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China Issues White Paper On Human Rights

I realize there are people in the world, and in China, who do not appreciate efforts of the Chinese government to protect free speech and other freedoms for its citizens. A new White Paper assures the people of China, “the overall issue of human rights has been promoted in an all-round way.” It adds the government has used the Internet in order to solicit views of Chinese people as to which laws should be passed. The government has also established website where anyone can report cases of corruption. Of course, there is no mention as to exactly how many of these reports have been translated into action such as arrests. I assume that waits for issuance of another White Paper. I realize there are malcontents in China who do not appreciate the White Paper’s assurance of how political rights have been extended. “The Chinese government is working actively to make government affairs public, improve the official spokesman system and information transparency.”

OK, we know there are political prisoners in jails throughout China. I wish each and every one would read this White Paper, show it to your guards and I am confident your releases will be forthcoming. It says so in the White Paper!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK.The Independent: “What’s Haunting Christine O’Donnell?”
Lack of intelligence?

Sweden, The Local: “Hunter Shot In Sweden”
Them Deer are getting better armed by the day.

South Africa, Argus: “Police Retreat From Streets”
This is one way to reduce crime statistics.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Two Pronged Poverty Strategy”
Don’t fee them, don’t house them, poverty will disappear.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “India Battles To Save Games”
I have a hunch those participating would rather not be playing in India.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Father Gets 14,000 Years For Rape”
Is he eligible for parole after serving half the sentence?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette; “Sheep Pen Murders”
I give this one a ba ba to get solved.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Corruption Watch”
I’d bring a lot of food and drink for this one.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Gay McDonald’s”
I assume that does not refer to anything eaten in it.

Twenty Something Means—-??

As one who teaches Americans in their twenties I was not surprised to read comments by Professor Jeffrey Jensen of Clark University who argues attaining the age of twenty in modern society has scant connection to what it formerly represented. In the past, become a twenty year old meant one had taken the first step into adulthood, it meant one had a steady job, it meant one was beginning to consider finding a steady mate and perhaps marry. Today, says Jensen, “I realized that twenty something doesn’t fit into any of the traditional life stages.” Of course, becoming twenty in 2010 America means there are no jobs out there, it means being forced to continue living with mom and dad, it means not being able so readily to pick up and venture elsewhere in America in order to secure work. It means going to college or hanging around the street corner, or knocking your butt out delivering pizza in order to pay the weekly bills. It means doubt as to future work, it means confusion as to which occupation to enter, it means feeling lost in a world that urges one to explore while denying opportunities for the exploration.

The modern twenty year old in America is simply lost and confused. They need a government equivalent of the old CCC which would allow young people to DO something that instills pride and connects them to American society. I doubt such programs will soon emerge.

Explaining Life Situations Is Complicated

On being asked by a congressional committee how eggs from his Iowa farm sickened thousands of people, Austin J. DeCoster replied: “This is a complicated subject.” Unfortunately, this type of response is all too often offered when people are asked to explain why their policies are not working. For example:

!. When asked why people are not grasping the health care program, President Barack Obama offered the explanation, “‘its a complicated issue.” Of course, he has offered that answer on more then one occasion when people ask him to explain his programs. Actually, it is quite easy to explain, for example: no preconditions bar medial insurance, lower drug costs for seniors, everyone gets a chance to have health insurance, etc.. What the hell lis so “complicated!”
2. Tony Blair was asked why he led his nation into the ill fated invasion of Iraq and all Tony could mumble about was that it was a “complicated” situation.
3. The New York Football Giants lost their game on Sunday after 12 penalties, five personal penalties, fumbles near the end zone and a lot of dropped footballs. This is another “too complicated” issues to explain.
4. I have a hunch Lindsay Lohan can only offer the “too complicated” explanation for her inability to control drugs.
5. Of course, the Tea Party never employs “too complicated” to explain. But, I sure would love to understand how one reduces federal income by cutting taxes and still are able to reduce the deficit!

Let Then Suck Ice Say Chavez!

Hugo Chavez is a man of the people. He is their fighter against evil capitalists and intends by his policies to usher in a new era of cold drinks and happiness. He is pushing a program that will enable poor people to own a fridge, given life in South America where one is close to the equator this appears like a wonderful opportunity to win the heat fight against evil capitalists. The announcement of this stupendous program to end poverty within their lifetime. After a dozen years in power during which time he has announced one program after another to bring work and good wages to the people of his nation who believe he actually has an economic policy. The new fridge is part of a social campaign entitled: “My well Equipped house.”

A well equipped house comes across as a winner. After all, he has helped ruin the economy, he runs a corrupt government whose main policy is: keep the power!

Children Of Wealthy Study Philosophy

After teaching at colleges for fifty years, I am not surprised by recent figures released in the United Kingdom by the Sutton Trust. It reveals that children who come from the economic upper strata of society are more prone to focus on subjects such as history, philosophy, medicine which enable them to secure a position at a university and spend their lives engaged in contemplating navels and discussing how many angels fit on the tip of a pin. Although, this group represents about 9% of students, they represent 31% of students studying these courses as well as those focusing on languages. They also are 23% of business majors and 17% of those who will teach. Those from the underclass study subjects leading to jobs because they live today, not based on money from the past.

