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Birther Denier Gets Jail Sentence

Colonel Larkin is a medical doctor in the United States armed forces who received deployment orders to serve in Afghanistan. He not only is a doctor and member of the armed forces, but the colonel is a member of the birther movement which has decided that Barack Obama was not born in America, but in some obscure village in Kenya, There is no question that millions of people in the US and elsewhere believe the Devil brought little Barack Obama and then his mother was shocked at the sight of the little chimpanzee so she sent it back to Africa. Obviously, the good colonel has a right to believe any foolishness his heart desires. However, once in military service one promises to obey the orders of the commander-in-chief, but the good colonel decided not to obey the order because Barack Obama was not white and he had a funny name.

The issue is NOT free speech. The issue is obeying or not obeying lawful orders. Colonel Larkin has the right to believe any damn fool idea he wants, but that belief can not be used to justify disobeying an order.

Baladi-My Country For Women!

Saudi Arabia is among the countries which cooperate with western powers in the quest to halt terrorism. Of course, this bastion of anti-terrorism does not allow women to drive cars, curtails their work opportunities and makes certain when they walk the streets their attire is proper, the body covered, that is. Sara Abbar and other Saudi women have decided it is time for them to stand up and demand their civil rights. Sara and her daughter attempted to vote in the innovative idea of allowing Saudis to actually vote for municipal officials. They were firmly told, “No Women Can Apply,” either to run for public office or to vote in them. “we will keep trying again and again,” said Sara, “until we get our right.” A new organization has arisen named, Baladi, which is Arabic for, “My Country.” Dozens of women are heading to polling places demanding to vote and being told to hit the road back to the kitchen where they belong.

Women legally in Saudi Arabia are under a “guardianship” system in which father or uncle or husband makes decisions and they either obey or face the consequences. It is wonderful that women are fighting for the right to vote in Saudi Arabia. Of course, many men who have that right regard it as basically a waste of time since the government is going to decide who runs and who wins. We suspect it will initially require some form of free election for men before anything will happen to ensure freedom for women.

At least we hope since it may well be that giving men the right to vote will simply perpetuate the existing anti-feminine system.

Drive Car Without Driving!

President Obama continues to emphasize the need for America to become a nation driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, but all too many of our business leaders are only focused on the bottom line of profit. Over $2 Trillion are safely stored in bank accounts or invested in the market rather than invested in new ideas. Swedish, German and Spanish automobile companies are experimenting with a new idea that would encourage road safety. They have created a model which allows drivers to go to sleep and still drive their car.

Project SARTRE, Safe Road Trains For Environment, allow a driver to join a “convoy” of cars proceeding on a major highway. There is a lead car which is electronically equipped to drive all cars in the convoy. A driver places his vehicle on autopilot, picks up a book or gets a snooze while his car is being driven by the lead vehicle. When the driver decides to go off on his own, he sends a signal, and within moments is able to exit the convoy and do what he desires.

We await some new ideas from American automobile companies that point the way to the future. How about using some of that $2 Trillion for new development?

Death At Kabul Airport

It was a pleasant day, sun shining in the sky, a group of American and NATO troops doing their jobs at the Kabul airport when an Afghan pilot changed their lives. He had been in the Afghan air force for over twenty years, he was considered an excellent member of the armed forces, but something made him angry. He took an automatic weapon, pointed it at the American and NATO soldiers and began blasting away. Within moments eight young men lay dead and the pilot himself was killed. No one knows why he fired at his “allies,” no one knows what he became upset, and, most probably no one will ever know.

The Taliban claim he was a member of their group. Perhaps, this is true. Perhaps not. The real issue is why are there repeated such examples in which members of the Afghan armed forces kill American and NATO soldiers? The only logical answer is the lack of a sense of purpose and belief in their own government. If one believes in country, if one believes their country is at risk, then a sense of patriotism develops and a desire to sacrifice for the people of the nation. Few people in Afghanistan believe their government represents them, few trust government officials, and few regard themselves as “Afghans.”

The reality is American troops are fighting in a land that lacks a government which can gain the trust and respect of its own people. We experienced this same situation during the Vietnam war forty years ago. At that time, Senator Aikens of Vermont said, why not just declare victory and get the heck out of Vietnam. Perhaps, it is time to declare victory and leave.

Barack Obama Is An American??

Once again, Barack Obama is attempting to trick the American people. Two years ago, he promised to make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and reneged on what he said would occur. Now, he is releasing what he claims is his “birth certificate.” It supposedly is a birth certificate for some child named, Barack Obama. But, where is the proof that the name of the child on this “birth certificate” is the same person as the man who is in the White House? I can find any birth certificate, claim I am the person on it, and no one would know the difference. We demand that Barack Obama prove to the American people that he is the same person whose name is on that birth certificate!

The great American hero of our time, Donald Duck Trump, is joyous because it was through his efforts we even got the person in the White House who claims to be Barack Obama to show a birth certificate. As the Trump man boasts, “I am really proud that I was able to bring this to a point.” Of course he added: “I want to look at it and I hope it is true. I am really honored to have played a bit role.” There are, as of yet, unconfirmed reports that Donald will soon be able to present proof to the American people that we have a national debt.

