face of Mr. Said is now all over the Internet and no one believes he killed himself. Mohamed ElBaradei, former UN nuclear chief, has joined in protests against the Mubarak government for its atrocious civil rights abuses. Hopefully, if there is the slightest chance of an honest election for president, ElBaradei will take on the authoritarian ruler of the country.

Egypt remains an important hope for Middle Eastern peace if it can become an economic giant and use its influence in the cause of peace. It needs leadership like that of ElBaradei who has a humanitarian grasp of the world and seeks creation of a democratic society.

Iraq And Afghanistan -Similar Or Different?

Once again, General David Petraeus has been asked to initiate a military campaign in a nation wracked with insurgents and conflict. The famous “surge” he implemented in Iraq did result in a reduction of deaths, but two years after the supposed “success,” Iraq continues to witness bombings and death by al-Qaeda. Are there parallels between Iraq and Afghanistan?

1. In both nations, insurgents are deeply embedded within local populations.
2. Security forces are ill equipped, ill-trained and poorly led.
3. Both countries are led by corrupt, inefficient governments.
4. The local population has scant trust in either its own government forces or those of the US.

Back home, the American public in 2010 is even less confident there is any exit strategy in Afghanistan that makes sense.

What about differences?

1. The war in Iraq was mainly in urban areas. The war in Afghanistan is fought in rural and mountainous areas.
2. Iraq had a large educated class which, under Saddam, became secular. Most of its population is literate. Afghanistan is mainly illiterate, and the educated class is small.
3. Iraq has a well educated female population. This is just beginning in Afghanistan.

Can Petreaus pull it off? Who knows, the Shadow only knows.

Sarah Palin Defense Fund

Former Governor Sarah Palin established a defense fund while still governor in order to deal with complaints concerning her actions, but, by posting the word,”official,” it implied the fund was recognized by her in her role as governor. OK, it pulled in $400,000 which is about what Sarah pulls in for a weekend talk before her admirers. Frankly, Sarah Palin is among the greatest examples of someone who enters politics, winks and blinks in order to get across she is “one of the people” and then proceeds to cash in on the gullibility of those who believe Sarah actually has a idea in her head. The tragedy of Sarah Palin and her defense fund is tricking her followers into believing the forces of evil were out to get the fair maiden. From day one, Sarah had one thought in her mind– how to make money!

It is too bad Sarah never got together with the former governor of Illinois. Between the two of them, hustling dough was the ONLY order of business.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, jakarta Post: “Minister Against Sex Ed In Schools”
Just in the streets.

UK, The Independent: “Your Dead Patient Told”
That is what I wish to hear on my death bed.

South Africa, Argus: “Mom Held For Hoax”
She’s really a dad?

Sweden, The Local: “Big Royal Turnout For Wedding”
This is one big royal pain in the ass.

Finland, Sanomat: “Goodbye Nuclear Bomb”
Hello, oil spill.

Denmark, copenhagen Post: “Pols To Save Puppies”
Each homeless person will get one.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Pain In Spain”
I guess it’s raining on the plains.

USA,Army Times: “Puerto Rican Troops Need Birth Certificates”
Will someone tell Tea Party Puerto Rico is part of the USA.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Girl 13, Sold For Fuel”
Regular or premium?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “‘Panel Rejects Female Viagra”
I’m down for that.


President Barack Obama thought he had resolved a problem with relieving General McChrystal of his command in Afghanistan, but it becomes increasingly clear in so doing the proverbial can of worms was opened. Senator John McCain, fighting to win a primary against a Tea Party opponent, decided the time was now for him to draw upon his military credentials and challenge the president on his war strategy. “you cannot tell your enemy,” said the senator, ” when you’re leaving in warfare and expect your strategy to prevail. That’s just a fundamental of warfare.” In one sense, McCain has a valid point about letting the enemy know when you leave the battlefield, but the question is whether in so doing the object of that information is the enemy or your ally in Kabul? As long as incompetent, corrupt President Karzai knows there will be US and NATO forces in his nation, there will be no move to end corruption and inefficiency.

Another problem is by appointing General Petraeus, the president is now trapped in a dilemma. The general has repeatedly made clear.”we have to be careful of deadlines.” What happens if Petraeus wants to hold off on sending troops home, does Obama fire him?

