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Suicide Bomber Kills Poor People

A crowd of about 300 people in the town of Barjur in Pakistan had gathered in order to receive some food and other basic necessities at a distribution center. The woman clad in a burqa walked slowly to the group. Her steps were slow in pace, she had a quiet smile of resignation on her face and eyes glowed with a certainty she had never before known. Police halted her and asked some basic questions, for a moment a sign of panic could be seen in her eyes and her words stumbled out in confusion. A policeman asked for identify, a hand went under the burqa, and suddenly she broke away and ran toward the people clustered around those giving out food. From underneath the burqa came a hand which lobbed grenades at the crowd and then bullets from the police whistled past her head. The hand once again went under the burqa, it fiddled for a second with a wire, and then yanked. Her body exploded sending pieces of lead toward the poor people waiting for food. Within moments, over three dozen were dead and a 100 wounded. Body parts were strewn lay on the ground and voices of wounded could be heard.

No one knows her name. She killed dozens of poor people because they were gathered to receive food from a hated Western agency. One is left with the question as to why the Taliban and al-Qaeda, who claim to love the Prophet Muhammed believe it was his desire for poor people to die while wealthy people rarely do? Who are these suicide bombers whose targets are more often than not poor people?

Christ Had Better Keep Out Of Nigeria

He came upon a midnight morning, the supposed Savior of mankind. He was born in a manger in what we now call the nation of Israel. But, on Christmas Eve in Nigeria, Muslim militants decided to use the hand of war on a night when Christians simply wanted some peace and quiet in order to recall a birth 2000 years ago of a man of peace. Militants hurled bombs in the small town of Jos in central Nigeria that resulted in the death of 32 people and the wounding of dozens. Meanwhile in the northeastern town of Maiduguri, Muslim militants threw petrol bombs at two churches and killed at least six people including a minister of God. It was all done on Christmas eve. Muslims in Pakistan killed innocent Muslims and Muslims in Nigeria killed innocent Christians. One can only wonder if Jesus Christ would like to be associated with such life forms who kill one another. Of course, they always kill in the name of Muhammed or Christ or some belief that God wants them to seize land.

Who are these creatures on this planet of Earth who answer the call of Death over Life? When will they ever learn the goal of all religions is peace and love?


At this Christmas it is only appropriate on our part to present the Tea Party version of the Sermon on the Mount.

Blessed are the wealthy for they are the true servants of God.

Blessed are the poor who must serve the wishes of the wealthy.

Blessed are the war makers for they kill in the name of Jesus Christ.

Blessed are the voices of hate for they drown out the weak voices of love.

Blessed are those who do not aid homeless people who are too lazy to work.

Blessed are those who strive for lower taxes for the wealthy for their’s is the Kingdom of God.

Blessed are those who deny rights to illegals for Heaven is only for the legal.

Blessed is Glenn Beck for pointing the path leading to the African birth place of Barack Obama.

Blessed are those who seek health care for the wealthy because Heaven has no place for ill people.

Blessed are those who celebrate their Confederate ancestors for God has always been in favor of slavery.

Blessed are those who oppose gay rights because God’s Heaven is only for straight people.

Man Jumps From Balcony In Parliament

The Romanian Parliament was engaged in a violent argument stemming from opposition party efforts to have a vote of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Emil Boc when the hall was silenced by the voice of a man in the audience. Mr. Adrian Sobaru, an engineer with a child at home who was disabled and now would lose benefits due to government cuts, arose, shouted, and then flung his body over the rail and landed with a thud on the floor of Parliament. Prime Minister Boc ceased talking, gazed at the body and rushed over to provide assistance. The echo of the man’s voice was still in his head. Sobaru had shouted: “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom!” The entire body of Parliament was silent for a moment and then members of the opposition party left because they could not muster enough votes for a no confidence tally. The Prime Minister did not know what to say and soon left. Medical personnel soon arrived, placed the body on a stretcher and rushed him to a hospital where his condition was rated as serious, but not life threatening.

I was wondering whether a similar event could rock the US Congress.

1. A member of the Tea Party heaving a box of tea because Congress had voted to provide medical assistance to 9/11 Responders and it would cost $4.2 Billion of Tea Party tax dollars.

2. A member of the Republican Party shouting “Freedom For the Wealthy” as he heaved onto the floor of Congress a copy of the tax code.

3. A member of the Obama Cabinet shouting, “We So Do Have Backbones” as he heaved a dead chicken onto the floor.

4. A member of the New York Yankee management throwing $2 million onto the floor while shouting: “Any Pitchers Among You?”

5. Sarah Palin throwing a dead moose carcas while shouting: “How much am I bid in US dollars for this piece of meat?”

Barter, Anyone?

Recent surveys indicate about one in four Americans is bartering this Christmas instead of giving presents. People are exchanging goods and skills in an effort to prevent going heavy into debt at the Xmas season. As we all know, God invented Christmas because he believed in Capitalism and wanted to make certain merchants ended the year in good spirits. After all, what is Christmas for other than to make certain the wealthy remain wealthy and the poor go deeper into debt? So, in the spirit of Christmas we suggest some nice bartering:

1. Barack Obama– send Hillary Clinton, along with hubby Bill, to the Republicans in exchange for Sarah Palin and one of her kids. An even up swap.

2. Exchange Rudy Giuliani for a used donkey who does not bray.

3. Senator Jim Demint in exchange for a bag filled with sour balls?

4. Yankees send ownership in the Yankee Stadium to the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for Roy Halladay and use of Cliff Lee on alternate weeks.

