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Army Times staff interviewed officers who had worked with General McChrystal. Following are comments they made about their former general.

NcChrystal comments concerning Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and National Security advisor James Jones:
“I was shocked because I know a lot of those guys. The comment about Holbrooke, the comment about Jones , come on, are you kidding me? that’s just unprofessional is a mild word for it.”

Filed Grade SF Officer who served with McChrystal:

“I was surprised they would speak like that, even amongst themselves. I know all of his inner staff..(and) I never heard anybody say anything politically negative about Obama.” He went on to add: “Never, ever would he talk bad about a superior in front of his own subordinates. It’s just completely out of character.”

This field grade officer thought McChrystal should be fired. “I never thought I would say this. Until this article I was a huge McChyrstal fan. I was just floored at how immature he came across. every son of a b—near mcChrystal should be fired as well.” He dismissed the argument the general was an essential ingredient for success in Afghanistan. “Stan McChyrstal is not the linchpin of the strategy, and frankly, it has not been going well.”

I am certain the general will do well at Tea Party events and make money.

Drugs And Oil Don’t Mix

Ostensibly the war on drugs and the war to deal with oil spills have no relationship with one another. Oil continues gushing from the Gulf of Mexico with latest counts indicating only 24,000 of the 60,000 gallons being captured. A robotic controlled submarine banged into the containment cover adding still another problem to the ongoing disaster of a disaster. Meanwhile, the noted drug lord, Christopher “Dudus” Coke was captured in Jamaica at a checkpoint which checked the woman and discovered it was none only by the man they sought. Two isolated incidents. But,in both, government refuses to take action against crime because it will upset those in power. Instead of demanding effective controls over oil drilling, the US government actually believed one could trust business to supervise itself. Instead of allowing drugs to be legal, the American government enforced laws that led to creation of huge drug cartels. The issue is: how can governments be effective in dealing with crime?

We need a government that is intelligent enough to sanction drugs, legalize them and collect needed revenue in the form of taxes. We need a government that will not allow business to operate under its own rules.


The Military thugs who run the government of Burma have decided to implement a new version of democracy. Under their code of conduct for elections, opposition members can not march, if they do move their feet, they can not talk, they can not issue bulletins, papers, videos or anything that might be construed as damaging the government. Guidelines for the election, prohibit “giving talks, and publishing and distributing publications with the intent of tarnishing the image of the state.” Democracy, Myanmar style, means the primary responsibility of those in the opposition is to praise the government and urge people to vote for it. For some strange reason a few of those in opposition parties have the idea their task is persuading voters to support their parties. Why would a government hold an election if they could lose it? That makes no sense.

Elections are held to enable one and all to join in support of the government.


Jeb Bush is a loyal member of the clan which has ruled America for 12 of the past twenty five years so it is only normal that one so accustomed to power is upset when the contributions of his dad and brother are not recognized. The former governor blasted President Obama for “bullying” his brother by blaming Republican failures to oversee drilling and charged Obama will not accept responsibility for his own mistakes. “It is childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility.” OK, let’s examine the record;

1. Former President Clinton left George Bush a national debt of $5 trillion along with a balanced budget to begin paying it down.
a. George Bush left Barack Obama a national debt of $11 trillion along with a budget that was $400 billion in deficit.

2. George Bush inherited an America that was not engaged in any war.
a. George Bush left Barack Obama a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan and turmoil and conflict.

3. George Bush appointed men who disliked any government oversight of business.
a. Lack of oversight led to the oil spill because rules and regulations were not followed.

This is not an example of spilled milk, this is an example of a Bush administration that is incompetent.

General McChyrstal In The Dock

General McChrystal is gone along with his toady sycophant officers who regard their leader as the only one knowing how to win in Afghanistan. Reality is there is scant evidence tactics employed by him have led to any serious weakening of Taliban forces. Initial reports from US soldiers in the field is glee and happiness the man they blame for the wrong tactics is finally relieved of command. He was upset because Obama officials expressed concern about the Karzai government, he was upset because promised troops were not yet in Afghanistan, he was upset because the president did not display the right attitude when talking with him, in a word, the general was upset.

Frankly, the issue is not this or that general’s ideas. The issue has always centered on the ability of the Karzai government to win the support of its people. If there is no effective government, even Napoleon would have difficult winning in this environment. It is time for the Obama administration to confront reality and respond to a simple question: Is it possible for defeat the Taliban without dramatic changes in the Afghan government?

