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We offer comments on the American scene from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.

Nobody Asked Me But

Rule of life: Slim tall blond women have men who want to talk with her.

Sarah Palin will physically age poorly.

Republican solutions to any economic issue require the middle and poor people of this nation to carry the economic burden.

By mistake I received an extra bagel. I kept it. I’m a Depression boy.

I daily feel the pain of those unemployed. As I say, I am Depression born.

Americans are economically illiterate.

A teen age girl in a big care is disturbing. Why?

Expediency is a crime of the mind.

Once Americans dreamed of riches, today they dream of paying the rent.

Hitler said he would save Germans from communism. Today, Republicans want to save the wealthy from any taxes.

We gaze at watches as though the act of seeing alters time.

Humans express concern by placing chin on palms.

Few American college students devote a single moment in the week thinking about those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The elderly crowd was late at my rural Hardees this morning. Did someone die?

I saved 18 cents using a coupon for my egg biscuit. A penny saved is a penny earned.

In my youth we termed people like Donald Duck Trump, a blowhard.

There is physical infantile paralysis, but these days there is mental infantile paralysis when it comes to solving problems.

Small children love to slide, anywhere, anytime.

I am reduced to tears reading stories of those who have lost their jobs.

No leader in modern America has a dream for this society.

I continue using up pens. Oh well, I find them in strange places and keep them.

Two couples at a table. One man talks on phone, the other man eats, and the two women talk. It is rare these days seeing two couples at lunch all doing the same thing.

America is exhausted. What next?

Muslim Men In Action

Among the most well kept secrets about life in the Muslim world of Egypt is the propensity of Muslim Egyptian males to grope and assault women as part of their need to assert male chauvinism. Lara Logan, was a correspondent covering the Egyptian uprising against Hosni Mubarak and was in Tahrir Square when a group of males seized her from bodyguards and began a sexual assault that lasted over a half hour. “For an extended period of time they raped me with their hands.” There is a code of silence in the media when the topic of how female reporters are attacked, subjected to vile insults and taunts, and, as in the case of Ms.Logan, physically assaulted. Some Egyptian colleagues claim they heard men say they desired to rip off her clothes and grope the western woman. Bodyguards were simply overwhelmed by the crowd of men who enjoyed the opportunity to tear off clothes of women and shout and scream for democracy. “They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

The tragedy is that Egyptian women also confront these foul mouthed bastards who claim to be religious and against decadent western values. The experience made Ms. Logan aware of what Muslim women experience living in a Muslim society. Is it because men believe they are superior and that women must obey their whims?

My question: Exactly what type of democratic society will be created in Egypt, given such a large number of men within it who enjoy the sense of power over women?

My second question: Has any imam in Egypt condemned such actions against women? I realize they become furious at cartoons.


There is violence in most parts of the Middle East, tornadoes sweeping across the United States and millions recovering from earthquakes in Japan so what happens at the local library does not loom as important in our scheme of life. I was raised in a slum and we did not have books in my home other than religious ones so my early life revolved around our public library. From age seven, I would trump off to the library and spend hours wandering through the shelves of books. All too often, I did not have a clue as to which book to read–my parents were immigrants and still learning English so they could not help me. Frequently, a librarian would gaze at my books, ask me questions and offer help in case what I read was confusing. I recall one occasion when this nice white haired librarian asked me: “why are you reading these books?” In the innocence of a child of immigrants, I responded: “because they begin with the letter, G.” Her face revealed confusion and she then asked: “”why are you reading books that begin with the letter, G?” And, I responded; “I began the biography section with the letter A and now I am up to the letter G.” Her face revealed surprise, then she smiled and said, “young man, the next time you come to the library I will go with you to the biography section and help you pick out a book.” And, this often happened on my subsequent visits.

Today, my library became completely automated. One checks books in and out via a machine. I no longer spend a few moments chatting with the librarian. Damn you, computer, damn you, machine, I want the librarians! Will a machine talk with a little boy? Will a machine take time with a little boy and show him interesting books? Sometimes, I hate the modern world of computers.

