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Restore Monarchy To USA?

A wedding will take place this week in London which has absorbed the attention of the American people. In fact, a new film, “William and Kate” is being shown to those who would like to waste a few hours of their time watching boredom. At least the London wedding is making people in England come together for a few moments and forget their problems. We believe it is time to bring back the monarchy to these shores.

One might argue we already have a monarchy of the ignorant since few nations of the world could match our candidates for the presidency. Think about it, how many nations have people with names like Mitt or Newt or Donald Duck or Sarah and Michele who have no idea where Libya is in the world? Perhaps, it is time to restore the monarchy we ousted in 1776.

A monarch would compel loud mouth ignorant idiots who yell about the birth place of their president to confront a King or Queen who would be shocked by their ignorance. It is one think for Glenn Beck to draw lines leading to no place and another for Glenn to look a Queen in the face and repeat his nightly nonsense. How about King William and Queen Kate becoming our leaders? It can’t be worse than living in a land in which Donald Duck Trump is actually being considered a candidate for president!

A weddoi

Taliban Get Out Of Jail Card

There are occasions during the war in Afghanistan when it becomes difficult to ascertain as to who is on which side and who is the enemy. At least once a month, an Afghan soldier picks up his rifle and shoots an American or NATO of fellow Afghan soldier. Three years ago in Kandahar, the Taliban found a way to enter the city jail and free about 800 Taliban soldiers. We can assume over the past three years efforts were made to improve security at the Kandahar prison. My words contain, “an assumption.”

Over the weekend, the Taliban built a 320 metre tunnel underneath the Kandahar prison, enter the facilities, and apparently their agents had secured copies of keys to open the cells. Within hours, over 450 prisoners were walking through the tunnels and then emerging into fresh air where they could resume fresh attacks on US and NATO forces. Early reports indicate a dozen top level Taliban commanders were among those who escaped.

American troops risk their lives to capture Taliban leaders, and Afghan forces do their best to free Taliban leaders. Is it any wonder that Americans feel frustrated and dejected at the endless, senseless war in Afghanistan?

Donald Duck Has Questions About Obama

Flash! We just received news from the headquarters of Donald Duck Trump that he has uncovered important new news regarding the man who calls himself, Barack Obama. Donald is concerned. “I heard he was a terrible student. How does a bad student go to Columbia University and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it. I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.” As Donald points out some of his best friends have sons and daughters who were not accepted by Columbia University, let alone by Harvard. How come the child of a millionaire can not get into Columbia while some half breed kid who went to school in Indonesia gets in? OK, so he claims to have graduated from Harvard, magna cum laude. Big deal. Just how many millions does he have in the bank? Huh?

As Donald points out, “there are unanswered questions about our president.” For example, he has never, ever, revealed what type of underwear he wears. Does he have something to hide? He has never told us what type of shampoo he uses. How come? Is he afraid to wash out his hair in public? And, for some reason, he will not reveal which size shoe he wears! Nor, do we know who foots the bill for his food and clothes!

Donald knows something that America does not know. He knows the real name of Barack Obama is Beatrice Abraham, a Jewess from Israel who works for Mossad as part of the international Jewish plot to take over the world! I dare this person named Barack Obama to show us his tits! Does he have something to hide?

Be Bold Or Be Bulldozed!

Israel President Shimon Peres has been endeavoring for months to persuade Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to proceed with some positive steps that would get the Palestinian Authority engaged in peace negotiations. Amid reports that President Barack Obama is going to announce a new US plan for peace in the Middle East, Peres urged leaders of Israel that “if we don’t want foreign plans, the best way would be a plan of our own, and if we do that, others won’t go ahead with theirs.” Sounds like logical rational advice, but it is doubtful if Benjamin Netanyahu will listen to anything other than the recurring theme of his life– what can I do to get more votes? The UN deadline is for action by September of this year. If nothing has been done, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority will proceed by asking the UN to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state. Over a dozen nations are ready to make this recognition.

Netanyahu is the worst person that Israel could have leading them at this juncture in its history. He lacks a vision of peace, he lacks a vision of how Israel can become a major factor in the Middle East, and the only thought in his mind is placating religious fanatics and thus prevent any movement toward peace. There are times when not acting will not result in disaster, but as recent events in the Middle East make clear, hesitating can result in your death.

Le Pen Pens Missive To Daughter, Le Pen

Ah, children. We think of our children as reflections of who we are and expect them to behave according to the manner in which they were raised–daddy is always right. Jean Marie Le Pen has been around for half a century in France as the voice of modern Nazism. He founded the right wing neo-Nazi National Front to defend France against communists, Jews, liberals, socialists and those damn Arab migrants. At age 82, he surrendered power over the party to his daughter Marine because for some reason she actually thought it was inappropriate for a member of her party to go around giving Nazi salutes. Last month Alexandre Gabriac was seen in a photo giving a Nazi salute to a Nazi banner and Marine supported the disciplinary decision to expel this idiot from the party. Jean-Marie publicly told his daughter that she had acted “hastily” and should rethink the decision.

Marine made clear to the media she did not want people like Gabriac in the party because he believed in the Vichy government of war time France which accepted orders from the German government. Marine made clear that she intended to be “firm and brutal” against anyone who thought Nazism was a good idea.

Children, children, when will they ever learn that dad is always right!

