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UK University Tragedy Still Tragic

I was born in 1930 and spent my youth in the great Depression. My older cousins attended the FREE colleges in New York City to which any student with a B plus average could attend. Those with B averages were able to attend the night college, and then transferring to a day program. The United Kingdom still has 181,488 students clamoring to get into college and as August draws to a close it is apparent that at least 150,00 will be left outside the doors of learning. Most of those who have not been able to enter attained an A average in secondary school, but virtually all college classrooms are filled. Perhaps, university professors, when they are not passing edicts about what should be done in Zimbabwe or urging boycotts of Israel, might decide to take a stand for students. If British professors can urge a boycott of Israel academics, how about urging an end to the boycott of students? What can be done:

1. Each professor in a university in the UK can volunteer to teach two additional courses –at minimum wages–in order to provide more spaces in the university for those who should be attending college.
2. An online degree program should be instituted not later than January, 2011 to handle ALL STUDENTS WHO COULD NOT ENTER NOW.

This problem can and should be solved. Pardon my sarcasm about UK professors, but they so enjoy acting morally superior concerning events outside their nation, but refuse to take action to protect the rights of UK students.

Republicans Betray Petraeus And US Soldiers!!

A Stars & Stripes story from Beirut indicates there is growing anger among Muslims in the world about the vituperation and hate surrounding building of a mosque NEAR the 9/11 site. Each Muslim who becomes furious at insults to his religion and turns to radicalism adds one more insurgent that our troops have to confront in battle. Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani and Fox News morons who continually declaim that Barack Obama is a secret agent of Muslim fanatics are doing their best to encourage young Muslims to join al-Qaeda and the Taliban! Professor Ahmad Mousalli, or American University in Lebanon, nortes, “many Muslims are miffed by the stateside debate, largely conducted by non-Muslims. Rejecting this(mosque) has become like rejecting Islam itself. The US has historically been distinguished by its tolerance, whereas Europe, France, Belgium and Holland have been among those who have rejected the symbolism of Islam.” The Daily Star in Bangladesh, comments that President Obama, has “placed ethics and principles ahead of politics.” Just about every Muslim nation has reported anger at the wild claims and statements emanating from supposedly responsible Republican leaders.

A constant comment one encounters is, “why should we allow a mosque to be built when Saudi Arabia does not allow churches to be built.” For the record, Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim nation which forbids construction of churches. Hysteria and hate are triumphing in America and our fighting men and women will suffer– and die==because of Fox News and vicious people like Glenn Beck.

Saudi Government Tries To Outdo Iran

I have been told for decades there are Muslim nations which harbor terrorists and engage in barbaric practices such as stoning women to death for heinous crimes like holding a man’s hand. Of course, Saudi Arabia is one of the “good Muslim nations” because it sells us oil and any nation that helps quench our oil thirst must be one of the good guys. A court in Saudi Arabia was hearing the case of a man who during an argument used a meat cleaver in the fight and his action resulted in severing the spinal cord of the other man. The court decided to revert to the old Biblical adage of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In this case, they want to exchange a severed cord for a severed cord. A judge approached hospitals in order to inquire if they would be willing to use a medical procedure to cut the defendant’s spinal cord. Amnesty International has urged the Saudi government not to return to medieval ideas and punish the man in a normal manner. Of course, Islam also urges forgiveness, as do many religions.

The world is aroused at the proposed stoning to death of an Iranian woman which many critics cite as evidence fanatics rule country. We wonder if similar anger will be directed at Saudi Arabia, the dispenser of justice and oil.

Of course, it might be interesting to apply such principles in America:

Glenn Beck will be compelled to take a class in Constitutional law and a class in American history.

Rudy Giuliani would be compelled to join an army unit fighting in Afghanistan in order to demonstrate how he defeated Osama bin Laden.

Sarah Palin would be forbidden to smirk while talking.

OOps, I forgot, the Saudis hate al-Qaeda so they must be the good guys.

