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I dreamed last night the Tea Party now ran the United States:

1. All pay the same property tax regardless of the wealth of the house. After all, the wealthy are entitled to equal rights.

2. Prior to voting one must produce a birth certificate that you were born in America.

3. Citizen groups are responsible for handling fires and we disband all fire departments.

4. Citizens handle crime and violence so we can get rid of the police department.

5. All streets are privatized and handed over to private enterprise. That includes walking on the street.

6. All those desiring to teach must produce a birth certificate proving they were born in America.

7. Prior to conducting an operation doctors will produce a birth certificate since foreigners can not operate on AMERICAN bodies.

8. Prior to any session of Congress all will get on their knees, pray to God and kiss the American flag.

9. Henceforth they will be referred to as “American Fries.”

10. Only fruit native to America can be sold. Let’s keep our bodies, AMERICAN!

11. If you want clean streets, clean em.

12. If you lack housing or food, there is always Yosemite National park where you can hunt and sleep.

13. Children will only learn American history and be taught by those certified to teach it.

14. All marriage ceremonies must include, “Under God.”

15. The only gay people allowed in this nation are comics.

16. Abort your child and we kill you.

17. The Government only has responsibilities for children while they are in the womb, after that, they are on their own.

Republican Causes And Solutions

It is clear the liberal media has been on a concerted campaign to confuse Americans as to what caused the economic decline over the past few years. If one listens to people like Barack Obama or economist Paul Krugman the cause of high debts and loss of jobs is not that of American industrial and banking leaders. Let’s face it, the basic cause of our economic problems lies with welfare queens and kings who obtain welfare checks without doing a single day of hard work. Another basic cause of economic decline lies with those on Medicare who believe they are entitled to secure lavish retirement allowances whose cost comes from hard working God fearing Americans on Wall Street. It is refreshing that Republicans are finally calling attention to the untold millions of dollars allocated to Planned Parenthood as part of liberal attempts to destroy Christianity and foster the Muslim religion. Planned Parenthood persuades Christian girls not to have babies in order to allow Muslim girls to have babies. If this continues, there is no doubt within the coming decades there will be more Muslims in America than Christians. This is part of the “Kill Christ program” of the Liberal Democratic party.

There is another facet to the Planned Parenthood plan. If there are fewer babies, there are fewer consumers to purchase goods which means it will lead to a decline in our economy. God Bless the Republican party for halting this liberal Muslim plan to destroy the economic prosperity of the United States. Look at it this way, if we do not provide food and shelter to people in America who have lost jobs, it will lead to higher deaths among those who do not contribute to our economic success.

Starve a poor person, not only for American economic recovery, but in order to end the growing power of Muslims!

The Price Of Migration

My parents left Europe in the early years of the 20th century abandoning their homes in Poland and Russia in order to become part of the American dream. There is a price for those who migrate from one land to another. Millions of people from Turkey have made the long, complex trip from the plains of their land to the industrial society of Germany. They were greeted by Germans in the 1950s who had a labor shortage and needed workers to do the dirty work of an industrial society. There are now at leasrt five million of Turkish descent in Germany.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is on a visit to Germany as part of his nation’s effort to enter the European Union. He is also upset at growing demands from German nationalists that immigrants become German. Erdogan retorted by saying, “any policy which seeks to revoke the language and culture of migrants violates international law.” Sorry, Recep, there is no such law. He was upset that Chancellor Merkel made a speech expressing concerns about failure on the part of Turkish immigrants to learn German and become integrated within German society.

All immigrants to a new nation confront the issue of learning a new language and a new culture. Frankly, unless they do so their economic and social opportunities are less than those available to native speaking people. It is hard to imagine one succeeding to high level positions in the economy or schools or government unless in command of the native language and culture.

The mistake Erdogan is making is equating learning German and becoming part of German society with abandoning Turkish and Turkish culture. Many immigrants such as myself retain aspects of our parents’ culture while becoming integrarted within American culture. Believe it or not, but one can enjoy two cultures at the same time.

Battle Of Secret Services

Fifty years ago the United States created the CIA as an agency whose task was to protect the United States. During this time period, the CIA failed to predict anything regarding vast changes in the world ranging from the split between Communist China to the breakup of the Soviet Union to the so-called WMD in Iraq, but US presidents retain faith that those running the CIA actually know what is going on. The recent case of Raymond Davis who killed two men on motorcycles because they were trying to kill him has aroused more questions than answers. As he remains in jail, the Pakistan government has now arrested Aaron DeHaven, a US contractor, and charged him with over staying his visa. Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI wants the CIA to “ensure there are no more Davises or his ilk” in their nation and argue Americans have to end doing things “behind our back.”

These are interesting words from an organization which works closely with the Taliban and has provided extensive military assistance to men who seek to overthrow the government of Afghanistan. One of the main problems with the CIA is staffing. Most of its employees are from colleges rather than from working folk, prostitutes and others of that ilk who understand the real world.

A Drug Called Charlie

There are 17 million people in this society who are without jobs, another 17 million who probably are underpaid and over worked, but to Charlie Sheen, they are fortunate because they do not have to endure his trials and tribulations. He was fired by CBS for use of foul, insulting language and one tirade too far. It is tough for a man who makes $1.8 million a week to be cast aside and forced to head toward the nearest food shelter in order to feed the family.

Charlie is upset at the “psychological stress. It’s now $3 million an episode” for all he has endured at the hands of these Nazi style people who are led by a Jew named Chuck. “Take it or leave it,” proclaims Charlie, “I’m underpaid.” He is also “tired of pretending I’m not special.” Alas, we have never recognized his unique abilities as an actor.

