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Why NO Tea Party Folk In Heaven

Following are reasons you will not encounter any member of the Tea Party in Heaven.

1. People in heaven work for the joy or work, not for money.

2. In fact, there is no money in Heaven.

3. There is universal free medical care, courtesy of God and the government.

4. There is no gender, age, or racial discrimination in heaven.

5. If you want to belong to a union, it is OK,

6. There are no Founding Fathers or Mothers, just God.

7. Laziness is OK.

8. There are jobs for all, courtesy of the Heaven government.

9. Anyone can learn for free and for long as desired.

10. There are NO wealthy people in Heaven, just people.

11. There are no grades or IQ tests, all are viewed as bright.

12. No birth certificate is required in order to enter the establishment.

13. Women control their bodies, not God.

14. Neither Sarah nor Michele will be around to bore you with their idiocy.

15. Each person is responsible for all other humans in Heaven.

Of course, if you do not like this Socialist, Communist Heaven, you can always take the Down Staircase.

Power Is Issue In Bahrain

People are being beaten, wounded or killed in the country of Bahrain because they seek to establish a more democratic society. The United States is supporting efforts by the King of Saudi Arabia who has sent thousands of troops into the neighboring country in an effort to squash opposition to the ruling monarch. Within moments after people in Bahrain went into the streets of their capital in order to protest, the US was raising the specter of Iran as the cause of discontent. Bahrain is a Muslim society in which 65% of its inhabitants are Shiite while the remainder are Sunni. The monarch is Sunni and all power within the nation is in the hands of his family and close associates. Iran has nothing to do with discontent, the issue is power, and power invariably translates into money and who gets the dough.

Of course, in our modern existence, the word, “power” is all too often translated as the word, “oil.” America opposes a tyrant like Muammar Gaddafi while speaking highly about the tyranny of Saudi Arabia which does not even allow a Christian to pray in their nation.

Saudi Arabia Denies Women Vote

In the lexicon of words to use in order that one can explain the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “gender equity” simply can not be found. The head of an electoral committee charged with developing the process for elections to local offices made clear it was not time for women to participate in deciding who ran the city council. “We are not ready for participation of women in these municipal elections.” After all, deciding who should handle garbage collection is definitely in the expertise of a man. King Abdullah wants to get people of his land involved in the political process in order to head off street demonstrations and cries for massive political changes. The last time citizens were allowed to vote was in 2005 when men elected half the members of local municipal councils. It was felt at that time women simply could not be allowed to engage in such thinking.

Who should be surprised that a nation which does not allow women to drive a car or leave the house without permission of a male relative or husband would not be allowed to vote for dog catcher?

Professor Obama Offers A Seminar

Liberals on the left are aghast we use military power to intervene in Libya while Republicans are either furious we did not intervene earlier or that President Obama did the intervening which means it must be a mistake. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are currently gazing at maps in order to discover if Libya is some liberal district in the state of New York. Once upon a time Barack Obama spoke with eloquence, these days we are happy if his lectures do not put we students to sleep. He offered a sane, logical explanation as to why America had to use military force in order to save lives.

I realize there are those like Jon Stewart who equate any use of military force as Bush redeux. Military force could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Darfur with minor impact on America, but Bush hesitated. During the 1930s, western democracies hesitated to use political force in order to save German Jews and most died. There is a time and place for using military force and President Obama offered a rationale for its use.

Palestine State Or Palestine Discord?

Negotiations, or what passes for negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the state of Israel have been on stall for the past several years. An ongoing issue raised by Israeli negotiators is lack of Palestinian leaders who seek peace with their nation, and the inability of Palestinians to prevent violence across border lines. President Abbas of the PA hints the patience of Palestinian leaders may have reached the point of giving up attempts to negotiate peace. He now argues that if Israelis “do not want negotiations, and don’t want an accord, then what are we supposed to do? We have imposed order and security here for the past four years. and things are stable now. There is law and order, the economy is progressing, life is normal everywhere in the West Bank.” The old Israeli lament of refusal on the part of Palestinians is now not applicable. They are present, they want peace, they want to negotiate.

Abbas has reached a point of no return. He hinted if Israel continues refusing to negotiate for an accord that would lead to creation of a Palestinian state, the PA might go to the UN and asked to be recognized as an independent state. The unknown factor is how would Israel react to a UN statement of recognizing a Palestinian state? Would Israeli extremists use that declaration in order to incorporate Jewish areas of the West Bank? No one knows.

Karzai Blames American Soldiers

President Hamid Karzai has been in power for several years. He assumed leadership of his nation when the Taliban was in disorder. Instead of creating a government composed of outstanding business and human rights activists, he stacked important offices with his cronies and family members. Karzai ran one of the most incompetent and corrupt governments in the world and the result was a resurgent Taliban and chaos in his nation. So, who, according to Karzai are the culprits in Afghanistan?