These are not new or unusual figures, They have always been true and, undoubtedly, will continue being true. The British government is considering doubling tuition costs over the coming five years and dramatically reducing government aid to universities. Ah, the end result is known, children from poor or lower middle class families will suffer–as they always do in a capitalist driven society in which money not only talks but determines your future occupation.

Fruits Of Unemployment

During the past eighteen months, Barack Obama was calm, cool and collected when the topic of unemployment was raised. He would get a determined look on his face, stare at the camera and assure one and all that his stimulus program was working and jobs were just around the corner. At no point, did he place JOBS as the number one topic on his agenda. He preferred to go down in history as the president who brought health care to the nation. This was a great accomplishment, but it never dawned on him giving a person health insurance without giving them work so they could pay the monthly insurance fee was not bringing them health care. The consequence of his OUTWARD INDIFFERENCE is all to present in Port Richmond, Staten Island where the result of not focusing on jobs has resulted in an outbreak of hate crimes by African Americans against Mexican immigrants. At least eleven Mexican residents of the area have been assaulted by African Americans in the past few months.

People need to work and when a blue collar neighborhood of African Americans witnesses men and women losing their jobs, their anguish is transformed into anger against the latest immigrant–the Mexican. As Carmen del Castillo put it: “We just came to work and get along, if we return to Mexico, we want to do so with a smile, not in a box.”

Sorry, Mr. President, being calm, cool, and collected does not put bread on the table.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Tells Truth About 9/11!

As usual the Jewish Communist press is denouncing Iranian President Ahmadinejad for daring to tell the truth about what really happened on 9/11. In the interests of honesty, I must confess to being an agent of Mossad and was actively engaged in working with the CIA, French Security forces, and the IRA in Ireland to concoct the infamous plan that led to 9/11. We spent much time in an iceberg near Iceland where the CIA has its secret headquarters and works with Superman in order to ensure plans are carried out. Yes, Virginia, there is a Superman, his name is Moshe Ginsburg and he lives in the iceberg. We decided to blame the entire Muslim world so we contacted imams in Saudi Arabia, who really are Mossad agents who were planted in that clergy over a hundred years ago. I guess some reading these words don’t understand that Saudi Arabia is controlled by Jewish rabbis who pose as Muslim clerics.

The original plan was for five Jewish scientists to go on a subway and release germs that would create panic. However, Mossad agents were concerned it might result in a decline in subway riding and since we all know Jewish bankers control subways and railroads we decided to select an area of the economy in which Jews are not found. My instructions were to contact all Jews in the New York metropolitan area at least three days before the planned attack so they could head for Miami Beach and safety. Did you notice how crowded Miami Beach was on 9/11?

On Trials For War Crimes

The United Nations is discussing the possibility of holding trials to deal with war crimes committed by members of the Israel Defense Force during their engagement with a flotilla of ships sent from Turkey with supplies for the people of Gaza. Most probably, the IDF did employ excessive force and there should be punishment of those who violated international law. However, if the UN is into war crimes, there are a few other places to check out:

1. War crimes in the Congo run into the hundreds of thousands killed, brutalized, rape and left without parents, but so far there is no rush to judgment about these war crimes.
2. For over a decade, Sudan raped, pillaged and killed over two hundred thousand people in the Sudan. There is a warrant out for these crimes, but the president of Sudan is welcomed in most countries.
3. Literally, every day there is another story about bombing raids in Afghanistan which result in the death of civilians. Did anyone forget to call in the crime?
4. Iran has not killed thousands, but its clerical government tortures, rapes and brutalizes innocent people.
5. Has anyone forgotten Iraq and debasement of people and killing of thousands.
6. Care to return to Indonesia policies in New Guinea?
7. Let;s see, over 60,000 killed in Uganda and a few thousand in Zimbabwe.

Of course, the IDF killed three people. Should there be an investigation? Yes, as well as investigations of all war crimes.

Bank Robbers Strap Bomb On Teller

Bank robbers burst into the home of a bank teller, strapped a bomb around his body and warned it would explode if he contacted police. They drove him to the bank and warned his father was at home and would be killed if they were captured. He entered the bank, got some money, went outside, gave the money to the robbers and they took off. This idea has some interesting possibilities. What if we taped a copy of the Constitution on the bodies of Tea Party members and warned them if they failed to adhere to the actual words of the Constitution– not their interpretation of it– the Constitution would burst into flame due to the hot air coming out of their mouths. Or we could strap a truth machine to the body of Sarah Palin and each time she told another stupid lie, it would shout, “Palin is a damn liar!!”

Of course, it would also be interesting if we strapped a recording on the body of Barack Obama which contained his election battle promises made in the fall of 2008. For each failure to adhere to a promise he would get the goose.