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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Thieves Hid In Bank Vault”
At least the police did not have to run them down.

China, China Daily: ‘Journalist Jailed For Taking Bribes”
Good, he can now give bribes to the men who gave him bribes.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Golf Partner Thought He Departed”
Well, that is one way to win a game.

South Africa, Argus: “Plato No Good To This City”
They prefer Socrates.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Court Decides Bedroon Issues”
I assume court authorities want to test out the issues in a bed.

Sweden, The Local: “Quack Doctor Sentenced To Jail”
If he is a quack, I assume the jail is in a chicken coop.

Finland, Sanomat: “No Promise Of Warm Spell”

Canada, Toronto Star: “Should You Buy Retirement Insurance”
Of course, you could be dead on arrival at retirement.

Norway, Norway Post: “Distortion Festival
A night on Fox News.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Gay McDonald’s Ad”
The ad makes clear McDonald’s only serves gay people.

Obama Infuriated At Netanyahu!

President Barack Obama is reportedly infuriated at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for rejecting a draft proposal that was developed by an advisor to Defense Minister Ehud Barack and US officials. The draft called for an extension of the freeze on settlements for an additional sixty days that also assured the Israel government of support for their ideas to station troops along the Jordan border in order to prevent arms smuggling. Obama promised after the end of the sixty day period he would not ask for an additional freeze halt and he promised to protect Israel in the Security Council by vetoing any proposal that would damage their interests. Dennis Ross, who played a key role in this negotiation, regards Netanyahu as a liar and is urging the president to adopt a different tone in dealing with Netanyahu.

Reality is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects a Republican victory in November and has concluded that would prevent Obama from pressuring him in any way. Failure of Republican senators to work with the president on a bipartisan plan for Middle East peace is bearing the fruits of violence. There will be another intifada and violence will erupt in Israel. Naturally, suicide bombers will then provide hard liners like Avigdor Lieberman with justification for being obstinate. Future historians will note the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister did more to hinder peace than any other factor.

Love In Secret, Death In Open

There is no doubt anyone reading this story has already read a version. The death of Tyler Clementi has become a landmark case of snooping into the lives of ordinary citizens due to the quest for open portrayal of our lives. Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi, who secretly recorded a sexual encounter between two males operated on the theory they have a right to tell the world anything and everything about the lives of those who they know or don’t know. We inhabit an Open Society in which our emails are really not our emails, but can be accessed by millions. We go for a walk and someone is taking pictures of the street and before we know what happened the day we took off for illness is now revealed to our boss as a vacation from work. In England, there are currently thousands of cameras recording daily activities of just about everyone. They get our picture entering a subway, they have a portrait of who we are chatting with at a bar or did we accidentally bump into a person. We are not alone, we are in an early version of 1984 in which not merely “the government,” but WE are also jail keepers of the world.

I am certain Molly and Dharun are angry at being apprehended because all they were doing is what thousands of other students do–record minutia. which all too often becomes an international incident. How about a daily turning off of all cameras for an hour?

Death Be Not Proud In Afghanistan

Our tendency is discussing Afghanistan is to focus on the Taliban and warfare, rather than explore the dynamics of ordinary life in a nation which is governed by old men whose only thought is of themselves, and certainly lack any concern for daughters, wives or in-laws. Halima, age 20, was admitted to a hospital in Herat, a fairly refined city which contains numerous cultural centers. Halima tried to burn herself due to a life of hell as second wife to a man who had lost any interest in her and was content to spend hours deep into heroin which was supplied by his second wife. Life was hell for her, and finally, Halima concluded, “I thought it would be quick death.” She survived. She will return home to the same hell since no male elders would lift any hand to help a young woman. Dr. Aref Jalali, claims he has ten such cases each month in the hospital. Of the 67 cases he has handled, 33 died, 15 left, and the others were not heard from. Dr. Jalali believes many leave the hospital knowing they have an infection and hope it will result in a quick death. A heritage of forced marriages, young girls married off to old gents in exchange for an animal or drugs or to settle a debt result in thousands of women who live a life of hell.

After nine years of “liberation” Afghanistan is still controlled by elderly men who regard women as their servants. There are sporadic attempts at supporting women rights, but they eventually can not stand up against the force of tradition and men who simply do not agree to any concept entailing women rights. Such, are the fruits of “liberation.”

Perils Of Being Leftist Leader

The history of this century is replete with example of our beloved CIA manipulating events in order to provide an aura of innocent on their part and blame on some leftist leader who is blamed for directing his nation into disaster. President Rafael Correa, may not be the most brilliant head of state, but there is scant doubt he antagonized business leaders in Ecuador who feared his leftist language and actions. Yesterday in Quito, the nation’s capital, thousands of police protested against spending cuts-or, at least that is the reason offered for their anger. The protesting police were met by the president in the streets where he defied them to “kill me if you want to kill me. Kill me if you have the courage.” Some attacked him and Correa was rushed to a hotel for safety. He went on the radio to tell people, “we’re faced with a permanent conspiracy. The opposition are behind this attempted coup d’egtat.” Government ministers told supporters to rush to the hotel and protect the president against a possible physical assault that might result in his death.

