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Republican Hysteria Over Muslims Lives On

Republican Representative Sue Myrick sent a letter to President Obama urging him to call a special meeting to discuss what she terms American export of terrorism to other parts of the world. She blasted American complacency toward dealing with home grown terrorists and noted it was “far behind Europe in having measures in place to deal with the growing radicalization of young men and their willingness to carry out threats.” She complained for years America has refused to look within and only thought terrorists existed far away. “We believed American Muslims were immune to radicalization because unlike European counterparts, they are socially and economically well-integrated into society.” She went on to charge: “there have been warnings that these assumptions were false, but we paid them no mind. Today, there is no doubt that radicalization is taking place inside America.”

Actually, Sue Myrick is right. Radicalization is taking place in America and it will result in the loss of thousands of American lives. However, the radicals are not American Muslims, they are members of the Republican Party and their Tea Party buddies. They want to cut health care for American children, they want to deprive families of unemployment benefits. The growing obesity in this nation is a far more important threat to human life than the small number of men accused of being terrorists. If Ms. Myrick was concerned about terror, she should challenge members of the Republican Party to meet economic needs of society and prevent early deaths.

Sorry, Ms. Myrick, fewer than a hundred Muslims out of about five million have even been accused of a crime. The vast majority of American Muslims ARE integrated in society.

Oh, I am confused. I thought President Obama was a friend of terrorism. Why are you asking him to help?

Kangeroo Justice, Russian Style!

The semblance of what passes for a court “trial” took place over the past few months in Moscow and the verdict was what everyone who believed in social justice expected– the defendants were deemed to be guilty. Of course, they were deemed to be guilty by the Putin government even before the trial took place because one of the defendants, Mikhail Khodorkovsky has the nerve to challenge the prime minister by suggesting he might run against him for president of the country. The British Foreign Office blasted the verdict which was the second time Khodorkovsky had been found guilty of a business crime. “This and similar cases have a negative impact on Russia’s repputation for fulfilling its international human rights obligations and improving its investment climate.” Representatives of the FO had attended trial sessions as had Chris Bryant, former minister for Europe who commented; “Having visited the trial and seen for myself the farcical way in which it was being conducted, with ludicrous trumped up charges and a petulant martinet of a prosecutor, it is entirely predictable that (Khodorkovsky) has been found guilty.”

One European leader after another has termed the verdict a violation of human rights. Germany’s foreign minister, Guido Westrerwelle, termed it, “highly alarming and a step backwards for the country on its road toward modernization.”

The moral of this “trial” is you are guilty, by definition, if you dare to question the power of Vladmir Putin.

Xmas And Deployment

Ah, it is Christmas and American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are engaged in war at this time of peace and love. Since less than 1% of Americans have anything to do with war it is not surprising there is scant interest in what happens to those who daily risk their lives in pursuit of death and destruction. General Peter Chiarelli, vice chief of staff, told an ABC reporter about the impact of war on those who are serving. He recently visited an air force base at which senior pilots “have been flying mission after mission, 60% of whom are in their third deployment and 40% in their fourth deployment.” The impact is devastating to these men. “It affects their divorce rate. It affects substance use” and it is a major source of PTSD. The estimate is about 15% of those currently homeless in America at one point served in the US military. Since the current wars began in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001, over two million men and women have been in a combat zone at one point or another. According to Chiarelli, five years ago when he asked a room of servicemen how many would seek counseling help, fewer than 10% raised their hands, today about 50% raise their hand because they have come to realize honesty is the best policy and it is not a sign of weakness.

We have leaders who intend to “win” in Afghanistan, but we do not have leaders who will speak honestly to the American people that if they desire war then they must desire a draft. We doubt war will continue if mom and dad have their son drafted into the armed forces.

George Orwell Alive In Israel

Israel security forces were ready to greet a man who threatened security of their nation. They waited until the plane landed, and guns were locked ready for action when the slight young man approached them. His name was not Mohammed, but Matan Cohen but he was coming from a well known terrorist center, Hampshire College in America. Mr.Cohen was informed that he was being detained on suspicion of “hostile activity.” Cohen asked the soldiers who had decided to arrest him. Following is the ensuing dialogue:

Cohen: “Was it you who decided to detain me?”

Policemen: “No, security elements did.”

Cohen: “Meaning the Shin Bet Security service?”

Policemen: “Yes, the Shin Bet Jewish department.”

Cohen: “Am I a suspect or something?”

Policemen: “You’re not a suspect. You are suspected.”

Cohen: ‘you’re grammar is am

Twelve Terrorist Suspects Arrested In Netherlands

The newspaper report said that twelve terrorist suspects were arrested by an elite police unit in the Netherlands. The group of Muslim terrorists were supposed to be planning an attack on an unidentified target in the country. After arresting the twelve “terrorist suspects” on Friday, police on Sunday released five of the “terrorist suspects” without making public the reason for their release. I am confused. If there were twelve “terrorist suspects,” then why were five released within two days? Can we assume the five were NOT “terrorist suspects” and there was confusion in the alleged “elite police unit” about who the heck they were arresting? The report mentions an “unnamed target” that was allegedly going to be blown up. It is clear that nearly half of the “terrorist suspects” were not terrorists so we can assume the alleged target was not a target.

The media loves reporting arrests of “terrorists” but rarely do they follow up as to whether the alleged suspects were actually terrorists. It is much more exciting frightening people than telling them it was all a big mistake.

