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Rape Victims–Change Your Dress!

Orhan Ceker, is a professor of theology at Selcuk University in Turkey, and he has some excellent advice to any woman who wants to avoid being raped– dress differently! He did arouse some interest from the Higher Education Board of his nation who while, not completely in agreement with his views, did agree academic freedom did allow his words to be spoken. Ceker was simply trying to prevent Muslim women from being raped and for some reason, this created anger. As he pointed out to them: ‘Once you seduce(someone) you have no right to complain. Let it be understood that I am not advocating those who commit the (rape). Of course the crime is quite disgusting. However, during the committal of the crime, the influence of a woman wearing low-cut and seductive dress is just as big, and it cannot be disregarded.” He advocates both the rapist and the person who is raped be convicted of the crime.

There is some sense in this man’s comment. I go out to work, get on a subway that I know has criminals on it, and get robbed. How can I blame the robber if I was the one who had money in his possession and went on a subway on which the robber happened to be a passenger? What about stupid people who get on a plane knowing full well there are terrorists who want to blow up planes? Aren’t they just as guilty as the terrorist who blew up the plane?

Oh, Ceker is a professor of theology so he knows what God thinks.

Body Snatchers In New York

George Wong died several days ago. George Wong was a fireman in the New York City Fire Department for about twenty years. George Wong was at 9/11 and spent the day, along with his comrades, working to save the lives of New Yorkers who were trapped in collapsing buildings. George Wong was forced to retire in 2006 due to what his doctor termed signs of cancer. Dr. Corresco believes the cancer was linked to his actions on that fateful day in September, 2001. Unfortunately, the New York City Health Department does not agree with the findings of a medical doctor.

The Health Department sent storm troopers to the home of Mr. Wong and they seized the body in order to have their medical people prove there was no connection between the Wong death and 9/11. The Wong family was devastated to have his body snatched away by strangers and their funeral arrangements were disturbed. For some reason, the Health Department wants to prove that no one dies as a result of their actions on 9/11.

Perhaps, Mayor Bloomberg can seize the bodies of dead Wall Street financiers in order to find evidence they are vampires who suck the money of innocent New Yorkers

Death In Iraq

As I recall, several years ago, former President George Bush was pleased that his famous, “surge” had ended violence in Iraq. I was happy to learn from President Obama that violence is down in the fair land of Iraq and the government now has things under control. But, for some strange reason, just about every day there si another report of suicide bombers and killings and death. Of course, these events might simply be the result of the media’s effort to depict failure rather than success in Iraq.

Yesterday, militants stormed the provincial council building in Tikirt, former hometown of Saddam Hussein, and by the time the day was over there were 58 dead people and 97 wounded. Initial reports were that six of the dead were men who did the storming so I can assume the others were innocent bystanders or members of security forces which did their storming of the building.

I assume that George Bush reads these stories about death and violence in the country to which he brought peace and prosperity. I wonder how George reacts to these stories? I wonder if he has any sense of what he caused in the Middle East. Of course, I am one of those “liberals” who arouse the anger of Fox News reporters.

Cry Rape, Cry In Jail!

The government of Muammar Gaddafi has high standards as to who can accuse anyone of the crime of rape. Last week a Libyan woman, Al-Obeidi told western journalists that she had been halted at a check point and raped by soldiers who were loyal to Headman Gaddafi. Musa Ibrahim, a government spokesman, told the media, “accusing someone of a sex crime in a conservative society like ours is a serious matter. She gave the names of the people she accused of raping her and they have lodged a complaint for defamation and calumny against her.”

The Gaddafi government is very sensitive to issues of violation of the law. Last week, Ibrahim told the media, ‘according our information she was drunk. We are trying to find out who she is, who her family is, and whether she was really ill-treated or if it was all just fantasy.” He does raise an important point. If we allow women to go around accusing those who rape her of being rapists, what will eventually happen in society? Women will finger anyone, accuse them of rape and men in Libya will spend their lives in court.

One minor question for Mr. Ibrahim: If this young lady was halted at a check point by strange men, how the hell does she know their names? As they stopped the woman, did each man introduce himself, provide name, rank and serial number? On the other hand, perhaps, the mercenaries hired by Gqaddafi are men of pride who want women they rape to know their names!

Obama Doctrine Or Something

President Barack Obama addressed the American people several days AFTER US airplanes began bombing missions in Libya to interdict or destroy or wipe out or oust Gaddafi or not oust Gaddafi or something. According to the president, it was the policy of America to come to the aid of those who are oppressed in the world, provided, it does not result in death to American troops. In fairness, to the president it is clear his goal is to oppose tyrants, but it is also his goal to decide which tyrants can be opposed. Liberal critics are upset at this distinction which apparently is based on a “situational opposition to tyranny.” We oppose tyrants, and we hope people who oppose them can be supported, but there is also a reality factor. Most probably, President Obama did not wish to spell out the situational aspect of his doctrine.

Does a situational approach go against the tenets of liberalism? The answer is both yes and no. For example, in 1956 Hungarians rebelled against the Communist government of their nation. President Eisenhower expressed support for the rebels, but made clear the US could not provide military support because to do so might initiate a nuclear war that would end human civilization. The “risk factor” for world peace must always be part of any doctrine that seeks to end tyranny in the world. It is unfortunate that Obama did not pursue this explanation of why we entered Libya. Reality is the US and NATO can blast Gaddafi to hell without posing any risk to world peace or economic stability.