Justice, Bahrain Monarchy Style!

It becomes increasingly clear that after initial responses from Arab governments which decided to cave in to demands of street protesters, those in power have decided to fight back rather than give in. Muammar Gaddafi is fighting for his life in Libya, Bashar al-Assad is using brute force in Syria and we just witnessed a two month war to get rid of the head of the Ivory Coast. The nation of Bahrain is a tinder box of conflict since those of the Shiite sect represent 80% of the population which Sunnis only constitute about 20%. However, the ruler of Bahrain is Sunni and he just does not wish to see the sun go down in his land The Bahrain government announced four protesters had been sentenced to death in the alleged killing of four policemen even though friends charge the four never had access to lawyers of thie choice. Ali al-Aswad, a Bahrain MP, expressed the feeling of millions when saying, “the people are very angry. This was a surprise as the defendants were not allowed any lawyer in court.”

The quickness of the trial raises issues. After all, at this moment, 34 Baharins are dead from being shot by police and no trials are planned for those who allegedly killed them. Although there are no kangeroos in Bahrain, they certainly do have Kangeroo courts.

Send In The Whites–Quickly!!

France has a problem. The people of that fair country enjoy football(European style, that is) and become emotionally involved in the game. But, there is one tiny little problem. When on gazes at the field of players, there simply are too many black bodies around. The website, Mediapart claims there is a plan in operation by the government of France to make certain their national team will have a majority of white players even if that means not selecting the best to go on the field of combat. There are reports of a secret meeting at which a senior official in the football federation urged a 30% quota on “those people,” meaning those from Africa or Muslim lands. Laurent Blanc, team coach, allegedly supported establishing a quota to ensure players with “our culture,our history,” were the ones playing. As he noted to officials, the Spanish do not have any problems, “we have no blacks.”

Mr. Blanc is outraged by the accusation. After all, his name means, white, but that only refers to his origin, not to his beliefs. Right wing French leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen has been adamant of the need to restore the glory that was once France when only white skins were seen on the football field.

Anyone who has studied the history of sports in the western world is aware that who plays on sport teams simply reflects those coming from poor groups in society. For example, in the 1930s, about 30% of boxers were Jewish. It is simply a matter of time before a new group will emerge to lead French football players. After all, in the 1970s, African Americans constituted about 17% of major league baseball players and today they represent less than 8%.

Manning Fit For Trial

Bradley Manning, according to the United States armed forces is among the most dangerous prisoners in the history of our nation. Private Manning is charged with providing Wikileaks website with thousands of classified documents, many of which describe honest evaluations by members of the diplomatic corps regarding leaders in countries of the world. As far as we know, no one has died as a result of these documents being made public, no one has been asked to leave a nation, and no criminal charge has been filed other than leaking documents. A panel just completed physical and psychological examinations of Manning concluding that he was fir to be tried. Human rights groups throughout the world have decried the manner in which Manning has been treated. He is in virtual solitary confinement, he has to remove clothes at night on grounds that he might commit suicide and is given bare essentials for his emotional needs such as books or access to television.

Barack Obama used to teach constitutional law and now insists such treatment is perfectly in accord with the Constitution which is based on the concept of innocent until proven guilty. In light of the fact that Manning has never done physical harm to anyone it is outrageous how he is treated. Bernie Madoff not only robbed people of their life savings, but he drove some to suicide, including his own son. But, Madoff is NOT treated in the same manner as is Bradley Manning!