The man who claims to be Barack Obama told the American people: “We are not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival barkers and sideshows.” I assume this means Donald Trump will have to produce evidence that he was never a carnival barker.

American Doctors Covered Up Torture!

A new report by Physicians for Human Rights offers evidence that American doctors working at Guantanamo Bay prison deliberately ignored evidence their patients had been tortured. They systematically suppressed medical signs that an individual had been tortured or had bones broken or been forced to undergo waterboarding because they did not wish to implicate military officials as guilty of war crimes. According to Vincent Iacopino and retired US General Stephen Zenakis, “the findings in these nine cases indicate that medical doctors and mental health personnel assigned to the US Department of Defense neglected and/or concealed medical evidence of intentional harm” to prisoners. They went on to emphasize “the full extent of medical complicity in US torture practices will not be known until there is a thorough impartial investigation including relevant classified information.”

Once upon a time the current president of the United States taught Constitutional law, but that was a long, long time ago before he placed votes before his ethical and moral values.

“We’ll Pick Up Our Own Garbage”

Conservatives in Europe and the United States has identified a new issue that will help ensure their countries will be better places in which to live. The modern conservative believes it is important for those who are born in their countries to pick up the garbage and not allow a bunch of foreigners to assume control over this important aspect of the economy. Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy, and Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, issued a joint statement in which they demand an end to allowing anyone to cross the border of European Union nations. “We believe in free circulation but we believe in a state of law and certain number of rules.”

In other words, they do not want to allow refugees from places like Libya or Tunisia to hop across the Mediterranean and wander around Europe picking fruit and shoveling shit. Right wing conservatives are demanding an end to such freedom to pick up garbage and restore this important task to native born members of the European Union. Of course, in the United States there is a similar view among Republicans that picking strawberries should be restricted to those who can prove they were born in America.

We assume this means Barack Obama will not be allowed to work on a garbage truck.

Putin Punts On Libya Attack

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is an expert when discussing issues concerning petty dictators, given his track record in Russia and the number of human rights activists who have been murdered in unsolved crimes. At a press conference in Denmark he was asked to comment on his remarks that Western action against Muammar Gaddafi resembled “a medieval call for a crusade.” He argued that most countries of the Middle East are run by monarchs because people of the region want such people as their rulers. “There are monarchies everywhere, and this basically corresponds with the mentality of the people, as well as long standing practice.” He was particularly upset at the attack “on a small country” like Libya and destruction of their infrastructure. His comments again went against those of President Medvedev who rejects the idea that Gaddafi should be allowed to kill his own people.

We examined a map of the region, and unless Putin knows something we do not, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are ruled by monarchs along with the tiny Gulf states, but over 90% of the people live under non-monarchial governments. As far as attacking petty crooks and thieves, Vladmir Putin is definitely on the side of criminals, given his own process of government.

Lukashenko Brand “Democracy” In Belarus

President Alexander Lukashenko decided several months ago to make a presidential election somewhat different from what is previously has been in Belarus, he decided to allow someone to run against him. We understand this decision arose from his firm desire to witness the birth of democracy in the fair land of Belarus. He allowed Andrei Sannikov to become his opponent in the election process. It was at this point things became confusing for Alexander. He thought having a democratic election meant the person running against you praised the incumbent and urged voters to support the candidacy of Lukashenko. Imagine his surprise when this guy, Sannikov went around making nasty remarks against the president and went to the extent of organizing marches in which people said nasty things about the government! Isn’t the essence of a “democracy” that we all unite to vote for Lukashenko?

Andrei Sannikov is currently in jail and facing charges of violating the law by organizing demonstrations against the government and failing to support our beloved leader, the wonderful Alexander Lukashenko. There is something terribly wrong about a system which allows dissent and controversy during an election. Thank God that this criminal Sannikov is now in jail and he won’t be able to disturb the democracy that is present in Belarus!!

Netanyahu Policies Have Failed!!

During the past two years the government of Israel had a willing partner for peace in President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. An agreement could have readily been concluded which would have established a Palestinian state and finally resolved the issue of West Bank Jewish settlements. Abbas repeatedly asked Netanyahu to place a freeze on West Bank settlements and cease taking over Muslim areas of East Jerusalem. There was strong evidence Abbas would have agreed to a compromise under which most Jewish West Bank settlements remained under the control of Israel, but Benjamin Netanyahu was only concerned about playing to the right wing religious fanatics who did not want peace and regarded the end goal as complete control of the West Bank. Netanyahu now is furious because Fatah and Hamas have agreed to reconciliation. Under an agreement developed by Egyptian negotiators, Fatah and Hamas will cede power to an interim government of technocrats who will organize free elections for the legislature and the presidency.

The only response from Netanyahu was that “you can’t have peace with Hamas and Israel.” Well, Abbas tried for two years to get an agreement with Israel and was denied such an accord. Frankly, there was no opportunity for the Palestinian Authority to reach an agreement with Israel due to lack of interest on the part of Netanyahu.

We expect that Netanyahu will now play to the Republican crowd in Congress and to right wing fanatics. The nightmare scenarios is another Jihad and more deaths– of both Israelis and Palestinians.