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Republicans Make War On Veterans!!

The Republican Party led by a Republican president caused 5,000 American soldiers to be killed and an additional 35,000 to be wounded in wars that never should have been fought. Now, that brave young American men and women risked their lives in the madness of Republicans, a leading Republican, Congresswoman Michele Bachman, darling of the Tea Party, is urged a freeze on Veteran Affairs Department health care spending and cutting the disability payments of veterans!! At a time when the number of veterans is growing since thousands are now leaving the military for personal and health reasons, this loud mouth coward is seeking to reduce their access to health care. I forgot that the Tea Party claims to represent those who believe in values established by our Founding Fathers. I guess this means George Washington would oppose providing health care to those who had fought the Revolution.

Michele Bachman is the prototype Tea Party/Republican. She lacks any knowledge of our history, she voted for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and now wants those who were wounded in HER WARS to be denied access to health care. Oh, I forgot, she is for fiscal responsibility even thought she voted for tax cuts that increased our national debt by over $2 Trillion. This woman belongs in a mental facility, not in Congress.

Egypt Aflame With Anger

Thousands march through the streets of Cairo, thousands should demands for President Mubarak to leave, “out, out, out,” they demand of a man who has ruled for nearly three decades during which time the country is at peace with the world, but not at peace with itself. Military forces are now in the streets as police fire round after round of gas only to discover crowds are returning with even greater anger. Amal Ahmad, an ordinary citizen, told a western reporter: “It is time for the government to change. I want a better future for my family.” That sums up the feeling of most people in these crowds. They want an end to government corruption, they want a government that will set free its economy to create jobs and opportunities for youth to utilize their talents. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Egyptian government to end its emergency laws and pay attention to what crowds ae demanding. “We are deeply concerned about the use of violence by Egyptian police and security forces against protesters.” Once again, President Mubarak spoke in platitudes by saying, “I am working for the people” and called for an end to violence.

It is time for President Mubarak to allow free elections so men like Mohamed ElBaradei can assume leadership. It is time for Mubarak to make clear that his son will not be the next president of the nation. An “emergency law” that lasts three decades is NOT an “emergency law.” It represents repression of freedom.

Medvedev Defends Injustice

There were hopes when Medvedev became president of Russia he would draw upon his legal training to institute a system of justice that Putin, his predecessor had distorted by requiring allegiance to him rather than to evidence and justice. The absurd trial of former Yukos head which had made even his detractors gasp at the crude distortion of justice in what supposedly is a democratic nation simply displayed once again that judges fear Putin’s wrath more than they fear justice At an international meeting President Medvedev insisted that he would not pardon Khodorkovsy because to do so would lead to suspicions that the Russian “justice system was flawed.” Gee, where did anyone get the idea something was wrong with the Russian judicial system that never convicts anyone who kills a human rights activist?

Businessmen around the world should consider doing business in a society in which the prime minister decides who is guilty or innocent.

Rabbis Blast Fox News

Four hundred Rabbis representing all main branches of Judaism signed an open letter to Rupert Murdoch, head of Fox News, which protests the continual use of expressions such as “Nazi” or “Holocaust” when discussing people that newscasters do not like. Their statement came in the form of an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by Murdoch. The letter says, “we share a belief that the Holocaust, of course, can and should be discussed appropriately in the media. But, that is not what we have seen at Fox News. You diminish the memory and meaning of the Holocaust when you use it to discredit any individual or organization you disagree with. That is what Fox News has done in recent weeks.” The Rabbis called on Murdoch to sanction the work of Glenn Beck and Roger Ailes, head of Fox News. Beck constantly makes reference to Nazis and has conducted a campaign against George Soros who was a teen age survivor in Hungary during WWII. Beck accused Soros of sending Jews to “death camps.”

A Fox News executive dismissed the letter as the work of a “George Soros-backed left wing political organization.” At least he did not claim the Rabbis were working with Nazis.

Glenn Beck, Dr. Ignorance!

Every so often I read and listen in wonder to the Glenn Beck tirades wondering whether he knows anything that takes place on planet Earth. Dr. Beck, Professor of Non-History, attacked Co-Op city which is located in the Bronx as an example of Socialism and the failed communism of the now defunct, USSR. Huh? in the 1950s, the New York State legislature passed a bill that provided tax benefits to any PRIVATE company which constructed low cost rental buildings for those in the working class. The METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY build a huge housing complex on the east side of the borough of the Bronx. It was built by private enterprise, run by private enterprise and served the needs of WORKING PEOPLE. After my father died, my mom moved into Co-Op City because there were many working class Jewish residents and she wanted to be in a Jewish neighborhood. Beck made some comment concerning “everyone’s life is interchangeable” in Co-Op City. Huh? My mother lived there for twenty years until her death and loved being in a neighborhood which contained Conservative Jews who were from the working class.

About 95% of the original residents were from white working class backgrounds. Yes, Co-Op City did go downhill in many respects, but why blame “the government?” Ironically, Co-Op City is an example of PRIVATE ENTERPRISE FAILING!

Mr. Beck if being ignorant was a virtue we would have to call you, St. Glenn!