Mosque Issue Angers Muslim

As right wing pundits denounce the betrayal of those who died on 9/11 and demand an end to any consideration of allowing Muslims to construct a new mosque where a current mosque exists, this explosion of anger and hate sends a message throughout the world. In Afghanistan, General David Petraeus argues the United States cares about Muslims and is able to differentiate between terrorists, who are a tiny minority, and the vast majority of peaceful Muslim citizens. Of course, he now has to explain to people who are told by the Taliban and al-Qaeda that Americans despise the Muslim people. A carefully orchestrated program of hatred has been initiated by Fox News and the Republican Party for one reason– destroy the Democratic party and persuade Americans that President Obama is a secret Muslim agent of al-Qaeda. Yesterday, newspapers in Indonesia, Kuwait, Egypt, and a dozen other Muslim nations reported how Muslims are being depicted in the US media and Congress. How does a Muslim react to Newt Gingrich comparing Muslims to Nazi, Germany, or ministers who refer to their religion as one centered in hate and intolerance.

This outpouring of of invective is rather strange coming from Christians who were responsible for the murder of six million Jews during WWII, the murder of over fifty million in their conquest of the New World, their destruction of Indian people in the American west, and one could throw in a few Inquisitions. The message from American leaders is coming across –do not trust Muslims. If a Muslim in Saudi Arabia commits a crime, then all Muslims in the world are equally guilty. If one used this logic regarding Germans, then the obvious conclusion is: since the German nation killed six million Jews and over thirty million other people during WWII, including gays, lesbians and Roma, every single person in the USA of German heritage is also guilty of these crimes. I can not understand how we allow the German language to be taught in schools!

Just remember, the only good German is a dead one.


Each day we offer a summary of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus: “Not Trying To Control Media”
All I want is for the media to speak the truth as I define the truth.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Solution To German Can Problem”
Nicht can do.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Girl Defends Naked Photo Shots”
I support the principle of baring the truth.

Sweden, The Local: “Bear Frightens Boy Peeing”
Piss on stories like this.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Exam Results Miscalculated”
Has anyone considered giving exams to those who correct exams?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Putin’s Priorities”
Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin….

Ireland, Independent: “Pope’s Visit Includes Nap Breaks”
Being Pope is a tiresome task.

Finland, Sanomat: “Teachers Support Strike, 150%”
I think they could use a course in math.

China, China Daily: “Suspect In Car Theft Has Alibi”
And, he is sitting on that alibi.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Infidelity Causes 10% Of Divorces”
The question is whether the infidel person or the person subject to infidelity wants a divorce.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Abbot Answers Tough Questions”
Abbot what?


I was raised in a Conservative Jewish family and spent World War II filled with anger at Nazi, Germany. Little did I dare to dream that one day, Rabbis would be echoing the words of Heinrich Himmler. A recent book by two Rabbis contains ideas that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party would welcome as though spoken by one of their followers. Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, in their new book, “The King’s Torah,” wrote the following words:
“Even if civilians are tied up or imprisoned and have no choice, but to stay and serve as hostages, it is possible to kill them.” “In discussions on the killing of infants and children.. it is reasonable to harm children if it is clear they will grow up and harm us.”

Following is what SS leader, Heinrich Himmler told his men after hearing some had problems with killing women and children. This is from a 1943 speech to them: “We have the moral right, we have the duty to our people to do it (kill Jews) to kill this people who wanted to kill us. We have carried out this most difficult task for the love of our people.” He added some words about killing women and children emphasizing, we cannot “allow the avengers of our sons and grandsons to grow up.”

How can any Jew today maintain respect for the leaders of Israel, particularly their rabbis??

