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Time Traveler Or Ghost Of Obama?

A mysterious figure has been identified in an old film from the 1920s which raises questions as to whether this might be some time traveler. George Clarke was watching a Charlie Chaplin film, “The Circus” when he noticed an unusual person in the film who appeared to be holding a cell phone, an invention that did not appear until fifty years later. “Right now, the only conclusion I can come to, which sounds absolutely ridiculous I’m sure to some people, but it’s a time traveler.” The figure is dressed in unusual clothes and only comes on screen for a few moments. I have been informed by authoritative sources that Glenn Beck will draw some lines that will reveal the real identify of this strange man. It is none other than the grandfather of Barack Obama who was making an initial foray into America in preparation for his son’s departure years later as part of a conspiracy made by Muslim fundamentalists to gain control of Christian America.

I realize some will scoff at my analysis, but anyone who doubts that Barack Obama is an alien from Kenya is simply one of those Jewish capitalist Communists who seeks to bring Socialism to America. If Arabs could have invented the alphabet, why couldn’t they have invented time traveling?

I challenge anyone to prove my analysis is incorrect to submit evidence.

Church Burnings In Indonesia

For many years Indonesia has been cited as an example of a Muslim nation in which there is religious freedom for all religions so recent events are causing concern. During the past few months there has been escalation in the number of Christian churches which have been attacked and even burned by Muslim fundamentalists who seek to end religious tolerance and impose sharia law on the nation. The good news is lack of any support among the vast Indonesian people for the concept of Muslim law being imposed in a country in which many can be Muslim and secular at the same time. All indications are the rise in church burnings stems from failure on the part of police to be pro-active and crack down on groups they know are responsible for the violence.

The Muslim world needs a religious Indonesia that is also secular in its treatment of other religions.

BP Misunderstood By Media

There are certain elements of the media which enjoy attacking a noble and prestigious institution known as BP. Some may regard BP as a business organization, but for those who are familiar with its leadership we know this company is among the leading humanitarian organizations in the world. Unlike most companies, leaders of BP emphasize its only purpose in being is to be a guardian of the rights of people. BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley is upset at some member of the media who have attacked his company because they wish to smear the reputation of one of England’s great gifts to the business world. As far as that minor oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is concerned, “we were certainly not perfect in our response, but we have tried to do the right thing and we are making significant changes to our organization as a result of the accident.” But, he wanted to make clear there is no turning back, there is no time for feeling bad, the past is the past and the present is the present according to our noble leader.

As for reports the American government might turn its back on BP, Dudley made clear, we at BP are “part of the American community.” I guess Mr. Dudley read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty which announces an American welcome to all the huddled masses seeking a place of refuge. He knows that means America welcomes the huddled corporate world which seeks to make billions in America. Welcome, welcome, our beloved BP friends and brothers!!

Shirley Angle And Politics Of Incoherence

There is a storm brewing in America and it will hit next week when millions of angry people cast their votes for candidates supported by the Tea Party. Shirley Angle, most probably will be elected as a US Senator from the state of Nevada. She is campaigning on a program of ending social security, ending any health care plan, sending illegal immigrants back to where they came from, opposing abortion rights, and “reducing waste” in government and lowering taxes on the wealthy. Her ideas make absolutely no sense in the 21st century but, who cares, the important goal of Tea Party folk is ending Obama SOCIALISM which means any program that assists those who lack jobs. Ironically, those without jobs and those without health care want people in Congress who have absolutely no idea how to create jobs other than shouting, “reduce taxes.” A British correspondent who was visiting Nevada encountered a supporter of Angle, and although she does not have health care, told him: “to be honest, I have not been paying too much attention to the Obama-care thing. He doesn’t care about people like me. I have been concentrating on just getting those illegal people out of my country.”

The tragedy of this woman’s comment is that it reflects failure on the part of President Obama to clearly express to the American people what he has accomplished. He has sat in the White House and refused for 18 months to talk WITH AMERICANS in an honest fashion about what has been done in Congress. This woman wants illegal immigrants out. Fine. I assume she will then get a job picking strawberries. The rise of the Tea Party is partially due to failure at communication on the part of President Obama.

An Honest Man In Arkansas

Clint McCance is an honest man. He is vice president of the school board in a small town in Arkansas called, Midland. Some like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin disguise their bigotry, but not Mr. McCance, he will call a queer as a queer, and there is no backing down for him from telling the truth about them gays and lesbians. As far as this small town hero of bigotry is concerned, the truth will set us free from all this damn tolerance and sweet words about the queers who wander our nation’s streets. In response to an initiative for student to display support for gays and lesbians in order to reduce school bullying the Sir Galahad of hate responded with: “Seriously, they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. My only way I’m wearing it for them is if they all commit suicide. I can’t believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed themselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE.”