Why America Needs Donald Trump

I realize there are some liberals who most fear the candidacy of Donald Trump, but the overwhelming majority of Americans need this sterling leader who can take this nation from the brink of economic disaster and put us on the road to financial restructuring. After all, which of the current crop of candidates ever filed for bankruptcy? Donald Trump knows more about going into debt than any man or woman seeking the presidency. As recently as 2009, this brilliant economic genius filed for bankruptcy because his gambling casinos were simply not making enough money. Donald has repeatedly told the American people: “I earned many, many billions of dollars.” Absolutely, and he also has earned billions of dollars because he filed for bankruptcy and his creditors gave him another chance. Isn’t this what America needs–another economic chance? And, who else knows as much about going bankrupt and working himself back to solvency than the man with a large pile of hair on his head? DONALD TRUMP

Look, in 1990, his creditors placed him on a budget that allowed spending only $450,000 a month. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if President Trump placed each and every American family on a budget under which we could only spend $450,000 a month? America has to face reality. We are in debt. We could go bankrupt. So, why not turn to Donald Trump, the master of filing for bankruptcy and winding up with millions. I see the day when President Trump sits down with Chinese leaders and gets them to restructure our debt with them.

If you want to go bankrupt and you want to wind up with $450,000 a month, then vote for DONALD TRUMP!

Tornadoes And Conservatism

The horrible events of the past few days in which multiple tornadoes and hurricanes swept through large areas of the South compelled me to think about the issue of government and responsibility to individuals. Just about every southern Republican governor whose state was impacted is now clamoring for Federal assistance to cope with the disaster. Conservatives often argue that natural disasters allow individuals to receive assistance from the government. But, for some strange reason it is acceptable to receive government aid if your home was destroyed by a tornado but you are not eligible if your life savings were destroyed by Wall Street bankers. Millions of people had their jobs destroyed due to business mistakes, actions by Wall Street bankers and stock brokers, but conservatives insist this is not an example in which the government can come to the aid of individuals.

There is a basic inconsistency in Conservative political philosophy pertaining to the role of government. The Federal government created the Internet, the Federal government is responsible for our transcontinental railroads and highways and conservatives have no problem with such government actions. In other words, if business needs government money, then it is beneficial to society to provide them funding, but if individuals require government funds, it somehow destroys their moral fiber.

We live in strange times. We inhabit a society in which the rich are right and entitled to the benefits of the nation, but if you are poor, then head for the nearest church and solicit some soup.

Lunatics In Charge Of Asylum

The president of the United States has gone on television and shown the American people a copy of his birth certificate. Like many writing on blogs the issue of whether Obama was or was not born in the United States has led me to comment about nothing. In an age in which the nation has an $14 Trillion debt, we devote our lives to commenting on the validity of nothing. I am 80 years old and have lived through many crazy incidents in American history, but none can compare in silliness, in the anger and hate of individuals such as the madness about the birth certificate of an American president. One can only wonder who are the people of America when twenty five percent of the people in this nation believe in this stupidity? I even feel ashamed to note the actual birth date and the actual time and the actual name of parents and the actual name of the hospital because to write those words would mean I have slunk into the sewers of filth.

Karl Rove, a man who is well known for smearing people, was even compelled to note that nut case Donald Duck Trump was “off there with the nutty right.” When Karl Rove is regarded as a voice of common sense, this nation truly is in serious trouble. For the first time in my life, I feel ashamed to be an American citizen.

Oh, and for the record I was born on August 31, 1930 in the Bronx, New York. I await a lunatic insisting that New York City was not really part of the United States!

Rats Leaving Syrian Ship Of State

The resignation of hundreds of members of the Syrian Baath party might indicate some people have figured out belonging to this club might not be the wises thing to do in a nation that is ready to explode. Current estimates suggest that at least 500 civilians have been murdered by members of the Syrian security forces who are firing at crowds and pushing in doors in efforts to find those who are demonstrating against the beloved leader of the nation–Bashar al-Assad. There are also reports of thousands who have been arrested and numerous of them subjected to torture. In response to complaints from outside sources, the government can only insist that security forces are dealing with “extremist groups.” Most probably, that is true, there are extremist groups anxious for a democratic government to run the show.

Poor Prince Wiliam and Kate will now have to go through their wedding without the presence of Syria’s ambassador to England. Of course, in the UN Security Council Russia is standing tall for supporting any and all petty dictators. Prime Minister Putin never met a tyrant with whom he could not connect.