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Pakistan Upset At Its Allies

One of the joys of being an ally of Pakistan in the war against al-Qaeda or the Taliban is never knowing when to say one is sorry. The ongoing saga of being a friend and supporter of Pakistan by attempting to help it get rid of Taliban militants within its own nation never ceases to produce anger on the part of its military leaders. A recent NATO air strike in Pakistan that resulted in the death of 50 Taliban fighters has produced anger from the government. Where in hell did NATO forces ever get the idea the goal was to kill Taliban or al-Qaeda forces? Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry rightfully condemned the attack as a violation and breach of its borders. There is even threats of war if such air attacks continue. This raises an interesting question. What if NATO went to war against Pakistan? Given the lack of interest on the part of Pakistan’s military in fighting, war with Pakistan might result in more Taliban forces getting killed. They would be caught in the cross fire between NATO and the Pakistan army.

Reality is the Pakistan ISI is an ally of the Taliban– which it created. Let’s just cease trying to kill the Taliban and focus on its handlers– the Pakistan army. Stranger goals have been around in life.

An American Horror Story

The United States of America is a major center of drugs. The American people insist on making it illegal for people to purchase drugs and the result has been to create chaos in many Latin America. Mexico is over-run by drug lords who use terror, torture and brutality in order to enforce their control of many cities. Mexican police found the body of Mayor Gustavo Sanchez in the back of a pick up truck and it was soon determined he had been stoned to death. He was mayor of Tancitario, a town of 26,000 people where soldiers earlier destroyed more than 20 meth labs during an operation that led to the deaths of several policemen and many drug members. Last year the head of Tancitario’s City Council was killed and over 60 policemen fired for failure to maintain law and order.

The fault lies not in Mexico, but in the United States. Until America ends its drug laws and thus ends power of drug lords, death and destruction of towns will continue. As Shakespeare might have put it, “the fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.”

North Korean Fairy Tale

Gather round children and a story I will tell the story of two wondrous men who have made our nation so great and powerful that all nations of the world stand in awe when a North Korean child stands in their presence. Once upon a time there was a terrible monster who lived high up in the sky and when he was angry down came bombs and explosives to kill innocent Korean men, women and children. But, the people of Korea were so blessed because the gods of life had sent the brave young leader of our nation, the blessed, wonderful, Kim Song Il, to save the children of our nation. When he saw the planes sending bombs to our beloved country, the wondrous Kim Song Il hurled a lightening bolt that destroyed one bomber after another. You could see tears in the eyes of Americans who were so frightened to be in the presence of this wonderful handsome prince who was admired by all the women of our country. Another time when the Americans sent ships to invade our nation, Kim Song Il swam into the sea, he dived and then placed bombs on each and everyone of the ships. People on mountains far, far, away could see the explosions as the ships blew up and the American invaders went to their deaths.

But, our great leader had not halted in his work to save our beloved people. He chose the most beautiful girl in the whole country for his wife and one day she gave him a handsome little baby. And, children, that baby will soon become our new beloved leader, Kim Jong-un. Oh, children, we are so blessed to have a new wonderful, handsome leader to help us overcome the bad, bad American dragons. Now, each one of you should draw a picture of our wonderful new beloved leader.

Jews Sail To Aid Gaza

People in the Muslim world are often quick to believe in sinister Jewish plots that seek to control the world since to many, there is an entity known as “Jews.” No such entity exists anymore than a “Muslim” world is present in our lives. Within each group of humans, there are differing views and factions. A boat named, Irene, will carry activists from Europe and Israel from Turkish Cyprus toward Gaza in defiance of an Israel blockade. Reuven Moskowitz, a Holocaust survivor,(the one President Ahmadinejad claims never occurred) said he was duty bound to attempt the voyage even at age 82. “It is a sacred duty for me, as a (Holocaust) survivor, to protest against the persecution, the oppression and the imprisonment of so many people in Gaza, including more than 800,000 children.” Members of the party have promised not to physically respond to any Israel action. What does this journey tell the world? It makes clear there are many Jews who disagree with actions of the Netanyahu government in relation to the blockade of Gaza and refusal to halt settlement construction.

I wonder how the Israel government will explain the presence of Holocaust survivors in those fighting for the rights of Gazans.

Obama Blasts Democrats

President Obama is upset at Democrats for lacking energy in this election. Gee, I wonder why so many liberals and progressives lack the drive to support his administration. He commented to the media “It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election.” Of course, that statement is correct, but the president failed to acknowledge his own responsibility in creating the lethargy. For example:

1. The key issues in January, 2009 were: fixing the banks and JOBS. Instead of focusing on jobs he went for a massive overhaul of the health care system. FDR first addressed jobs and two years later took on Social Security. A modest health care fill would have been sufficient while ALL energy focused on jobs.
2. Talik about lethargy! Obama failed to directly address the nation about health care, the causes of deficits, etc.. Why didn’t he speak up and speak clearly and concisely?
3. His continued focus on Afghanistan has turned off millions.
4. Last week the FBI e\raided homes of “activists” and this week the Obama administration seeks to be able to listen in to Internet talk. And, this from a man who once taught Constitutional law!!