Netanyahu’s World Of Victimhood

The essence of all great political leaders is the ability to enter into the minds of opponents, grasp their world perspective, and use that knowledge in order to decide on policy initiatives. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an intelligent man, but he simply can not escape his own mindset and he simply can not see the world as others see it. He roared at human rights activists urging them to “go to Tehran” is they were so interested in human rights. Of course, human rights is under assault in Iran, but what does that issue have to do with Israel or the Gaza strip? Netanyahu believes his nation is the the object of a vast conspiracy to destroy the state of Israel. “We know that the attacks on Israel are threatening its existence since we constantly hear people saying, ‘go back to Poland or Morocco.’ They are essentially trying to dismantle the Zionist enterprise. They want to strip us of our natural right to defend ourselves” He went on to complain the flotilla attacked Israel soldiers and attempted to kill them.

Helen Thomas, an elderly reporter, made stupid remarks about Israel which were condemned by the entire American media. She then retired. A SINGLE ELDERLY WOMAN WITH NO INFLUENCE MAKES A STUPID REMARK– and the existence of Israel is threatened?? Actually, the flotilla did NOT attack Israel soldiers until they boarded vessels. If they had not boarded them, no one would have been hurt.

It is time Israel leaders returned to common sense and ceased making wild remarks. President Abbas wants to negotiate, but he cannot when Israel continues building settlements and destroying Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Bibi, relax, take a deep breath, end settlement expansion and there will be peace.

To Drill Or Not To Drill, That Is Question

A Federal Judge struck down action by the administration of President Obama to restrict drilling for oil in the Gulf Of Mexico. According to Judge Martin Feldman, telling American businessmen they can not drill where the hell they want to drill is a violation of their constitutional rights to destroy the environment of this nation. The government ban extends to deep water drilling for oil and gas in waters of at least 500 feet depth. Judge Feldman argues this ban would cause “immediate and irreparable harm to businesses” along the Gulf Coast.

We inhabit a strange country in which those with money can despoil the land, spread toxic waste and when told to hold off until government officials check out the situation, they charge infringement of their rights under the Constitution. There is a sickness on the land of America, and it is caused by business interests.

Woman Tried For Sex With Gang Rapers!!

There are times in life when we males feel happy to be males and not females, particularly when stories emerge from Muslim nations about the treatment of females. An eighteen year old Emirati woman went for a ride with a male friend. They had a pleasant time and one thing led to another and the end result was sex between the two people. The man, feeling macho, decided to contact five of his friends, and they came over and proceeded to rape the woman in a gang bang of power. After she complained to the police about the rape, police, naturally, arrested her for having sex with several men. Police logic appears to argue, she DID invite one man to have sex which, in their perspective, logically means she really wanted to have sex with the other five men.

The woman was not represented in court by a lawyer, and no member of her family was allowed to be present. It is a crime for a single Muslim woman to have sex with a man. We live in strange times.

Goons Still On Rampage In Kyrgyzstan

The nice big Us Manas air base sits in Kyrgyzstan and is used to convey supplies to those fighting in Afghanistan against terrorism. Of course, even as planes head south toward the terrorists, they fly over area in which terrorists are on the loose beating, killing and stealing from members of the Uzbeck minority. Kygryr troops entered an Uzbeck community, beat several dozen men and women in the heart of Osh, and then left with their money and valuables. Human Rights observers claim the troops, who supposedly are protecting people against mob violence, resorted to mob violence in order to complete the job of burning down homes and stores that began last week by local mobs. It increasingly becomes clear the Kyrgyz security forces are in collusion with ousted leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev and want to restore him to power. The interim government appears powerless at this point to protect its own citizens against its own armed forces!
The ironic aspects of this matter is violence and terrorism go on while US planes fly to prevent such outbreaks. Is there a moral in this story?

What Price Humanity In El Salvador?

The item in a newspaper was buried on the bottom half of a page. There was nothing dramatic about the story, just some gang members who halted a bus on the outskirts of the capital of San Salvador, forced people to remain in the bus, doused the vehicle with oil, and then set the bus afire. The gang also fired into the bus as they prevented people from leaving. Police finally arrived and helped to save some of the commuters. Most people on the bus were from poverty areas and were trying to get to their jobs, but, to the sick gang members, concentrating on poor people is much less riskier than taking on the wealthy. And, after all, if you are poor and without means to exert your rights, it leads sickos like these gang members to take out their anger, their poverty, their fury at those who suffer form the same problems.

I often wonder, if there is a God, what he thinks about such behavior. These thugs have killed 217 bus drivers so far this year, men trying to feed their families. I was raised during the Depression when gangs avoided poor people and focused on the wealthy and middle class. Today, in the era of Tea Party anger, just pick on the defenseless is the cry–whether in El Salvador or in the USA.