At this point, the presence of CIA agents is not visible. Most probably, twenty years from now when documents are open to the public we will discover the hand of Americans in this “spontaneous” uprising of police. In mystery stories we say, cherchez la femme. In political tales, we say, cherchez le CIA.

Watch Them-They’re Only Muslims!

We all know that Muslims living in England or Iran or anywhere are suspicious characters who must be kept under watch because there is no telling what kind of mischief they are up to. A secret police operation in Birmingham, England, was designed to place thousands of Muslims living in the community under surveillance. The operation was put into action without any oversight or concern about that nasty thing called –the law! The $6 million operation was conducted with full knowledge of the Home Office in London. The network of CCTV and automatic number plate reading(ANPR)cameras, which were weeks away from being switched on, were intended to monitor people entering and leaving predominantly Muslim suburbs. Sarah Thornton, a chief constable, said the purpose of the cameras was removed from paper work in order to ensure no one knew what the heck was going on. Instead, the police said cameras were being installed for local police activities.

As of this date, no one has been punished, no one has been suspended, no one has been reprimanded. The lie was police were cracking down on crime, the truth was the police were targeting innocent people whose religion was Muslim.

Murder Cop, No More Citizen

A proposed new law in France would strip citizenship of any naturalized person who has been living in France less than ten years who winds up killing a cop. The proposal is in line with President Sarkozy’s effort, in light of falling poll numbers, to come across as the tough new sheriff in town. After all, who is going to fight for the rights of a murderer? On the other hand, perhaps, we might expand on this law into other areas:

1. Why not strip citizenship of any newscaster who murders the English language by expressing cute words that mean absolutely nothing other than, “ain’t I cute?”

2. Why not strip citizenship from members of the Tea Party who apparently misread the US Constitution when it comes to explaining powers of the Executive.

3. How about stripping citizenship from Glenn Beck unless he can draw some lines that lead to a logical conclusion?

4. How about stripping citizenship from Sarah Palin unless she can name states of the Union other than Alaska?

5. We definitely should strip citizenship from Barry Bonds unless he reveals the secret of how as we grow older, we grow stronger.

6. I am for stripping citizenship of the current person masquerading as John McCain unless he reveals the true whereabouts of the real John McCain, you know, the guy who was for protecting rights of illegal immigrants?

Kissinger, Forgotten Voice

Flash! Henry Kissinger, forty years later is going to inform the American people what happened in Vietnam, and it is certain he had not responsibility for any problems. It was all the fault of America which wanted to compromise when “hanoi wanted victory.” According to Kissinger, “the tragedy of the Vietnam war was not that there were disagreements –that was inevitable, given the complexity of the conflict–but that the faith of Americans in each other became destroyed in the process.” It wound up claims Kissinger “what we did wrong in Vietnam, we did to ourselves.” Henry admits the North Vietnamese leaders out thought American negotiators. All in all, it was our defeat and we are all to blame.

Funny, as I recall events, the Nixon-Kissinger administration used the FBI to spy on people, his administration repeatedly lied, it attacked innocent people and created chaos in Vietnam due to lies and distortion of reality. But, I am wrong, the entire episode can be crossed off as we Americans doing things to ourselves. As for Richard Nixon, ……..

Murder Incorporated Has Moved To Iraq

As a youngster growing up in the 1930s I was very familiar with an important company that operated out of Brooklyn and was led by a wonderful advocate of free enterprise–Murder Incorporated led by Bugsy Siegel. It is good news for me to learn that Murder Incorporated has moved to Iraq and is now operating on a free enterprise model which allows anyone to purchase the death of someone they do no like. For about $100 at outlaw workshops, gunmen can get what’s become the tool of choice in Baghdad these days: silencers for pistols and automatic weapons. During the past two weeks there have been at least twelve people killed as a result of gang murders. The attacks often focus on security officials and government workers and even includes roadside bombings and explosives attached to vehicles. At least Bugsy looked the victim straight in the eye and shot him, he would never have resorted to such ideas as roadside bombings–Bugsy had ethical standards on how to kill a person.

The good news is that security has improved and now killers have to be more focused on stealth rather than openly killing people. They must be well organized in order to get their victims. Last week, gunmen killed a Lt. Colonel and a general by ambushing them. We Americans brought free enterprise to Iraq and now its people must endue still another of our democratic gifts.

Let’s Privatize War!

The Jardine Lloyd Thompson firm has come up with an interesting new idea on how to conduct war against Muslim radical elements such as pirates which operate off the coast of Somalia–privatize the entire operation. A group of shipping firms and insurance companies are tired of paying out $4 million for each ship taken by the Somalia pirates so they are creating their own navy. “We are looking at setting up a private nay to escort vessels.” In theory, the private navy would be subject to military oversight but it would be composed of men hired for this operation. This opens the door to some new thinking. The Tea Party is convinced the Federal government can never do anything right. Why not simply privatize the entire US military operation to a group of free enterprise companies which will be able to deliver the same service at lower costs and never have to worry about bureaucrats getting in the way. This ends forever worry about some guy who is president of the United States. It means our beloved nation will no longer be run by some guy who was born in a gorilla camp in Kenya, but will be led by true blooded honest God-fearing(Christian God fearing) men and women.

I say, up with private armies, private air forces, or-why not just turn the nation over to military leaders–provided they submit their birth certificates that prove they were born in the good old USA!