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Turk Female Activist Seeks Polygamy!

There are women who fight for equal rights with men, and there are women who fight for more equal rights for men. Sibel Oresin is a prominent consultant in Turkey for those having marital issues, and she is widely respected in conservative circles. Recently, Ms. Oresin has been arguing for introduction of laws which would allow polygamy for men. “A man looks for friendship, sexuality, motherhood, and good housekeeping qualities in a woman. Unless you possess these qualities, you ought to be ready to be cheated on.” Ms. Oresin argues that any wealthy man would insist on all of these qualities in a woman so why not beat him to the punch by informing hubby, a few more females are required in the household in order to keep him focused on the home, not on some floozy in a harem or wherever those kind of women are found. She is a strong supporter of more rights for men, and even makes clear, “If I were a man, I would be for polygamy.”

In reality, although it is against Turkish law, there presently exists examples of polygamy, marriages known as an “imam-wed-wife.” I guess Ms. Oresin has a point. Men certainly would love to fall in love with a woman possessing multiple qualities. However, in the modern world, it requires both man and woman working. So, how about “gender equality polygamy?” The modern woman has a right to marry a man who provides good sex, cooks, and cleans the house. As Ms. Oresin notes, “It’s written in the Quaran.”

Enough said.

Kidnapping, 101

One night a few months ago, Nikolai Savel sat around the dinner table with wife and two sons to discuss an idea that had entered his brain. Why not kidnap the son of some rich guy and hold him for ransom? After extensive discussion, one of the sons said he had seen the son of computer wizard Yergeny Karpersky walking down the street near the plant of where he worked. The Keystone quarter decided to intercept the boy, throw him in their car and whisk him away so they could collect a few million in ransom payment. Everything went as planned, they came upon Ivan Karpersky walking to work, they thrust a gun into his abdomen, threw him in their car, and raced away to the hideout. At this point, things sort of went astray. They decided to bring Ivan home with them and use their apartment as the place from which they would direct the ransom operation.

It has often been said, the best laid plans of men often goes astray. Ivan complained to one of the sons that he had arranged a date with his girl friend and she would be upset if he did not show up. Well, son number one, was not the brightest criminal on record so he told Ivan to use his own cell phone in order to call the girl. Alas, the police were quickly able to identify the location of the cell phone, and the Savel family was arrested. Oh well, maybe next time they will use a stolen phone.

Ah, The Beauty Of Lies!

I am quite aware that politicians in the Democratic Party lie through their teeth, but if there was a World Series in lying, Republicans would win in four straight games. They possess the power to lie about their own lies and attribute what they lied about to Democrats. I found it fascinating when Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts last year, Republican pundits insisted this was an omen of disgust with President Obama. Two weeks ago, Kathleen Hochul won a surprising victory in a Republican congressional district and Republican pundits proclaimed light turn out, did not get 50% of vote, etc… Examine the lie batting average:

Newt Ginrich blasted the ideas of Congressman Ryan about Medicare only to complain about being misquoted. He meant criticism of right wing social engineering was what Democrats were saying, not him.

Mitt Romney was for health insurance before he realized he was against it.

Republican congressmen when questioned about Obama’s birth responded, “he says he was born here.”

Sarah Palin wanted to place Democrats in her gun sight because she wanted to take a better picture of them.

Republicans insist there was no war in Afghanistan until Obama began one.

The death of Osama bin Laden was due to George Bush who refused to have him killed in 2001 so he could claim credit for killing him in 2011.

Bill Clinton left George Bush in 2001 a budget that showed a surplus of over $200 billion. George Bush left Obama a budget in 2009 with a deficit of over $1 Trillion. See, the Democrats are the cause of deficits!

If Barack Obama really wanted to get out of Iraq he never would have begun a war there in the first place. Just ask Ron Paul.

Republican congressmen, who receive free medical care from THE GOVERNMENT, insist they are against THE GOVERNMENT giving free medical care to Americans. I guess that means they are not Americans.

Republicans are against Welfare programs by the Federal government. Of course, lower tax rates on the wealthy are not welfare programs, they simply reward hard working people.

British Troops In Libya?

An al-Jazeera reporter claims he saw British soldiers working with Libyan rebel forces near the town of Misrata. Five were armed and one appeared to be an intelligence officer, once they saw reporters, the men quickly left the scene. Veteran reporter,Tony Britley, commented: “here a group of armed foreigners, possibly British, are seen liaising with rebel fighters. It could be to facilitate helicopter attacks.” This is not the first report of SAS troops from England who are involved in training rebel soldiers or functioning as spotters for air attacks. Naturally, the British government denies that any of its troops are anywhere in Libya or anywhere near any scene of action. Of course, the men who were spotted wearing khaki clothes could have been tourists seeking to take pictures of the fighting.

Let’s face reality. Western planes ARE involved in this war. Western BOMBs are falling on Muammar Gaddafi’s troops. Western supplies ARE going to rebel forces. Why deny what everyone on the scene of action knows??

Palin Zooms Into DC On Harley!

Mitt is off in Iowa talking to people about his ideas, or at least, today’s ideas. Newt, hopefully, is still with his current wife, she has to make sure there is no terminal illness because he will appear with divorce papers, Mike is on Fox taking in the loot, Mitch decided to remain in Indiana where he can retain his unknown views and Tim is somewhere, probably at a bowling alley. But, Sarah Palin zoomed into Washington D.C. to make an appearance at the annual Rolling Thunder rally where she was greeted with enthusiasm by Hell’s Angels and other such profound supporters of free enterprise. Sarah is either on or off her One Nation bus tour which is headed somewhere, at least we think. As to the reason for the bus tour, I suspect the driver knows more as to its purpose and destination than does the media. But, Sarah had on her black Harley Davidson helmet and shouted to all, “Riding on the back of a Harley Davidson, whether you’re riding the open road or the frozen tundra, you’re celebrating a free spirit. What could be more American than that!”

