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Bizarre Case Of Pakistan “Terrorist?”

The strange case of Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui has created a storm of protest in her native land after an American court sentenced her to 86 years in jail for allegedly aiding terrorists. The American government claims she was in possession of details of monuments, notes concerning making bombs and some cyanide– all of which are ample evidence to sentence someone to 86 years in jail. Ms. Siddiqui was seen in Karachi with her three children in 2003 and surfaced in 2008 in the hands of American authorities. She claims Americans took her to Bagram air base where she was tortured and one of her children died. US officials deny her charges. After being convicted in a Federal court where prosecutors claimed they found notes she had made that referenced “mass casualty attack” on New York City landmarks. They also insist she tried to attack a soldier who was guarding her. Ms. Siddiqui’s defense was financially supported by the Pakistan government.

The woman is undoubtedly mentally disturbed. After the conviction, she offered an emotional speech in which remarks were made such as , “I am a Muslim, but I love America. Forgive everybody in my case, please. Forgive Judge Berman.” She also claimed the 9/11 attack was a Jewish plot. Her lawyers claimed Ms. Siddiqui was paranoid, but she denied being ill. The 86 sentence infuriated millions of people in Pakistan and led to riots.

Fact one: She never did anything.

Fact two: She rambles on and on.

Send the woman back to Pakistan, sentencing her to 86 years makes no sense.

What Ever Happened To Separation Of Church -State?

Once upon a time in America our leaders like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington or James Madison believed there should be separation of church and state which meant government functioned apart from various religious groups. However, under the administration of that noted Muslim fanatic, Barack Obama, the military has been involved in several examples of allowing religion to intrude onto bases. A Christian rally, which is open to the public, is being held at Fort Bragg despite objections from those who regard allowing religious groups to conduct religious events on a military base does not accord with separation of church-state. General Frank Helmick issued a statement that “i have taken steps to ensure that no soldier in my command is pressured in any way to attend this event.” “Rock the Post” is organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and offers Christian music, Christian speakers and Christian activities.” Opponents argue the military should not be engaged in forging partnerships with ANY religious groups.

I wonder how the American people would react to a Muslim “Rock the Post” event in which Muslim speakers offered their views on life and the military?

European Terrorists Are Christian!

A new Europol report on terrorism in the European Union reveals the shocking news that Muslims were responsible for only one-fourth OF ONE PERCENT! If you want to know who are terrorists in Europe, check out your friendly Christians, not your Muslim neighbors. A study known as “EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report” notes between 2007 and 2009 there were 1, 359 terrorist attacks in the European Union carried out by separatists and 104 attacks carried out by leftists, which accounted for 91% of all terrorist attacks that took place on European soil. The dame report noted that FOUR TERRORIST ATTACKS IN EUROPE OR A QUARTER OF ONE PERCENT WERE CARRIED OUT BY ISLAMIST GROUPS!! Listen to Fox news and one comes away believing that terrorism is a product of Muslim societies and groups.

It is time to emphasize the truth that Muslims are among the more peaceful groups in Europe and in the United States. If you want terrorism in America, turn to Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or the dodo heads who appear nightly on Fox News!

David Beckham Denies Prostitute Link

David Beckham is upset. He is furious that anyone would state that he slept with a prostitute. Beckham has initiated legal action against US magazine because it printed a story about the alleged tryst between the soccer star and a Ms. Nici. Ms. Irma Nici who bills herself as the “world’s most sought after call girl” and charges $100,000 per night for services rendered claims that she had a rendevous in New York with the man who claims he is the world’s greatest soccer player. In her magazine account, Ms. Nici insists David and she “had great chemistry” and he really is one nice guy. Naturally, Dave the wonder boy denies this story and offers proof he was elsewhere. I get confused. Why do famous men become so upset if some gorgeous woman claims she had a dalliance with them? I assume it is the money issue and they feel insulted to give women money for sex. Funny, are we to believe that every girl with whom Beckhamd slept was madly in love with him and the only reason she wanted to get into the sack was to demonstrate love! Come on, David, women go to bed with you because they want to say they slept with someone important. Isn’t that a form of prostitution? Instead of exchanging money, you pay them off with a moment of fame.

Capitalism is based on the exchange of goods from one to another. The David Beckham’s of the world pay off women with being able to reflect in their fame for that one glorious moment. The word for that is –prostitution

On To Baghdad Said Rumsfeld!

Recently released documents from the Bush administration reveal within hours after the invasion of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, the Cheney/Rumsfeld group was urging the president to move on with crushing Saddam Hussein. Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld told a Pentagon attorney to get “support” for his wild theory that Saddam Hussein was somehow connected with al-Qaeda and other terrorists. Dick and Don had a problem in National Security advisor, Condoleezza Rice who had written a memo indicating there not be much to the theory of the al-Qaeda connection. One released document has Rumsfeld discussing the invasion of Iraq with an aide two months after the invasion of Afghanistan. He openly stated, “if Saddam’s regime were ousted, we would have a much more improved position in the region and elsewhere.”

