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Tea Party Summons Romanian Witches

There are reports leaders of the American Tea Party, along with key Republican leaders in Congress, have visited Romania where they had extensive discussions with witches. Romanian witches have declared war on taxes by the government, and these days one seeks allies in even the most unusual places. Senator Jim DeMint is reportedly learning how to use cat excrement and dead dogs to cast a spell on a certain leading Democrat who lives in the White House. Once those animals hit the waters of the Potomic it is time for Democrats to keep the lights on all night in their houses since evil spirits will be hovering in the darkness and God knows what they will do when becoming angry. We urge any Democrat to beware of a poisonous mandrake plant which has the power to transform President Obama into a decent God fearing white man who goes to church on Sunday and abandons his Muslim religion.

We warn President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden that if they wear any purple clothes on certain days of the week, their bodies will shrivel up and their hair will turn white. The best hope for Democrats is to repeal all tax laws, place witches in charge of our budget making and round up as many dead dog bodies as they can.

Is There Life In Arsenic?

A scientific furor has arisen over claims by NASA scientists of their discovery of an arsenic based compound that could serve as a building block of
its DNA. Within weeks, scientists throughout the world have condemned NASA claims charing faulty science, and failure to check for contamination. I welcome scientists who keep on us on our toes about changes in human existence. However, I am concerned at their failure to address the presence of life among those known as members of the Tea Party even though there is lack of evidence this form of life can display any intelligence. Does the existence of the Tea Party prove there can be life without a single piece of evidence the life form is capable of performing intelligent acts? For example, it is difficult to believe an intelligent life form would:

1. Argue you can reduce income to the government while at the same time expediting its payment of debts!

2. Argue that by reducing a debt of $1 trillion by $100 billion would solve the problem of deficits.

3. Argue that it is “SOCIALISM” to pass a health care bill which requires everyone to purchase health care services from private health insurance companies!

We could provide other examples to prove the Tea Party is in need of some arsenic in order to either disappear from the Earth or head back to the planet from which its members came.


Each day we offer samples from the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Red Headed Spy Chapman Has TV Show”
I assume she will bare all.

South Africa, Argus: “A Third of Zimbabwe Voters Dead”
This is what we term the silent majority.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Belgians Grow Beards For Government”
Some hide behind the strangest disguises.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Taylor Hangs Up Tape”
At least now we can measure his success.

UK,The Independent: “US Drones Kill Six In Pakistan”
“Car Bombs Kill Ten In Baghdad”
A bomb by any other name still results in death.

Netherlands, Dutch News; ‘”Prostitute Saw Orgy At Berlusconi Villa”
Yeah, but did she see any sexual acts?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Get Rid Of Useless Academic Programs”
How about getting rid of useless professors?

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Stay Out Of Politics”
How about beginning with every member of Congress?

Indonesia, jakarta Post: “Lawmakers Banned From Gambling And Prostitutes’
So, why should I be a lawmaker?

Japan, Japan Times: “Vow To Repatriate Dead Soldiers”
Hopefully in time to vote in Chicago.


The United States vetoed a UN resolution which condemned continued building of settlements on the West Bank by the Israel government. Many years ago, the nation of Israel was welcomed by many nations for its advocacy of democracy and its desire for peace with Arab nations. Alas, those days belong to the past and today just about every nation in the world–other than the USA– is willing to place their views in a vote to condemn what everyone–other than Israel–regards as not only illegal, but a major impediment to peace. Israel Deputy Minister Daniel Ayalon hailed the US veto in the UN which he says proves the US is the only “righteous one” capable of standing up to Arab nations. In his analysis, only the US opposes resolutions denouncing West Bank construction. Israel political leaders have reached the point where they are simply unable to examine an opposing viewpoint without immediately waving the bloody flag of anti-Semitism.

American Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, after casting the veto added her view denouncing the “folly and illegitimate” settlement construction. In other words, according to current paranoia statements of the Israel government — the rest of the world is crazy, not us!

The Fight To End Unions

I am certain most reading these words, at some point or another, learned American history dealing with the early years of the 20th century. I was struck by the resemblance between events in Wisconsin whose governor wants to break unions with the “malefactors of wealth” in the early 1900s who opposed the union movement as an attack on capitalism and the American way of life. In their view it was the duty of workers to trust the benevolent behavior of their bosses and avoid any contact with “foreign” union leaders. Theodore Roosevelt challenged these wealthy people because he understood they were selfish, had scant desire to aid workers other than giving them a piece of turkey at Christmas in order to demonstrate their Christianity. Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, believed workers had a right to organize, he believed wealthy capitalists could not be entrusted with the future of America. He wanted the Federal government to regulate business in order to protect consumers and workers.

It is no surprise that Glenn Beck regards Theodore Roosevelt as a “Socialist” because he wanted a regulated capitalist system. Of course, Teddy hated socialism or communism but was convinced capitalism had to be reformed by balancing the power of workers and business with the Federal government ensuring the balance worked. It was this philosophy which enabled American business to dominate the 20th century.

Unfortunately, the no-nothings have taken over the Republican party and transformed it into a branch of big business. Governor Scott Walker insists workers must sacrifice at the same time he opposes a 39% top tax rate for the wealthy because to install such a rate instead of 36% will result in wealthy folk fleeing the country.

Up the working people of Wisconsin!

Could Texas Please Leave The Nation!