Mr. President, the fault lies not in the stars, but in yourself.

A Great Leader Who Is Not Great

Hugo Chavez assumed presidency of Venezuela with a mission to break power of the social oligarchy and push for some form of redistribution of wealth. Noble aims. But, somewhere along the line of seeking social justice he became a petty little tyrant more concerned with power than creating a society that was economically strong and on the road to working to end poverty. Hugo’s way is to take money from the rich and distribute it in the form of low cost foods — or, his latest example of offering a fridge to the poor for hot nights–rather than creating a strong economic system which produces wealth that is equitably distributed. In the latest legislative elections, he lost enough seats to enable opposition leaders to block his two-thirds majority which aims to change the Constitution. There are unconfirmed reports opposition candidates accumulated over 50% of the vote, but were blocked of further gains due to the manner in which seats are allocated.

Chavez insists, “it has been a great election day and we have obtained a solid victory.” If the 52% opposition figure holds up, it can not be construed as a great victory for anyone other than his opponents.

Death In An Afghan Afternoon

It was just another Australian operation in Afghanistan, put together a force, enter a village and take out Taliban forces. As the Aussies entered the village they encountered enemy fire from a compound. They decided to blast away at the compound because of fear the enemy might direct fire against their position. Their guns opened up, the compound was ripped to pieces, and they entered only to discover bodies strewn around with body parts missing. Unfortunately, five children were among the dead, two others wounded as well as several adults. When questioned, an Australian officer argued, they “forced us to make split level decisions” which entailed killing the innocent. This incident occurred last year, but Australian authorities are filing charges against the soldiers.

They are charged with manslaughter, failing to comply with orders and dangerous conduct. As always, in such cases there are complex issues involved. Men and woman have been thrust into a war which has no clear set rules. They are ordinarily under-armed and lacking sufficient intelligence while fighting in a strange land without Afghan soldiers who are competent. As always, the innocent die, and authorities make judgments.

A Mosque Too Far In Moscow

One doubts if Tea Party activists or Glenn Beck are involved in what transpires in Russia, but it appears anti-Muslim activists are also found in the environs of Moscow. Residents of Moscow’s northeast outskirts are upset at plans to construct a mosque in which people pray to God. Over 2,000 people signed a petition which was sent to President Medvedev urging him to put a halt to constructing a mosque on their holy ground. Most probably, the great Ivan the Terrible killed a few thousand in that area or, perhaps, dear old Joseph Stalin had a few thousand worked to death in this sacred ground of Mother Russia. Residents are worried about traffic jams since Muslims have many holidays and thus the area would be filled with swarms of Muslims. After all, one does not know how many terrorists are found in a crowd of Muslims. As of this moment, the correct legal papers have been signed permitting construction, but when people begin to shout, “sacred ground,” the future remains uncertain.

There are about 1.8 million Muslims in the Moscow area which contains nearly 10 million people. By the law of statistics, one would assume a few mosques are in order.

Netanyahu-We Want Peace-On Our Terms

The ten month moratorium on building in the West Bank ended last night as thousands of Jewish settlers celebrated with shouts of it is now time to resume constructing thousands of houses in the region regardless of how this impacts prospects for peace. Instead of agreeing to extend the freeze for a few more months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a call to Palestinians: “I call on President Abbas to continue the good talks we have only just started in order to reach an historic peace between our two peoples.” These talks which he claims have, “only just started” have been going on for over sixty years and everything that had to be said has been said. It is clear there is need for two nations, it is clear the West Bank was part of the original UN decision on boundary lines, and it is clear a one state solution will result in an Israel that becomes an apartheid state.

Settlers claim God gave them the land. Frankly, I doubt if any of these individuals who possess such anger and hate in their hearts are in contact with a God of love. No god gives anything to humans. Humans decide which belongs to whom.

Why Can’t We Export Abusive Idiots?

I recently read a story about a Copenhagen council which “exported” a family whose husband and wife had been abusing their children and it occurred to me society should also have the right to export abusive individuals. After all, exports of idiots does not show up on our exported products so if we got into exporting people it would open a new aspect of our export trade. For example:

1. We could export Sarah Palin to the wilds of Canada where she would live off her hunting for animals. In return, Canada could export to us some of its excellent ideas about health care insurance.

2. We could export Glenn Beck to the slums of Mexico City where he could draw lines on the streets showing the location of where drug lords live. I am certain he would be worth a ton of marijuana to be used by a hospital.

3. We could export the head of the Tea Party to England where he would explain why American rebels rose against the English government even though they had the highest standard of living and just about every freedom. In exchange, the UK would send America a few cases of tea.

4. We could export Rush Limbaugh to France where he would be able to explain why socialism is ruining their lives. Heck, they can retire at 62. In return, we receive a boat load of French fries.

5. We could export Christine O’Donnell to Transylvania where she could live in the ancient castle of Count Dracula. In return, we receive a box of chocolate covered common sense from Romania.

6. We could export Barack Obama to a gorilla camp in Kenya where he would live with his relatives. In return, the gorillas send us a white skinned gorilla to be our president.