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Donald Duck Trump Ready To Save England!

I am so, so excited by the upcoming marriage between William and sweet Kate, but recent events raise concern about possible implications stemming from this marriage. There are unconfirmed reports that Donald Duck Trump is dispatching a horde of detectives to inquire into the status of Kate. Donald has already forced this man who calls himself, Barack Obama, to admit there WERE issues related to his birth as Donald has been claiming for weeks. After this great triumph for truth and justice in America, Donald has decided to take his campaign to England. He believes it is only fitting that the man who single handedly forced public discussion about the so-called birth of this “Barack Obama” in Hawaii is now ready to clear up the mess in England.

1. Donald wants the birth certificates of both this guy, named, William, and this woman named, Kate.

2. He insists prior to any marriage this woman who calls herself, Kate, must produce a notarized statement that she is a virgin. After all, can Donald allow the British crown to be sullied by a tainted woman.

3. Donald wants a list of men Kate has dated, included any with whom she slept. Donald will have these names checked out against the FBI list of terrorists. We can not allow a future monarch of England to be married to a secret terrorist, can we?

4. Donald understand his prowess as a lover and is willing to share the juices of his body with this woman called Kate in order to assure William that he is getting the real McCoy when it comes to sex with Kate.

Donald just saved America from having a foreigner as our president and he is now ready to save dear old England. God Bless Donald Duck Trump!!

Politics Of Education

I am of the generation which lived through the Depression of the 1930s. In New York City there were four FREE COLLEGES which enabled those in poverty to secure a college education. Most large cities in America also had at least one free college. Today, in America and in England those who are in the upper classes want to make certain their children receive a good college education. Prime Minister David Cameron had pledged to support the efforts of youth to obtain a college education. Now, that he is in power, Cameron has spelled out what constitutes a good college education. He announced that college tuition will triple in the coming year and over a hundred thousand students who qualify to attend a college will not be able to secure a place because cuts in funding will reduce the number of students who will get a seat in a college classroom. Ed Miliband, head of the Labor Party, put it bluntly when describing raising tuition: “it will cut taxpayers more, it will cut students more, and it will cost thousands of young people their university place.”

Of course, it will be impossible to raise tax rates because that would mean those who control the purse strings of a society might actually have to pay more money. The Conservative philosophy argues paying more in taxes reduces the desire of wealthy folk to stimulate the economy. Actually, they are interested in stimulating opportunities for their children to secure good places in the good universities.

Are 9/11 Responders Secret Terrorists?

There are times in recent years when one wonders if members of the Republican Party could surprise America by displaying their idiotic vision of the world. The 9/11 Health Bill for those who responded to the horrific conditions of the rescue and would up becoming ill and getting cancer will require that anyone seeking money for his cancer or other illness must have his name checked out by the FBI to ascertain that he is not on any terrorist list!! Schmuck of the Year, Congressman Cliff Stearns from Florida wants to make certain that no terrorist gets money from the American government. He is also concerned that people who rushed into the burning buildings to assist firemen and policemen might be secret terrorists and we certainly don’t want to let them get our hard earned money, do we??

Let me get this straight. A member of al-Qaeda went to America in 1980, got a job as a fireman, waited until 9/11 and then swung into action. He rushed into buildings, saving people whose death was sought by fellow terrorists in order to prove that he wasn’t a terrorist. Then, he waited ten years to get money from the government which would pay for the cancer he got on 9/11 and his plan is to send the money to al-Qaeda. Wow, what a brilliant plan.

In the spirit of Congressman Stearns, how about:

1. Before Sarah Palin can secure the Republican presidential nomination, she must produce proof that she was a virgin on her marriage day.

2. Before Donald Duck Trump can be given the Republican presidential nomination he must submit proof that he never had any extra-marital affairs while married.

3. Poor Newt Gingrich, if he was ever compelled to prove that he had ANY family values, there would be no nomination, not even for dog catcher.