In other words, the US intervenes when it is realistic. Why not term what is being done, the “REALITY DOCTRINE?”

Germany Decides To Go It Alone

Since the end of World War II a foundation of German foreign policy was to remain wedded to its European allies and avoid taking actin that would isolate it from the main stream of the continent. German leaders have worked to maintain close relations with France and the United States, often resulting in awkward decisions of support such as the Bush invasion of Iraq. However, last week the German government placed itself apart from NATO on the decision to bomb Libya. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has allowed German economic ties with Gaddafi to stand in the way of taking action that would prevent a massacre of innocent people. Westerwelle is also standing apart from policies that might result in the overthrow of Gaddafi by rebel forces. The decision to abstain from action has led to charges from its allies of failure to stand with the majority.

Some critics charge Chancellor Merkel is playing to domestic voices rather than fulfilling the nation’s responsibilities with NATO allies. Perhaps, Merkel fears local elections would go against her party if she allied with NATO on bombing Gaddafi forces in Libya. The bottom line is that few will trust Germany, and in the future Germans might wish to have strong allies.

Big Society Is Big Brother To All

David Cameron has been prime minister for nearly a year and he has spent his time working for the betterment of his party, which, in his view is the purpose of leading a government. The Arts and Humanities Council (AHRC) has been told that if anyone in the academic world would like money in order to conduct their research it is expected they will pursue the goals of the Big Society. Now, what is the Big Society? It is the Conservative Party’s goals for the United Kingdom. After all, if you are interested in researching any aspect of what is going on in the country, it only makes sense that you should pursue helping to make England a Big Society. If people went off on their own, we would turn up with a Small Society when it is important to become a Big One. According to Professor Mandler, “they say it is their right to set the priorities for how the funding is distributed.”

David Cameron is a “Conservative” who believes government should not interfere with the rights of individuals. Like most conservatives, the less government there is, the better it is for the nation. That principle is quite clear. So, if you want to engage in research, it makes sense to wind up finding evidence the truth is what conservatives conclude. For example, Cameron has cut spending in order to create more jobs. Latest figures reveal unemployment is growing.

Couldn’t you please research why the figures are wrong?

Bashar Considers Bashing

President Bashar al-Assad and his dad combined for ruling Syria over the past four decades by using a combination of force and terror. In the 1980s when the Muslim Brotherhood challenged dad, he levelled the city of Hama and killed 20,000 people. Bashar knows he can send in the armed forces and kill several thousand people, but he also is wondering if times have changed. He is now facing not a few thousand protesters, but hundreds of thousands and even an Assad has to think twice before unleashing the dogs of war.

Yesterday, he fired the Cabinet in order to send a message that he is listening. Unfortunately, the people of Syria know his Cabinet does not even take a shit without first checking with the man in power. Bashar is at a crossroads. He can institute basic reforms by focusing upon economic development and a massive job program or he can add, at least, the beginning of a parliamentary system of government. The bottom line is he MUST act in a positive manner.

Or, he might wind up having a Gaddafi moment.

Is Russia Ready For Democracy?

Almost two decades have passed since the people of Russia witnessed the end of Communism in their country and the birth of what many hoped would be a democratic society. Unfortunately, economic collapse allowed petty tyrants like Vladmir Putin to use fear of violence and Chechnya terrorism to force those who oppose him into the security of silence. Men like Khodorkovsky who openly dared to oppose the Putin regime were sent to prison on false charges. Over the past twenty years various human rights groups have struggle to enforce their right to peacefully assemble and protest against the government. Last October, Serge Subaynin became mayor of Moscow and ushered in new changes. He decided people could meet in open and express their ideas. Lyudmila Alexeyeva, a fighter for human rights, was pleased that her group was granted the right to assemble. “Strategy 31 has fulfilled its task and the authorities have had to accept us.” Now, they can peacefully assemble in public.

The right of assembly is only step one in the process of establishing a democratic Russia. Next on the list is a free election. Hopefully, President Medvedev will run for the presidency and finally get rid of Prime Minister Putin who has opposed at every turn the establishment of a modern democracy in Russia.

Danish Solution In Libya

Every so often in history a political party offers a solution that no one has every conceived. After carefully analyzing events in Libya, the Danish People’s Party is offering the perfect solution for dealing with the crisis in Libya. The issue that neither President Obama or EU leaders have considered is that the current strategy of wiping out Gaddafi’s armed force is simply not fair. Seren Espersen, spokesperson for the party offered advice that could only come from one who understands the thinking of King Solomon. “The situation is very complex. What do we do if rebels, with heavy artillery, make headway? We cannot accept that the one side is picked off as they drive around in their combat vehicles, while the other side gets a free pass to continue. I don’t think the rebels are gentler than the other side.” The man does have a point. After all, has Galddafi launched a bombs on America? Do you personally know anyone who has been killed or wounded by one of Gaddafi’s men?

It is too bad that Mr. Espersen was not around during WWII. Was it fair that Russian, British and American forces ganged up on the outnumbered Germans? Was it fair that they bombed German cities? Why could they drive around in their jeeps while German soldiers had to walk? Let’s make this a level field in Libya, bomb the hell out of both sides until they are all gone. Then, we Americans can walk into the deserted land, get our oil, and restore democracy to the world.