The State Department in December, 2001 warned that France and Germany would oppose an Iraq invasion and forcing British Prime Minister Tony Blair to go along with the fiasco would seriously damage his reputation. Obviously, in the end, madness triumphed.

NGO Heaven–Afghanistan!

The war in Afghanistan proceeds as American and NATO forces invade an area, drive out the Taliban, who, in turn take off their uniforms and retreat into the safety of being an ordinary person in Kandahar. However, scattered around the country are numerous private companies who provide expertise in transporting goods, serving as security guards, and whatever else they can get their hands on. At the other end of the spectrum are thousands of men and women from the West who work in NGOs where they quite often serve as supervisors of projects they initiated and the pay is damn good even though working conditions leave much to be desired. In effect, the US and NATO have created a vast industry centered around “doing good” in Afghanistan. For the ordinary Afghan, they will never receive a lucrative contract to be part of building a bridge or constructing a new office building or repairing a road. Oh, they might be the one who is digging ditches and shoveling shit.

Caught in the middle of this mess are decent honest individuals who risk their lives delivering health care or working to develop schools in which both boys and girls can receive an education. Red Cross personnel attempt to remain neutral in the struggle which only infuriates both the Afghan government and members of the military forces. One solution is to designate Afghanistan as a priority zone in which any, and all, NGOs can shop their wares.

Sorry, Wrong Number!

The general revulsion in the West towards President Ahmadinejad who has led Iran into becoming a dictatorship of both the clergy and the armed forces, often results in misinterpretation of how Iranians regard their country’s leadership. Iran possesses a large class of well educated men and women who serve in all aspects of society including government work. Reality for the Iranian government is need for trained personnel to staff embassies and UN committees. Local thugs who enjoy beating up students would not come across very well in European capitals. Hossein Alizadeh holds the number two position in Iran’s embassy in Helsinki. One day a few weeks ago he left work, went home to his beautiful apartment and now refuses to go to work, let alone answer the phone since he knows the voice at the other end is confused about his whereabouts. He is the third recent Iranian diplomat who simply walked off the job because he could not stand Ahmadinejad’s brutality. Last month, Reza Haydari resigned as Iran’s Consul in Norway.

These men believed in the original purpose of the Iranian revolution back in the seventies, but today they witness mass brutality, stifling of any voice expressing a divergent opinion, and a return to medieval methods of murder for those who violated some moral edict of the clergy.

Turkey Reaches Out To Kurds

The history of Turkey has been replete with constant warfare against Kurds in the country who believe themselves subjected to discrimination and have been fighting for a separate nation. That dream is not possible since no Turkish government would allow a portion of the country to become a new nation. However, the Turkish government has launched a new initiative which seeks to connect with moderate Kurds and establish some form of local autonomy. Government officials met with representatives from the Peace and Democracy Party(BDP) in order to initiate a dialogue. These sessions came on the heels of a urging by the BDP to Kurds which urged a boycott of the nation’s schools for a week in protest against failure to provide Kurdish children with instruction in their native language. There are unconfirmed reports Turkish officials have opened a dialogue with imprisoned Kurdish leader, AbdullarhOcalan.

The talks come in the aftermath of a national referendum which seeks to revise the Turkish Constitution and end several anti-religious sections. On one hand, secular supporters are concerned the religious right might revise the Constitution in order to strike down secular rights. On the other hand, the European Union insists on Constitutional changes which would control military leaders from exerting control. Who knows, perhaps, Kurds, religious leaders, secular groups and who knows what can one day all come together and live in peace.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Strategy

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eagerly awaits the upcoming American congressional elections because a Republican victory in gaining control of the House of Representatives and the Senate ensures he will not have to compromise regarding settlement construction in the West Bank. He smiles at President Obama, he makes statements concerning his desire for peace and compromise with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, but this is smoke and deception which hides the real agenda, seizure of the Entire West Bank and incorporation of this area into the state of Israel. His Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has begun to make statements concerning who are “real Israel citizens,” and who are not. He has been suggesting taking away Israel citizenship from “disloyal” individuals which translates into Arab leaders in Israel who disagree with their government’s policies toward accepting an independent Palestinian state.

Frankly, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are powerless to halt this drive to expand the borders of Israel. Republicans will cater to what they believe is the “Jewish vote” by supporting Netanyahu and thus destroy any opportunity for peace in the Middle East. Republicans already have created terrorism in the Middle East by invading Iraq so the next step of creating terrorism in Israel and Palestine is the only logical end result. Welcome to the world of Republicans as exemplified by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Electric Car Maker Goes Overseas”
Must have a long extension cord.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Skeleton Found In Forest”
I thought we found them in closets.

Finland, Sanomat: “Man Impersonates Doctor”
I assume he was also impersonating a disease.

UK, Guardian: “Masturbation A Sin?”
Might be, but it sure is pleasing.

Indonesia, Jarkarta Post: “6,000 Civil Servants Take Urine Test”
Talk about something that smells wrong in a government.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Bus Driver e-Reading”
I guess he was studying to pass the bus driver’s test.

South Africa, Argus: “Suspect Killed In Court”
This is what we call swift justice.

UK, The Independent: “Pope-Schools Must Be Safe For Children”
I guess that means no more priests in schools.