I am still uncertain whether her comment represented a domestic or a foreign policy statement as to goals, but I am certain she will soon clarify what she means when next on the firing range. Sometimes, my comic spirit hopes she can become president so we can listen to her State of the Union speech while on a Harley-Davidson that is trailed by over 500 Congressmen on their Harleys!


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


A Hardee employee said: “we are raising coffee prices on you guys.” Ah, retired and now in the new category of “you guys.”

A gorgeous woman smiled at me in the coffee shop. The heart stirred but the body was quiet.

A great gift from God was having the power to fantasize.

Some slide out of seat, I stand up.

Three women, one older man. He talks, they listen. Boss taking “girls” out to lunch.

To fear the unknown is to fear opportunities.

My dream is to once more hitch hike across America.

Mistakes are opportunities to rethink.

I apologize readily, I am human. I just am not a Republican.

A leaf blew in the window and landed on the desk of Sarah Palin. She signed it.

Pack Up And Leave

East Timor is a small country far, far away in the southeast part of the Pacific Ocean. A United Nations mission has been in the country since it was plunged into chaos and warfare. East Timor Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, told the UN it was time for them to get out of his nation and take their money and bureaucrats with them. He claimed that despite expenditure of $8 Billion of aid, “we do not see any physical development and even more poverty was created.” His comments came after a UN report pointed out his incompetence as cause of poverty and corruption in the land. Unfortunately, the UN itself is divided with some arguing the report is correct and others saying it was too harsh towards Mr. Gusmao. Perhaps, he offered a solution to the problem. “My proposal is this: UN and Timorese experts,offer your services to improve Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and give democracy in Yemen, Syria and Libya.”

The following figures reflect the UN presence in this tiny nation: 1397 police and military advisers, 377 international staff, 894 Timorese staff and 164 volunteers. It would be interesting to discover how much is made by international staff as compared to salaries for those from East Timor.


I, at age 80, belong to a prior generation of men who accepted the concept that at some point in our youth we would be part of the American armed forces. I was in college in 1951 as war raged in Korea. I decided to waive my draft deferment and enter the US Army because the idea of having others risk their lives while I was safe in college was abhorrent to my values as a human. The Korean War was not very popular, but I regarded its goals to be consistent with my values of protecting innocent people against authoritarianism. I went through basic training under the tutelage of men who had served in World War II or in the hills of Korea. My orders were lost and it was unclear where I would go–to Korea or elsewhere? I volunteered for front line combat because it was the only way to be with my basic training friends. By a quirk, the day I volunteered all men being sent to Korea went to Europe. Thus, my life was saved.

I was a college teacher during the Vietnam War and argued with male students in class that the quickest way go end that crazy was was to end draft deferments and make EVERYONE serve because their parents would end the war if the lives of their children were at risk. I opposed the war in Iraq on grounds there was no need to use violence to remove Saddam Hussein. I initially supported action in Afghanistan due to fury at the actions of the Taliban towards women. I have the deepest admiration for those who risk life and serve their country. I believe the draft should compel all young men at age 18 to serve their nation. I will guarantee if we once again had a draft, the war in Afghanistan would conclude, in a whimper.

If we fight wars, then ALL must serve the country. If we don’t want to fight wars, then there is no need for a draft. As long as the life of a single American is at risk due to war, then all in this country are at risk and all are morally bound to risk their lives.

Orwell Alive In Los Angeles

It becomes increasingly clear that it makes scant difference which political party is in power when issues of human rights arise. Our president used to teach constitutional law, but wants the Patriot Act and defends wire tapping–in the national interest and guess who decides what is the national interest. Robert Rosebruck, a veteran, has been protesting outside the Veterans Administration complex in Los Angeles because he wants land set aside to house homeless veterans. His protest includes displaying the American flag upside down. Judge Oterao agreed free speech rights had been violated, but went on to say the veteran’s action “to shine light on the plight of homeless veterans was laudable, “BUT, it was not in the “public interest” to allow the display.

Do we have free speech rights or does the “public interest” supersede those rights? That, my friends, is THE issue?

Oh, who decides what constitutes the “public interest?”


Heavy rains in south Australia have created a mice epidemic. Hundreds of thousands of mice are scurrying through farms consuming everything in sight. Some farmers are witnessing their pigs being assaulted by the mice which forces them to soak pigs in oil in order to create a nasty taste. The assault by mice on animals has created a problem for Republicans. Mice have rights. Mice have a right to live. Mice have a right to eat. After all, once government steps in to regulate what mice can eat, it deprives them of their free enterprise rights to become fat and wealthy. If Wall Street hedge managers can feast off the flesh of their clients, does this mean mice can feast off the flesh of pigs? Then again, one could classify the actions of Wall Street money gougers as sort of sneaky or is it they are the pigs in this saga of eating and consuming.

It is a fundamental belief of all free enterprise Republicans that each individual has a right to consume whatever he gets his hands–or mouth on– which means mice have rights in the land of Republicans. If we take away mice rights to eat pigs, does this mean we take away the rights of hedge fund managers to make a pig of themselves in their ravenous consumption of the wealth of Americans?

Flash News! Mitt Romney has made clear he defends the rights of mice to eat pigs in Massachusetts, but this does not mean what is good in Massachusetts is also good for the entire United States of America.