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All Is Well In Afghanistan–Or, Sort Of?

Army Col. Viet Luong told the media it would be difficult to control Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan unless NATO troops could secure the cooperation of tribal groups in the area as well as working closely with Pakistan forces. Even as he spoke, American units in east Afghanistan were involved in a day long clash with attacking Taliban forces. General Petraeus constantly assures the American people that things are improving in Afghanistan and the Taliban is getting weaker. However, observers in Pakistan admit it is an open secret that Pakistan’s secret intelligence unit, the ISI is providing rest and recreation to members of the Taliban who are getting defeated by NATO forces. Petraeus assures Americans we are slowly “winning” event though 700 NATO troops died this year, the highest total in nine years.

The bottom line is Pakistan will not assist any effort to deal with the Taliban as long as they regard that force as their ally in the struggle against India. The focus should be on peace and reconciliation between India and Pakistan if there is ever to be peace in Afghanistan.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK,The Independent: “A Tale Of Our Time”
This was not the best of our times, this was the worst of our times.

South Africa, Argus: “Cops Held For Theft”
I assume they are being held by cops who were not in on the theft.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: ‘I Just Don’t Like Women”
This is NOT a quote from Hugh Hefner.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pensioners Planned Heist”
Of cookies on the lunch room counter.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Fake War Hero Sent To Jail”
Where do they send fake Congressmen?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Scientists Create Singing Mouse”
His name is Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the mouse who roars nonsense in Israel.

Finland, Sanomat: “It’s All A Conspiracy”
How can we get a good conspiracy that benefits poor people?

Ireland,Independent: “Work Or Lose Dole”
Could we make that demand on Wall Street types?

USA, NY Post: “I killed Mom for Love”
Since I am motherless, could you reduce my sentence?

Lieberman Mouse Squeaks Hate

The Jewish people have survived for thousands of years during which time they have endured unspeakable prejudice and hatred. Of course, during that time period it was common for Jews to take a stand in favor of human rights–for all people. There is a mouse who holds the position of Foreign Minister in the Israel Cabinet who constantly squeaks nonsense and hatred. He told fellow Israel diplomats the Turkish government was speaking lies about their nation, and went on to make clear he opposed any peace negotiations with the “illegitimate” Palestinian Authority. In the Avigdor Lieberman view of life, Palestinians accept his ideas because he alone squeaks the truth. Israel Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, quickly attempted to calm Turkish officials for once again being insulted by the man who, in theory, is a “diplomat.” Barak urged Turkey to work with Israel in order to restore their once friendly relations.

Turkey rushed assistance to Israel during their recent forest fire. A “diplomat” would have acknowledged the help and attempted to work for peace with those who aided his nation. But, Avigdor Lieberman is nothing but a small time bully who has no conception of foreign policy other than insulting other nations.

It is difficult to believe that after five thousand years of Judaism, the end result is a travesty for a human being known as Avigdor Lieberman. He is living proof there is no such thing as evolution of humanity.

Taking Christ Out Of Christmas?

I was listening to one of those people on Fox News who claim to be a reporter and they were complaining about how Christ has been taken out of Christmas. For one time, I am on the side of Fox News. There is no question that Christ has been taken out of Christmas. Look at the evidence:

1. Instead of a health care bill that offered a public option to those who were tired of being ripped off by private health care companies, all we got was a warmed over version of what most Europeans already possess– inexpensive health care.

2. Instead of using $900 billion to provide jobs and rebuild America’s infrastructure, the wealthy 1% got an Xmas present of nearly $200 billion. As I recall, Jesus was not too enthusiastic about the wealthy.

3. Instead of passing the Dream Act which would have provided citizenship to children of immigrants who have spent their lives in this country, Republicans said –NO! I have a feeling Jesus would have said: YES!

4. America has among the worse records in dealing with the health of young children. We all know what Christ thought about children, the exact opposite of how Republicans think.

5. Jesus Christ was concerned about the beauty and well being of Planet Earth. The exact opposite of what Republicans think.

6. Our young men and women are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. I always thought Christ blessed the peace makers, not the war makers.

Yes, Fox News, the Republican party has taken Christ out of Christmas.

Dictator Robert Mugabe Rants On And On

In theory, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe promised to share power with Morgan Tsvangirai in the aftermath of the stolen presidential election which was won by Tsvangirai and stolen by Mugabe. A group of African nations led by South Africa attempted to persuade the two bit dictator Mugabe to share power in order to end the chaos which had engulfed the nation. During the past two years, Morgan Tsvangirai had worked-and succeeded– to end the calamitous inflation which wrecked country’s economy. His efforts have been challenged at every step of the process by the President who regards Zimbabwe as his personal nation. After all, he led fight to drive out the British which, in his view, entitles him to run everything as long as he breathes.
The latest chapter of the so-called joint government is leading to a ludicrous conclusion. Wikileaks revealed that Prime Minister Tsvangirai had the audacity to speak with the US ambassador to his country!

The Attorney General of Zimbabwe has appointed a group of lawyers to examine whether the prime minister should be charged with treason because Wikileaks reveal he discussed the need for continuing sanctions until Mugabe gave evidence he was really interested in peace and reconciliation with opponents. Most probably there will be some charges laid against the prime minister for failing to wipe the ass of Mugabe.

