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PM Netanyahu: See, I Was Right About Iran!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using State Department documents that were released due to the Wikileaks site in order to justify his stand on peace in the Middle East. Documents reveal that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was among several Arab leaders who urged the United States to bomb the hell out of Iran in order to destroy its nuclear development program. He now argues that demands from Israel for action against Iran are supported by other Middle Eastern leaders. “The greatest threat to world peace stems from the arming of the regime in Iran. More and more states, governments and leaders in the Middle East and in far reaches of the world understand this is a fundamental threat.” In other words, Bibi is arguing as long as he claims Iran is behind a threat there is carte blanche right for his nation to do as it damn well pleases. Yes, Iran is a threat to peace. Yes, refusal on the part of the Netanyahu is a threat to peace.

Many world leaders do not enjoy reading what US State Department officials describes about their actions. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi refuses to respond to dispatches from US officials in Rome that describe his wild parties and sex parties with young girls. “I don’t look at what third-rate or fourth rate officials say.” He only considers what a fifth-rate mind such as his says about the world.

Is Religion A Force For Good?

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and well known atheist, Christopher Hitchens locked up in a debate in Toronto as to whether or not religion is a force for good. They debated the proposition: “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world.” A crowd of about three thousand heard the discussion in which Hitchens was the more aggressive debater, most probably due to the presence of religion in a world that has never experienced peace for a single day. Hitchens argued: “Once you assume a Divine creator and a plan it makes us subjects in a cruel experiment.” There have been many “plans” in human history such as the Crusades to save the Holy land from the infidels. Of course, every religion has “plan” and if this is really an experiment, how are we to know which of these plans is “the plan?”

I figure if there is a “God” then this “God” is “God” of the entire universe so how come he devotes so much time talking with religious figures on what or how to do things? I also wonder if this is an “experiment,” is it an experiment to determine if life forms can devise cruelty nonstop?

Zimbabwe’s Pain Continues

Among the most tragic aspects of the end of colonialism in Africa has been continued failure on the part of the continent’s leaders to foster needs of people rather than line their pockets with money and utilize power to retain power. In 2008, Morgan Tsvangirai won the election for president of Zimbabwe, if one assumes the individual with most votes is ordinarily the winner. However, Robert Mugabe refused to step down from power and unleashed his thugs and military to harass, beat, rape and kill those who opposed his continuance in office. Mugabe regards himself as the nation’s indispensable leader and any effort to replace him with another simply serves the goals of “British imperialism.” In America, politicians play the “race card,” in Africa they play the “colonialism card.” Justify brutality, murder or incompetence on the ground better an African robbing the nation than “British imperialists.”

Morgan Tsvangirai signed an agreement with Mugabe last year that, technically, called for sharing power. Mugabe has continually violated what he signed and last month unilaterally appointed ten governors even though the agreement requires both parties consulting with one another. Naturally, no African nation will come to the aid of Zimbabweans. After all, to admit there is a crook in Africa simply paves the way for return of COLONIALISM!!

The Hammer Hammered

Tom DeLay used to be known as “The Hammer” because he ruthlessly enforced his beliefs in Congress that the reason one serves as a Republican was to ensure those with power and wealth gain more power and wealth. He never had the slightest interest in poor people, in those without health insurance of mothers who lacked access to child care. As far as The Hammer was concerned, the only important people in America were lobbyists ready to hand over thousands in donations to Republican candidates for public office. He was convicted in Austin, Texas, by a jury which found him guilty of money laundering and selling out to lobbyists. Naturally, Tom DeLay has never acknowledged he did anything wrong, and blames his conviction on the trial being held in “liberal Austin.” According to DeLay if the trial had been held in a real American city like San Antonio or Houston, the verdict would have gone his way. We all know that liberals are political and not like Republicans who only do what is right for America, particularly when the Americans are wealthy people.

Of course, this being Texas which has governors who never pardon any black or poor person, we can expect the same standard to be applied to Tom Delay. Yeah, and dogs fly in Texas!

