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Keep Shoes On At Airports

The head of British Airways finally said something about airport security that is a long time demanded, he struck back at American demands that the world adhere to its policies regarding footwear. Going through a US airport requires one and all to remove shoes. OK, a few years ago a man tried to smuggle explosives in his shoes and therefore for ever after all shoes must be inspected. My concern is why do we just halt at shoes? I have never seen women compelled to check their bras. After all, one could really hide something in the bra of a big busted female. I am also concerned about underwear which can be used in many ways to disturb life on planes. A man who did a lot of farts into his underwear could create a smell alert on the plane. Why not have all underwear removed and placed in a safe place on the plane. You could get back the underwear when reaching your destination. As Mr. Broughton argues, there is no need to “kowtow to the Americans every time they create something.”

Oh, and how come they never profile people in wheelchairs and how come they rarely profile we older folk? At age 80, I am just as capable of blowing things up as any 20 year old. Make all old farts go through the intensive body search!

Our Ancestors Were NOT White Europeans!

Recent discoveries in northern areas of Africa indicate our traditional view that Europeans came out of Africa many eons ago and thus Africa is the scene of our birth as a species. I realize such comments arouse anger among Tea Party and other right wing folk who are convinced we whites have always been in America and we have to protect ourselves from being diluted by those people from Africa. It now appears about 38 million years ago some anthropoid primates from Asia found a way get to the island continent of Africa and thus we folk were born. The sudden appearance of a new species on an island continent can only be explained by forces outside the immediate region who found their way to North Africa. According to Dr.Beard of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, “If our early anthropoid ancestors had not succeeded in migrating from Asia to Africa, we simply wouldn’t exist.”

Does this mean Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are just a couple of refugees from Asia via Africa? Do they have birth certificates proving they are really Africans or are they simply original Africans who lack the intelligence of our Asian ancestors?

It is nice to know we are all Chinese under the skin.

The Captive Mind

I am old enough to have been around when Communism and Fascism had captured the minds of millions of people including highly educated individuals who freely joined mass organizations which they believed would save humanity. The Nazi who regarded Hitler as the personification of truth had a Communist counterpart who regarded Communism as the wave of the future. These individuals believed some form of ideology represented the ultimate in knowledge and truth. This true believer’s mind had been captured by ideas, thoughts and beliefs that were regarded as more important than any other aspect of life. Today, the young Muslim boy blows himself up believing he is fulfilling some form of truth and that his death will pave the way for a better world. There are fewer people today in post industrial societies who are willing to become a disciple of some all knowing leader because cynicism has captured his/her mind just as their grandparents marched for truth in a world long ago. It appears, at initial glance, that Muslim fanatics represent the modern captured mind, but all over America at this very moment people shout Tea Party slogans which they believe are the TRUTH. A Tea Party explanation of the US Constitution is an exhibit in ignorance, but to these mind captives, nonsense about our “Founding Fathers” is laughable. Imagine terming men who ended a states right centered government in order to establish a strong federal government being termed supporters of state rights!!

The sad news is Tea Party ranting has captured the minds of millions of people and this November they will vote for people who represent a danger to their own needs and aspirations. In so doing, they are just as much a mind captive as were Nazis and Fascists and Communists. It took death and destruction to finally break the bars of conformity for mind captives, let us hope such a calamity will not be necessary to restore sanity and break people out of mind prisons.

North Korea, An Enigma Wrapped In A Riddle

The United States of America spends billions of dollars on its intelligence branches and thus far has not exactly come up with interesting information about North Korea other than it is a closed society run by men with closed minds. Perhaps, it is time for Intelligence agencies to seek out individuals who possess intelligence about North Korean leaders. Kanji Fujimoto is among the world’s leading experts on North Korea, but for some reason his wise ideas are not solicited by the CIA or any of the other places where people devote their time to gathering data that can readily be obtained on the Internet. He was the former sushi chef for Kim Jong-un, son of the North Korean leader, and most probably heir apparent when dad goes to the place in heaven reserved for those who spent their time in pursuit of the truth. According to this noted expert on North Korea whose words of wisdom can be obtained without expenditure of a penny, Kim Jon-un will need five to ten years as head of the nation which makes difficult “reform and an open door policy” before he is firmly in control.

He also made the keen observation that son is the spitting image of dad, “in terms of face, body shape and personality.” What I want to know is does the CIA possess this important information and will they hire a former sushi chef as their top expert on North Korean politics??

How To Win Friends And Influence People

There is scant doubt large numbers of the Taliban have fled from Khandahar where they have been prominent for years. American troops are now able to go on patrols without worrying about bombs and local residents are more than willing to reveal the presence of Taliban. This change in attitude is not due to hatred of the Taliban so much as fear of the current Afghan government. Governor Karim Jen got tired of ruling over frightened people so he decided to give them something they can fear–him! Jen ordered Afghan troops to seize shopkeepers and random people, bind their hands and make them follow US patrols in order to make certain someone would reveal the placement of bombs.

About two-thirds of Taliban forces have fled the area. People now line up seeking jobs from the Americans and there is a semblance of peace and order. The real question is whether this will last? Can a population be frightened into cooperation is another question? Or, is this picture of Afghanistan fantasy created by the Pentagon?

Is California The Future?

Mexico is in virtual chaos due to drug wars raging between rival gangs and the past weekend massacre of fifteen young people at a party is undoubtedly linked to one drug lord or another. California is the first state in this nation which has the courage to confront the stupidity of our drug laws that have transformed ordinary honest citizens into criminals. Prohibition did the same for a decade and the result was lawlessness and corruption of police forces and government. Proposition 19 will be a California referendum issue this November. If adopted, it will be legal in California for those 21 years or older to grow or possess marijuana and it would allow local government to license and tax retail outlets which are selling marijuana. An estimated $2 billion will be collected by the government.