The governor of Texas on the 150th anniversary of southern states leaving the Union and initiating a war that would result in the death of over 500,000 men is not finished displaying his ignorance and stupidity. He is strongly supporting a proposed bill that would allow students on state college campuses to carry concealed weapons to class! As state senator Jeff Wentworth put it: “It’s strictly a matter of self defense.” Wow! I have taught over ten thousand college students and, assume that 1% suffered from severe psychological issues of life– that would mean I had in my classes over 100 people who readily could have pulled a trigger and killed me along with students in the class. College students include those who are 17 or 18 or 19 years of age which classifies them as an adolescent. Anyone reading these words who has adolescent children at home knows they are prone to irrational thinking and a percent of them will resort to violence when thwarted. And, these idiots want to give such children the right to carry a concealed weapon?

Dana Schrad of the Virginia Association of Police Chiefs, denounced the proposed law arguing if students in a class in which someone displayed a gun also had a gun, “there could have been additional persons killed.” Imagine guns going off around the classroom!

My suggestion is that visitors to the Texas legislature should be allowed to carry concealed weapons. Care to support my suggestion, those who want guns on college campuses?

Gorbachev Pukes On Putin!

Mikhail Gorbachev. the man who deserves credit for toppling Communism in the Soviet Union, blasted the administration of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin in no uncertain terms. “We have everything– a parliament, courts, a prime minister and so on. But it is more of an imitation. He went on to describe Putin’s party, United Russia, as reminding him “of the worst copy of the Communist party. We have institutions but they don’t work. We have laws but they must be enforced.” Gorbachev accuses the current government of Russia as being a monopoly of power in which Putin and his cronies control all aspects of the political process. “The monopoly ends in rotting and hampers the development of democratic processes.” He went on to express disapproval of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin because “it’s a shame that our modern leaders aren’t very modern.” Gorbachev will be receiving a scolding from Prime Minister Putin because the described the so-called trial of former Yukos leader, Mikhail Khodorkovsky as politically motivated.

In a sense, the Khodorkovsky trial is symbolic of what happens in a society when its leaders use law to make criminal those who oppose them. Gorbachev is a voice of reason and a voice of hope that someday Russia will enjoy the benefits of democracy. It is ironic that the man who toppled Soviet communism lives in a society run by a former member of the KGB!

Muammar Soon No More

The winds of change have finally swept through Libya which has been ruled by Muammar Gaddafi for forty years during which time he has squashed any opposition to his one man rule. Two air force pilots defected to Malta rather than join in attacks on innocent civilians and there are reports some cities have fallen to those opposing the Gaddafi dictatorship. His son, Seif Al-Islam is continually heard on television warning people against “saboteurs” and enemies from the West who are trying to end rule of devout Muslims. The UN delegation from Libya defected and raised a new flag of their country that dates from pre-Muammar days. Hundreds of people are dead as the result of firing by the Libya army, but there are reports of a declaration from the Libyan Military Officers which urges all units to head toward Tripoli and help citizens to overthrow the government.

There are even reports Gaddafi is heading toward Venezuela to join his fellow pompous pretender, Hugo Chavez, who spouts talk of democracy even as he destroys democratic institutions. A reporter was told by a Libyan civilian: “People have a strange determination after all that has happened.” They wish to see the winds of democracy finally arrive in their country.

Who Really Is Raymond Davis?

The plot thickens in the strange case of Raymond Davis, and American working in Lahore, Pakistan, who claimed he was threatened by two men on motorcycles while driving to work and had to shoot them. The United States claimed he acted in self defense and was a member of the diplomatic staff so he had immunity against prosecution. However, there is now new evidence. When Pakistan police searched his car they found multiple weapons, cell phones, infrared lights and other gear which suggests he was more than a member of the diplomatic staff. Mr. Davis is a former member of Special Forces who left the army in 2003 and has worked for a company known as Hyenon LCC which has a contract to work with the US Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan. He supposedly is working on security issues, whatever that is. Pakistan police are convinced Davis is a CIA agent and the shooting was not self defense. “It went way beyond what we define as self defense.”

It now turns out there are two descriptions of the role of Mr. Davis for the Consulate. He was originally described as “as an employee of the US Consulate” and a “holder of a diplomatic passport.” However, he was also described as a “member of the administrative staff and technical” assistant.

Who is Raymond Davis?

Obama/Clinton Don’t Get The Message!

Fox News and its brilliant cluster of ignorant pundits actually are making the same mistake as the Obama/Clinton administration they so dislike. During the past forty years the United States has based its foreign policy on the theory of “stable states” in the Middle East is the best guarantee for peace and stability. We supported President Mubarak who ran Egypt in a ruthless manner that did not brook any opposition. Now that he is overthrown Obama/Clinton are rushing to support the messengers of democracy. Of course, young secular people in the streets of Cairo were fired on by US trained Egyptian soldiers firing with US made weapons and bullets. Heck, the gas attacks were courtesy of the USA. An Egyptian told UK correspondent,
Robert Fisk that after American interference in their nation, “we would be grateful if they stopped interfering on our side.” In Tunisia, ousted President Ben Ali blamed Islamic militants, in Jordan, King Abdullah blamed al-Qaeda, in Bahrain they are blaming Hizbullah, but the bottom line is these revolutions are led by secular people who simply are tired of any dictatorship–whether religious or secular in nature.

We acknowledge that Obama/Clinton finally supported forces of democracy. But, what did they do the next day? They vetoed a UN resolution which condemned Israel settlements on the West Bank! What will Obama/Clinton do if there are Days of Rage by Palestinians and Israel soldiers fire at the crowds? Obama/Clinton must get the message- the Middle East needs peace. Peace begins with genuine compromises on the part of both Israel and Palestinians. The first step in moving toward that goal is to end West Bank settlements.