OK, the guy is a schmuck, first class, but he is more honest about his schmuckiness than a lot of right wing conservative Republicans who share his view and fear allowing the world to know what they REALLY feel and believe. Mr. McCance has a place awaiting in hell when he gets the chance to die. I am certain he will then meet fellow haters like Rush, Glenn, Bill, Lou and Sarah.

An EU Citizen Is Your Citizen!

The European Union requires that all citizens, regardless of country of origin, be accorded full rights and benefits when they migrate to another nation. Denmark was informed by the European Commission that it must provide EU citizens from other member states the full range of benefits that are provided to Danish citizens including child support, cash for sickness and pension check as well as aid to those who are disabled. Law professor Kirsten Ketscher of the University of Copenhagen noted: European Union regulations are very clear, you cannot favor your own citizens to those from other European nations” It is fascinating for an American to read about nations cooperating in providing human resources rather than ranting on and on about “foreigners” in their midst. We Americans have lost our sense of community, and in so doing, have abandoned those qualities which once made America a desirable nation in which to live.

Glenn Beck would undoubtedly be drawing lines leading to nowhere if he were a Danish citizen since he undoubtedly would then be upset about alll those foreigners in his nation.

Unemployment Said Any Other Way Is No Job

Each generation creates its own words to describe life. “Pay Day” in the early decades of the 20th century was, “the Eagle shits on Friday.” It is not surprising that new words are entering our vocabulary to describe life in our times. Among some new expressions one should learn:

Funemployment– an interesting way to describe lacking a job or money.

Broken Society — an accurate description of our Congress and life as citizens.

Tweetheart–Always at your beck and call.

Tweet tooth –one sweet cell phone is you ask me.

How about:

Besarambaugh –Three fools in search of the truth.

Teaporting — in the old days we said, bullshitting

To be Obamad — When you stand at a party and allow everyone to insult you while keeping a smile on your face.

The End Might Be Near In Afghanistan

The news from Afghanistan is either good or it is bad. The Taliban are being crushed or they are just the same or, perhaps, a bit better. An intense military campaign aimed at destroying militants is working or it is not working. A senior Defense official put it this way: “the insurgency seems to be maintaining its resilience” and the Taliban has displayed a remarkable ability to “reestablish and rejuvenate” within days after allegedly being “destroyed” in a particular part of the country. General David Petraeus, as usual, has offered an optimistic view of the growing power of NATO and American forces, but any objective analysis of the war reveals no major change in control of the country. More often than not, Taliban leaders are emphasizing to their soldiers, “the end is near” which means America is reaching the extent of its interest or willingness to fight in Afghanistan.

The American people will not continue packing wars in Asia against enemies which they, either lack knowledge about, or they simply don’t care what is happening except for the death of US forces. The end might be nearer than anyone believes.

The Sorrow Of India

It has always surprised me how those conscious of injustice in the Middle East or Africa are remarkably silent when it comes to the question of Indian occupation of Kashmir. I do not know of any flortilla of ships headed for India in order to support efforts of those who suffer the brutality of being occupied by Indian forces. Arundhati Roy, a Booker prize winning author is now facing the prospect of being tried for sedition because she has raised her voice in support of Muslims oppressed in Kashmir. “I spoke about justice for the people of Kashmir who live under one of the most brutal occupations in the world.” She rejected arguments by the government of India that her goal is to break up the nation by having them end their occupation of Kashmir. Her words come “from not wanting people to be killed, raped, imprisoned or have their finger nails pulled out in order for them to say they are Indians.”

It would be wonderful if those seeking to defend rights of Muslims in Gaza assumed responsibility for working to defend the rights of Muslims in Kashmir.

Witches In Bolivia Or USA?

There was a story about a mob of villagers in Bolivia who became upset at a couple whom they accused of casting witch spells on them and interfering with their normal lives. Villagers became upset and then killed the couple. I live in the United States of America which has a candidate for the US Senate who admits to having been involved in witch stuff, but she wants people to elect her, not kill her. Of course, there are people on Fox News who might be considered to be witches or Dracula types seeking to confuse the American people with stories of goblins and dragons out to destroy their nation.

My problem is while villagers went ahead and killed the suspected witches, I have to put up with these people who disguise their pompous lying rhetoric under the name of “news.” Oh, well, perhaps we should send Glenn Beck and Sarah and Rush to Bolivia.