Dear Dr.Fred:

I live in the great state of Texas and am a loyal member of the Tea Party. I want to know how we can rid this nation of all them foreigners who just don’t know about our Constitution and the free enterprise system. How can we return America to the great land it used to be?
100% Loyal American, John

Dear John:

I share your desire to get rid of all these damn foreigners who pollute our great nation. I wish we could get back to those days of yore when America was a nation that was 98% white Protestant(of course, there were those black skinned folk, but they sure knew their place). I guess things started going downhill when those dirty, poor Irish Catholics took over the cities and brought crime and booze and all them prostitutes. And, of course, the first Catholic president, that John Kennedy guy, was all for the civil rights stuff. Take it from me, the Kennedy family was bunch of Irish Catholic Communists who did not believe in God!
Anyway, let me suggest you vote for this Barack Obama, he is one of your kind– a damn Protestant. OK, a slightly different shade of skin, but just remember, he is a white Protestant, under the skin.


Myth Of Barack Obama And The Liberal Agenda!

News pundits are writing about President Obama’s switch from his “liberal agenda” to a more moderate one that will place him in the center of the American political spectrum. Unless, I have been on another planet, it is bewildering to read about a “liberal agenda” that has been proposed by Barack Obama, or by anyone. The expression, “liberal agenda-Obama” has been repeated so frequently that many people accept the version of a Democratic “liberal agenda” as the source of problems. From where this pundit sits, Barack Obama has been a CONSERVATIVE in his initial two years as president. Let’s examine the agenda:

1. President Obama made no changes in Bush policies in Iraq. The timetable established by Bush has been maintained.

2. President Obama has not only continued war policies of Bush in Afghanistan, he has expanded the scope and breadth of them.

3. President Obama proposed a national health care plan that was similar to the one enacted by Republican Mitt Romney in Massachusetts as well as programs proposed by such Socialists as Bob Dole and Richard Nixon.

4. President Obama has maintained violations of civil rights to prisoners in Guantanamo prison.

5. President Obama SAVED BANKS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES! Unless I live on another planet, what is ‘LIBERAL” about saving banks??

6. President Obama SAVED GENERAL MOTORS. He did NOT take over the auto company as might have been done by a radical, he saved the company and it is now a healthy CAPITALIST enterprise.

7. Not a whisper of gun control has passed the lips of President Obama.

8. Yes, he did pursue plans to end discrimination against gays and lesbians. BUT, the court case to do this came from A REPUBLICAN GROUP–Log
Cabin Republican!

9. At no point has President Obama endeavored to restrict bonuses paid to themselves by banks and companies that were saved by the federal government

I wish someone would explain to me what was the LIBERAL AGENDA of Barack Obama.

E—t Fines Editors

A country that, at present, is led by a leader whose name is M—-k does not like those who write to write nasty things about the leader whose name is not allowed to be printed if there is anything negative in the sentence. Far be it from us to note that four editors in this unnamed nation were fined for making insulting remarks about the Great Leader named M. In fairness, we should note the court orverturned a previous decision which would have sent one of the editors to jail for one year. One must admit that in the nation of E—t there is great compassion for those who are too ignorant to understand how the Great Leader is perfect in all aspects of life. The Arab Network for Human Rights(ANHRI) says the country of E—t “is notorious for its human rights record and for its hostility to press freedom in particular.”

I could understand why the Great Leader does not like press freedom. If you allow a free press they can write negative articles about your rule, and since the Great Leader is a great leader how could one write negative things about him?

In fairness, we should note the case was brought by lawyers of the political party that adores the Great Leader. He is too busy at the moment getting his son ready to take over to worry about newspaper editors.

Pope Pops Silvio For Sex Life!

The Vatican is somewhat upset at their favorite boy, Silvio Berlusconi who has become the symbol of sex going wild. At a time when the Catholic Church would prefer men who are demur and quiet and have nothing to do with sex other than producing little kids with their wives the leader of Catholic Italy is known as a man whose sexual prowess is unsurpassed in the western world. Old women, young women, middle aged women, Silvio is an equal opportunity Lothario when it comes to women. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco complained the prime minister’s behavior was sowing the seeds of an “anthopological disaster.” He feared young Italians would cease working hard and obey the law in order to seek easy money and sell themselves to the highest bidder. We assume he refers to young women. The Cardinal believes Italians are “horrified” by the conduct of their leader. I have a hunch there are quite a few young, middle aged and elderly types like me who have a secret admiration for a man who continues getting it up despite getting up in age.

Emmas Marcegaglia, head of the Confindustria employer’s federation, complains she spends time when abroad explaining to business executives that all Italians are not like Berlusconi and some actually seek work at other tasks besides bedding young girls. She also fears the government is paralyzed by constantly responding to stories about sex orgies rather than focusing on jobs for those who want to work at other tasks other than sexual ones.

In Honor Of David Kato

David Kato was a brave man who fought in the cause of human rights for his fellow Ugandans. He opposed passage of the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill which makes it a crime to be gay or lesbian in the African country. A few months ago, a local tabloid published an article which identified Kato as being gay and thus made him the target of violence. Yesterday, a gang of hooligans entered his home, beat him up and then killed him, undoubtedly in the name of God of some entity that does not approve of gays and lesbians. A few years ago, Eudy Simelare of South African athlete, who was a lesbian, became the target of a gang rape, assault and then death when some men decided that was the only way to treat a human who did not share your attitudes about sex.

Unfortunately, all too often in Africa which experienced a hundred years of colonial oppression, there are people who now want to oppress gays and lesbians. How little we internalize the meaning of brutality and wind up behaving in the same manner as those who oppressed us.