Iran Problems With Iranians

The world regards President Ahmadinejad and his government as a threat to world peace. However, the concept of a nation termed, “Iran” which is a Shiite society is a flawed understanding as to the composition of people in that country. There are minorities such as Kurds and they have never felt comfortable as members of a Shiite nation which seeks to impose its version of religion on each and every individual. The Bahai people within Iran are treated in a manner akin to how Hitler dealt with Jews in Germany. A Bahai lacks civil rights and confronts daily encounters with job denial,and prejudice in every walk of his life. Habibollah Latifi is a Kurdish fighter for human rights and now faces a death penalty. He was supposed to be executed on Sunday, but a crowd of 300 people gathered to protest the death penalty on a man whose only crime was standing up for Kurdish rights. Naturally, the Iranian government argues he is a member of the Kurdish Independent Party(PJAK) even though there is no evidence he ever participated in any violent action.

Iran is a divided nation. It has cultural divisions and it has social and economic divisions. The question is how strong are these divisions.


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty years old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


Never underestimate the ignorance of those belonging to the Tea Party.

One knows when the couple is in love if both wear red colored clothes.

Sign said: “Dent Devil.” I assume they do a booming business in giving cars dents.

Sign said: ‘McRib Back.” Gee, I didn’t know it left.

Modern youth lack interest in politics. They twitter away their lives.

I sometimes wonder if the concept of “debt” exists in Heaven.

I am all too often the “solitary man” you see in a diner.

I feel as though I am cheating if I fill up my thermos with coffee at a coffee shop.

I wonder if there is life in Death.

Glenn Beck is to human decency as a sewer is to clean water.

Children rise first, then come mom and dad.

If you wish to fly safely, fly El-Al.

A college student called on Sunday morning to inquire about the right homework assignment. He became miffed at me because I was miffed.

A female with long hair is, by definition, attractive.

A female with a pony tail is, by definition, perky.

I cannot drink coffee with a meat sandwich.

These days a table of five must include a black and an Asian.

I feel as though I am cheating if I bring my own butter when purchasing a bagel.

Only Republicans can deny 9/11 aid to those who responded to the tragedy and feel morally righteous.

If a called promises to reduce my debt, I hang up.

My greatest anger is directed at those who are insensitive to fellow humans.

I am not impressed with son or daughter treats dad at McDonalds.

No father should be allowed to use a cell phone when with the children.

When two elderly people are deep in conversation, they either are discussing health or money.

The bad news on dying is you are dead, the good news is never again will you be bothered by a cell phone conversation.

It is fascinating that Fox News denounces immigrants even though owned by an immigrant.

Food On Mind Of Women Says Research

In a recent article printed in the Irish Independent newspaper, a research study revealed women think about food more than sex. According to the study, 60% of women do not feel comfortable eating when with their partner nor do they feel comfortable undressing before that person. Apparently, women think about food every thirty minutes, but when it comes to thinking about sex, that is much more of a delayed thought in their minds. Food is a major concern of modern women. Unlike women in the past who thought about food because they were hungry or starving, modern women think about food because of fear they may eat too much and thus create problems with their partner-male or female, that is. They even eat fewer calories when going out with their partner than when alone.

So, what does this say about modern men and women? Those in modern economic societies eat too damn much food and have too much less sex. Poor people think about food because they fear starvation, modern folk think about food because they fear a big butt. Perhaps, each year, women in modern economic societies should switch places with women who barely get enough to eat.

Some Russians Fight For Human Rights

The post Soviet Union has not been distinguished as an era in which voices of totalitarian beliefs were silenced and democracy regarded as the road to a future Russia. Russians who come from areas of Asia have been subjected to brutal repression and some have been killed. It is all too common in many areas of the media to report crimes and murder as synonymous with being from Asiatic Russia. The day after Christmas several thousand Russians gathered to reaffirm their belief in equal rights. They held aloft signs saying: “Our Fascists Are A World Shame” referring to neo-Nazis groups which have assaulted hundreds of ethnic people in cities like Moscow. In contrast to Fascist signs proclaiming; “Russia for Russians” human rights activists urged creation of a modern Russia in which those of all ethnic backgrounds could live in peace.

A human activist stated the Russian reality by noting: “In Russia, each and every town and village is multi-ethnic and any flare up of nationalism in
Russia will destroy our country.” There are over 175 ethnic groups in Russia and in modern societies people of diverse backgrounds live in peace.

Elections, Ivory Cost Style

President Laurent Gbagbo held an election, and assured the world it would be free. Votes were counted by an impartial UN group and it turned out the president was not the first one present in the hearts of his fellow countrymen. Laurent was confused. He thought when one ran an election the outcome was that the incumbent president was re-elected. Isn’t that was the norm in many African nations? Heck, if you don’t wind up with a majority of votes there are two alternatives: throw out votes secured by opponents in order to ensure you are ahead or just blame the entire damn outcome on Europeans colonialists like his friend Robert Mugambe does in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately for Gbagbo the UN was supervising the election and was determined the winner would win. Laurent sent thugs into arrest those who ran against him and after a nice beating they were expected to apologize for even running in the election and get the heck out of the nation.

There simply was too much publicity about the stolen election and refusal on the part of the UN to leave made the situation rather sticky for the president. To make matters worse, the presidents of Benin, Sierra Leone and Cap Vert rushed to see Laurent and urged him to leave office. The outcome is still unclear. Who knows, perhaps democracy might win a battle in an African nation.