Prince William Wants To Fight

In olden times, the leader of a nation was at the head of his forces when they entered battle. Alexander the Great was right up front when his men charged and for those who have seen films and plays about King Henry V leading his men into battle against the enemy, it made our hearts stir as he gave the famous speech about standing and fighting for dear old England. As recently as WWII, generals were still in front line positions and risked their lives along with the men who served under them. Prince William of England is next in line to become the king if grandma dies and he wants to be allowed to serve in Afghanistan where his younger brother is currently piloting Apache helicopters.

There is something important about having those who lead risk their lives in battle. We all know how George Bush was given a nice soft job in America during the Vietnam War due to family connections. One wonders if George might have thought differently had he actually been shot at by the enemy. Would the experience of battle have made him think twice before ordering American soldiers to risk their lives in Iraq?

Dwight Eisenhower, who commanded British and American forces in Europe turned down French requests to send American soldiers into Vietnam in 1954. He was the only American president since 1952 who actually reduced the military budget.

Let William get a taste of battle.

How To Make Terrorists Powerful?

The government of Turkey is doing everything in its power to increase the popularity of Kurdish militants when by simply adhering to the principles of a free election it would wipe out the power of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK). Most people in Kurdistan wish to avoid violence and become part of the political process so what does the government of Turkey do?– It bans 12 Kurds who are running for public office from being viable candidates! The International Terrorism and Transnational Crime Research Center’s Director, Suleyman Ozeren believes the end result is to open the door for the PKK to initiate actions of terrorism. “The PKK was already preparing for increased tension. And the decision to bar independent candidates served its purpose.” He expects voters will be upset, they will be more receptive to ideas from the PKK and moderates are left being powerless.

The future is clear. The PKK will be conducting protests. At some point in a protest, someone will get shot by nervous security forces, which will result in more demonstrations, more deaths and more violence. What exactly is the plan of the ruling Justice and Development Party which is going to win the election? Seek a 100% vote tally?

Pope John Paul II Controversy

In past times, it took a few hundred years before the Catholic Church got around to making someone a saint. Just six years after the death of John Paul II he is going to become a saint. His fame stems from opposing communism, from praying with Jews and Muslims and from being a nice, decent human. However, some members of the church are upset at his failure to confront the sex abuse cases which were continually in the news during his reign as pope. Since one must find evidence that the person being termed a saint did something miraculous, the story of a nun who recovered from Parkinson’s disease because of some action on the part of John Paul II is being cited as one piece of evidence that he was more than mortal. Father James Martin, a Jesuit priest and author. expressed the feelings of many: “Years from now people may be saying, why the rush? What we need are fewer popes and priests beatified, and more real lives.”

There is no doubt Pope John Paul II was a brave man. There are millions of brave people who perform daily miracles of survival as well as ensuring their families survive poverty and brutality. On the other hand, how many brave people did nothing to prevent priests from abusing young boys?

Khamenei Rebukes Ahmadinejad

There are increasing signs of conflict between Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad who appears to be quietly gaining greater control of the government. In theory, all government officials must be vested by Khamenei, but when Ahmadinejad dismissed the nation’s powerful intelligence minister, the Ayatollah quickly reinstated him in power as a message to the president that while he may hold the office of president, the real power lies with the clerical bureaucracy. Opponents of Ahmadinejad believe he is working with the Republican Guards to grab more power by creating a new military force whose allegiance is to him rather than to Khamenei. The Ayatollah in a further attack on the president went before the nation to proclaim: “I won’t allow as long as I live, an iota of deviation” from the principle that he rules the country, not the president of the nation. The incident arose when Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslelhi was told he was fired by Ahmadinejad and within hours, Khamenei made certain his friend was back in power.

There is evidence that Ahmadinejad wants to dictate who will succeed him and this requires controlling the Intelligence Agency which can assist in deciding who received the votes. Khamenei may feel uneasy that someone remains in office for eight years and then decides who will control the government for another eight. It is the classic tale over POWER. Parliament also seeks more power and a petition signed by 216 of the 290 members of the Iranian parliament made clear to Ahmadinejad that he must obey the Ayatollah.

Saleh Salutes Yemen And Departs

There are dictators who read the palm leaves of reality and there are dictators who actually believe the people of their country love them to pieces. After all, if all you have heard for thirty years are words of thanks for being alive, is it any wonder the thought that someone does not like you is shocking. After all, aren’t the malcontents of society in prison where they are being educated to understand the head man is the head man and that means bow your head when he speaks? Ali Abdullah Saleh has been the head man of Yemen for a few decades, and during that time has sent many an opponent to the dungeons of hell. However, during the past two months when he gazes out the window all he sees are people shouting for his head. Oh, his security folk shot a few, but for everyone killed up sprouted twelve angry men. Saleh finally got the message from Egypt. His buddy, Hosni Mubarak did not quite grasp it was time to go, and go meant get the hell out of the country before they won’t let you go. Now, Mubarak and his nice sweet sons are in prison and the likelihood of leaving that nice cell is rather doubtful. Saleh got the message and agreed to depart from power.

Of course, in Syria, Bashar al-Assad still believes shooting a few hundred people will quiet the masses. So, his security men fire away. We suspect, when all is said and done, Saleh has his head on straight because he headed straight for the exit–pronto!