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We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


I record the human condition, I do not evaluate it.

God is either a stand up comedian or a mad scientist. How else to explain humans?

Never stand behind an elderly woman in a check out line. They fiddle with their purse or a credit card.

I have never won any form of lottery. Anti-semitism?

If it is night in St. Louis, it is day in London. Is this a profound thought?

Every child loves being hugged.

Elderly woman precedes elderly man. Rule of life.

I can live with George, but Mitt just doesn’t catch my attention.

I am the person who is in the check out line behind the man who wants a price check.


I live in a capitalist nation. Or, to be specific, I live in a Capitalist America in which Republican Party ideas reflect an interpretation of that concept.

1. In capitalist America millions of cars enter cities in order to spread pollution. The Bill of Rights gives them that right.

2. I have a right not to sell my house to one of “those people!”

3. Ending food vans delivering food to elderly disabled people saves money for tax cuts. Let the old geezers crawl!

4. Higher taxes on middle class people helps America. It forces them to work harder for less pay, isn’t that what capitalism is all about?

5. People demonstrate for the right to life of unborn children but deny it to those who had the misfortune to get born.

6. In capitalist America the goal is to elect those who believe the wealthy are the chosen people of God.

7. Poor people who get involved with drugs go to jail. Rich people who get involved with drugs go see a psychologist.

8. The government is supposed to bail out banks and Wall Street, if you fail, tough luck. Next time open a bank.

9. Business has a Constitutional right to use public lands for drilling. It says so in the Bill of Rights.

10. No millionaire in the 20th century was ever sent to death for a crime.

Freedom Of Press In Turkey?

Whenever the question of freedom of the press is raised in Turkey, the invariable response of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is to charge foreign journalists are engaged in a campaign to discredit his nation’s commitment to freedom of the press. He accused members of the foreign press of with “inaccurate coverage of press freedom in his nation.” Even as he spoke, a group of 92 journalists issued a manifesto that charged Erdogan with arresting 68 of their colleagues, including 10 female correspondents. Erdogan continues to insist journalists are part of the Ergenekon conspiracy which he claims tried to over throw the government. It certainly stretches the imagination to wonder why dozens of journalists would get involved in a plot to gain control of the government.

There is something rotten in the state of Turkey when questions are posed about freedom of the press. Methinks there is something wrong about all these correspondents banding together in some vast conspiracy. I would imagine at least one would report the story and win a prize for outstanding journalism.

Sub-Sahara Next On Rebellion Agenda?

At present, nations which border on the Mediterranean Sea or those in close proximity have been the center of protests demanding an end to long term rule by a leader. First, Tunisia forced its president to leave, then Egypt asked Mubarak to vacate the palace and there are similar demands in Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. One is left wondering if sub-Sahara nations will soon join in the clamor for an end to one party rule. The Ivory Coast is currently the scene of a stand off between African Union nations which want the man who won the last election to assume leadership while incumbent President Gabagbo refuses to leave. South Sudan has broken free from the nation of Sudan, but waiting in the wings are nations like Zimbabwe or the Congo or Uganda or even Kenya. In each of these nations there are serious issues concerning the extent of democracy that is allowed.

Of course, the sub-Sahara now poses problems for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She already has made clear her disgust with President Robert Mugabe, the thug currently in charge of Zimbabwe, but her efforts to protect democratic forces have not been very successful. Standing off in the distance is the African Union, which can posture defiance when it comes to former colonial powers, but when the issue is a home grown African despot, silence reigns.

Question: Does the US have a role to play in the sub-Sahara on issues concerning democracy?

UK Seeks Deportation Of Lesbian To Death!

Bette Tibikawa, age 22, fled from Uganda in order to avoid hatred and violence because she is a lesbian. Uganda law terms homosexuality to be a crime against the state and several gay men have been imprisoned while others have been killed. Bette had just finished high school and was preparing to attend college when three men seized her, made clear they knew she was a lesbian and then branded the girl on her thighs with a hot iron. She was confined to bed for two months. She fled to England in order to escape further death threats. “I can’t sleep and I’m having terrible nightmares about what will happen to me if I’m sent back to Uganda. My family has disowned me because I am a lesbian, and I’m convinced i will be killed if I’m sent home.” Her name already has appeared in a magazine which “outs” homosexuals.

Does Bette have grounds for securing political asylum? Not according to the UK Border Agency. They informed Bette, “when someone is found not to have a genuine claim(to asylum) we expect them to leave voluntarily.” If Bette does not have a legitimate reason for asylum, who does??