At a speech before teachers, the president blasted behavior by a few American soldiers who behaved in a bestial manner. They killed three men and boasted of the deaths with lurid pictures. According to Karzai, “so during the night they smoked marijuana and opium and in the morning they went out to kill local people. They killed our youth for entertainment, they killed our elders for entertainment.” There is no question his comments are valid in light of what happened.

Karzai is quick to criticise mistakes in bombings that result in the death of innocent people, and he should be critical since his people are being killed. But, when does Karzai attack the corrupt crowd around him whose ineptness created the Taliban? When does he criticise his family members who are involved in drug interactions? American soldiers would not be in Afghanistan except for his incompetence. If he loves the people of Afghanistan so much, why not vacate office and allow competent people to lead?

Clinging To Power

Laurent Gbagbo, president of the Ivory Coast, is an intelligent man, he has been a college professor who studied history and during the past ten years led his nation as its president. He lost an election to a man named Qattara and the honesty of this ballot was verified by UN observers. One would think Gbagbo would now pick up his money, and head for retirement in sun city, but Laurent simply will not surrender power to the man who defeated him in the election. During the past three months civil war has erupted in the nation as Gbagbo uses money in banks to pay men to fight for him. Of course, money is finite and he has run out of it. Soldiers are deserting, some of his top generals have decided to cash in by joining the opposition, and each day witnesses fewer on his side.

I am fascinated how men like Gbagbo simply will not surrender power. They invent elaborate rationales which emphasize if they depart the entire country will go to ruin. Rudy Giuliani in America still insists he should be given power. One could argue he expresses such sentiments in order to cash in on the cash cow of public speaking. Rudy just wants the limelight and the money that goes with it. Laruent, ye have tarried too late, depart and head for sun city with all your money!


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

India, Times Of India: “A Million Sardines Die”
Sounds like a fishy story to me.

South Africa, Argus: “Save Fuel”

Toronto Star: “Guilty In Dog Attack”
I hope this person ceases attacking dogs.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Women’s Body In Suitcase”
That is one way to make a quick departure.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Breast Fed Babies Brighter”
Now, I know why I am so smart.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Bishop: Sing, Damn It Sing!”
And, that is not the Lord telling you that!

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Saudi – British Group To Visit Country”
I assume they will oil the way with money.

Sweden, The Local: “Alcoholic Doc Keeps Practicing”
How to become an alcoholic doc?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Muslims-Jews Agree On Circumcision”
Now, if they can only agree on West Bank settlements.

South Africa, Argus: “Last Chance To Vote”
Before Republicans cancel voting on grounds it is a British idea.

Why Michele Bachmann For President

There are increasing signs that Michele Bachmann is considering whether or not to run for the presidency of this great land. We offer reasons why her presence in that office can only serve to make this a greater nation.

1. She does know the location of the Atlantic ocean on a map.

2. She is our best hope to retain our light bulbs rather than allowing the communist flourescent bulb to be forced upon us. If you wamt pt keep the light of our ancestors burning, vote for Michele.

3. If she is elected, communist, socialist ideas like global warming will be put into the frying pan.

4. She was born in America, unlike a certain dark bodied man.

5. She understands the Obama health care plan will allow ill illegal immigrants and the homeless to get free health care which means they will live longer, have more babies and one day take over this great land.

6. She owns a gun and knows how to use it. She is no wimp like that dark bodied guy in the White House.

7. She believes darkies should remain in the dark so you do not have to see them.

8. She understands a woman’s place is in the home raising children unless her name is Michele.

9. She knows that no one can see Russia from St. Paul. Unlike a certain woman from you know where.

10. Some of her best friends are not gay or lesbian.

11. She is the only candidate who understands if the Federal government receive less money it will result in lowering the national debt. And, don’t we all want a lower national debt??

12. Unlike a certain man from Harvard, she does not ruin her mind by reading all those books with big words.

Debating Islam In France

A growing number of religious leaders in France are concerned about plans to hold a debate in the French government that would focus on the role of Muslims in society. Top representatives of France’s Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Bhuddists and Muslims published a joint statement that argues holding such a debate would add “to the confusion in the troubled period we are traversing.” Muslim leaders are worried the debate would only add to those forces in European society which seek to stigmatize people of their faith as not being loyal members of their nations.

In theory, the April 5 debate supposedly deals with discussing France’s secular heritage and how the nation can accomodate those of the Muslim religion in terms of differing customs and beliefs. As one religious leader noted,”do we need, in the current context, a debate on secularism?” Of course, one could also pose if it is the right of political parties to discuss religions and their belief system?

Jean -Francois Cope, leader of the UMP, has been champion for the need to create a new “Code Of Secularity” that spells out how to maintain secularism in France. What exactly is the problem? In which ways does the fact about 10% of Muslim women wear a chador impact the lives of French people? Or, does the fact about 2,000 of the three million Muslim women in France wear a niqab threaten the foundation of secularism?