The United States did NOT have any drug laws until 1914 when the initial ones were passed in order to criminalize Chinese immigrants who smoked opium. In reality, marijuana in this country is available to anyone. Reality is that middle class people who use drugs rarely wind up in court, and the 750,000 currently in jails for drug offenses are either from poor white or black and Hispanic backgrounds.

Let common sense rule. Allow California to take the first step in ending Mexican drug lords. Legalize drugs and end our madness.

How About A Real Peace Award Says China?

A difficulty in reading any Chinese criticism concerning the Nobel peace prize is trapped within its torturous analysis are a few gems of reason. The China Daily expressed the views of the nation’s leaders who regard awarding a peace prize to Liu Xiaobo the equivalent for America to award a peace prize to the head of the Mafia. OK, so Liu didn’t kill as many as Al Capone, but his words are just as dangerous. According to the China Daily a peace prize should go to someone who has worked to avoid violence and who has been receptive to compromise. Fair enough. It then goes on to complain members of the Nobel committee are from Norway which has not done anything spectacular in recent decades when it comes to war, violence and pillage so how could they really understand what it takes to maintain peace? Fair enough. The Nobel committee awarded a Peace Prize to Barack Obama who is supporting war in Afghanistan and it gave one to Russian leader Gorbachev whose actions “destroyed and disrupted his country.” Well, no so OK as far as truth is concerned. At the core of the paper’s anger is giving a peace prize to Liu Xiaobo, “a law offender who tries to subvert China.” If I understand their argument, anyone who opposes a dictatorial government is, in essence, a violent person who is against peace. I guess this view has some logic, but the reasoning most probably gets lost in translation.

As far as the China Daily is concerned, the great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping never got it, and, neither did Mao Tse-tung! How come Deng never got a peace prize? After all he helped send over twenty million people to a peaceful life in heaven so doesn’t he deserve some sort of reward? Perhaps the Nobel committee could establish a peace prize to the dictatorial government which offers the best rationale for being a dictatorship?

Headscarf Issue Impacts Young Turkish Girls

During the past eighty years, Turkey has worked hard to establish the principles of a secular state even though the vast majority of people are devout Muslims. The Constitution pushed by Ataturk made clear there would be no religious symbols in Turkish schools such as women wearing headscarves. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) which currently controls the government is pushing for relaxation of the ban on university females and wants them to have the right to attend class wearing a headscarf. This issue is now rippling into elementary and secondary schools which even the AKP agrees should not allow any religious symbol in classes. Zubeydc Kilc of the Education Personnel Union, argues: “Attending class with a headscarf may effect children negatively as they will be in an environment in which the majority doesn’t wear the headscarf. They may face exclusion and questioning by peers.”

Mr. Kilc raises an important issue, but children daily encounter issues in which peers have clothes or other items they lack. I attended a public school in a Jewish neighborhood in New York City in which a few boys wore the yarmulke. If they were a good athlete, none faced any problem since athletic ability was prized. A bright child can encounter problems, a tall child can, such is life. Relax and let children be children instead of seeking to protect them from life.

Anti Japanese Riots In China

Thousands of people in China were in the streets of their cities marching and yelling about their hatred toward Japan. The spark for these demonstrations was seizure by Japanese patrol boats of a Chinese fishing ship that was in waters claimed by Japan. A war of the seas is now raging between China and Japan over which nation will control waters around tiny islands found off the coast of both nations. Ah, why are they arguing? As always, the reason has to do with money-or should we say, OIL! Who will control the oil is all too often the rationale for war and violence.

However, there are other reasons for Chinese anger toward Japan. Their country was invaded by Japan in the 1930s and held for nearly ten years. During that time period, the Japanese killed millions of Chinese people and thousands of women were raped or forced to work as prostitutes serving the needs of Japanese soldiers. Unlike Germany, which has acknowledged its brutal behavior during WWII, Japan refuses to assume any responsibility for what its troops did during the war. In fact, its school textbooks present a portrait of Japan as the “victim” during the war. Japan might send its educators to Germany in order to learn how to confront evil.

Germans Furious At Hitler Comparisons

I constantly encounter people who express thoughts such as, “You may not agree with what Glenn Beck says, but he is well read.” Really! The German newspaper, Der Spiegel, expressed horror at ignorant comments made by Glenn Beck every night of the week. The paper is particularly furious at his stupid comparisons between Nazi Germany and Barack Obama. “During his show on Oct 5, Glenn Beck said that Obama’s science advisor John Holdren’s concern about the global populaiton and White House policy advisor Ezekiel Emanuel’s warnings about global warming are, ‘the kind of thinking that led to… the extermination program that eventually led to the Holocaust.” To a German those words are insulting both to the memory of what happened in the Holocaust, but to efforts by Germans to confront its horror. “It would be hard to find someone on this side of the Atlantic who wouldn’t cringe at the ignorance of that statement… The Holocaust was the result of murderous ideological fanaticism of the kind not to be found in leaders forced to face re-election every four years. It was not the result of a policy meeting.”

In June, Beck compared children singing for Barack Obama was “out of the playbook of the Third Reich.. This is Hitler Youth.” Naturally, Beck doesn’t have the faintest understanding of the Hitler Youth. As Der Spiegel notes: “The Hitler Youth was the ideological training grounds designed to prepare German boys for a glorious career in SS murdering anyone who stood in the way of the Fuhrer’s dream of a vast and racially pure German Reich.”

The sad aspect of Glenn Beck is his followers are as ignorant of history as their Fuhrer.