Mitt Romney On Obama

Critics charge Mitt Romney with not being able to take a stand, but the fighting former governor of Massachusetts came out swinging at the man who is responsible for all ills in America and the world–Barack Obama. Mitt did admit the president was not responsible for the recession, but “he has made things worse.” He termed the Democrat among the most “ineffective presidents in history.” Gee, I’m glad that Warren Harding and Millard Fillmore have now risen in the pantheon of great American presidents. Mitt blasted the president for lacking “a cogent assessment of world affairs. The Arab spring came, one of the greatest opportunities we’ve seen in decades, and we’ve been flatfooted.” The Republican candidate did not exactly outline what he thought should have been done because of fear that active actions would have angered Tea Party folk in Congress.

Let’s look at the record of the Arab Spring:

1. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Egyptian President Mubarak to cooperate with demonstraters and step down from office.

2. They have been urging the same thing to President Saleh of Yemen.

3. They instituted sanctions on President Assad of Syria and condemned his murder of his own people.

4. President Obama urged Israel to quickly reach an agreement with Palestinians only to be charged with selling out Israel by Republicans.

5. President Obama cooperated with NATO in Libya only to be attacked by the Tea Party.

OK, Mitt, what would YOU have done?

Silvio Ignores Trial

Some people who are charged with a crime would believe it advisable to show up for the hearing in order to observe what was happening, but if you are Silvio Berlusconi, the great leader of Italy and the closest ruler of that country since Julius Caesar, if you got money and power, than you decide the verdict in a trial. He has been charged with having sex with an underage girl from Morocco, but Silvio insists there is nothing to the charge but politics. After all, this is a man who attracts girls like a man with money attracts sycophants. The trial had been suspended for two months and during that interval Silvio’s political party was slaughtered in local elections which to some might indicate the people do not like his behavior. But, this is Silvio, the riches man in Italy and whose opinion counts most– the voice of the people or the voice of Berlusconi?

His lawyers insist a call by the prime minister to get the girl out of jail was simply an effort to avoid diplomatic problems. Let me get this straight. Silvio says he thought a girl from Morocco was really the niece of President Mubarak of Egypt! Huh! I wonder if Silvio would be interested in purchasing a bridge in Brooklyn from me.

“Indefensible Borders?”

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu appeared before the American Congress to deliver a speech in which he claimed Israel was being forced by the Muslim American president to adhere to borders which his nation could not defend. Congressmen leaped to their feet, shouted approval of this gallant man who was trying to protect his people from getting overwhelmed by hordes of Muslims whose only goal was to kill innocent Israelis. He gave a speech that readily could have been given by such noted experts on Middle Eastern policy such as Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. The speech had no resemblance to reality, but why should we expect members of Congress to know anything about the boundary lines of Israel or its neighbors?

The border lines between Israel and the West Bank that were urged by President Obama were the same that was the goal of previous American presidents such as George Bush and William Clinton. They are the same border lines that were present in 1967 when Israel readily defeated its enemies. Let us examine the lines:

The Obama suggestion would place Israel on the same lines as in 1967. It would be facing a Palestinian nation which would be demilitarized.

The eastern border of the demilitarized Palestine would border on Jordan. Jordan lacks any army that could mount any offense against Israel.

Egypt is an economic basket case and there is no interest in war with anyone, especially Israel.

Syria is also in chaos and lacks a military that could handle Israel.

So, exactly which country or countries are going to attack Israel and how does the 1967 border fit into a defensive plan?


Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

South Africa, Argus: “Action on Open Toilets”
There is something smelly about this story.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Fat Activists”
This story weighs heavy on me.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Comic Book Artist To Jail For Insulting State”
A joke too far.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Health Minister Welcomes Criticism”
Now, that is a healthy attitude.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Allow Gay Managers”
How gay of them.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Put Dog Owner On Leash”
The dogs would give this three bow wows.

Pakistan, Dawn: “Something Has Changed”
America used to be a land of daring people, today, the daring just say, “no.”


Never underestimate how possession of power empowers the person to arrogance of power.

True power resides in the heart, not the mind.

The power of a position is all too often the driving force of power.

Barack Obama empowers his mind over his heart.

In the end, the only power we possess in life is life.

I have never regarded myself as needing a position of power to be powerful.

Shocking article in New Yorker about government surveillance. Obama places “government interests” as his most powerful interest.

The desire for power transcends political ideology.

To truly possess power is to empower those who disagree with your ideas.

Obama surrounds himself with powerful people. A chief aide of President Franklin Roosevelt was Harry Hopkins a former social worker. Who gave the president better political advice, a social worker or a banking expert?

In the end, the power of an idea defeats the greatest armies.

I once surrendered the power of being Dean of a college and empowered myself to be the human I desired to be.