Poverty Stricken NFL Owners Seek Help

The National Football League is a money machine, that is, except for cities which are compelled by threats to build expensive new stadiums at high cost to taxpayers. All an owner in St. Paul has to do is hint at leaving the cold climate of Minnesota for the warm clime of San Antonio and within months there will be plans ready for a new stadium. Owners of NFL teams enjoy a wonderful TV arrangement which pays them $4 billion whether or not a single game is played. So, our poverty stricken owners are now threatening players with a lockout unless they willingly surrender about a billion dollars in wages in order to ensure our poor owners have enough money to pay the rent on their penthouses. The NFL Players Association believes there is a high probability of a lockout next spring unless players chip in with their money to help out poverty-stricken owners. When it comes to making money, the owners are true Tea Party thinkers– not one penny for players above what owners insist is a fair wage.

Football players are spoiled rich brats who make gobs of money while enjoying playing ball. They fail to grasp in an era in which Sarah Palin is viewed as an economic thinker, their bosses will resort to any gimmick in order to make more money. Most probably owners will blame Barack Obama for their poverty.

Wiki Damage Control

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is flying from one nation to another in order to soften the impact of released secret documents which reveal how American diplomats really thought about other world leaders. I always thought, “the truth shall make you free,” but apparently as far as world leaders are concerned, the truth makes them feel unfree. Leaded documents range from comments about Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his romantic escapades to Saudi King Abdullah who was furious at the Bush invasion of Iraq. He attempted to point out to the morons in the Bush administration by destroying a powerful Iraq they made Iran a dominant nation in the region. Of course, anyone with a simple knowledge of the Middle East understood by invading Afghanistan and Iraq, the US was eliminating two main rivals of Iran. Clinton and Obama are furious that cables in which honest opinions are expressed are now available to the public.

It is so reassuring having a former teacher of Constitutional law as our president. Ironically, Republicans distrust Barack Obama even though he is desperately attempting to protect the reputation of George Bush. We do indeed live in strange times. Wikileaks simply provides additional evidence that we are rapidly moving into 1984.

Kim, Kim, Kim, North Korea Explained

As a public service this blog will explain the entire history of the North Korean Kim family so one will finally know which Kim is on first base. trust anyone reading this blog will take what follows in a serious manner. Any discussion of North Korea is no joking matter, and a smile or laugh at the wrong place can send you to a nice farm somewhere in northern North Korea. So, pay attention.

1. In the beginning there was a mighty warrior known as Kim Sung il who fought heroically, or at least, he did fight against the Japanese during World War II. After the Japanese surrendered Kim Sung il found himself in North Korea and was there to welcome the invading Russian army. The Japs surrendered and our hero king assumed the title of Beloved Leader of the People. Well, as all fairy tales end, he got into a war in 1950 with the South Koreans and most of the world, but was saved by the gallant Chinese.

2. Our Beloved Leader had a son who we will call, Kim Jong il or, Our Beloved Leader, No. 2. This is a Kim for all seasons and he has performed miracles. After all, how many Beloved Leaders can drive their nation into starvation because he wants to build missiles rather then develop the nation’s economy.

3. Our Beloved Leader, No. 2 who is the son of Beloved Leader, No. 1, now has a son who is named, Kim Jong-un or Beloved Leader,No. 3. Now that you have all the Kim folk in your mind, we come to the current firing of cannon shells into South Korea. This blog has been informed from a very reliable source, One Who Lives In The Land Of Beloved Leader, No. 3, that no one has the faintest idea what junior is up to.

We warn one and all there will be a pop test on the Beloved Leaders of North Korea.

In advance of Wikileaks release of diplomatic documents from US officials, we offer our own list of examples.

VP Dick Cheney to US Ambassador in England: ” I assume you have convinced PM Blair that his information about no WMD is wrong. God, that guy would lick Bush’s ass to stay on the right side of our beloved leader.”

Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld to VP Cheney: ” I had a meeting with Colin. I suckered him once again about the WMD. For some reason, people in the State Department know there are no such weapons.”

George Bush to US Ambassador in Germany: “If they refuse to go along with the Iraq invasion, just remind them of the Holocaust. I could always start talking about that topic.”

Libby to Cheney: “Mr. Vice President, we are in the process of taking out that loud mouth CIA broad. Tune in tomorrow how the smear process begins.”

Libby to Rumsfeld: “Don, I really liked the bit how you stand all day so why are those damn Muslim rats complaining.”

Bush to US Ambassador in Israel: “Some of my best friends are Jews, but couldn’t they lower the violence a bit. It causes hell when we talk with Saudis about oil.”

Bush to President Mubarak: “How the hell do you get along with those Saudi fanatics? I can’t even get a damn drink when meeting with them, and Laura has to wear that damn chador!”

Obama to Mubarak: “I appreciate your calmness in dealing with Bibi. Just remember, the rule is– never turn your back when that guy is around.”

Secretary of State Clinton to US Ambassador to Turkey: “I have to go to a dinner with Armenian Democrats who are raising money for the campaign. Tell Erdogan if he keeps his calm, I will go to a dinner with American Turks.”

Thing To Do In New York Before You Die

Before you die it is necessary to spend some time in New York City. Following are some things to see and do.

Enter New York City harbor in a ship so you can see dawn break and out of the mist is the Lady with her hand stretched on high.

Walk from 86th street to 34th street and see the entire world.

Eat a warm bagel at 5:00 a.m.

Have an egg cream on summer’s day.

Listen to guitars in Washington Square Park

Stand on a Harlem corner before a barber shop and listen to the guys play the dozens.

Walk along 42nd street and see tourists gaping at tall buildings and the wonder that is New York.

Go through the Bronx Zoo and observe intelligent life forms.

Grab a broom stick and join some kids playing stickball.

Visit a New York City school and fall asleep as the teacher preps kids for the exam.

Visit Little Italy and smell warm bread.

Visit a Chinese restaurant where Chinese men eat lunch and pay a few bucks for a great meal.

Donate a nickel for Bloomberg’s campaign since he isn’t worth a dime of your time.

Go to Coney Island and gaze out across the ocean from whence came your ancestors.

Sit on a bench in Central Park and sigh as gorgeous girls walk by.

Visit a museum if that grabs your attention.

On a hot summer day watch kids playing cards in the shade of a stoop.

Visit any park and watch chess games to your heart’s content.

Stop by downtown and chat with a prostitute and give her a few bucks and a warm hug.

Go into a diner at midnight and listen to conversations.

Ride the subway from the Bronx to Brighton Beach and just listen, listen to people talking.

Spend a spring afternoon in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium and chat with old guys who remember the old days.

Sit on the grass at Battery Park and watch ships enter the harbor.

Whisper my name on 42nd street which I miss so very, very much.

Xmas Trees Survive Attack!

A Muslim student attending Oregon State University decided he wanted to strike a blow for Islam against the infidel Americans, but, alas, his attempt failed to detonate. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, age 19, was in contact with someone he thought was located in northwest Pakistan, but it turned out the man was located at FBI headquarters. Mohamed spent months planning an important strike against the forces of Christianity and zeroed in on Christmas trees. After all, first one wipes out Xmas trees, then one wipes out Santa Claus and one has transformed millions of American children into doubters in their religion. If there are no Xmas trees and no Santa, how can there really be a Jesus Christ. But, for that matter, how can there be a Mohmmed? Ms. Mohamud did not realize the “explosives laden van” was simply a van supplied to him by the FBI in order to demonstrate how ineffectual are most Muslims in America who attempt to do anything that involves using bombs.

We are pleased to report that no Xmas trees were damaged and the tree lighting ceremony went smoothly. However, we did notice in the crown a band of Tea Party folk who wanted to strike a blow against ‘the government.” Did their anger against “the government” include the FBI which is part of “the government?”