Nor have we grasped the difficulty of living on only $1.8 million an episode. “I’ve got a whole family to support and love.” How else could he conclude but with a “I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.”

God bless Charlie. God bless his impoverished family. I’m so happy that I am fortunate to live on my extravagant $2,400 a month Social Security.

Even God Abandons Gaddafi!

One knows they are in trouble when such noted defenders of criminals like China and Russia join the clamor to get rid of you. Muammar Gaddafi has been abandoned by just about everyone except for a few folk like Hugo Chavez who never saw a capitalist who shouldn’t be imprisoned. The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Libya and was joined by the European Union in this effort to tighten the noose around the neck of the wild man of the desert. The Internaional Criminal Court of Justice is conducting investigations into Muammar’s crimes against humanity.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned the Libyan tryant that “nothing is off the table” as far as using weapons to defeat him. This might result in a “no fly” rule in Libya which would prevent his air force from bombing civilians. France sent planes to the rebel stronghold in Benghazi in order to provide humanitarian aid.

Berber tribesmen have joined the fight against Muammar. I think this is the time to grab a plane and head toward South America.

Reality Dawns In Israel

Perhaps, just perhaps, after years of defiance against all those who urged the Israel government to adopt a more realistic approach to West Bank settlements, a small light is breaking through the blinders of refusal to see what the world sees. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized demolition of illegal settlements that were built on the West Bank in order to demonstrate his government is ready to make changes. West Bank settlers were furious when Israel troops demolished their illegal buildings and even used force to disperse the crowds. One shouted at police, “I’ve never seen police firing on innocent women and children” while another proclaimed police and troop actions against Jewish settlers was “unprecedented and disproportionate” to the situation.

Of course, these comments would never be made about Israel police dispersing Palestinians who were protesting against seizure of their land. Of course, killing innocent Palestinian women and children is of no concern to these Jewish settlers. They believe God gave them permission to go wherever they desire in Palestine. Prime Minister Netanyahu finally got the message. He informed the nation that the entire world opposes future Jewish construction on the West Bank. “We must understand we are faced with a very difficult international reality.”

Oh, the good news for West Bank settlers– Micronesia has come out in support of your actions. With Micronesia on your side who cares what the rest of the world thinks??


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.

Nobody Asked Me But,

I can never figure out why a woman wears four rings. Four marriages?

I have an unusual ability to live comfortably in ambiguity.

Americans have a propensity to find A reason for all complex problems.

American college students majoring in history blame all Earth ills on “Western hegemony” whatever that means.

Why didn’t Tea Party folk complain about rising debt when George Bush was president?

I prefer frumpy old First Ladies so I am spared stories about how she dressed last night.

My greatest concern in life is whether they have Direct TV in Heaven so I can watch NY Yankee games.

I have never seen two people talking when both had full mouths. Have you?

Some days my greatest confusion is which numbers to select so I can lose in the lottery.

Great changes in life commence with small steps.

Every revolution begins with a Great Bang and concludes in a whimper.

A man sat down next to me and cleaned the table with a newspaper. I am certain the germs welcomed his actions.

The only certainty in my life is uncertainty.

I once sat on a mountain top in Colorado and witnessed the grandeur of Nature. No human action can match that experience.

The next time you desire to change the world, just give a loved one a big hug.

I was a hippie during the sixties in my heart more than in my actions.

I am 80 going on 20.

The smell of popcorn tastes better before rather than during eating.

I have a right to a new breakfast biscuit if it crumbles.

No place for greater silence than a Hardees in rural Missouri at 7:30 a.m.

Wearing high black boots not only makes a woman taller, but more dominant.

There are people who pray to God and there are people who do God’s work.

Charlie Sheen Gaddafi?

After listening to rants by Muammar Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen it becomes difficult to separate which nut is speaking. Sometimes, this blogger thinks Charlie Sheen is head of Libya and sometimes I think Muammar Gaddafi is an actor on a TV program called, “Two And A Half Men.” Every day in the city of Tripoli, people see a man dressed in brown at the top of some building holding a hand in the air and speaking of how he will destroy all enemies who oppose him. Just listen to his words:

“I’ve got magic, I’ve got poetry in my finger tips. And I will destroy you in the air. I will display my ordinance to the ground” and you will be gone. Oh, that was Charlie, not Muammar.

“Their ages are 17. They give them pills at night, they put hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their coffee, their Nescafe.” Oh, that was Muammar.

On any day, you can expect another verbal explosion from Charlie about a Jewish producer or his ability to down cocaine or how publishers are lining up to publish his words of wisdom. On any day, you can hear Muammar promising to destroy all those who oppose him.

Gorbachev To Obama–Apologize And Leave!

Former Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev is the only intelligent person on the foreign policy scene. In an interview with a British newspaper, he called upon Prime Minister David Cameron to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan just as he had withdrawn Russian forces from that nation in 1989. He offered a harsh condemnation of American policy in Afghanistan by pointing out throughout the 1980s the US and its CIA funded the same Islamic militants they currently are fighting but then were fighting Russian troops. Gorbachev noted the irony and termed winding up fighting the very same people you funded to fight an “historical and political boomerang.” He went on to comment “the Americans were working in secret with forces with whom they currently are now fighting. They should accept their part of the blame and let them say so. I think God has some mechanism that he uses to punish those who make a mistake.”

The former prime minister also expressed regrets about the policies of Prime Minister Putin who has seriously damaged Russian democracy. “We have institutions, but they don’t work. We have laws, but they are not enforced.”

How about President Obama finally take a shot at speaking the truth. “Former President Bush got us into this mess, and it is time to end it by leaving” would be a good beginning.