4. Before Michele Bachmann can give any speech she must pass a test on American history.

Is It Gay For Gay Judge To Rule On Gays?

California supporters of efforts to end gay marriage in their state are unhappy that a gay judge did not excuse himself for making decisions regarding gay rights. Former Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition that said only marriages between a man and a woman were legal in his view was unconstitutional. A majority of Californians voted for the Proposition, but Walker stuck to his view the proposal was not constitutional. Anti-gay folk insist since Walker had publicly made clear he was gay, that he had no right to sit on a case dealing with gay rights. The issue raised by anti-gay folk is interesting, do judges who have some connection to a case being heard have to recuse themselves?

I wonder if this means in a case dealing with Coca Cola or Pepsi that a judge who drinks either of those drinks must excuse himself because he might be prejudiced. Or, in a case dealing with baby pampers must the judge excuse herself because she uses the baby pampers with her own child?

If we go by the thinking of anti-gay people, then Sarah Palin does not have the right to comment on anything to do with taxes since she paid them.

Hanin Zubai IS A Loyal Israeli!

Hanin Zubai is a member of the Israel Knesset and in that role is expected to work for peace and prosperity for her nation. As a member of the legislature, her responsibility is to further the cause of justice and humanity for all who live within Israel as well as those who live in other nations. She decided her government’s policy in Gaza was wrong. If she believes any action by her government is wrong or violates the rights of citizens, it is her RESPONSIBILITY to work to alter such policies. As a member of a legislature which deals with issues concerning the lives of Jews is is her RESPONSIBILITY to further the cause of social justice regardless to the political implications of such actions. The issue is not whether Israel action in Gaza was right or wrong, the issue is that she has a moral responsibility to adhere to her own human values. Those in the American Congress in 2003 who believed Bush policies leading to the invasion of Iraq were wrong had a moral and legal responsibility to oppose that military fiasco.

I am shocked that Ms. Zubai is attacked and deemed a traitor because she disagrees with the policies of the Israel government. In a DEMOCRACY, a member of the legislature is expected to speak out against government policies deemed incorrect. Where did Israelis get the idea that one must agree with all government policies? In a dictatorship one goes along with the government, in a democracy, one opposes government policies. That is the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship.


Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UK, Independent; “Body Brought To Hospital, Left In Coffin”
Well, that is one way to reduce the cost of medical care.

USA, Army Times: “General Petraeus Predicts More Fighting”
And, you can quote him on this amazing statement.

Canada, Toronto Star: “How About Free Beer”
I guess if we lose our jobless benefits, beer is the only thing left to make us happy.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “No Guns In Court Says Judge”
The NRA has that judge in its gun sights.

Sweden, The Local: “Patients Told Go Back To Africa”
Witch doctors are less expensive.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Woman Dies After Buttock Injection”
What an asinine story!

Australia, Brisbane Times: “I Made A Terrible Mistake”
I voted for a Republican!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Term Limits For Cuban Leaders”
From now on they are restricted to one term of fifty years.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “New Law On Domestic Violence”
Only one domestic violence complaint allowed each month.

Norway, Norway Post: “A Load Of Rubbish”
The Congressman Ryan tax proposal.

Dillon The Kid Captured Alive!

Dillon is seven years old and has been classified as autistic. Those who work with such children understand they have difficulty when encountering strangers and do not like to be physically restrained. Dillon is simply a typical seven year old boy who ordinarily plays like a seven year old, eats like a seven year old and wants to be liked like a seven year old. He was in the lunchroom having his mid day meal when Dillon got into an argument with another boy. No one knows exactly how their argument began, but if one has been around small children, this is typical. An aide attempted to end the dispute, but Dillon became upset and began to scream. The aide summoned other teachers, and through their combined force, Dillon was subdued and placed in a room. Police were summoned since the teachers feared the seven year old boy might break loose. Police arrived, placed handcuffs on Dillon and hauled the young criminal off to jail.