Sad Times For Belgian Catholic Church

Thee is a sadness in each new report concerning allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. One is sometimes left with the impression that each and every priest has been engaged in sexual abuse. As in any organization, a minority has created an image. Police raided headquarters of the Catholic Church in Belgium, seized computers and files and left with the sense a new story of sexual abuse is about to emerge. A police spokesperson said: “the police have received accusations of connected with sexual abuse of children.” As one who worked in a Catholic college with some wonderful people, the tragedy is failure to be open concerning those who abused children which only resulted in greater harm than good.

The real question is when will the church develop a strategy that enables this issue to be addressed and resolved once and for all.

Petraeus Told To Adjust Tactics

The Pentagon almost unanimously agreed with the dismissal of General McChrystal for insubordination and backed the appointment of General Petraeus as the new commander in Affghanistan. Joint chief of Staff chair, Admiral Mike Mullen, said: “Any new commander, General Petraeus included, will go in, assess his command, and what is it going to take to achieve the mission.” He has the flexibility to introduce new tactics or any changes that are necessary. Mullen, admitted he was “nearly sick” when he first read the Rolling Stone article. “Literally, physically, I couldn’t believe it.” Of course, he basically admitted current tactics would be pursued, although there might be adjustments.

Reality, is that General McChyrstal violated his West Point training, but the unanswered question is whether a new general will obtain the old or new results. This blog doubts the end result will be altered, but we offer the Pentagon good wishes on their old ideas.


I recently was reviewing the original New Deal program of Franklin Roosevelt which began in March, 1933. The resemblance to January, 2009 is amazing, but the reaction of FDR as contrasted with that of Barack Obama is dramatically different. Both confronted a severe banking problem and both dealt immediately with this issue. However, Franklin Roosevelt said from day one that second problem that must be immediately addressed was –JOBS. Within six months plans had been set in motion for nearly 2,000,000 men to be at work. These work efforts resulted in protecting our national forests, building schools, hospitals, bridges, employing artists to paint beautiful murals in schools, writers to write, roads to be built, and houses constructed. A year has gone by and President Obama promises–eventually– the economy will get back on its feet and there will be jobs. Harry Hopkins, a key adviser to FDR, one said: “People do not eat in the long run, they eat today.”

While the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, is using billions of dollars to improve test scores, at least two hundred thousand teachers will lose their jobs. While the Duncan agenda focuses on testing and scores, our schools are dumbing down the curriculum. In the 1930s, there were programs to ensure young people could remain in college, today, we make certain they will not. What is wrong with the Obama approach?

There is a disconnect between Obama and the American people. His favorite expression is that something is “very difficult” to explain. A leader knows how to express complexity in clear terms. A story to illustrate the problem. About 3,000 veterans of WWI marched on Washington in the spring of 1933. Mrs. Roosevelt left the White House by herself, made certain the marchers had a place to sleep, talked with them, even sang songs with them, and discovered some were so broke they wanted to get into the new CCC program which was designed for young people. She talked to some people, got a waiver, and 2500 were allowed to enter. She then arranged free rail transportation for the remainder. In other words, PEOPLE were always the focus, not the wealthy and their needs.

As FDR once told a banker who complained about his programs: “Buy some old clothes, get a second hand car, and travel around American talking to people, then come back and talk with me.” Good advice to President Obama.

Hyperbole Extraordinary –Gaza And Iran

Among the ongoing problems with Israeli leaders is when they have right on their side they work very hard to ensure the world concludes they are on the wrong side. Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, told religious soldiers in his command that Israel would not allow Gaza to become an Iranian port. He charged allowing ships to bring aid meant one must be on guard against Iranians sneaking in missiles and other weapons of war. “We have a natural right to examine and prevent the inflow of weapons into Gaza.” Yes, Israel does have this right. Exactly who denies Israel or any government of preventing weapons to cross their borders. Ashkenazi poses a question to which there is only one response and stands defiantly before soldiers proclaiming he is defending the nation.

The best defense of Israel is when its leaders work in a cooperative mode with Palestinian leaders to achieve peace. Secure peace and all talk about missiles and weapons will cease. Stop posturing on the stage of defiance, General Ashkenazi, and take a deep breath and work for peace.