Death In Manila On A Sunny Day

Our daily world is filled with pictures of terrorists blowing themselves up on the assumption their death will somehow, some way change the world and lead to the triumph of whatever they believe is the truth. Yesterday, on a sunny day in Manila, a group of tourists from Hong Kong were enjoying their trip to the Philippines, snapping pictures, and chatting. Few even noticed the Filipino policeman who hitched a ride into the capital. However, suddenly, he turned on them, pointed his rifle and informed the group they were his hostages. Fairly quickly, police arrived on the scene to be greeted by the former policeman shouting that his dismissal from the force was a terrible error. He placed paper on the window which said, “big mistake, to correct a wrong decision.” His brother, Gregorio a policeman, arrived on the scene in an attempt to calm down Rolando Mendoza, but he was so filled with anger at the police for dismissing his brother they had to take him away.

This entire scene was broadcast live on TV so family and relatives in Hong Kong could see every bit of the action. There appeared to be some confusion as the police did a terrible job of having a negotiator work with the distraught man. There was even an attempt to board the bus that resulted in shooting a member of the police. Finally, Rolando went wild, killed eight tourists and was shot in the head.

Hong Kong authorities are furious at the bungled operation that played out on TV. One can only wonder if it is at all possible in the modern world to prevent such scenes from being viewed by the world.

U2 Jokes About Medvdev And Russia

Th good news about President Medvedev is that he is no Putin and can take a joke. U2’s Bono joked about the president’s preference for the Beatles, and said, “if that’s true, that’s it, I’m gone.” However, he added his own love of Beatles music means he will remain in the country. When asked by the media about the group’s campaign for many social issues, he responded”I’m really good at rescuing cats from trees.” However, it is clear Bono understands the Russian people because he added, that Russia was the reason the war against Nazi, Germany was won, and “I am proud that we are performing in front of such people. I have always liked the bravery of the Russian people.” To further his work in persuading Russians that his group was for their nation, U2 will link up during their concert with Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenkoi who is up in the sky listening to the music of U2.

U2 had waited for over two decades in order to perform in Russia. Any group which is polite enough to remember what the Russian people did for humankind in World War II deserves our heartiest hope for a successful performance.

And, please remember, any nation headed by a man who loves the Beatles, is on our favorite list.

China Cracks Down On Forced Labor

The Chinese government has decided to crack down on those who abuse workers by making them labor for extra hours without sufficient payment for services. A draft amendment to Chinese law states, that those forcing others to labor through violence, coercion or the restriction of personal freedom will be subject, in addition to fines, to a maximum of seven years in prison. The proposed law is a reaction to recent events which entailed abuse of individuals. Last year, 10 were arrested for beating and forcing 32 mentally handicapped people to work in brick kilns in slave-like conditions. The new law also makes criminal assisting others to abuse workers.

My only question is: “if it will soon become illegal to force others to work under inhumane conditions does this also apply to the Chinese government which compels individuals to labor under conditions which they believe strips them of their humanity? Does censorship of ideas constitute abuse of humans?

Ah, what a wonderful day when leaders of the Chinese Communist Party are in jail for abusing the rights of workers!!

Brazil Hostage To Terrorists

Ah Brazil, land of enchantment with people dancing in the streets, gorgeous beaches, a dynamic capital city of Rio de Janeiro, and sunshine and gorgeous men and women. What could one desire more than life in such a paradise? Guests at the International Hotel in the city are now cowering in their rooms after witnessing the hotel invaded by ten gunmen demanding something, but deciding to hold 30 guests as hostages in their standoff with the police. Finally, after gunfire wracked the area, the police were able to negotiate with the criminal band for release of hostages and return to some form of quiet and peace. The gunmen entered the hotel with high-caliber rifles, grenades and pistols and when the police arrived at the scene, there are reports dozens of the gunmen fled to the safety of a nearby slums. One guest wryly noted, “It seemed as if I was in Iraq.” After end of the siege, many guests told reporters they were not leaving the hotel because of fear there were criminals waiting outside.

Rio de Janeiro supposedly is the site of the 2014 World Cup matches. Who knows, maybe football players will show up for the games, but will there be spectators in the stands. Of course, the government of Brazil could always negotiate with criminals to fill in the stands. Heck, why not encourage them to bring their rifles and grenades and thus ensure Brazil is victorious in the games?