Petulant Putin Pontificates About The West

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is upset. He is accustomed to inhabit a world in which whatever he does is hailed as another brilliant stroke of genius. OK, so some bodies show up of those who oppose him. No one can prove the PM had anything to do with such activities. Right now a “trial” is concluding in Russia in which the defendant was guilty the moment he stepped into the court room. Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a man who irritates Putin. He had the nerve to support politicians who opposed the election of then president Putin Naturally, anyone who tells the emperor there are no clothes on his body is subject to either being killed or sent to jail. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a wealthy businessmen who wanted his nation to move in a direction of democracy, a thought that appalled former KGB agent, Putin. He staged a trial which resulted in prison for the former head of Yukos Mr. Khodorkovsky was supposed to complete his prison sentence this year when suddenly the prosecutor found new evidence of crime which resulted in a new trial and another farce. Western nations and the US expressed misgivings about what passed for a trial and the result was fury from Putin. France called for the rule of law in Russia while Secretary of State Clinton expressed concern about “selective application of justice” in Russia.

Moscow responded with blunt words–“we expect everyone to mind his own business.” Damn it, if the Russian people want a two bit dictator, they have every right to live under such rule. The only consolation for Khodorkovsky is he ranks number one on the shit list of Putin.

Jonathan Pollak, An Israeli Hero!

I was raised in the world of east European Jewish socialism which centered in the belief that to be a Jew meant one must fight for the rights of all oppressed people in the world. We knew that Jews would never be free people until all those who were denied human rights were being victimized. Jonathan Pollak has been fighting for the rights of Palestinians since he was a baby because his parents also are true Jews. Mr. Pollak has opposed West Bank settlers who steal land in the name of being “Jewish.” He opposed the ill fated Gaza invasion which violated international law and resulted in the deaths of innocent men, women and children. A “real Jew” does not kill the innocent in order to protect his violation of human rights. Mr. Pollak is now on trial for something termed, “illegal assembly.” He participated along with 30 Israelis in a cycle ride through the streets of Tel Aviv to protest the siege of Gaza. As he so aptly notes, “from the arrest to the indictment, this has been a political case. Had we not been protesting the occupation, none of it would have taken place.” Could anyone imagine bike rides in support of West Bank settlements leading to jail sentences?

Ayed Morrar, an internationally recognized Palestinian film maker, said of Pollak: “ a man trying to prove that those who believe in occupation cannot claim to be humanitarian or civilized. He also wants to prove that resisting oppression and occupation does not mean being a terrorist or killing.”

The only crime Jonathan Pollak has committed is being a JEW!

Who Is Afraid Of Big Bad Wolf?

About ten years ago, the United States had a president who enjoyed pretending he was macho man. Our beloved leader, George Bush never feared sending troops into battle because he feared no big bad wolf. After all, during the Vietnam War, his daddy had secured for him a nice quiet safe place in a National Guard outfit that was not going into battle other than at the local bar which he enjoyed very much. President Lee Myung-Bak of South Korea is a brave man, of course, he has never been in battle other than in the local parliament where he shot off his mouth in brave tones. The President told South Korea, “fear of war is never helpful in preventing war” and he would “respond relentlessly” to any further North Korean provocations. North Korea is led by a psychopath named Kim Jong-il who has absolutely no idea about war and what would happen to his own country if he sent troops across the border into South Korea.

Any sensible leader of a nation should know that “fear of war” means one must avoid war. War on the peninsula of Korea would be devastating to everyone and result in the death of hundreds of thousands of people. Calm down, and FEAR WAR even when dealing with the Big Bad Wolf.


We offer our own theory of what constitutes the act of demonstrating one is dumb.

Enjoy the benefits of what government does for you while arguing that government is evil.

Believe cutting taxes for the wealthy and reducing income can result in lowering our debt.

Believe an intelligent idea resides in the mind of Sarah Palin.

Believe a person collecting unemployment benefits lives a life of luxury

Believes the war in Afghanistan can be “won.”

Believes ending the $15 billion spent on earmarks will impact the federal $1 Trillion debt.

Believes like Don Rumsfeld that standing up at work is analogous to making prisoners stand for hours.

Believes Rudy Giuliani would do anything without getting paid for it.

Believes students at Harvard are smarter than students at the University of California.

Believes Larry Summers ever gave a damn for poor people.

Believes there is “an answer” to problems.

Believes George Bush was misled by “faulty intelligence in Iraq.”

Fired For Wearing Hair Loose

In America during the 1960s many young men lost their jobs for wearing long hair, but in modern Turkey, a prominent woman lost her job because she wore her head scarf too loosely and allowed the world to see parts of her hair. As we all know, God’s wife covers her hair when they are out visiting planets in distant galaxies. Ayse Sucu helped to found the Women Activities Center of the Turkish Religious Foundation and built it from an initial two dozen members to a top flight organization of 12,000 women, many of whom hold important positions in the country. She was fired because Ms. Sucu wore her headscarf in a loose manner that allowed parts of her hair to be seen. She also made the mistake of hiring competent people, some of whom were very secular and some even were atheists. After her firing, 28 members of the Women Activities Center tendered their resignations and announced, “we will participate in a new foundation with (Sucu). We have not decided yet whether it will be a new association, platform or other foundation,” said Vildan Karabulut. who had resigned in protest.

The debate is over which version of Islam will be accepted. Ms Sucu and many Turkish women desire a broader based version of Islam that allows for some to adhere to modern ways of thinking and dress while others prefer a more traditional interpretation. Frankly, we doubt if God has time for such great debates, given He has work all over the universe.