5. Lindsay Lohan and Cyrus Miley in exchange for any all American gal.

6. Use of my Alien mind in exchange for free medical care for twenty years.

7. Barack Obama skills in creating jobs with any Chicago politician with skills in job creation.

8. A born again Christian like George Bush in exchange for a born-again Muslim like Osama bin Laden

9. In all honesty, my blog can be bought for the right price– say about a million in dollars?

No Noel For Iraq Christians

George Bush used to boast he was a born-again Christian who found new hope in following the ideas of Jesus Christ. The Christians of Iraq have lived in that area as devout Christians for nearly two thousand years. Unfortunately for them, an American in Texas found Christ and set in motion a war that has resulted in the emergence of a powerful Muslim movement in Iraq to drive out all Christians. In other words, George Bush and his buddies Cheney and Rumsfeld are the godfathers of anti-Christianity in the Middle East. Today in Iraq, cathedrals which had been active for thousands of years now remain quiet and empty. Muslim fanatics killed sixty Christians in October at a Chaldean Catholic Church which was simply one of many such attacks on Christians. Ironically, under Saddan Hussein, Christians enjoyed the protection of a government that would now allow any vigilantes–other than those sponsored by the government–to attack innocent people. At this holy time of the year, in Baghdad as well as in other Iraq cities, Christmas services have been cancelled due to threats from Muslim fanatics. Abdullah al-Noufali, an important Christian leader said: “now more than 80% of Christians are not going to the churches.”

At least half of the 800,000 Christians in Iraq under Saddam Hussein have left the country due to fear of Muslim terrorists. The exodus for remaining Christians has accelerated during the past few weeks. A few thousand Iraq Christians recently accepted an offer from Kurdish officials to relocate to that area. There is something ironic about George Bush and his Christian buddies being the ones responsible for forcing Christianity from the Middle East.

US -Taliban Can’t Win, So There!

George Bush told the world there were WMD in Iraq, Barack Obama tells the world it is impossible for the Taliban to win in Afghanistan. Staffan De Mistura, the top US representative in Afghanistan told the Security Council there was no way for the Taliban to gain victory in their country. The current US led fight is showing results and any sensible person would realize the only solution is for a negotiated settlement. “At the same time it’s producing the temptation, and the urge, probably by the Taliban, to want to have one or two spectacular attacks that may change the perception–which is real–that things are improving.” In other words, the Taliban can launch an attack which might result in many Americans doubting there can be victory in Afghanistan. Sorry, Mr Mistura, most Americans do not need another Taliban attack to conclude things are NOT going well in that far off land. They have TEN YEARS OF PROMISES NOT FULFILLED ABOUT VICTORY!

Sorry, President Obama, the US is not going to win anything in Afghanistan as long as Pakistan continues to hide, supply and support the Taliban. Victory in Afghanistan begins in Pakistan.

War Of Threats Escalates In Korea

OK, so you thought the Israel-Palestinian conflict was a serious threat to world peace, so you thought idiot President Mugabe in Zimbabwe was the world’s leading nut case, so you spend nights worrying about Osama bin Laden and possible terrorist attacks, sorry, I would take any of the previous instead of having to deal with men of passion and ignorance in North Korea. First, North Korea shells South Korean military installations and then it becomes furious when those pesky South Koreans get upset. So, when in doubt, the typical North Korean response is to escalate the war of words. If someone threatens them, they have words of such dire fear you will shake in your boots. North Korean Defense leader, Kim Yong Chou warned his brothers to the south and the United States that if they did not cease conducting military exercises he would exercise them off planet earth. He made known his nation was prepared to “launch a sacred war” which would result in atomic bombs blasting South Korea and wiping out what is presently known as the United States of America.

OK, so he inhabits a world in which reality as to what is happening on the rest of the planet has yet to become common knowledge. His nation has about 1-6 nuclear weapons and it is threatening a nation with hundreds of atomic bombs. The problem is if ignorance is bliss, Kim and his buddies will sleep for eternity in ignorance.

Money Triumphs Over Justice In UK!

A new report by a US Senate committee reveals former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his successor, Gordon Brown, agreed to free the Lockerbie bomber in order to assist British Petroleum to gain a coveted $900 million oil deal with the Libyan government. The Libyan government threatened to void that contract as well as one with General Dynamics unless convicted murderer, Abdel Baset Ali aal-Magrahi was released from jail. A statement was given the Scottish government that al-Magrahi had prostrate cancer and would die within three months. Of course, two years later the criminal is still alive. It turns out the report concerning his supposed cancer came from three doctors who were hired by the Libyan government to come up with that conclusion. The report bluntly states the prognosis by doctors was “inaccurate and unsupported by medical science.” The Scottish government went along with the cover up in order to protect BP and its money. Scottish officials “ignored the advice of Scottish prostrate cancer specialists” and relied upon advice from the hired guns.

The only beneficiary of assistance on “compassionate ground” was BP which needed government compassion in order to make millions of dollars. One wonder what Tony Blair has to say for himself, after all, he now gives lectures on morality.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus: “Waterfront Sale Approved”
Gee, it must be a remarkable feat to relocate a waterfront.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Gays Should Not Have Sex”
Then, they will not be gay.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Black Magic”
Cutting taxes and reducing the national debt at the same time.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Drink And Be Merry”
Better drunk in modern America than try to get some health care.

Sweden, The Local: “Man Jailed For Illegal Circumcisions”
This is one cutting story.

Israel, Haaretz; “A Special Place In Hell”
For Republicans who voted against the 9/11 Responder Bill.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Approved Sex Offenses”
That is terrific news for sex offenders.

USA, New York Daily News: “90 Year Old Mugged”
Cookies in a pocket, but not much money when you mug a 90 year old.

UK,Guardian: “Doctor Wants Flu Cure”

USA, Army Times: “Business Overcharges Services”
This is news?