Such is life in the world of education that has been impacted by such events as passage of the No Child Left Behind idiocy. How can anyone who has worked with small children understand how or why police were summoned to handcuff a seven year old child?

Where have all the children gone
Long time passing
Where have all the children gone,
Long time ago.

Where have all the children gone
Long time passing
Gone to jails, everyone
Saving America from
Long time ago.

A Missile Too Far

Barack Obama not only inherited a wrecked economy from George Bush, but a wrecked war in Afghanistan. Instead of wiping out the Taliban in 2001 and making certain an effective and honest government was in place in the country, George had bigger plans on his mind such as the ill fated invasion of Iraq. Resources were diverted from Afghanistan and little was done to either create an effective Afghan armed force or to create conditions for economic success. The result is the chaos which now characterizes the war in Afghanistan. The country is too large to handle for the existing number of American and NATO troops so there is ever increasing reliance on drone attacks.

Yesterday, drone planes sent missiles flying into a Pakistan compound which was under the control of Hafiz Gul Bahadar, a local commander who does not like Americans. Most probably, a dozen or so of his men were killed, but so were women and children. Pakistan Army head, General Kayani, uttered words of warning that “drone attacks undermine our nation’s efforts against terrorism and damage public support against our efforts.” Of course, General Kayani and his ISI provide military and economic support for the Taliban even as they complain about attacks on the Taliban.

In one sense he is correct that ongoing drone attacks will kill militants, but they also kill Pakistan public support. In other words, Obama is between a rock and a hard place.

Oh, George Bush is chopping wood in Texas.

Winds Of Change Sweep Through Syria

President Bashar al-Assad is the son of a man who ruled Syria with an iron fist for three decades and when he died left what he created to his children. There were high hopes when Bashar became president since he had lived in England and was familiar with the concept of a democratic government, but each passing year simply reveals that his father is the guide for his life, not his life experiences in western Europe. During the past two months thousands of people in Syria organized protests in their efforts to have a more democratic society. Initially, most participating were willing to accept Bashar as their president, but each person killed only creates a hundred or a thousand enemies who want revenge against the current government. It is unfortunate that Bashar al-Assad has not learned from what happened to Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt. In the early stages of protests, most were willing to allow him to continue in power for a few months and then retire in peace. Today, Mubarak and his sons are in prison.

In a dramatic turn of events in Syria, two members of Parliament resigned in protest against the murders of innocent people. MP Nasser al-Hariri walked out of parliament and said: “I can’t protect my people when they get shot at and so I am resigning.” He was furious at reports of security forces killing people at a funeral and entering hospitals and taking away wounded patients.

Bashar al-Assad fails to hear the bells tolling in the streets of Syria. The bell tolls for thee, Bashar.

Cry The Beloved Syrians

Bashar al-Assad is the son of man who killed ten thousand people in his own country who dared to oppose his rule in the 1980s so it is not surprising that his child is ready to kill thousands more in the land of Syria. The town of Deraa is on the border with Jordan and over the weekend thousands of troops entered the city to make certain no one could flee from the Assad violence into the safety of Jordan. According to eye witnesses there are dead bodies in mosques and homes.

One person described the scene, “they are entering houses, they are searching. They are carrying knives and guns.”It is clear Bashar seeks to make his father come across as a saint by killing anyone who dares oppose his rule. A manifesto signed by 102 writers and journalists called upon their president to cease this endless round of killing and listen to voices crying for freedom.

Tanks are moving through city streets, thousands of soldiers are rounding up people and taking them away to prisons. The rattle of gunfire echoes through Syrian streets but there is no help from outside the walls of their national prison.

We are most distressed at failure of Muslims to come out into the streets of their cities and protest in the name of Syrians who are being killed. Of course, if some nut case in Florida burned a Koran thousands would be ready to kill. But, when hundreds of fellow Muslims are being killed, the sound of silence echoes in the streets of Muslim nations. WHERE ARE THE IMAMS??